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Considerate Equilibrium [article]

Martin Hoefer, Michal Penn, Maria Polukarov, Alexander Skopalik, Berhold Vöcking
2010 arXiv   pre-print
In fact, the computed considerate equilibrium is a Nash equilibrium for the standard RSG showing that there exists a state that is stable against selfish and considerate behavior simultaneously.  ...  Our main result proves existence of a considerate equilibrium in all symmetric RSG with strictly increasing delays, for any social network among the players.  ...  A considerate Nash equilibrium (CNE) is a state s that has no unilateral considerate improving moves.  ... 
arXiv:1012.1547v1 fatcat:mfnyiapk6zee3j2re6d7bbau4a

Considerations on the genetic equilibrium law

Simone Camosso
2017 IOSR Journal of Mathematics  
In the first part of the paper I will present a brief review on the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and its formulation in projective algebraic geometry.  ...  2 | Page 2 = 4 , (3.1) From the algebraic geometry point of view this is the image of the Veronese mapν m :P n → Considerations on the genetic equilibrium law DOI: 10.9790/5728-1301010103  ...  The equation (2.1) describes the constancy of the genotypic composition of the population and is called the Hardy-Weinberg principle or the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE).  ... 
doi:10.9790/5728-1301010103 fatcat:g4dn3fauzzeuhmrnekogizk5zy


Douglas Azevedo CASTRO, Douglas Henrique PEREIRA, Paulo Vitor Brandão LEAL
2019 Periódico Tchê Química  
Thus, this paper presents deductions from the Langmuir equation in two ways: (a) via kinetic considerations and (b) via equilibrium considerations.  ...  molécula de nitrogênio como referência e fórmulas de geometria elementar e a segunda é através de resultados experimentais obtidos da equação linearizada da isoterma de Langmuir Para proceder com o teste, considere  ... 
doi:10.52571/ptq.v16.n31.2019.330_periodico31_pgs_324_334.pdf fatcat:zzhokalmnrcp5cwywlrrhb3m44

Equilibrium muscle cross-bridge behavior. Theoretical considerations

M. Schoenberg
1985 Biophysical Journal  
It was found that in the multiple site model the detachment rate constant has considerably greater influence on the mechanical response than the attachment rate constant.  ...  ABSTRACr We have developed a model for the equilibrium attachment and detachment of myosin cross-bridges to actin that takes into account the possibility that a given cross-bridge can bind to one of a  ...  This is because, from free energy considerations (Eq. 8), the detachment and attachment rate constants at point a must be equal.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0006-3495(85)83802-9 pmid:4041539 pmcid:PMC1329360 fatcat:g4zj4tackrhhljdowefsjkbfai


W. J. McCaugeey, H. C. Harrison
1926 Journal of The American Ceramic Society  
EQUILIBRIUM CONSIDERATIONS OF CYANITE-CLAY REFRACTORIES—II By W. J. McCauGHey' anp H. C.  ...  However, with their continued use in practice at high temperature, equilibrium conditions are more nearly attained.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1151-2916.1926.tb17160.x fatcat:hiuwfhzdkjh55kp6qnp2dgxuni

Considerations on the thermal equilibrium between matter and the cosmic horizon

José Pedro Mimoso, Diego Pavón
2016 Physical Review D  
We argue that while radiation cannot reach thermal equilibrium with the horizon, non-relativistic matter may, and dark energy might though only approximately.  ...  Non-relativistic particles can attain equilibrium at some point in the expansion that depends on the particle mass.  ...  In the case of nonrelativistic matter, the equilibrium is in principle attainable, and, after being reached, it can be stable forever.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevd.94.103507 fatcat:rsofcalgmzaknijdh5enkrpeya

On the Origin of Ground-State Vacuum-Field Catalysis: Equilibrium Consideration [article]

Tao E. Li, Abraham Nitzan, Joseph E. Subotnik
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Generally, modifications of thermal reactions in the ground electronic states can be caused by equilibrium or non-equilibrium effects.  ...  The former are associated with modifications of the reactant equilibrium distribution as expressed by the transition state theory of chemical reaction rates, while the latter stem from the dynamics of  ...  Nevertheless, from the treatment below, we conclude that VSC catalysis cannot be directly explained through static equilibrium considerations when classical nuclei and photons are assumed.  ... 
arXiv:2002.09977v2 fatcat:bnzu36224jfgrafmnijrtnh73i

Towards a Classification Scheme for the Rocky Planets based on Equilibrium Thermodynamic Considerations [article]

O. Bertolami, F. Francisco
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Three major equilibrium states can be identified and the associated planetary states or phases are: Earth-like Holocene state; hot Venus-like state; cold Mars-like state.  ...  We point out that our considerations do not concern Mercury-like planets as their dynamics is strongly conditioned by the proximity of their orbit to the mother star and the amount of radiation it receives  ...  These considerations remind a speculation of 1961 of Carl Sagan Sagan (1961) concerning a putative terraforming or planetary engineering of Venus by seeding its atmosphere with algae to absorb its excess  ... 
arXiv:2112.11404v2 fatcat:xf3fvttisrfoxb5vjxtaf5ujzy


Ekkehart Schlicht
2006 Metroeconomica  
The smaller government expenditure is, the larger consumption demand must be in equilibrium, and the larger must be public debt.  ...  Public debt plays, thus, an important role in establishing equilibrium. It distributes output between consumers and government.  ...  Note that all these considerations have been made under the assumption that full employment is maintained throughout.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1467-999x.2006.00253.x fatcat:6x4ygsnhsbhjtnmmpdnto7dq4u

Additive Manufacturing Materials and Design Considerations for Thunniform Propulsion

Thomas Spencer
2018 The Equilibrium  
THE EQUILIBRIUM 7 student research Testing and Design Iteration Fins for this project were designed iteratively, with results of previous tests altering the design goals of future tests.  ...  THE EQUILIBRIUM 5 Biological Inspiration Thunniform swimming is characterized by a relatively rigid head and body, with a wide tail sweep (as opposed to an eel, for example, where the head moves as much  ... 
doi:10.5070/q23141215 fatcat:56vll2a4njbrjdmrmhjbkry2c4

Energy consideration from non-equilibrium to equilibrium state in the process of charging a capacitor

A.M. Abu-Labdeh, S.M. Al-Jaber
2008 Journal of Electrostatics  
Al-Jaber, Energy consideration from non-equilibrium to equilibrium state in the process of charging a capacitor,  ...  A calculation of the energy loss due to a transition from non-equilibrium to equilibrium state in the process of charging a capacitor is given.  ...  Al-Jaber, Energy consideration from non-equilibrium to equilibrium state in the process of charging a capacitor, J. Electrostat. (2008), doi:10.1016/j.elstat.2007.12.002  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.elstat.2007.12.002 fatcat:iacffqnbxnfajadicoe4sgbr5q

Consideration on the Spencer's general limit equilibrium method of slices

Tamotsu FURUYA
1997 Landslides  
Some of the methods commonly used for analyzing slopes utilizing the principles of limit equilibrium are the Ordinary method, the Janbu method, the Bishop method, the Morgenstern-Price method, and the  ... 
doi:10.3313/jls1964.34.2_35 fatcat:nwrovgyqjvegxgegvfa7l7oppq

A biofuel supply chain equilibrium analysis with subsidy consideration

Amirsaman H. Bajgiran, Jaejin Jang, Xiang Fang, James H. Peoples
2019 International Journal of Energy Research  
The joint solution of MPECs is called generalized Nash Equilibrium (GNE). The EPEC formulation is derived by simultaneously consideration of the KKT conditions of all refineries' MPECs.  ...  The model is formulated as an equilibrium problem with equilibrium constrains (EPEC), which we solve for the solution, called Generalized Nash Equilibrium.  ... 
doi:10.1002/er.4422 fatcat:ke5hh7crb5g6rm6tdhq3bechja

Energy consideration in processes of transition to equilibrium state

Sami M. Al-Jaber, Abdel-Rahman M. Abu-Labdeh
2011 Natural Science  
A calculation of the energy loss due to a transition from non-equilibrium to equilibrium state is given.  ...  In this study, it is shown that a specific fraction of the total energy stored in a non-equilibrium system should be consumed to reach the equilibrium state.  ...  to equilibrium states occurred.  ... 
doi:10.4236/ns.2011.32019 fatcat:mdmtogif35dzbhwhdxqcyunnqq


Mohamed Dabees
2020 Coastal Engineering Proceedings  
consideration.  ...  These evaluation parameters suggest that the coastline and existing morphological features are near equilibrium condition and are expected to remain near similar equilibrium over the SLR scenarios under  ...  consideration.  ... 
doi:10.9753/ fatcat:bonrjr2jgzbljhuxax4vspa5aq
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