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Concavity, Response Functions and Replica Energy [article]

Alessandro Campa, Lapo Casetti, Ivan Latella, Agustín Pérez-Madrid, Stefano Ruffo
2018 Entropy   pre-print
We show how the type and number of negative response functions depend on which of the quantities E, V and N (energy, volume and number of particles) are constrained in the ensemble.  ...  In fact, its partition function is associated to the replica energy, a thermodynamic function that identically vanishes when additivity holds, but that contains relevant information in nonadditive systems  ...  Acknowledgments: A.C. acknowledges financial support from INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare) through the projects DYNSYSMATH and ENESMA.  ... 
doi:10.3390/e20120907 pmid:33266631 pmcid:PMC7512492 arXiv:1810.11309v1 fatcat:aug2t53atzdo5dhamdnbbr7vaa

Entropy landscape of solutions in the binary perceptron problem

Haiping Huang, K Y Michael Wong, Yoshiyuki Kabashima
2013 Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical  
We evaluate the entropy at the annealed level as well as replica symmetric level and the mean field result is confirmed by the numerical simulations on single instances using the proposed message passing  ...  From the second landscape of solution-pairs, we deduce the coexistence of clustering and freezing in the solution space.  ...  Then the disorder averaged free energy density can be computed by first averaging an integer power of the partition function and then letting n → 0 as f = lim n→0,N →∞ log Z n nN . (9) Although the replica  ... 
doi:10.1088/1751-8113/46/37/375002 fatcat:lpl5b7qw65g2lio47eff45lhza

Interfacial mode coupling as the origin of the enhancement of Tc in FeSe films on SrTiO3

J. J. Lee, F. T. Schmitt, R. G. Moore, S. Johnston, Y.-T. Cui, W. Li, M. Yi, Z. K. Liu, M. Hashimoto, Y. Zhang, D. H. Lu, T. P. Devereaux (+2 others)
2014 Nature  
Our calculations suggest such coupling is responsible for raising the superconducting gap opening temperature in 1UC FeSe/STO.  ...  Single unit cell films of iron selenide (1UC FeSe) grown on SrTiO3 (STO) substrates have recently shown superconducting energy gaps opening at temperatures close to the boiling point of liquid nitrogen  ...  which causes the replica bands is also responsible for enhancing Cooper pairing 22 .  ... 
doi:10.1038/nature13894 pmid:25391962 fatcat:5bo6sscs2fclfmfk63gn3khpga

The solution space structure of random constraint satisfaction problems with growing domains

Wei Xu, Pan Zhang, Tian Liu, Fuzhou Gong
2015 Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment  
and is distinct from satisfiability transition.  ...  Our result verifies the non-rigorous results obtained using cavity method from spin glass theory, and sheds light on the structures of solution spaces of problems with a large number of states.  ...  With Parisi parameter m = 1, first step replica symmetry breaking solution actually gives equal weight to each pure state, thus the total free energy is identical to the replica symmetry free energy.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1742-5468/2015/12/p12006 fatcat:hq6kem34jnewfer7r3lc7kor5y

Replica Exchange Simulations of the Thermodynamics of A β Fibril Growth

Takako Takeda, Dmitri K. Klimov
2009 Biophysical Journal  
The locking stage occurs at the temperature of z360 K and is characterized by the rugged free energy landscape.  ...  Replica exchange molecular dynamics and an all-atom implicit solvent model are used to probe the thermodynamics of deposition of Alzheimer's Ab monomers on preformed amyloid fibrils.  ...  The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institute on Aging or National Institutes of Health.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.bpj.2008.10.008 pmid:19167295 pmcid:PMC2716483 fatcat:jphww3wehbclrjkkelewlftz4m

Statistical Mechanics of Optimal Convex Inference in High Dimensions

Madhu Advani, Surya Ganguli
2016 Physical Review X  
Our analysis uncovers fundamental limits on the accuracy of inference in high dimensions, and reveals that widely cherished inference algorithms like maximum likelihood (ML) and maximum-a posteriori (MAP  ...  Moreover, our analysis reveals simple relations between optimal high dimensional inference and low dimensional scalar Bayesian inference, insights into the nature of generalization and predictive power  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank Subhaneil Lahiri for useful discussions and also Alex Williams and Niru Maheswaranathan for comments on the manuscript. M.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevx.6.031034 fatcat:yt6aw3ilrncezbqpo5vw3karfm

Metastable states of a ferromagnet on random thin graphs

A. Lefèvre, D.S. Dean
2001 European Physical Journal B : Condensed Matter Physics  
An annealed calculation of the number of metastable states of energy E is carried out. For small c, an analytic result is obtained.  ...  We find, as for mean field spin glasses that this mean increases exponentially with the number of sites, and is the same as that calculated for the +/- J spin glass on the same graphs.  ...  Thus suggesting that the concavity of ln ( N M S (E) ) /N at low energies and and hence temperature, may be an indication of replica symmetry breaking.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s100510170221 fatcat:dq5v23u34rcgpdihgfauh7xs5m

Side Chain Interactions Can Impede Amyloid Fibril Growth: Replica Exchange Simulations of Aβ Peptide Mutant

Takako Takeda, Dmitri K. Klimov
2009 Journal of Physical Chemistry B  
The effect of this mutation is revealed through the computation of free energy landscapes, the distributions of peptide-fibril interactions, and by comparison with the wild-type Aβ 10-40 peptide.  ...  Using replica exchange molecular dynamics we study the effect of Asp23Tyr mutation on Aβ 10-40 fibril growth.  ...  The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institute on Aging or NIH.  ... 
doi:10.1021/jp904070w pmid:19708712 pmcid:PMC2765228 fatcat:3ooyqpvmznastcebgwh4vla2ge

Long-range interacting systems in the unconstrained ensemble

Ivan Latella, Agustín Pérez-Madrid, Alessandro Campa, Lapo Casetti, Stefano Ruffo
2017 Physical review. E  
The unconstrained ensemble is the statistical ensemble describing completely open systems and the replica energy is the appropriate free energy for these control parameters from which the thermodynamics  ...  While energy, volume, and number of particles fluctuate under completely open conditions, the equilibrium states of the system, if they exist, can be specified using the temperature, pressure, and chemical  ...  We stress that, in this case, the replica energy is a function of T , V , and μ.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreve.95.012140 pmid:28208311 fatcat:s4hgkipjvrhm5prmpxi6jcxfpa

On Energyaware Allocation and Execution for Batch and Interactive MapReduce

Yijun Ying, Robert Birke, Cheng Wang, Lydia Y. Chen, Gautam Natarajan
2015 Performance Evaluation Review  
Here, we present an energy minimization framework, in particular, a concave minimization problem, that specifically considers time variability, data locality, and delay sensitivity of web, batch-, and  ...  However, current energy optimization solutions are mainly designed for a subset of these workloads and their key features.  ...  Any optimal solution for Problem We define the inverse function of f (m) as g, which is a concave and strictly increasing function.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2788402.2788407 fatcat:lptjsy3gdjaa3jt2fyvqpu7sj4

Spherical2+pspin-glass model: An analytically solvable model with a glass-to-glass transition

A. Crisanti, L. Leuzzi
2006 Physical Review B  
The most interesting case is the 2+p model with p > 3 for which a very rich phase diagram occurs, including, next to the paramagnetic and the glassy phase represented by the one step replica symmetry breaking  ...  We present the detailed analysis of the spherical s+p spin glass model with two competing interactions: among p spins and among s spins.  ...  D8͒ must also be identically valid and this can only be true for 0 ഛ q ഛ q 0 , where q 0 is the value of q for which 1 / ͱ⌳ Ј͑q͒ changes concavity, where both sides of the equation are concave functions  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevb.73.014412 fatcat:gxxcvlim7velrj2azytarev7hq

Bio-Inspired Functional Materials Templated From Nature Materials

Di Zhang, Wang Zhang, Jiajun Gu, Shenmin Zhu, Huilan Su, Qinglei Liu, Tongxiang Fan, Jian Ding, Qixin Guo
2010 Kona : Powder and Particle  
We present the idea and methods of obtaining multi-scale porous materials by using wood, agricultural wastes and butterfly wing scales as bio-templates.  ...  Based on these results, we discuss the possibility of using these materials in light control, environment issues, andsolar energy conversion field.  ...  These concaves are responsible for the blue coloration of male butterflies according to the similar research doing by P. Vukusic.  ... 
doi:10.14356/kona.2010011 fatcat:5qynolwog5gnxguijgrol6xlpa

De Novo Folding of RNA Hairpins by Temperature Replica Exchange

Jacob C. Miner, Alan A. Chen, Angel E. Garcia
2014 Biophysical Journal  
Describing folding and thermodynamic behaviors of small RNA hairpins is a key step in elucidating the folding processes of larger RNA macromolecules.  ...  Namely, if the effective monomer deformation energy as a function of bending angle has a non-convex (concave up) region, then the deformation energy of the polymer is a linear function of the bending angle  ...  To see this, we derive a nonequilibrium fluctuation relation for twist and construct the spatiotemporal correlation function.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.bpj.2013.11.1642 fatcat:rvomrdi6bbcznlsbtfv6eb52hq

Extracting mechanical work from a scalar field potential via dissipative structures [article]

Mark Gibbons
2022 arXiv   pre-print
A scalar field potential, as derived from the Lagrangian function, is deemed responsible for the flow of energy within the system.  ...  The dissipative nature of these inclusion compounds appears responsible for second-order phase changes that maintain a constant Hamiltonian function despite distinct changes in phase symmetry.  ...  To this end, it is hoped that the experimental results and theories presented here will be the subject of more rigorous mathematical analysis and interpretation.  ... 
arXiv:2112.12473v4 fatcat:g4epojh56zfbjdnqzef4swagx4

New procedure for the isolation of membrane vesicles of Bacillus subtilis and an electron microscopy study of their ultrastructure

W N Konings, A Bisschop, M Veenhuis, C A Vermeulen
1973 Journal of Bacteriology  
Freeze-etching of intact cells, protoplasts, and membrane vesicles showed that the orientation of the membrane of the vesicles was identical to the orientation of the plasma membrane in intact cells and  ...  The membrane vesicles obtained have, in addition to a low endogenous respiration rate, a low endogenous activity for transport of amino acids and carboxylic acids.  ...  A possible correlation between functional properties of the membrane vesicles and the particle density will be investigated.  ... 
pmid:4201775 pmcid:PMC246505 fatcat:3zn6cssowze6hkwmnwk6iftkza
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