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Computational design of telescoping structures

Christopher Yu, Keenan Crane, Stelian Coros
2017 ACM Transactions on Graphics  
Based on this principle we develop a system for computational design and fabrication which allows users to explore the space of telescoping structures; inputs to our system include user sketches or arbitrary  ...  So far, however, there has been no systematic study of the types of shapes that can be modeled by telescoping structures, nor practical tools for telescopic design.  ...  In this paper, we therefore take a computational approach to telescoping design.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3072959.3073673 fatcat:fbda2r664bb33b2pnmr4kh5wqq

Numerical Design Optimisation for the Karoo Array Telescope

N.J.D. Joubert, G. Venter
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Computational Structures Technology   unpublished
The problem considered is the design of a radio telescope, called the Karoo Array Telescope (KAT), using a detailed finite element analysis.  ...  In this study, structural optimisation has been applied to the finite element model of an actual radio telescope of which a full scale prototype was built.  ... 
doi:10.4203/ccp.88.173 fatcat:zwgmsmzadzgmzbifpijikmcbmq

Performance of the Mechanical Structure of the SST-2M GCT Proposed for the Cherenkov Telescope Array [article]

Jean-Laurent Dournaux , Jean-Philippe Amans , Jean-Jacques Bousquet and Hélène Sol GEPI. Observatoire de Paris, CNRS, Université Paris Diderot, PSL Research University, Meudon, France, LUTH. Observatoire de Paris, CNRS, Université Paris Diderot, PSL Research University, Meudon, France,
2015 arXiv   pre-print
This contribution focuses on the mechanical structure of GCT. It reports on last progress on the mechanical design and discusses this in the context of CTA specifications.  ...  Among them, the Gamma-ray Cherenkov Telescope (GCT), a telescope based on a Schwarzschild-Couder dual-mirror optical design, is one of the prototypes under construction proposed for the SST sub-array of  ...  for their quality collaboration in the manufacturing of the telescope.  ... 
arXiv:1508.06415v1 fatcat:wtohqkcwcve3vocpozql5amdhm

Page 22 of American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals Vol. 118, Issue AS1 [page]

1992 American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals  
“An interactive graphical software tool for the computer-aided structural design of a lunar radio telescope reflector.”’  ...  Detailed structural analyses of the lunar telescope have been performed using the developed computer program.  ... 

Large Size Telescope camera support structures for the Cherenkov Telescope Array [article]

G. Deleglise, N. Geffroy, G. Lamanna, for The Cherenkov Telescope Array Consortium
2013 arXiv   pre-print
The design of the camera support structures for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) Large Size Telescopes (LSTs) is based on an elliptical arch geometry reinforced along its orthogonal projection by two  ...  The main requirements in terms of minimal camera displacement, minimal weight, minimal shadowing on the telescope mirror, maximal strength of the structures and fast dynamical stabilization have led to  ...  Acknowledgement:This work has been funded by IN2P3, EC-FP7 CTA preparatory phase and it is the result of a collaboration of the authors of this document with Ryvoire-Ing.  ... 
arXiv:1307.2988v1 fatcat:u7ysaoewv5bzjfqgzsrefuouwu

The Multiple Telescope Telescope, an Inexpensive Fiber Fed Spectroscopic Facility

Reed L. Riddle, William G. Bagnuolo
2001 International Astronomical Union Colloquium  
This instrument, the Multiple Telescope Telescope, uses many novel approaches to achieve high quality, medium to high resolution spectroscopy at low cost.  ...  AbstractA unique telescope dedicated to spectroscopy is discussed.  ...  Figure 1 . 1 A photograph of the Multiple Telescope Telescope illustrating the important design elements.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0252921100078726 fatcat:phdrevavw5bffhx6qakwc2rfla

Integrated opto-dynamic modeling of the 4m DAG telescope image quality performance

Lorenzo Zago, Benjamin Guex, Cahit Yesilyaprak, Sinan K. Yerli, Onur Keskin, George Z. Angeli, Philippe Dierickx
2016 Modeling, Systems Engineering, and Project Management for Astronomy VI  
The paper presents a comprehensive integrated (end-to-end) model of the telescope, comprising in one computational sequence all structural, electrodynamics and oactive optics performance that produce the  ...  The Turkish DAG 4-m telescope is currently through the final design stage. It is to be located on a 3170 m mountain top in Eastern Anatolia.  ...  create the plant model of the telescope for a Matlab/Simulink computation.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2232816 fatcat:u4xfhir6qvamxi5l3nroe2bpbi

Design of a 7m Davies-Cotton Cherenkov telescope mount for the high energy section of the Cherenkov Telescope Array

A. C. Rovero, P. Ringegni, G. Vallejo, A. D. Supanitsky, M. Actis, A. Botani, I. Ochoa, G. Hughes
2013 Experimental astronomy (Print)  
We have proposed an innovative design of a Davies-Cotton mount for such a telescope, within Cherenkov Telescope Array specifications, and evaluated its mechanical and optical performance.  ...  The mount is a reticulated-type structure with steel tubes and tensioned wires, designed in three main parts to be assembled on site.  ...  Gravity causes structural deformations to depend on elevation angle, so we have computed the system performance as a function of telescope elevation.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10686-013-9333-6 fatcat:ym5szobwyje7xeavj7vntrnice

Concurrent engineering of an infrared telescope system

Jason Geis, Jeffrey Lang, Leslie Peterson, Francisco Roybal, Jennifer Tanzillo, David Thomas, David Warren, Mark A. Kahan
2011 Optical Modeling and Performance Predictions V  
A detailed design of an infrared telescope payload is developed by an interdisciplinary team of mechanical, structural, thermal, and optical engineers using a Simulation Driven Engineering (SDE) software  ...  The telescope payload design is also integrated with a conceptual level design of the space segment of a mission that incorporates the payload.  ...  Figure 3: Telescope structural mesh Figure 4: Structural analysis of IR telescope response to launch loads CONCEPT DESIGN OF THE IR TELESCOPE SPACE SEGMENT An SST design was conducted for a mission  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.894979 fatcat:e74cm4kyyraznhqyzsomciddnm

Design Control System of Telescope Force Actuators Based on Linux

Shuai Xiaoying, Zhang Zhenchao, Wang You, Ni Jijun
2009 2009 WASE International Conference on Information Engineering  
Adopt QT designer to design the user interface of control system in master computer.  ...  By analyzing the characteristics of large telescope and the function structure of telescope actuator control system, distributed Ethernet force actuators control system is applied.  ...  Adopt QT designer to design the user interface of control system in master computer.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icie.2009.123 fatcat:vhhvzpk3hbbodkf73it76l4x6i

Page 364 of Astronomy and Astrophysics Vol. 194, Issue 1-2 [page]

1988 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
For the design of a temperature control system one needs data on the temperature differences, which are to be expected in the telescope structure at its specific location.  ...  In a homolog- ous design the residual gravitational deformations of the telescope structure with respect to a best-fit paraboloidal reflector are minimized for all elevation angles.  ... 

Modeling tools to estimate the performance of the Thirty Meter Telescope: an integrated approach

George Z. Angeli, Jennifer Dunn, Scott C. Roberts, Douglas G. MacMynowski, Anna Segurson, Konstantinos Vogiatzis, Joeleff Fitzsimmons, Simon C. Craig, Martin J. Cullum
2004 Modeling and Systems Engineering for Astronomy  
modeling of structure, optics and control.  ...  Presented are characteristic simulation results using the existing preliminary point designs of the TMT, with emphasis on the telescope performance degradation due to wind buffeting.  ...  We are also grateful to Brent Ellerbroek and Myung Cho of AURA New Initiatives Office for their reviews and comments.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.552523 fatcat:fui27lujnffmlfdipjoziiukxi

Page 217 of American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals Vol. 116, Issue AS4 [page]

1990 American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals  
Different structural shapes are also being considered. A computer graphics package devised by Gerstle and Akgul is being used to facilitate dish design.  ...  Fig. 3 shows a representation of the dish structure. The rms error is automatically calculated and displayed by the program, which was developed specifically for the design of radio telescope dishes.  ... 

Parametric modeling and control of telescope wind-induced vibration

Douglas G. MacMynowski, George Z. Angeli, Konstantinos Vogiatzis, Joeleff Fitzsimmons, Stephen Padin, Simon C. Craig, Martin J. Cullum
2004 Modeling and Systems Engineering for Astronomy  
The model is being developed to support the design of next generation segmented-mirror optical telescopes through enabling rapid design iterations and allowing a more thorough exploration of the design  ...  A realistic performance assessment requires parametric descriptions of the wind, the structural dynamics, active control of the structure, and the optical response.  ...  Acknowledgements This work was conducted as part of the Thirty Meter Telescope project.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.552282 fatcat:3wyr57vj2fgepnikbtlvmlsxme

Discovery Channel Telescope: progress and status

B. W. Smith, T. A. Bida, R. L. Millis, E. W. Dunham, O. M. Wiecha, H. K. Marshall, Larry M. Stepp
2006 Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes  
The Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT) is a 4.2-m telescope being built at a new site near Happy Jack, in northern Arizona.  ...  Formal groundbreaking at the Happy Jack site for the DCT occurred on 12 July 2005, with construction of major facility elements underway.  ...  the telescope structure.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.672500 fatcat:6pi2w5pg55b2va5bj5drcnndoa
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