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Complexity of regular abstractions of one-counter languages [article]

Mohamed Faouzi Atig, Dmitry Chistikov, Piotr Hofman, K Narayan Kumar, Prakash Saivasan, Georg Zetzsche
2016 arXiv   pre-print
We study the computational and descriptional complexity of the following transformation: Given a one-counter automaton (OCA) A, construct a nondeterministic finite automaton (NFA) B that recognizes an  ...  abstraction of the language L(A): its (1) downward closure, (2) upward closure, or (3) Parikh image.  ...  In what follows, we consider three regular abstractions of (one-counter) languages: downward closures, upward closures, and Parikhequivalent regular languages. Let w, w ∈ Σ * .  ... 
arXiv:1602.03419v1 fatcat:piatzusl5vbyfn2zii6fdt2x4m

Page 4084 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2004e [page]

2004 Mathematical Reviews  
(CZ-MASC; Brno) The complexity of bisimilarity-checking for one-counter processes. (English summary) Theoret. Comput. Sci. 304 (2003), no. 1-3, 157-183.  ...  We show that deciding weak bisimilarity between processes of one- counter nets (which are ‘restricted’ one-counter automata where the counter cannot be tested for zero) and finite-state processes is DP-hard  ... 

A Survey of Neural Networks and Formal Languages [article]

Joshua Ackerman, George Cybenko
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Of particular interest are the abilities of a neural architecture to represent, recognize and generate words from a specific language by learning from samples of the language.  ...  This report is a survey of the relationships between various state-of-the-art neural network architectures and formal languages as, for example, structured by the Chomsky Language Hierarchy.  ...  s Stack-RNN, and remark on the expressiveness of a more abstract variant.  ... 
arXiv:2006.01338v1 fatcat:wo6qeg6jvnccpbhoiogkhnw364

Verification of Medical Guidelines by Model Checking – A Case Study [chapter]

Simon Bäumler, Michael Balser, Andriy Dunets, Wolfgang Reif, Jonathan Schmitt
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We present the process of formal modeling and verification of guidelines using the modeling language Asbru, temporal logic for expressing the quality requirements, and model checking for proof and error  ...  This paper presents a case study on how to apply formal modeling and verification in the context of quality improvement in medical healthcare.  ...  By this abstraction we shift the complexity of time and history to the environment.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11691617_13 fatcat:isviqrqzkbcrla3qlum3ggjxqm

Presburger-Definable Parameterized Typestates [article]

Ashish Mishra, Deepak Dsouza, Y. N. Srikant
2017 arXiv   pre-print
To address these issues, we introduce parameterized typestates (p-typestates). p-typestates associate a logical property with each state of regular typestate, thereby allowing specification of properties  ...  beyond finite-state abstractions.  ...  Appendix Operational Semantics of the Core Language The abstract state of the program is defined as a pair (Θ, ∆), two variable to value maps mapping reference variables to abstract locations and value  ... 
arXiv:1712.08753v1 fatcat:5hpmkjfwxzdjpj3hgwywhipssa

Formal Language Theory Meets Modern NLP [article]

William Merrill
2021 arXiv   pre-print
I will by necessity ignore large parts of the rich history of this field, instead focusing on concepts connecting to modern deep learning-based NLP.  ...  It also still holds true today, with a strand of recent works building formal analysis of modern neural networks methods in terms of formal languages.  ...  Further thanks to members of Computational Linguistics at Yale, researchers at the Allen Institute for AI, and attendees and organizers of the Deep Learning and Formal Languages workshop at ACL 2019, as  ... 
arXiv:2102.10094v3 fatcat:r2szkmt5dzbkvnfnbiedzvvs6i

Reasoning about Heap Manipulating Programs using Automata Techniques [chapter]

Supratik Chakraborty
2012 Modern Applications of Automata Theory  
Specifically, we discuss a regular model checking based approach, an approach based on a storeless semantics and Hoare-style reasoning, and a counter automaton based approach.  ...  Automatically reasoning about programs is of significant interest to the program verification, compiler development and testing communities.  ...  In this sense, a counter automaton abstraction uses more of a store-based semantics than a storeless one.  ... 
doi:10.1142/9789814271059_0007 fatcat:gy6rmckoprgubju6ekej3iteoq

Page 1169 of Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts: LLBA Vol. 25, Issue 3 [page]

1991 Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts: LLBA  
(FRE) {| Although Romance grammars describe the properties of complex structures in which clauses are subordinated to several governments coordinated with one another, there is little literature dealing  ...  (Subordinates with Two Noncoordinated Governments in Romance Languages: Anomaly or Regularity?), Revue Roumaine de Linguistique, 1990, 35, 4-6, July-Dec, 265-270.  ... 

On validation of XML streams using finite state machines

Cristiana Chitic, Daniela Rosu
2004 Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on the Web and Databases colocated with ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2004 - WebDB '04  
We also consider recursive DTDs and give conditions under which they can be validated against by using one-counter automata.  ...  Instead, we want to find deterministic automata for validating streamed documents: for them, the complexity of validation is constant per tag.  ...  A language accepted by a one-counter machine is called one-counter language. We denote the family of one-counter languages by OCL.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1017074.1017096 dblp:conf/webdb/ChiticR04 fatcat:sffhnte4n5cgrontrp7hk6sjti

Quadratic Word Equations with Length Constraints, Counter Systems, and Presburger Arithmetic with Divisibility [article]

Anthony W. Lin, Rupak Majumdar
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We then describe a class of counter systems with Presburger transition relations which capture the length abstraction of a quadratic word equation with regular constraints.  ...  We extend this decidability result (in fact, with a complexity upper bound of PSPACE with a PAD oracle) in the presence of regular constraints.  ...  of regular languages [19] .  ... 
arXiv:2007.15478v6 fatcat:k6zpbhugefcmjmcbowuciwtioy

Page 3755 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 86h [page]

1986 Mathematical Reviews  
Possible applications of com- putational equivalence in developing upper and lower bounds on monotone Boolean function complexity are indicated, and new directions of research, both abstract mathematical  ...  This quotient is an abstract simplicial complex with respect to ordering by replaceability.  ... 

Propagating Regular Counting Constraints [article]

Nicolas Beldiceanu, Pierre Flener, Justin Pearson, Pascal Van Hentenryck
2013 arXiv   pre-print
We consider counter-DFAs (cDFA), which provide concise models for regular counting constraints, that is constraints over the number of times a regular-language pattern occurs in a sequence.  ...  We show how to enforce domain consistency in polynomial time for atmost and atleast regular counting constraints based on the frequent case of a cDFA with only accepting states and a single counter that  ...  NICTA is funded by the Australian Government as represented by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy and the Australian Research Council through the ICT Centre of Excellence  ... 
arXiv:1309.7145v1 fatcat:znmdsfnyiffepinlg2ysiun6xq

Verification of Infinite State Systems [chapter]

Ahmed Bouajjani
2003 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The development of our modern societies needs more and more involvement of computers in managing highly complex and (safety-)critical tasks, e.g., in telecommunication, chemical and physical process control  ...  Verification methods can be deductive (based on the use of theorem provers), or algorithmic (based on decision or semi-decision procedures).  ...  of pushdown automata, one-counter automata, and one-counter nets.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-45220-1_7 fatcat:4j5lzdbfc5hd7ptdo4tpwvmd2m

Page 9548 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2003m [page]

2003 Mathematical Reviews  
In order to extend the regular tree language framework, more complex formalisms have been developed.  ...  probabilistic reversible and quantum one-counter automata.  ... 

Page 416 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 87a [page]

1987 Mathematical Reviews  
Freivald [Riisins Freivalds, Rotational complexity of probabilistic and deterministic one-way Turing machines (pp. 64-67); V. S.  ...  87a:68003 repetition free words generated by length uniform morphisms over a binary alphabet (pp. 338-347); Juha Kortelainen, Every com- mutative quasirational language is regular (pp. 348-355); Thomas  ... 
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