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Complexity of Distance Fraud Attacks in Graph-Based Distance Bounding [chapter]

Rolando Trujillo-Rasua
2014 Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering  
A prominent family of DB protocols are those based on graphs, which were introduced in 2010 to resist both mafia and distance frauds.  ...  ., in practice, graph-based DB protocols might resist distance fraud better than the security model suggests.)  ...  Preliminaries Graph-Based Distance Bounding Protocols Graph-based DB protocols were introduced in [19] aimed at resisting both mafia and distance frauds, yet requiring low memory to be implemented.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-11569-6_23 fatcat:l56v2jsjnje3zmiddwqek62cem

Security of Distance-Bounding

Gildas Avoine, Jorge Munilla, Alberto Peinado, Kasper Bonne Rasmussen, Dave Singelée, Aslan Tchamkerten, Rolando Trujillo-Rasua, Serge Vaudenay, Muhammed Ali Bingöl, Ioana Boureanu, Srdjan čapkun, Gerhard Hancke (+4 others)
2018 ACM Computing Surveys  
These protocols are of particular interest in contactless systems, e.g., electronic payment or access control systems, which are vulnerable to distance-based frauds.  ...  This survey analyzes and compares in a unified manner many existing distance bounding protocols with respect to several key security and complexity features.  ...  INTRODUCTION AND STATE-OF-THE-ART From Relay Attacks to Evolved Distance-based Frauds The basic concept of a relay attack was first described by Conway [25] in 1976, in a scenario referred to as the  ... 
doi:10.1145/3264628 fatcat:cn734ifv5fhczfjjviwexu7cti

Secure Distance Bounding Verification using Physical-Channel Properties [article]

Hadi Ahmadi, Reihaneh Safavi-Naini
2013 arXiv   pre-print
We consider three attacking scenarios against DBV, namely distance fraud (DFA), mafia fraud (MFA) and terrorist fraud (TFA) attacks.  ...  We consider the problem of distance bounding verification (DBV), where a proving party claims a distance and a verifying party ensures that the prover is within the claimed distance.  ...  This approach provides distance bounding with security against distance fraud, but not mafia fraud since a relay man-in-the middle attack becomes irresistible.  ... 
arXiv:1303.0346v1 fatcat:vwi3fic3gfd35emvroidnnbpgy

Comparing distance bounding protocols: A critical mission supported by decision theory

Gildas Avoine, Sjouke Mauw, Rolando Trujillo-Rasua
2015 Computer Communications  
Distance bounding protocols are security countermeasures designed to thwart relay attacks.  ...  Given the impressive number of distance bounding protocols that are designed every year, it becomes urgent to provide researchers and engineers with a methodology to fairly compare the protocols in spite  ...  neighborhood. • Given a distance bounding protocol, a distance fraud attack is an attack where a dishonest and lonely prover purports to be in the neighborhood of the verifier. • A terrorist fraud attack  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.comcom.2015.06.007 fatcat:nliomyu4mzar5jmpmeasighcvy

A Spectrum-Efficient Cross-Layer RF Distance Bounding Scheme

Yihang Song, Songfan Li, Chong Zhang, Li Lu, Kuo-Hui Yeh
2021 Security and Communication Networks  
Distance bounding protocols guarantee a credible distance upper bound between the devices which require the spatial distance as a security parameter to defend Mafia Fraud attacks.  ...  However, in RF systems, the realization of distance bounding protocol faces obstacles due to low spectrum efficiency, since the distance bound estimation consumes a significant amount of frequency band  ...  Acknowledgments is work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant 61872061.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/6668498 fatcat:qi2agb66yjaxxgbyibmfuvmjxa

Distance Bounding: A Practical Security Solution for Real-Time Location Systems

Adnan Abu-Mahfouz, Gerhard P. Hancke
2013 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics  
Distance-bounding is a prominent secure neighbor detection method that cryptographically determines an upper bound for the physical distance between two communicating parties based on the round-trip time  ...  This paper gives a brief overview of distance-bounding protocols and discusses the possibility of implementing such protocols within industrial RFID and real-time location applications, which requires  ...  There are three main types of attacks, shown in Fig. 1 , which can be prevented by distance-bounding protocols-distance fraud, mafia fraud, and terrorist fraud.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tii.2012.2218252 fatcat:tz6hrgy6hnegritw7tdglc625u

Breaking and fixing the HB+DB protocol

Ioana Boureanu, David Gerault, Pascal Lafourcade, Cristina Onete
2017 Proceedings of the 10th ACM Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks - WiSec '17  
In this paper, we exhibit flaws both in the authentication and distance-bounding layers of HB+DB; these vulnerabilities encompass practical attacks as well as provable security shortcomings.  ...  Drawing on HB+DB's design flaws, we also propose a new distance-bounding protocol -BLOG. It retains parts of HB+DB, yet BLOG is provably secure, even -in particular -against MiM attacks.  ...  A composition between HB + and distance-bounding without losing the LPN-based passive security (if possible) remains open, as do the full depths of the relations between LPN-based security and distance-bounding  ... 
doi:10.1145/3098243.3098263 dblp:conf/wisec/BoureanuG0O17 fatcat:ie6gcjfi7ng2havps3dzmfo2fi

Privacy in RFID and mobile objects [article]

Rolando Trujillo-Rasua
2013 arXiv   pre-print
Moreover, we present a novel distance-bounding protocol based on graphs that is extremely low-resource consuming.  ...  That is why the reduction in price of the RFID tags has been accompanied with an increasing attention paid to this technology.  ...  We contribute by designing a novel distance bounding protocol based on graphs that is highly resilient to mafia and distance fraud attacks.  ... 
arXiv:1310.5476v1 fatcat:7lz5b242z5ht5hwzso4qffdojm

A Class of Precomputation-Based Distance-Bounding Protocols

Sjouke Mauw, Jorge Toro-Pozo, Rolando Trujillo-Rasua
2016 2016 IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P)  
Distance-bounding protocols serve to thwart various types of proximity-based attacks, such as relay attacks.  ...  In this paper we study this class of precomputation-based distance-bounding protocols.  ...  The Tree-based protocol of graph-based distance-bounding.  ... 
doi:10.1109/eurosp.2016.19 dblp:conf/eurosp/MauwTT16 fatcat:djajny66crg3zmatc4dkof5udu

Optimal Proximity Proofs [chapter]

Ioana Boureanu, Serge Vaudenay
2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In fact, so far only two protocols, namely SKI (by Boureanu et al.) and FO (by Fischlin and Onete), offer all-encompassing security guaranties, i.e., resistance to distance-fraud, mafia-fraud, and terrorist-fraud  ...  Provably secure distance-bounding is a rising subject, yet an unsettled one; indeed, very few distance-bounding protocols, with formal security proofs, have been proposed.  ...  Prior to this, we have revised the formal model for distance-bounding protocols in a way which is closer to (the state of the art of) interactive proofs.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-16745-9_10 fatcat:vjhim54hgbakhagkvk35lt2ar4

Survey on Lightweight Primitives and Protocols for RFID in Wireless Sensor Networks

Manju Lata, Adarsh Kumar
2014 International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security  
The use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies is becoming widespread in all kind of wireless network-based applications.  ...  These primitives and protocols have been compared based on gate equivalents (GEs), power, technology, strengths, weaknesses and attacks.  ...  (iii) Poulidor is based on graphs and ensures good security against mafia fraud or distance fraud. It provides greater design flexibility, a high security level and low memory consumption.  ... 
dblp:journals/ijcnis/LataK14 fatcat:3dpqpm7lnzcbrlhb6uj2nbi7j4

A new secure authentication based distance bounding protocol

Ahmed Raheeq Sultan, Imran Rashid, Fawad Khan, Shahzaib Tahir, Maruf Pasha, Aiman Sultan
2021 PeerJ Computer Science  
The distance bounding (DB) protocol was introduced to cater to security requirements. The schemes, however, are still prone to several threats; mainly the Relay Attack (Terrorist and Mafia Fraud).  ...  Numerous systems are being employed in daily life where two entities authenticate each other over a range of distance. The distance involved is relatively small, but still attacks were documented.  ...  SYSTEM AND THREAT MODEL The attacks on DB protocols are namely Relay Attack, Mafia Attack, Terrorist Fraud, Impersonation Fraud, Distance Fraud, Distance Hijacking, Man in the Middle Attack, Replay / Playback  ... 
doi:10.7717/peerj-cs.517 pmid:34013037 pmcid:PMC8114813 fatcat:h4hwkjk7brcjhmnahenqie5yjq

Fraud Detection in Current Scenario, Sophistications and Directions: A Comprehensive Survey

M Kavitha, M. Suriakala
2015 International Journal of Computer Applications  
It discusses the evolution of heuristic based mechanisms and graph based technologies that emerged in recent years. Further, it also discusses the need for Big Data based analysis in this domain.  ...  This paper discusses the changes that had taken place in the area of fraud detection.  ...  Graph based Fraud Detection Systems Mutual nearness based rank detection algorithm is proposed in [11] . It performs the process of anomaly detection by detecting the outliers.  ... 
doi:10.5120/19538-1194 fatcat:2krhfsvkejdlvkjjfj5je4clmy

Adversarial Attack and Defense on Graph Data: A Survey [article]

Lichao Sun, Yingtong Dou, Carl Yang, Ji Wang, Philip S. Yu, Lifang He, Bo Li
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In this work, we systemically organize the considered works based on the features of each topic.  ...  More details of the comparisons of various studies based on this survey are open-sourced at  ...  , DD DHFR, AIDS [34] 2020 KDD Fraud detection Graph-based Fraud detectors Reinforcement learning Add/Delete edges - Practical effect YelpChi, YelpNYC, YelpZip [141] 2020 arXiv Graph  ... 
arXiv:1812.10528v3 fatcat:5eiqm6f7xzdltc5klvef44jghe

Scalable Similarity Joins of Tokenized Strings [article]

Ahmed Metwally, Chun-Heng Huang
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Tokenized-string joins have several established applications in the context of data integration and cleaning.  ...  This work is primarily motivated by fraud detection, where attackers slightly modify tokenized strings, e.g., names on accounts, to create numerous identities that she can use to defraud service providers  ...  Seminal research on multi-identity attacks was conducted in context of click fraud [42] , and email spam [75] .  ... 
arXiv:1903.09238v1 fatcat:jogiioacwfbx7azgxtqq4blnwa
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