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Page 522 of Albion, a Journal of News, Politics, and Literature Vol. 51, Issue 33 [page]

1873 Albion, a Journal of News, Politics, and Literature  
Sir Charles has been for many years a corresponding member of the Academy; but the honor recently conferred upon him is the highest which it is in the power of that body to confer upon a foreigner.  ...  And one day when he was in Upsal the witch- ery came upon him, and he made him ready to go, but his friends suflered him not, and said that there was the hand of a Finn witch in his getting ready.  ... 

Page 20 of New Outlook Vol. 34, Issue 19 [page]

1886 New Outlook  
A better man has not crossed the threshold of that room.  ...  Another committee, or rather commission, consisting of five bishops, five clergymen and five laymen, wasintrusted with the duty of conferring with other bodies of Christians in order to ascertain whether  ... 


1849 The Lancet  
On the 3rd, a small white and very sensible tumour, without pulsation, in the situation of the extremity of the artery, was punctured, and a flow of blood took place, which pressure on the artery  ...  On the 2nd of August, twenty-two days after the operation, the ligature from the femoral artery was cut away.  ...  kind, for twenty years.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)88464-1 fatcat:ly7ljcpg65c7zdvgemucjgbhlu

Page 154 of Zion's Herald Vol. 61, Issue 20 [page]

1884 Zion's Herald  
In 1830, when he was only twenty-five, Arthur H. Hallam, then a young man of nineteen,wrote to William E. Gladstone, exhorting him to cultivate the acquaint- ance of Maurice.  ...  Ninde. ference visitors met Thursday, the ven- erable Judge Grant Goodrich in the chair. There were present twenty-five visitors from nearly as many Confer- ences.  ... 

Page 438 of None Vol. 26, Issue 1334 [page]

1882 None  
Then she left it to marry a man who was madly in sove with her: a young man, a handsome man, a man in the army, a man like a hero of romance for dark eyes and dark hair, a man—oh !  ...  The first thing she did was to advertise for a real lady to take daily care of her boy, now five years old and no longer a baby. Elsie was the real lady.  ... 

Page 632 of Albion, a Journal of News, Politics, and Literature Vol. 37, Issue 53 [page]

1859 Albion, a Journal of News, Politics, and Literature  
The design is in the Gothic style, twenty-five to thirty feet high, with entrance and windows. veral detachments of troops have passed through Paris on their way to the seaports for embarkation to China  ...  guns per day, to be handed over at that ratio to the proof department, in readiness for service, after the commencement of the new year.  ... 

Page 7 of Zion's Herald Vol. 57, Issue 19 [page]

1880 Zion's Herald  
Schuyler Colfax says, ‘‘Let me prophesy: In less than five years from to-day no man of intelligence will advo- cate the present license system, nor will the traflic of whiskey be tolerated by the American  ...  The missionary report for the Conference the past year we are not proud of. There should have been a gain, instead of a decrease, in the missionary collections.  ... 

Page 1 of Evangelist and Religious Review Vol. 31, Issue 28 [page]

1860 Evangelist and Religious Review  
If the interior life of this under- taking could be written out, and read twenty-five years hence, good men would exclaim, ‘‘ What has God wrought?”  ...  the missionaries in - Byria, occupied as an outstation of Beirut for “twenty-five years ; it is certainly one of the most romising, as well as the most healthy and de- - “Tightful stations of the Syrian  ... 

Puritan Efforts and Struggles, 1550-1603: A Bio-Bibliographical Study. I

William Muss-Arnolt
1919 The American Journal of Theology  
The Psalter in this edition contained twenty-five additional translations, of which twenty-four are assigned to William Kethe,2ISt. Paul's Cathedral Library. A catalogue ... By W.  ...  Twenty-five psalm versions by Kethe are included in the Anglo-Genevan psalter of 1561, all of which also passed into the Scottish psalter of I564-65.  ... 

Page 7 of The Independent Vol. 19, Issue 952 [page]

1867 The Independent  
for from two to twenty-years.  ...  Indian Bureau ment of the Interior to ‘the mt, was disagreed to in the Senate, and fhe bill goes to a committee of conference.  ... 

Page 46 of Zion's Herald Vol. 68, Issue 6 [page]

1890 Zion's Herald  
Say, now, twenty-five or even | |so long. A year from now; how would that | | do?” | } | young people, as well apparently as you are, | |shall wedo?  ...  Perhaps some bereaved mother will adopt a little one, supporting her or him in this Home. Fifty dollars a year will do this. Five ladies have already indicated their purpose todo so.  ... 

Page 2 of Zion's Herald Vol. 31, Issue 14 [page]

1860 Zion's Herald  
miles, and between four and five hundred dollars already on subscription, with a prospect of more fur the man whose happy lot it may be to labor here the coming Conference year.”  ...  Livery keepers use them considerably, and in many cases the individuals who go off fora drive of five or fern miles and take twenty, are brought up “ with a round turn” by this contrivance, and often to  ... 

Page 34 of Zion's Herald Vol. 57, Issue 5 [page]

1880 Zion's Herald  
Give them fifteen or twenty years of assistance, and the great work may be so far forwarded that it can thenceforth take care of itself.  ...  five-or- **soul was required of us. six-churches-per-day enterprise, we became, of course, absorbed in the physical aspect of the work, and then, what was worse, a mighty load of debts tumbled in upon  ... 

Rotary Engine

1846 Scientific American  
'ris foolish to falter, Or lag in the street-Or walk as if chain-shot Were bound to ylmr feet. Be active-be active And do what YOIl can; 'Tis industry only That maketh the man.  ...  -This i� a circular fu rnac e about five leet in diallJeter and twenty inche� high, made of sheet iron, and i .. r.alculated fo r the use of black smiths, 1.0 heat conveniently and un; fonnly !.  ... 
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07021846-1b fatcat:kcssvvfa6zchplyaltm2stn34i

Page 251 of Zion's Herald Vol. 56, Issue 32 [page]

1879 Zion's Herald  
To every person securing (25) twenty-five names and sending us the woney, we will send A DOLLAR BOOK, and atthisrate willsend additional books or higher priced ones, for more names, Please have your pastor  ...  It is that the man- periodical aim to influence men to live in better accordance with vealth, and to teach them not to tiul land-cape with patience r bigher nature se laws are obeyed.  ... 
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