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Portable and accurate collection of calling-context-sensitive bytecode metrics for the Java virtual machine

Aibek Sarimbekov, Andreas Sewe, Walter Binder, Philippe Moret, Martin Schoeberl, Mira Mezini
2011 Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Programming in Java - PPPJ '11  
As a case-study and tutorial on the use of JP2, we use it for crossprofiling for an embedded Java processor.  ...  JP2 is complemented with scripts that compute various dynamic bytecode metrics from the profiles.  ...  We have addressed this problem by making assumptions about the Java compiler used to compile the code: The optimistic assumption is that whenever the compiler can use the shorthand form of an instruction  ... 
doi:10.1145/2093157.2093160 dblp:conf/pppj/SarimbekovSBMSM11 fatcat:vf5cl53uwff2lis2jgq6akox64

Using Annotations to Check Structural Properties of Classes [chapter]

Michael Eichberg, Thorsten Schäfer, Mira Mezini
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The specification of meta-information, by using attributes in .NET or annotations in Java, along with the source code is gaining widespread use.  ...  from within Eclipse to test the performance.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank Cuma Ali Gencdal, who implemented parts of the support for annotations in BAT 2 XML and most of the queries for EJB 3.0.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-31984-9_18 fatcat:aeyr6ekkjjcdpo7pfbqibsg5km

Multilanguage Debugger Architecture [chapter]

Jan Vraný, Michal Píše
2010 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The described architecture has been tried out on a proof-of-concept im allows debugging of applications written in Smalltalk, XQuery and JavaScript.  ...  When debugging applications written in several programming languages, debuggers fail to provide programmers with the same quality of user experience that is common for single-language applications debugging  ...  For example, the JRuby 2 compiler compiles Ruby code to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) bytecode, which is then interpreted by the JVM.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-11266-9_61 fatcat:kehry7orafbwbd44uot5fm7azq

A comprehensive toolchain for workload characterization across JVM languages

Aibek Sarimbekov, Andreas Sewe, Stephen Kell, Yudi Zheng, Walter Binder, Lubomír Bulej, Danilo Ansaloni
2013 Proceedings of the 11th ACM SIGPLAN-SIGSOFT Workshop on Program Analysis for Software Tools and Engineering - PASTE '13  
To achieve high performance, JVM implementations rely on heuristics in choosing compiler optimizations and adapting garbage collection behavior.  ...  Historically, these heuristics have been tuned to suit the dynamics of Java programs only.  ...  The authors consider static and dynamic instruction mix and use five different Java-tobytecode compilers to quantify the impact of the choice of a compiler on the dynamic bytecode frequency.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2462029.2462033 dblp:conf/paste/SarimbekovSKZBBA13 fatcat:4uoirbww6vhlznmzbfvhz6o5e4

BAT2XML: XML-based Java Bytecode Representation

Michael Eichberg
2005 Electronical Notes in Theoretical Computer Science  
To solve the highlighted problems, we propose a higher-level XML-based representation of Java bytecode which is designed as a common platform for the creation and transformation of bytecode and explicitly  ...  The creation, transformation and analysis of bytecode is widespread. Nevertheless, several problems related to the reusability and comprehensibility of the results and tools exist.  ...  Acknowledgments The author would like to thank Tobias Schuh and Barbara Wasilewski for the implementation of the converter from XML to Java bytecode.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.entcs.2005.02.035 fatcat:74i5oc366vg7di5athga27zlnq

Pointcuts as Functional Queries [chapter]

Michael Eichberg, Mira Mezini, Klaus Ostermann
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Due to its abstraction and module facilities, XQuery enables powerful composition and reusability mechanisms for pointcuts.  ...  As a consequence, these languages do not provide operations to manipulate or reason about pointcuts beyond weaving.  ...  The Josh compiler takes an aspect as input and produces a special weaver -a Java program that uses Javassist to perform the weaving.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-30477-7_25 fatcat:zuggp3de5bcublyiqywldcsyda

Ten Reasons Why Saxon XQuery is Fast

Michael H. Kay
2008 IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin  
The .NET version is created by cross-compiling the Java bytecode into .NET IL code, using the open-source IKVMC cross-compiler [10].  ...  Introduction Saxon [1, 2] is an implementation of XQuery written in Java.  ...  Java code generation Saxon-SA offers the option to generate Java bytecode representing the logic of the query, as an alternative to interpreting the query execution plan.  ... 
dblp:journals/debu/Kay08 fatcat:gwfloiovhzaybn54oqp3supecy

Deploying Blockchain Smart Contracts Using XQuery Language

XQuery makes data contained in the instance available to other applications. In this paper, we proposed a security model that utilizes the XQuery syntax to define smart contracts.  ...  The developed system consists of three main components while the User Interface Tool allows end-users to design the contracts using the XQuery with SQL-like syntax.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors are grateful to the Applied Science Private University, Amman-Jordan, for the full financial support granted to cover the publication fee of this research article.  ... 
doi:10.37896/jxat12.03/207 fatcat:rgc7ssbwyjd4bg644ip2vajxsq

Extensible, Fast And Secure Scala Expression Evaluation Engine

Arkadiusz Janik, Roman Janusz
2017 Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics & Intelligent Systems  
With the current, wide-spread popularity of Java and Java bytecode compliant languages it means that both: tradi onal, stand-alone Java programs as well as enterprise systems run on applica on servers  ...  Scrip ng and expression evalua on engines are popular tools in the Java so ware ecosystem which is understood as any environment using Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to execute code (which does not have to  ...  This could be achieved directly in Java -for instance by using XQuery Processor for Java solution. The paper [20] presents XQuery as a very convenient expression evaluation engine.  ... 
doi:10.14313/jamris_3-2017/26 fatcat:da7l53zzejeatmisstes3chdd4

Demo: A Generic Platform for Sensor Network Applications

Rene Mueller, Jan S. Rellermeyer, Michael Duller, Gustavo Alonso
2007 2007 IEEE Internatonal Conference on Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Systems  
In the demo we show how the sensor network can be programmed using queries in several languages (SQL, Java, XQuery), including user-defined functions (in a C-like language) and the results obtained as  ...  We also show the ability to efficiently use the network concurrently.  ...  These queries are transformed, optimised, merged, and compiled in the SwissGate sub-system. Then they are disseminated to the sensor nodes in the form of short bytecode programs.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mobhoc.2007.4428693 dblp:conf/mass/MuellerRDA07 fatcat:g73y3f6mvzfpjoghqgdjdf6aza

A Full Pattern-Based Paradigm for XML Query Processing [chapter]

Véronique Benzaken, Giuseppe Castagna, Cédric Miachon
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
XQuery is a strongly and statically typed functional language whose type system was largely inspired by XDuce [21] .  ...  We support our claim by comparing performances of XPath-based queries with pattern based ones, and by comparing the latter with the two efficiency-best XQuery processor we are aware of.  ...  Thanks to Dario Colazzo for his help on  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-30557-6_18 fatcat:qdol7f3j7bcczaojbluxf3os7y

Improving the Performance of the Paisley Pattern-Matching EDSL by Staged Combinatorial Compilation [article]

Baltasar Trancón y Widemann, Markus Lepper
2019 arXiv   pre-print
any technology other than a standard Java virtual machine and our LLJava bytecode framework.  ...  The key ideas of our compilation technique are fairly general, and apply in principle to any kind of combinator language running on any jit-compiling host.  ...  In the context of the JVM, where the bytecode size of a method is tightly limited to 64 kiB, and the resource-constrained verifier and jit compiler are liable to choke on far less, this becomes a problem  ... 
arXiv:1908.11142v1 fatcat:x3q3vfxsrfcelmmogwilt5hkpe

On the integration of Smalltalk and Java

Marcel Hlopko, Jan Kurš, Jan Vraný, Claus Gittinger
2012 Proceedings of the International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies - IWST '12  
In this paper we describe ways to overcome these challenges and to integrate Java into the Smalltalk environment.  ...  However, as Java became prevalent, the ability to call Java code from Smalltalk and vice versa becomes important.  ...  We would like to gratefully thank to Oscar Nierstrasz and Eliot Miranda for their precious comments.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2448963.2448968 dblp:conf/iwst/HlopkoKVG12 fatcat:qxmhxeh4f5fmfaipmbzivj67si

Da capo con scala

Andreas Sewe, Mira Mezini, Aibek Sarimbekov, Walter Binder
2011 SIGPLAN notices  
Originally conceived as the target platform for Java alone, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) has since been targeted by other languages, one of which is Scala.  ...  We furthermore compare the benchmarks contained therein with those from the well-known DaCapo 9.12 benchmark suite and show where the differences are between Scala and Java code-and where not.  ...  We would furthermore like to thank both the participants of and the reviewers for the Work-on-Progress session at the 8th International Conference on the Principles and Practice of Programming in Java  ... 
doi:10.1145/2076021.2048118 fatcat:qfptaoq7bjd3vmrbbl4h7edxoa

Workload characterization of JVM languages

Aibek Sarimbekov, Lukas Stadler, Lubomír Bulej, Andreas Sewe, Andrej Podzimek, Yudi Zheng, Walter Binder
2015 Software, Practice & Experience  
Even though being targeted by so many languages, the JVM has been tuned with respect to characteristics of Java programs only -different heuristics for the garbage collector or compiler optimizations are  ...  We apply our toolchain to applications written in six JVM languages -Java, Scala, Clojure, Jython, JRuby, and JavaScript.  ...  The authors consider static and dynamic instruction mix and use five different Java-to-bytecode compilers in order to identify the impact of the choice of a compiler on the dynamic bytecode frequency.  ... 
doi:10.1002/spe.2337 fatcat:rbkxuaizvrfwpjwxz4og3gqmly
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