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Supply network disruption and resilience: A network structural perspective

Yusoon Kim, Yi-Su Chen, Kevin Linderman
2015 Journal of Operations Management  
This paper not only offers a new perspective of supply network disruption, but also suggests a useful analytical approach to assessing supply network structures for resilience.  ...  Graph theory helps to conceptualize a supply network and differentiate between disruptions at the node/arc level vs. network level.  ...  Moreover, we hope that our summary observations, presented in the form of propositions, serve as a stepping-stone that stimulates more research to further understand supply network disruption and resilience  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jom.2014.10.006 fatcat:ekqxxmdzm5cjbaa6ygxkfufubm

Interorganizational network classification — A framework for studying industrial networks [chapter]

Charles Møller, Jens Ove Riis, Mark Hansen
1998 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
Many researchers have carried out the study of interorganizational networks from different perspectives like e.g. organization theory, strategy, marketing, supply chain management etc.  ...  This paper proposes a theoretical framework for studying interorganizational networks from a manufacturing perspective.  ...  Industrial networks have been approached from many perspectives of which some of them may be adapted to this classificatioll. • The systems science provides a foundation for classifying the elements and  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35321-0_27 fatcat:g2ll3nqiorbnhfnd5terdi6h6u

Introduction to the Handbook of Theories for Purchasing, Supply Chain and Management Research [chapter]

2022 Supply networks: dyads, triads and networks  
Chapter 22 Complex adaptive systems • Partner with researchers from other disciplines who have skills related to complexity science. • Develop process theories of supply network evolution and adaptation  ...  Chapter 26 Supply chains as complex adaptive systems • Investigate network level cascading processes or discussed supply chain phenomena linked to agent adaptation. • Assess how local interactions, driven  ...  We hope that you can use this table as a jumping-off point for exploring new theories and supporting future research.  ... 
doi:10.4337/9781839104503.00005 fatcat:lt2m5rmfpze6phdke646ov4zpm

Understanding Supply Networks from Complex Adaptive Systems

Jamur Johnas Marchi, Rolf Hermann Erdmann, Carlos Manuel Taboada Rodriguez
2014 BAR: Brazilian Administration Review  
This theoretical paper is based on complex adaptive systems (CAS) that integrate dynamic and holistic elements, aiming to discuss supply networks as complex systems and their dynamic and co-evolutionary  ...  The CAS approach can give clues to understand the dynamic nature and co-evolution of supply networks because it consists of an approach that incorporates systems and complexity.  ...  Complex Adaptive Systems One of the complex theories is complex adaptive systems. Complex systems consist of systems with multiple interactions among their parts or agents (Holland, 1992) .  ... 
doi:10.1590/1807-7692bar2014130002 fatcat:hfrxnjdepfdznebptqyo7dgvia

Facilitating Vulnerable Supplier Network Management Using Bicriterion Network Resilience Management Approach

Nina Shin, Sangwook Park
2020 Applied Sciences  
Our case study is based on a real-world highly connected global manufacturing firm based in Korea as a test environment to evaluate a proposed bicriterion network resilience model using resilience and  ...  The results show that the effectiveness of a firm's performance with respect to the entire supply chain may increase or decrease based on its embeddedness and connectivity within the supply network.  ...  Recent research streams follow that the supply chain exhibits the properties of a complex adaptive system (nonlinearity, adaptation, self-organization, emergence) [70] , and that such system now should  ... 
doi:10.3390/app10238502 fatcat:f642e3riv5dfno2xdpfdvn7zti

Firm Internationalization from a Network-Centric Complex-Systems Perspective

Yanto Chandra, Ian Wilkinson
2017 Social Science Research Network  
A complex systems perspective of firm internationalization in networks We argue that business networks are complex adaptive systems of interacting firms and other types of organizations (Holland, 2014  ...  The latter type of interactions is ignored in firms-centric theories but play a central role in understanding and modelling firm internationalization from a network-centric complex systems perspective.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2979969 fatcat:d6sqqr25enc4nlantelvijc5wi

The Evolution of Inter-Firm Collaboration in Supply Chain Networks

Michael J. Gravier, M. Theodore Farris
2012 International Journal of Knowledge-Based Organizations  
complex adaptive systems.  ...  Step 2, identification of "simple theory," appears as a literature review of transaction cost analysis, complex adaptive systems, and organizational evolution theories.  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijkbo.2012070101 fatcat:5epsskjpvrc3pbjrekmeb4g3em

Survivability of Multiagent-Based Supply Networks: A Topological Perspective

H.P. Thadakamalla, U.N. Raghavan, S. Kumara, A. Albert
2004 IEEE Intelligent Systems  
A robust network can sustain the loss of some of its structure or functionalities and maintain connectedness under node failures, whether the failure is random or is a targeted attack.  ...  Although fairly simple business processes govern these individual entities, real-time capabilities and global Internet connectivity make today's supply chains complex.  ...  Her research interests include supply chain management, graph theory, complex adaptive systems, and complex networks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mis.2004.49 fatcat:oe3ueziyebevjp4volbxbzys7a


Beatriz Andres, Raul Poler
2016 Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management  
Simulation approaches are seen as a supporting tool to analyse the formal model of a supply network.  ...  Collaborative networks (CN) are characterised by being complex systems, highlighting the need of considering simulation approaches to support the resolution of CN models.  ...  be carried out in a real supply network.  ... 
doi:10.14488/bjopm.2016.v13.n3.a1 fatcat:3w4sumsqivfilitfxoi62nex6q

Firm internationalization from a network-centric complex-systems perspective

Yanto Chandra, Ian F. Wilkinson
2017 Journal of World Business  
A B S T R A C T Drawing upon the science of complexity we propose a network-centric, complex-systems internationalization (NCCSI) perspective of firm internationalization that can help us understand observed  ...  We review existing research on the role of networks in the internationalization process and explain how theories of complexity apply.  ...  A complex systems perspective of firm internationalization in networks We argue that business networks are complex adaptive systems of interacting firms and other types of organizations (Holland, 2014  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jwb.2017.06.001 fatcat:xldue4mi7jdhtkbs2s2d4c42wm

Network analysis of supply chain systems: A systematic review and future research

Marcus A. Bellamy, Rahul C. Basole
2012 Systems Engineering  
Supply networks are continuously evolving and adapting systems driven by complex sociotechnical interfirm interactions.  ...  To pursue these objectives, we conducted a comprehensive study of research adopting perspectives from social network theory, complexity theory, systems theory, evolutionary economic theory, institutional  ...  Adopting a complex adaptive system (CAS) perspective to supply networks will help firms to understand, manage, and prepare for network change and evolution.  ... 
doi:10.1002/sys.21238 fatcat:lmmixqd2wfgvhcudonpwuuah4i

Implications for Collaborative Development of Reverse Distribution Network: A System Perspective [chapter]

Yulia Lapko, Paolo Trucco, Andrea Trianni, Cali Nuur
2014 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
This paper examines the current state of the literature on reverse distribution networks from a system perspective. Two major findings were identified.  ...  Secondly, collaborations offers great opportunities to develop reverse distribution networks and build robust supply chains.  ...  This paper is produced as part of the EMJD Programme European Doctorate in Industrial Management (EDIM) funded by the European Commission, Erasmus Mundus Action 1.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-662-44736-9_43 fatcat:vig4wdqetnayflab2g26ioly7y

Advances on the Resilience of Complex Networks

Ilaria Giannoccaro, Vito Albino, Anand Nair
2018 Complexity  
They investigate resilience of a broad variety of complex systems involving individuals, teams, ecosystems, organizations, communities, supply chains, financial networks, computer networks, and building  ...  Two papers of the special issue precisely follow this suggestion and apply network theory to model the complex system and analyze resilience using network measures. In particular, the paper by M.  ...  Acknowledgments The guest editorial team would like to express gratitude to all the authors for their interest in selecting this special issue as a venue for disseminating their scholarly work.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2018/8756418 fatcat:wsyfhowfjnfo7goptnltiqp5u4

"Smart parts" supply networks as complex adaptive systems: analysis and implications

Christine Wycisk, Bill McKelvey, Michael Hülsmann
2008 International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management  
Purpose -The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze whether supply networks may be validly treated as complex adaptive systems (CAS).  ...  These possible outcomes have to be considered in supply network management. It is found that the use of a neural network model could work to manage these new challenges.  ...  This research was supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) as part of the Collaborative Research Centre 637 "Autonomous Cooperating Logistic Processes -A Paradigm Shift and its Limitations."  ... 
doi:10.1108/09600030810861198 fatcat:d6z6sdy5g5ad3bbdzyppnf2dja

Towards a use of network analysis: quantifying the complexity of Supply Chain Networks

Daria Battini, Alessandro Persona, Stefano Allesina
2007 International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management  
The aim of this paper is to quantify the complexity and organisation level of an industrial network working towards the development of a 'Supply Chain Network Analysis' (SCNA).  ...  The result of this study supports the idea that an ecosystem approach can provide an interesting conceptual perspective in which the modern supply network can be framed, and that network analysis can handle  ...  provides a new perspective in which supply chain organisation and complexity can be framed.  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijecrm.2007.014427 fatcat:oazynwnpdzhzbo6phaq42biv64
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