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Design and Modeling of an Impulse Continuously Variable Transmission with a Rotational Swashplate

Gang Lİ
2020 International Journal of Automotive Science and Technology  
Experimental tests for constant forward speeds are performed to validate the control strategy with constant input-to-output speed ratios.  ...  For instance, a Philamat ICVT was developed based on combination of fixed-axis gear mechanism and connecting rod mechanism [20] .  ... 
doi:10.30939/ijastech..796723 fatcat:wq463alkmjed3bdovm4bv3cuvq

Design and Isokinetic Training Control Method of Leg Press Training Device

Hongfei Yu, Hongbo Wang, Yaxin Du, Xinyu Hu, Ziyu Liao
2019 Applied Sciences  
At the same time, the anti-resistance training man–machine model is analyzed, aiming at the isokinetic resistance training mode, and a training controller strategy based on a fuzzy synovial algorithm is  ...  Finally, the feasibility of the designed controller strategy and the proposed leg training device are verified by prototype experiments, which will guide further research.  ...  Based on the principle of virtual work, the dynamic mathematical model of the mechanism is established.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app9142822 fatcat:fehhzqihs5bqxnw7r33vamjrwm

Design of a Modular Swift-shift Multi-speed Transmission with Double Dual Clutches for Electric Vehicles

Alexei Morozov, Ting Zou, Mir Mousavi, Jorge Angeles, Benoit Boulet
2016 World Electric Vehicle Journal  
In this paper a novel concept of modular swift-shift multi-speed transmission with double dual clutches is proposed, with its architecture, simulation and control strategies discussed in detail.  ...  Abstract In this paper a novel concept of modular swift-shift multi-speed transmission with double dual-clutch is proposed, with its architecture, simulation and control strategies discussed in details  ...  We also gratefully acknowledge the support of our industrial partners: Linamar, TM4 and Infolytica.  ... 
doi:10.3390/wevj8010184 fatcat:7oouajilona7ffvg6fxrvdz62m

Design and Development of the Engine Unit for a Twin-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

G. Avanzini, S. D'Angelo, G. de Matteis
2005 Acta Polytechnica  
The synergic use of advanced computational tools for estimating the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle, solid modeling for mechanical components design, and rapid prototyping techniques for control  ...  The focus of the present paper lies on the enabling technologies exploited in the framework of activities aimed at designing a suitable and reliable engine system, capable of performing the complex tasks  ...  Also, engine start-up and rotor speed control become more complicated, because it is necessary to properly coordinate the control action on three engine throttles, while keeping the power delivered and  ... 
doaj:1340212d5fbb421c8d239ee958326a24 fatcat:75xn4qtui5e6virlyrxvtc6kzq

Development and Testing of a Collision Avoidance Braking System for an Autonomous Vehicle

The braking function elaborated by means of modeling then was connected to the solenoid braking controller of the experimental autonomous vehicle using a real-time prototyping technology.  ...  The test results have proven correct operation of the emergency braking function, acceptable braking performance of the vehicle provided by this function, and its capability of preventing collisions.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The article was prepared under the agreement #14.624.21.0049 with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (unique project identifier RFMEFI62417X0049).  ... 
doi:10.35940/ijitee.l2975.1081219 fatcat:rhd65l3325dinj4wkasdnwpkt4

Safety-critical design of electromechanical actuation systems in commercial aircraft

J.W. Bennett, B.C. Mecrow, D.J. Atkinson, G.J. Atkinson
2011 IET electric power applications  
The electrical drives used in More Electric technologies must also be suitable for the conventional power supply and control arrangements of aircraft, otherwise feasibility of a new technology may be reduced  ...  Research is increasingly focusing on the incorporation of electromechanical actuators into future More Electric Aircraft.  ...  their current output to maintain a constant speed.  ... 
doi:10.1049/iet-epa.2009.0304 fatcat:wjn65dxrpvhrzce34kg33nu424

A Virtual Test Bench of a Parallel Hybrid Propulsion System for UAVs

Luca Boggero, Sabrina Corpino, Andrea De Martin, Giuseppe Evangelista, Marco Fioriti, Massimo Sorli
2019 Aerospace (Basel)  
An application of the proposed methodology is then presented through the simulation of the take-off phase, and the torque time histories, angular velocities and powers generated on the virtual test bench  ...  Particular attention is given to the real inertia actions that must be simulated on the virtual test bench.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest. Author Contributions: Each author contributed equally to the study object of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.3390/aerospace6070077 fatcat:kdfisakw6fc4rfm77hkztel4sa

Modeling Combined Operation of Engine and Torque Converter for Improved Vehicle Powertrain's Complex Control

Maksym Diachuk, Said M. Easa
2022 Vehicles  
This paper proposes an alternative model for describing the hydro-mechanical drive operation of the automatic transmissions.  ...  The paper proposes a method for coordinating the engine's control and operating modes, with the torque converter (TC) operating mode, based on the criteria of angular acceleration derivative (jerk), which  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/vehicles4020030 doaj:2d559cbd88344c7db9c829b06b0a5c5a fatcat:opk5leg5dvfqtnd67ydo4yvruy


Mike Sinclair, Eyal Ofek, Mar Gonzalez-Franco, Christian Holz
2019 Proceedings of the 32nd Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology - UIST '19  
The friction-based capstan brake mechanism magnifies the small motor's force, resulting in an integrated, palm-grounded controller design for interaction.  ...  Figure 1 : CapstanCrunch is a haptic controller that renders touch and grasp haptic sensations in virtual reality.  ...  Twisted String Actuator Finally, to overcome the lower speed of motor+gears actuators, we exploit the technology of a Twisted String Actuator (TSA).  ... 
doi:10.1145/3332165.3347891 dblp:conf/uist/SinclairOG019 fatcat:3nmmuupwwregxmhrv2vgxif42m

A Wearable Lower Limb Exoskeleton: Reducing the Energy Cost of Human Movement

Xinyao Tang, Xupeng Wang, Xiaomin Ji, Yawen Zhou, Jie Yang, Yuchen Wei, Wenjie Zhang
2022 Micromachines  
It focuses on wearable robots in order to improve the performance of human body, reduce energy consumption and delay fatigue, as well as increase body speed.  ...  Human body enhancement is an interesting branch of robotics.  ...  The research and development of unpowered exoskeleton has solved the energy and power problems that restrict the development of traditional powered exoskeleton to a certain extent.  ... 
doi:10.3390/mi13060900 pmid:35744514 pmcid:PMC9229674 fatcat:mahqajq35vd4hgtwzo7hh7fggm

Power harvesting systems design for railroad safety

Abolfazl Pourghodrat, Carl A Nelson, Sean E Hansen, Vedvyas Kamarajugadda, Stephen R Platt
2013 Proceedings of the Institution of mechanical engineers. Part F, journal of rail and rapid transit  
Based on availability of space for the follower, γ = 30° clockwise and L = 6 inches are chosen as constant parameters of Equation 4.2.  ...  Bearing type clutches were employed in the second prototype like the first prototype because the bearing clutches are considered as the most suitable mechanism to mechanically rectify the vertical track  ... 
doi:10.1177/0954409713482659 fatcat:i7wapbwte5cgdnk2s2emei3ohm

A Causal and Real-Time Capable Power Management Algorithm for Off-Highway Hybrid Propulsion Systems

Johannes Schalk, Harald Aschemann
2016 Energies  
Hence, beside a standardization on the hardware side for off-highway systems, a high flexibility and modularity of the control schemes is required to employ them in as many different applications as possible  ...  In this paper, a causal optimization-based power management algorithm is introduced to control the power split between engine and electric machine in a hybrid powertrain.  ...  The angular velocities of ICE and MG can be decoupled by a clutch (CL). The gearbox (GR) is a six-speed automatic transmission with a hydrodynamic torque-converter on its input shaft.  ... 
doi:10.3390/en10010010 fatcat:zdosojemxney5ghkkpi27hfyci

12 Model order reduction and digital twins [chapter]

2020 Applications  
One of the fundamental pillars of digitalization is simulation technology, since it enables the new intelligence layer in the form of digital twins which mirror the physical systems into the digital world  ...  new smart products have the ability to monitor, to forecast, and to control their behavior.  ...  Furthermore, when virtual sensor algorithms and existing controllers are integrated into one software architecture, novel model-based controllers can be realized.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110499001-012 fatcat:k3n4ay2wpjg3jbjae7zhxma3m4

Real-Time Energy Management Control for Hybrid Electric Powertrains

Mohamed Zaher, Sabri Cetinkunt
2013 Journal of Control Science and Engineering  
This paper focuses on embedded control of a hybrid powertrain concepts for mobile vehicle applications. Optimal robust control approach is used to develop a real-time energy management strategy.  ...  A rule-based control algorithm is developed and is tuned for different work cycles and could be linked to a gain scheduling algorithm.  ...  The rule-based control (Figure 10) is designed based on knowledge of machine functions and system of the machine.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2013/801237 fatcat:7an2txapp5awbloeg3vta2ph34

A supervised machine-learning method for optimizing the automatic transmission system of wind turbines

Habeeb A. H. R. Aladwani, Mohd Khairol Anuar Ariffin, Faizal Mustapha
2022 Engineering Solid Mechanics  
In contrast, the small-scale wind turbines that are available in the market offer a one-speed gearing system only where no gear ratios are varied, resulting in low efficiency of harvesting energy and leading  ...  For this purpose, the system is simulated and tested under various gear ratios conditions while a centrifugal clutch is applied to automatic gear shifting.  ...  Automatic Transmission System flow chart Design of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine The Savonius is one of the simplest self-starting vertical-axis turbines.  ... 
doi:10.5267/j.esm.2021.11.001 fatcat:mgcd7yz32nahreatp2cob7c4m4
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