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Consistent High Dimensional Rounding with Side Information [article]

Orr Dunkelman, Zeev Geyzel, Chaya Keller, Nathan Keller, Eyal Ronen, Adi Shamir, Ran J. Tessler
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We call such a process consistent rounding, and make it possible by allowing a small amount of information about the first measurement X_1 to be unidirectionally communicated to and used by the rounding  ...  When the measurements X_i are arbitrary vectors in R^d, we show that communicating log_2(d+1) bits of information is both sufficient and necessary (in the worst case) in order to achieve consistent rounding  ...  Since we expect these measurements to be slightly different for the infected and exposed persons, the health authority can publish the small amount of side information along with the consistently rounded  ... 
arXiv:2008.03675v1 fatcat:dvidtydbfnhmrmdtuggez4d5v4

Three-dimensional Structure of Wza, the Protein Required for Translocation of Group 1 Capsular Polysaccharide across the Outer Membrane ofEscherichia coli

Konstantinos Beis, Richard F. Collins, Robert C. Ford, Alhaji B. Kamis, Chris Whitfield, James H. Naismith
2004 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Wza is best described as a stack of two 4-Å high rings with differing diameters providing a mushroom-like aspect from the side.  ...  Symmetry analysis of the three-dimensional structure combined with biochemical two-and three-dimensional crystallographic data strongly suggest that Wza is an octameric complex with a C4 quasi-rotational  ...  Peiyi Wang for assistance with cryo-EM. We also thank Prof. Helen Sabil and Prof. Steve Fuller for helpful discussions.  ... 
doi:10.1074/jbc.m402913200 pmid:15090537 fatcat:62i3zfdgpnebde7ixxuxqboxrm

A fast compression algorithm for seismic data from non-cable seismographs

Fan Zheng, Shufen Liu
2012 2012 World Congress on Information and Communication Technologies  
Experiments have shown that, at the same compression ratio, the proposed algorithm compresses 30% faster than traditional approach which directly uses two-dimensional wavelet transform to process two-dimensional  ...  First, separate the valid file header and extract the valid data to 4 one-dimensional matrixes.  ...  Low frequency coefficients then underwent several rounds of wavelet transform. A certain level of scalar quantization was applied on high frequency information so as to control the compression ratio.  ... 
doi:10.1109/wict.2012.6409260 fatcat:4yjyjgkjunfxvlkbpkhjbga6oa

Wyner-Ziv Gradient Compression for Federated Learning [article]

Kai Liang, Huiru Zhong, Haoning Chen, Youlong Wu
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Motivated by the fact that in the scenario of stochastic gradients descent, gradients between adjacent rounds may have a high correlation since they wish to learn the same model, this paper proposes a  ...  Algorithm 1 Federated averaging with side information (FedSI) Input: Number of communication rounds R, number of local updates τ , learning rates γ and η, initial global model ω (0) , side information  ...  At a high-level, we can rotate the d-dimensional data x and h at the same time, for example, x and h are multiplied by W = 1 √ d HD, where D is a random diagonal matrix with i.i.d.  ... 
arXiv:2111.08277v1 fatcat:jt6wn255obdevjcy7e6ak2cl6u

Protein structure from experimental evolution [article]

Michael A Stiffler, Frank J Poelwijk, Kelly Brock, Richard R Stein, Joan Teyra, Sachdev Sidhu, Debora S Marks, Nicholas P Gauthier, Chris Sander
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Evolution experiments combined with inference of residue interactions from sequence information opens the door to a new experimental method for the determination of protein structures.  ...  Computational protein folding with contact constraints yielded 3D structures with the same fold as that of natural relatives.  ...  We deep-sequenced the selected populations, obtaining 10 4 -10 6 high-quality unique reads, at rounds 10 and 20 for PSE1 and rounds 2, 4, and 8 for AAC6.  ... 
doi:10.1101/667790 fatcat:h4px64h4ync5bdszoilqnfu4le

Page 510 of Journal of Sedimentary Research Vol. 75, Issue 3 [page]

2005 Journal of Sedimentary Research  
It would be informative to see if the wavelength of ripples generated by short-period high-velocity oscillatory flows scale to the length of the orbital diameter.  ...  14-24° (SLR), 15-29° reverse large ripples (RLR) Roundness index Ripple index Orbital diameter. wavelength KE can have scour pits on lower end of stoss *23-31° dip of lee side increases with increasing  ... 

The Three-dimensional Structure of Bovine Rhodopsin Determined by Electron Cryomicroscopy

Angelika Krebs, Patricia C. Edwards, Claudio Villa, Jade Li, Gebhard F. X. Schertler
2003 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
This information cannot be retrieved from the three-dimensional crystals.  ...  Here we report a three-dimensional density map of bovine rhodopsin determined by electron cryomicroscopy of two-dimensional crystals with p22 1 2 1 symmetry.  ...  Acknowledgments-We thank Richard Henderson for help with calculations and for continuous support and advice.  ... 
doi:10.1074/jbc.m307995200 pmid:14514682 fatcat:v2u32kauingbrfniopraa37wmq

Learning Representations by Humans, for Humans [article]

Sophie Hilgard, Nir Rosenfeld, Mahzarin R. Banaji, Jack Cao, David C. Parkes
2021 arXiv   pre-print
This "Mind Composed with Machine" framework incorporates a human decision-making model directly into the representation learning paradigm and is trained with a novel human-in-the-loop training procedure  ...  When machine predictors can achieve higher performance than the human decision-makers they support, improving the performance of human decision-makers is often conflated with improving machine accuracy  ...  but interfere with how side information is used.  ... 
arXiv:1905.12686v4 fatcat:3rto3t3qbvegjevfr6kvyqi6ci

Thermochemical structures beneath Africa and the Pacific Ocean

Allen K. McNamara, Shijie Zhong
2005 Nature  
Only by additionally imposing an unlikely high intrinsic viscosity increase to the dense material can rounded superplumes of dense material form.  ...  We find that subduction history tends to focus dense material into a ridge-like pile beneath Africa and a relatively more-rounded pile under the Pacific Ocean, consistent with seismic observations.  ...  Author Information Reprints and permissions information is available at The authors declare no competing financial interests.  ... 
doi:10.1038/nature04066 pmid:16237440 fatcat:epbsayswjnaufg63rmmzguz4mu

Improved Hybrid Approach for Side-Channel Analysis using Efficient Convolutional Neural Network and Dimensionality Reduction

Naila Mukhtar, Apostolos P. Fournaris, Tariq M. Khan, Charis Dimopoulos, Yinan Kong
2020 IEEE Access  
This dataset consists of T = 5, 000 data traces (instances), and each instance consists of S T = 33750 samples. • Leakage Dataset Protected LD P -This dataset consists of side-channel leakage traces for  ...  The figure shows the overall proposed system which consists of Convolutional network layers, dimensionality reduction module and a class imbalance module.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3029206 fatcat:rnxph47ffzafdpa4bekuqwd25u

A novel profiled side-channel attack in presence of high Algorithmic Noise

Mostafa Taha, Patrick Schaumont
2012 2012 IEEE 30th International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD)  
In this paper, we address this high Algorithmic Noise with a novel profiled attack that is generic and independent of any specific cryptographic algorithm.  ...  Understanding the nature of hardware designs is a vital element in a successful Side-Channel Analysis.  ...  A Side-Channel Attack at a high abstraction level consists of building a model that mimics the power consumption of the targeted module and using this model to estimate a key that generates a similar power  ... 
doi:10.1109/iccd.2012.6378675 dblp:conf/iccd/TahaS12 fatcat:2aowclwlqnbjvnip2wskw33eym

Non-invasive three-dimensional thickness analysis of oral epithelium based on optical coherence tomography—development and diagnostic performance

Charlotte Theresa Trebing, Sinan Sen, Stefan Rues, Christopher Herpel, Maria Schöllhorn, Christopher J. Lux, Peter Rammelsberg, Franz Sebastian Schwindling
2021 Heliyon  
Two-dimensional (2D) non-invasive optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an established technique for this purpose.  ...  The objective of this study was to develop and test the diagnostic accuracy of a three-dimensional (3D) evaluation method.  ...  Additional information No additional information is available for this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.heliyon.2021.e06645 pmid:33898808 pmcid:PMC8055558 fatcat:y4rmyabe6jfsxndhacoxy5y5o4

Decision Tree-Based Sensitive Information Identification and Encrypted Transmission System

Shuang Liu, Ziheng Yang, Yi Li, Shuiqing Wang
2020 Entropy  
With the advent of the information age, the effective identification of sensitive information and the leakage of sensitive information during the transmission process are becoming increasingly serious  ...  The identified sensitive information can be marked and encrypted to achieve intelligent recognition and protection of sensitive information.  ...  The AXI_HP interface on ZYNQ is a high-speed interface with high-performance transmission.  ... 
doi:10.3390/e22020192 pmid:33285967 fatcat:bhqz7la6anafvdrxu754xq6iuq


Zsolt Buna, Radu Comes, Ionut Badiu
2014 Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology  
Since the archaeological information available about the tower is very little, the reconstruction can be done with many different designs, and the reconstruction using the database offers a very high level  ...  The case study was conducted on a Dacian watch tower, which was destroyed during the wars with the Romans.  ...  The corners of the model are rounded (Figure 5c ), then the vertical cutouts ( Figure 5d ) and rounding (Figure 5e ) are created on one side, and after on the other side (Figure 5f ).  ... 
doi:10.14795/j.v1i3.56 fatcat:alyb4cy7jvft5mrfi7a7xsfpba

Non-separable three dimensional discrete wavelet transform with adaptive directional prediction

Fairoza Amira Hamzah, Teerapong Orachon, Taichi Yoshida, Masahiro Iwahashi, Hitoshi Kiya
2014 Signal and Information Processing Association Annual Summit and Conference (APSIPA), 2014 Asia-Pacific  
It is also applicable to analyze such kind of multi-dimensional signals. The proposed method has compatibility with the conventional DWT defined by the JPEG 2000 international standard.  ...  In this report, we introduce a directionally adaptive three dimensional (3D) prediction to the non-separable 3D discrete wavelet transform (DWT).  ...  ∈B r C (τ ) + ∑ v∈B r T (v), τ denotes a node of B, r C (τ ) and r T (v) are defined as the rate of the entropy encoding high pass coefficients in τ and coding the side information in node in v, respectively  ... 
doi:10.1109/apsipa.2014.7041615 dblp:conf/apsipa/HamzahOYIK14 fatcat:g3hdcpqxinaldilb2qco6ovjee
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