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E-learning in Information Accessibility of Disabled Assistant Technology [chapter]

Chunlian Li, Yu Su
2010 E-learning Experiences and Future  
So there starts a movement on many college campuses to become more proactive in using e-Learning as a strategic tool for students with disabilities. 1.3 Technology of information accessibility References  ...  Include both foreign language support and text-to-speech functionality for Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese.  ...  to use e-learning systems, analysis of intelligent agents using e-learning, assessment methods for e-learning and barriers to use of effective e-learning systems in education.  ... 
doi:10.5772/8811 fatcat:u7j62b7tr5gzvaniqspicjnaeu

Ambient Art: Creative Information Representation

Russell Beale
2007 Human Technology: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Humans in ICT Environments  
Ambient art is the aesthetic presentation of information, using artistic techniques to achieve a pleasing image that also contains hidden depths, where exposure to it over time allows a viewer to understand  ...  This paper reviews the artistic and computational background of ambient systems, and presents two case studies of systems developed by our research team, from their initial design to the experiences of  ...  We used simple image processing algorithms on video images to track the movement of people around the foyer.  ... 
doi:10.17011/ht/urn.200769 fatcat:7v3k3qpbhjgbpiwhd7scrucrqy

Information, information transfer, and information processing

Ulrike Hahn
2002 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
The psychological issue we are concerned with here is how Kanzi's attentional capacities, his use of lexigrams, and his comprehension of spoken English, developed as a result of being nurtured in languageenriched  ...  For example, Savage-Rumbaugh recounts how, to teach them comprehension skills, she hid a food item in a container and used the keyboard to tell them what was hidden in the container: The first time I did  ...  In the first, section R1, we consider some of the antecedents to dynamic systems (DS) in psychology, biology, anthropology, and primatology and note the key changes that have occurred in DS over the past  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0140525x02280115 fatcat:kkarxwas4zdztlaayovtrznaqm

Intelligent Biofeedback Augmented Content Comprehension (TellBack)

Haytham Hijazi, Ricardo Couceiro, Joao Castelhano, Paulo De Carvalho, Miguel Castelo-Branco, Henrique Madeira
2021 IEEE Access  
To identify when exactly the difficulty in comprehension occurs, physiological manifestations of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) such as the pupil diameter variability and the modulation of HRV are  ...  INDEX TERMS Biomedical measurement, cognitive load, content comprehension, eye-tracking, heart rate variability, machine learning.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to thank the volunteers that participated in the experiments.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3058664 fatcat:xxxq466odvhqhjsj4oceqb4sdi

Abstracts of the 20th European Conference on Eye Movements, 18-22 August 2019, in Alicante (Spain)

Susana Martinez-Conde, Luis Martinez-Otero, Albert Compte, Rudolf Groner
2019 Journal of Eye Movement Research  
This document contains all abstracts of the 20th European Conference on Eye Movements, August 18-22, 2019, in Alicante, Spain Video stream "Glimpses at 20th ECEM":  ...  Reward was calculated as a fraction of the maximum depending on the performance (accuracy and speed).  ...  Both tasks involved three incentive levels indicated by an auditory cue before the start of each saccade.  ... 
doi:10.16910/jemr.12.7.1 pmid:33828763 pmcid:PMC7917478 fatcat:wqzwn552cndsnablyikzx3og5e

Information and Communication Technologies to Support Early Screening of Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review

Lorenzo Desideri, Patricia Pérez-Fuster, Gerardo Herrera
2021 Children  
A follow-up search was conducted to cover the literature published until December 2020 for the usefulness and interest in this area of research during the Covid-19 emergency.  ...  Notwithstanding the variability of the solutions identified, psychometric information points to considering available technologies as promising supports in clinical practice to detect early sign of ASD  ...  Informed Consent Statement: Not applicable.  ... 
doi:10.3390/children8020093 pmid:33535513 pmcid:PMC7912726 fatcat:lulftp36ynb2pgzwijrcfrcrsu

SWAET 2018: Scandinavian Workshop on Applied Eye Tracking Abstracts 23-24 August, 2018 Copenhagen Business School Solbjerg Plads 3, SP2.01 2000 Frederiksberg DENMARK Edited by Daniel Barratt, Raymond Bertram, & Marcus Nyström

2018 Journal of Eye Movement Research  
Resolution needs to be measured using an artificial eye that can be turned in very small steps, and visual estimation is used to assess whether the movements are visible in the recorded data from the eye  ...  We then use the Stepperbox to find the smallest reliably detectable movement in multiple eye trackers and empirically investigate how resolution relates to the extent (STD) and velocity (RMS-S2S) of noise  ...  Therefore, the introduction of a new eye tracker to record fixational eye movements should always be followed by careful investigation of its data quality and a comparison against currently used and established  ... 
doi:10.16910/jemr.11.5.1 pmid:33828710 pmcid:PMC7905738 fatcat:qs5svkolpzhjpltzmbayfx6x3i


Waldemar Karwowski
2017 Information System in Management  
presented to the driver Driver monitoring Driver standard monitoring monitoring of driver's physiological status, eg. eye movements, heart rate warnings about impairments connected with eg. stress, alcohol  ...  Because the indexation process is performed only in English, current form of Agrotagger is useful only for publication in the English language.  ...  Gini's indicators and the Lorenz curve were used to visualize the differences in the use of computers and the Internet.  ... 
doi:10.22630/isim.2017.6.3.3 fatcat:manht4kj7rcpzj4qknh2sgcaku

On the primacy and irreducible nature of first-person versus third-person information

Patrizio E. Tressoldi, Enrico Facco, Daniela Lucangeli
2017 F1000Research  
In this essay, we will support the claim that at the current level of scientific advancement a) some first-person accounts cannot be reduced to their third-person neural and psychophysiological correlates  ...  Consequently, for many phenomena, first-person accounts are the only reliable source of information available and the knowledge of their neural and psychophysical correlates don't offer any additional  ...  Acknowledgements We thank the Proof Reading Service for English revision. References Agrillo C: Near-death experience: Out-of-body and out-of-brain? Rev Gen Psychol. 2011; 15(1): 1-10.  ... 
doi:10.12688/f1000research.10752.3 pmid:29333233 pmcid:PMC5750720 fatcat:n65s7vwi7bbwrk7t3dmki3rduu

A review of affective computing: From unimodal analysis to multimodal fusion

Soujanya Poria, Erik Cambria, Rajiv Bajpai, Amir Hussain
2017 Information Fusion  
In this paper, we focus mainly on the use of audio, visual and text information for multimodal affect analysis, since around 90% of the relevant literature appears to cover these three modalities.  ...  A comprehensive overview of these two complementary fields aims to form the building blocks for readers, to better understand this challenging and exciting research field.  ...  The API also provides vision software to support ambient intelligence and is also useful for detecting age and gender identification, eye tracking and gaze estimation. • nViso 4 uses 3D facial imaging  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.inffus.2017.02.003 fatcat:ytebhjxlz5bvxcdghg4wxbvr6a

Culture and cognition in information technology education

Jaana Holvikivi
2007 European Journal of Engineering Education  
Some universities that offer programs in English have a narrow range of studies, and part of the courses are implemented as self-study modules only.  ...  Student self-reflection, understanding of metacognitive skills, and consequent improvement in self-regulation are supported by the use of learning logs, teamwork in mixed teams, and organizing specific  ...  In case of a marriage contract, a Paiela groom has to give 20 14 pigs (in the 14-based system) to the bride's parents. How many pigs does that make in the decimal system?  ... 
doi:10.1080/03043790601055642 fatcat:jywwzsavbzbb5moc7a3uzgk2fe

Z*-numbers: Augmented Z-numbers for machine-subjectivity representation

Romi Banerjee, Sankar K. Pal
2015 Information Sciences  
All ideas herein aim to contribute to studies on the 'self' and its machine-embodiment for the synthesis of an empathetic machine-mind.  ...  Besides information-certainty, as in a Z-number, a Z * -number incorporates context, time and affects as essential factors of subjectivity representation.  ...  Bose Fellow of the Government of India.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ins.2015.06.026 fatcat:y3jsd6xpung3vh6n7oi5hqm5yy

Driver Distraction Using Visual-Based Sensors and Algorithms

Alberto Fernández, Rubén Usamentiaga, Juan Carús, Rubén Casado
2016 Sensors  
The main methods for face detection, face tracking and detection of facial landmarks are summarized in Section 2 because they are a key component in many of the video-based inattention monitoring systems  ...  Moreover, the use of on-board sensors already available in the vehicle to analyze driver behaviour is a low-cost and powerful alternative to the vision-based monitoring systems [20, 21] .  ...  This information is used to warn the driver and to modulate the actions of other safety systems.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s16111805 pmid:27801822 pmcid:PMC5134464 fatcat:ku6ytfqa3zavtligyipcvxmydi

Saccadic eye movements and cognition

Simon P. Liversedge, John M. Findlay
2000 Trends in Cognitive Sciences  
We outline some recent advances from physiological investigations of saccadic eye-movement control before focusing on eye-movement behaviour in visual search and reading studies.  ...  Learn. Mem. Cognit. 16, 417-429 k Rayner, K. et al. The effect of clause wrap-up on eye movements during reading. Q. J. Exp. Psychol.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank Valerie Brown, Keith Rayner, Michael Spivey and the anonymous reviewers for helpful comments on a previous version of this manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1364-6613(99)01418-7 pmid:10637617 fatcat:gglpr2ti6bdwriasjkh54miw24

Application of Eye Tracking Technology in Aviation, Maritime, and Construction Industries: A Systematic Review

Daniel Martinez-Marquez, Sravan Pingali, Kriengsak Panuwatwanich, Rodney A. Stewart, Sherif Mohamed
2021 Sensors  
Overall, eye tracking technologies provide the means to capture in real time a variety of eye movements that reflect different human cognitive, emotional, and physiological states, which can be used to  ...  Eye tracking research dates back almost 150 years and it has been widely used in different fields for several purposes.  ...  Acknowledgments: This work was supported and founded by Griffith School of Engineering and Built Environment.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s21134289 pmid:34201734 fatcat:w6nindnzsbglfiexswo2nvolmi
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