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Assessing process-centered software engineering environments

Vincenzo Ambriola, Reidar Conradi, Alfonso Fuggetta
1997 ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology  
They exploit an explicit representation of the process (called the process model) that specifies how to carry out software development activities, the roles and tasks of software developers, and how to  ...  Identification of operations accomplished outside the control of the PSEE (i.e., by directly calling a tool operating on some data in the workspace). 6.  ...  Acknowledgments Thanks go to colleagues in the PROMOTER project, and to the local teams behind OIKOS, EPOS, and SPADE.  ... 
doi:10.1145/258077.258080 fatcat:ogkjkbmnkrhdjdbtgc6imsf56q


David T. Ford, Darryl W. Davis
1985 Journal of the American Water Resources Association  
These models individually and collectively have been used throughout the Corps in a wide range of water resources planning studies., CORPS OF ENGINEERS PLANNING RESPONSIBILITIES Overview.  ...  In response to the needs of Corps planners, the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) has developed and supports a family of computer programs designed to aide them in their work.  ...  TP-64 Determining Peak-Discharge Frequencies in ADA-109 760 an Urbanizing Watershed: A Case Study, S. F. Daly and J. C. Peters, Jul 79, 15 pp.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1752-1688.1985.tb05359.x fatcat:s5n7dbx5wzapfbj75upl36zzcy

The Chandra X-ray Center: a combined science and operations center

Roger J. Brissenden, Jeffrey D. Holmes, Edward Mattison, Daniel A. Schwartz, Daniel Shropshire, David R. Silva, Rodger E. Doxsey
2006 Observatory Operations: Strategies, Processes, and Systems  
have learned in developing and operating a joint science and mission operations center. ; phone 1 617 495 7387; fax 1 617 495 7411;  ...  The Chandra X-ray Center (CXC) is the focal point of scientific and mission operations for the Observatory, and provides support to the scientific community in its use of Chandra.  ...  ACKNOWLDGEMENTS The authors gratefully acknowledge the support provided for this work by NASA Contract NAS8-03060.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.672118 fatcat:dbgez6gmwfgihefixysnqx64dq

Kimdaejung Convention Center

2019 2019 IEEE 13th International Conference on Nano/Molecular Medicine & Engineering (NANOMED)  
Unique characteristics of a complex system is that a large number of interacting elements will result in emerging system properties, which cannot be directly related to the interactions among the interacting  ...  Human body is a complex system, which composes of a cascade of low level complex systems -cell, tissue and organ.  ...  In this study, a microfluidic device was developed and electrodes were embedded in the microchannel for the impedimetric measurement of cell invasion.  ... 
doi:10.1109/nanomed49242.2019.9130603 fatcat:wlmmq4uwyjablibepjnazw4fp4

Systems Analysis Applications at Hydrologic Engineering Center

Arlen D. Feldman
1992 Journal of water resources planning and management  
A Appo•v for u. f .ic Releae. Dlstuion Un.,l 1 ft M693-29287 913 1i 29Ig0 SYSTEMS ANALYSIS APPLICATIONS AT THE  ...  Papers in this series have resulted from technical activities of the Hydrologic Engineering Center. Versions of some of these have been published in technical journals or in conference proceedings.  ...  TP-56 Experiences of the Hydrologic Engineering TP-21 An Approach to Reservoir Temperature Center in Maintaining Widely Used Hydrologic Analysis and Water Resource Computer Models TP-22 A Finite  ... 
doi:10.1061/(asce)0733-9496(1992)118:3(249) fatcat:nqfytvodbbaqdldjkhjpmla2qm

Designing Virtual Learning Centers [chapter]

Gilbert Paquette
2002 Handbook on Information Technologies for Education and Training  
They can be integrated in the same course or in different courses in a flexible, open and inter-operable way within a training organization.  ...  We will compare the main features of these models and present a computer-based architecture that can support them in an integrated way.  ...  Aknowledgements The author wishes to underline the contribution all the researchers who have participated in the various Virtual Campus and instructional engineering projects at LICEF and have helped these  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-662-07682-8_16 fatcat:umc6lvieavc6zguyic6o2woxem

Ability-centered design

Shelley Evenson, Justin Rheinfrank, Hugh Dubberly
2010 Interactions  
After a long career in systems engineering and design, John Rheinfrank died on July 4, 2004.  ...  machines for Xerox, to personal information and communication appliances for Philips.  ...  Justin graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with Masters and Bachelors degrees in Human-Computer Interaction and a Bachelors in Industrial Design.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1865245.1865263 fatcat:r3wsuxq7wngshasgzkirjrtwuy

A human-centered Virtual Factory

Xiang Yang, Eduard Deines, Christian Lauer, Jan C. Aurich
2011 MSIE 2011  
Furthermore, we analyze the potential need and use of visualization methods in VF study and propose a human-centered VF concept.  ...  In a manufacturing system (MS), a wide range of human activities are applied in production processes.  ...  , and iv) an emulation facility for production activity in a factory.  ... 
doi:10.1109/msie.2011.5707619 fatcat:wgfdynu4ubd2xf4bmjmsghz3hq

Comparison of Call Center models

Luiz Augusto G. Franzese, Marcelo Moretti Fioroni, Rui Carlos Botter, Paulo Jose de Freitas Filho
2009 Proceedings of the 2009 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC)  
This paper presents the Erlang B, Erlang C and Simulation models followed by a comparison based on a case study, in order to identify the advantages of using simulation. 2963 978-1-4244-5771-7/09/$26.00  ...  Correctly sizing the capacity of a given Call Center can bring benefits not only in terms of improved customer service (efficacy), but also in terms of reduced operating costs (efficiency).  ...  APPLICATION OF MODELS TO A CASE STUDY The models presented were applied to a case study, an IT company Call Center, with focus on its primary operation, which is a specialized service using exclusive resources  ... 
doi:10.1109/wsc.2009.5429228 dblp:conf/wsc/FranzeseFFB09 fatcat:r2ndjzcmbreyjgbzqmpfekswoe

Human-centered design of complex systems: An experience-based approach

Guy André Boy
2017 Design Science  
in complex socio-technical systems' creation, development and operations.  ...  This position paper presents a new approach based on my experience in the evolution of human-centered design (HCD) during four decades, and how it has struggled to become a discipline in its own right  ...  It is often performed a priori, as it is done in technology-centered engineering. An activity is what people effectively do.  ... 
doi:10.1017/dsj.2017.8 fatcat:b74mowgwlfe4jgzesi7jxtsacu

The future center as an urban innovation engine

Ron Dvir, Yael Schwartzberg, Haya Avni, Carol Webb, Fiona Lettice, Francisco Jaview Carrillo
2006 Journal of Knowledge Management  
Purpose -The purpose of this article is to describe a future center as an urban innovation engine for the knowledge city, to understand the success factors of a future center and how this success can be  ...  A conceptual model of a regional future center was developed and tested on the PISGA case, defining the five key ingredients as community conversations, future images, an innovation lab, a knowledge and  ...  For example, in May 2006, a consortium funded by the European Commission, entitled OpenFutures, launched a two year research project to understand future centers from four perspectives: organizational,  ... 
doi:10.1108/13673270610691224 fatcat:3sxybz6qmrddffkpwgrdxacmhm

User-centered design through learner-centered instruction

Burçak Altay
2013 Teaching in Higher Education  
The major instructional methods utilized in the tasks are role enactment, project-based learning, case-based learning and reflection.  ...  This article initially demonstrates the parallels between the learner-centered approach in education and the user-centered approach in design disciplines.  ...  A study with engineering students on user-centered design revealed that immersive experiences for students including real clients and users allowed a more comprehensive understanding (Zoltowski, Oakes  ... 
doi:10.1080/13562517.2013.827646 fatcat:e4qa3c34w5fghc3mrlnfj6wqrq

Human-centered design considered harmful

Donald A. Norman
2005 Interactions  
Is this the case for those of us interested in human-centered design? We will never know unless we do the exercise.  ...  Most items in the world have been designed without the benefit of user studies and the methods of human-centered design. Yet they do quite well.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1070960.1070976 fatcat:edbgqb4zw5cfxbcwuwn2va6sia

Usage-centered engineering for Web applications

L.L. Constantine, L.A.D. Lockwood
2002 IEEE Software  
The resolution depends on creating a navigation architecture and a visual and interaction design scheme based on quick but comprehensive task modeling.  ...  This paper presents a lightweight form of usage-centered design that has proved particularly effective in designing highly usable Webbased applications.  ...  Figure 1 -Conventional use case for getting cash from an ATM [Kruchten, 1999] Figure 2, a task case written in the simplified form employed in agile usage-centered design, is shorter, simpler, and more  ... 
doi:10.1109/52.991331 fatcat:irkknpnttffoxhuo3ktfnxsg6e

Behavior-Centered Digital-Twin Design for Dynamic Cyber-Physical System Development

Christian Stary, Business Informatics - Communications Engineering, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Linz, Austria, Matthes Elstermann, Albert Fleischmann, Werner Schmidt, Institute for Information Management in Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany, InterAktiv Unternehmensberatung, Pfaffenhofen, Germany, Business School, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Ingolstadt, Germany
2022 Complex Systems Informatics and Modeling Quarterly  
An exemplary case study in traffic management demonstrates the feasibility and practicability of the communication-centered approach.  ...  We consider integration depth and breadth, connectivity, organizational intelligence, validation, and implementation variability in the context of human-centered modeling and development.  ...  Hence, the objective of this research is to create a digital twin model of a CPS in a human-centered way while capturing the main characteristic for development and operation in a human-centered way.  ... 
doi:10.7250/csimq.2022-30.02 fatcat:xofpxrettjbaxe5vw526kju23u
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