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Construction of orthogonal CC-sets

Andrej Brodnik, Vladan Jovičić, Marko Palangetić, Daniel Silađi
2019 Informatica (Ljubljana, Tiskana izd.)  
In this paper we present a graph-theoretical method for computing the maximum orthogonal subset of a set of coiled-coil peptides.  ...  We obtained an orthogonal set consisting of 29 peptides (homodimeric and heterodimeric) from initial 5-heptade set.  ...  Future work Up to now, we have only considered orthogonal sets derived from synthetically generated peptides, as described An alternative would be to construct a maximal orthogonal set from the set of  ... 
doi:10.31449/inf.v43i1.2693 fatcat:ywfhrp7aingctnge2fsipdsdkm

Complex Orthogonal Spreading Sequences using Mutually Orthogonal Complementary Sets

Ying Zhao, Jennifer Seberry, Beata J. Wysocki, Tadeusz A. Wysocki
2006 2006 International Conference on Microwaves, Radar & Wireless Communications  
This paper presents a new family of complex spreading sequences designed using mutually orthogonal(MO) complementary sets.  ...  Based on the technique described in this paper, the correlation properties of sets of sequences are compared to well-known Walsh-Hadamard sequence sets.  ...  The modification is achieved by taking another orthogonal N × N matrix D N , and the new set of sequences is constructed as W N = HD N which is also orthogonal.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mikon.2006.4345256 fatcat:bqixoyu3qfeqpivzum4fhmtcuq

The Construction and Performance of a Novel Intergroup Complementary Code

Wenzhun Huang, Shanwen Zhang
2013 TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control)  
The definition and construction methods of the new IGC codes are presented and an applied example is given in this paper.  ...  Theoretical research and simulation results show that the main advantages of the novel IGC code are as following: The code sets of the novel IGC code is more than IGC code under the same code length.  ...  Acknowledgements The results discussed in this paper are part of the theses works of UAV data link.  ... 
doi:10.12928/telkomnika.v11i3.1137 fatcat:7zfgkjtb55f4tgeu2szxylzqly

Coiled coil protein origami: from modular design principles towards biotechnological applications

Fabio Lapenta, Jana Aupič, Žiga Strmšek, Roman Jerala
2018 Chemical Society Reviews  
Acknowledgements The authors acknowledge the support of Slovenian Research Agency (program no. P4-0176, project N4-0037), MSC-RTN 642157 TOLLerant H2020 (R. J. and F.  ...  Therefore, the abovementioned importance of developing orthogonal CC sets assumes particular relevance for the construction of high order CCPO structures.  ...  design exploiting orthogonally interacting CC sets highlighted the importance of such sets for the field of protein design.  ... 
doi:10.1039/c7cs00822h pmid:29400389 fatcat:hh5zyocwrvhblnwftvjgnetobq

Transform domain approach for sequence design and its applications

Lung-Sheng Tsai, Y.T. Su
2006 IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications  
Index Terms-Autocorrelation (AC), cross-correlation (CC), orthogonal waveform design, polyphase sequence.  ...  This paper presents a systematic method based on the transform domain characterization of the AC and CC constraints to generate new families of sequences that meet the requirements.  ...  Corollary 3: Members of the set of sequences , , have zero CC if their spectral representations form a set of orthogonal tones.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jsac.2005.858888 fatcat:uv52qxbanzhk3bx5yh6nsodiym

A Construction for Orthogonal Designs with Three Variables [chapter]

Jennifer Seberry
1987 North-Holland Mathematics Studies  
We show how orthogonal designs OD(48p²t;16p²t, 16p²t,16p²t) can be constructed from an Hadamard matrix of order 4p and an OD(4t;t,t,t,t).  ...  ABSTRACT We show how orthogonal designs OD(4Sp Z t;16p Z t, 16p 2 t,16p 2 t) can be constructed from an Hadamard matrix of order 4p and an OD~4tjt,t,t,t).  ...  Theorem: If there is an Hadamard matrix of order 4p and an OD(4tjt,t,t,t) then there is an OD (48p2tj16p2t,16p2t,16p2t,16p2t).  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0304-0208(08)72909-8 fatcat:eybhmd4qc5f27jmvqxcbqohkre

New Constructions of Zero-Correlation Zone Sequences

Yen-Cheng Liu, Ching-Wei Chen, Yu T. Su
2013 IEEE Transactions on Information Theory  
In this paper, we propose three classes of systematic approaches for constructing zero correlation zone (ZCZ) sequence families.  ...  Furthermore, the constructed families have nested-like property that can be either decomposed or combined to constitute smaller or larger ZCZ sequence sets.  ...  The orthogonality among rows of unitary matrices or MOCSS guarantees that the CC value of any two member sequences at zero lag is zero as well.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tit.2013.2253831 fatcat:xsmm3zxcozhevjuspfh2wpln5m

An Experimentation with Improved Target Vectors for MLP in Classifying Degraded Patterns

Shigueo Nomura, José Ricardo Gonçalves Manzan, Keiji Yamanaka
2010 Learning and Nonlinear Models  
Instead of conventional target vectors, the new target vectors are bipolar, orthogonal, and highly dimensional.  ...  Since they are orthogonal with bipolar representation, we can take advantage of increasing on the Euclidean distance for these vectors when their number (n in a Euclidean space R n ) of components increases  ...  (8) : n = 2 k s. (8) A set of 2 k mutual OBVs is constructed with 2 k s components [5] . Table 2 presents the formal statement to construct a set of OBVs.  ... 
doi:10.21528/lnlm-vol8-no4-art5 fatcat:va4vruic25hmnjb57oe7wtqxyi

Tight Bell inequalities with no quantum violation from qubit unextendible product bases

R. Augusiak, T. Fritz, Ma. Kotowski, Mi. Kotowski, M. Pawłowski, M. Lewenstein, A. Acín
2012 Physical Review A. Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics  
We first review the procedure introduced there that associates to any set of mutually orthogonal product vectors in a many-qubit Hilbert space a Bell inequality.  ...  We then show that if a set of mutually orthogonal product vectors can be completed to a full basis, then the associated Bell inequality is trivial, in the sense of not being violated by any nonsignalling  ...  [13] for constructing Bell inequalities from sets of orthogonal product vectors.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreva.85.042113 fatcat:67zt7ffw6nekfpotmssfrxrxmi

Non-orthogonal configuration interaction with single substitutions for the calculation of core-excited states

Katherine J. Oosterbaan, Alec F. White, Martin Head-Gordon
2018 Journal of Chemical Physics  
We also benchmark it in several basis sets.  ...  In this paper, we present the non-orthogonal configuration interaction singles (NO-CIS) method for calculating core-excited states of closed-shell molecules.  ...  aug-cc-pCVQZ basis set.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.5023051 pmid:30068195 fatcat:ymagvdjbzba7ddd5i6rf6476ry

Page 768 of Journal of Chemical Physics Vol. 32, Issue 3 [page]

1960 Journal of Chemical Physics  
As a first step in the construction of the hybrid orbitals we take linear combinations of atomic orbitals en Shit; ({x}=B{o}) (2.11) such that the x; are an orthonormal set, and x41" + *xa are orthogonal  ...  We have to find an orthogonal kXk matrix C such that CP=S, (CC’=I), and the trace of S, is a maximum. S§, is the submatrix formed from the first k rows of S.  ... 

Page 282 of International Journal of Optical Computing Vol. 2, Issue 3 [page]

1991 International Journal of Optical Computing  
That construction may be obvious for a small number of phase codes, but when N grows larger, the Walsh-Hadamard transform”? may be used to construct the orthogonal set of phase addresses properly.  ...  ,e°N) = (+1,21....,¢1) =C,, (19) Thus, for vectors of length N, a maximum of N orthogonal phase addresses can be constructed if N is a power of 2.  ... 

Bell Inequalities with No Quantum Violation and Unextendable Product Bases

R. Augusiak, J. Stasińska, C. Hadley, J. K. Korbicz, M. Lewenstein, A. Acín
2011 Physical Review Letters  
We associate an intriguing class of bound entangled states, constructed from unextendable product bases (UPBs) with a wide family of tasks, for which (i) quantum correlations do not outperform the classical  ...  Violation of these inequalities is the manifestation of nonlocality---displayed, in particular, by quantum mechanics, meaning that quantum mechanics can outperform classical physics at tasks associated  ...  Schematic depiction of the sets of classical (CC), quantum (QC), and nonsignaling correlations (NC). Tight Bell inequalities correspond to facets of the classical set.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.107.070401 pmid:21902377 fatcat:a2jdlgvrmndv3db5aq7ktkbp3a

Nonlocality of tripartite orthogonal product states [article]

Atanu Bhunia, Indrani Chattopadhyay, Debasis Sarkar
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In this work, we construct a locally indistinguishable subset in ℂ^2d⊗ℂ^2d⊗ℂ^2d, d≥2 that contains 18(d-1) orthogonal product states.  ...  Local distinguishability of orthogonal product states is an area of active research in quantum information theory.  ...  Sarkar acknowledge the work as part of QuST initiatives by DST India. The author A. Bhunia acknowledges the support from UGC, India  ... 
arXiv:2011.03830v1 fatcat:bd4265hqkfhidmp77c6pysjaoy

Multi-user MIMO CDMA systems using complete complementary sequences

C. Khirallah, P. Coulton, H. Rashvand, N. Zein
2006 IEE Proceedings - Communications  
The new method overcomes many of the problems and limitations persistent in single-input-single-output (SISO) and proves that under the proposed MIMO CC-CDMA system, the capacity for the number of supported  ...  Results include the bit error rate comparison for CC-CDMA frequency selective fading channels and that of the Walsh-CDMA under flat fading channels.  ...  Constructing a set of N cross-orthogonal sequences of length N 2 .  ... 
doi:10.1049/ip-com:20050404 fatcat:3o6hruvwdfbnfowmzosc2ykllq
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