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Adaptability to climate change in forestry species: drought effects on growth and wood anatomy of ponderosa pines growing at different competition levels

M.E. Fernández, J.E. Gyenge, M.M. De Urquiza, S. Varela
2012 Forest Systems  
The objective of this study was to quantify the effect of a severe drought event on annual stem growth and functional wood anatomy of pines growing at different plantation densities aiming to understand  ...  In this region, there are no studies about the impact of severe drought events on growth and wood characteristics of the most planted forestry species, Pinus ponderosa (Doug. ex-Laws).  ...  We also thank Laura Borrelli (INTA EEA Bariloche) for borrowing laboratory equipment and providing her advice for tracheid length determinations.  ... 
doi:10.5424/fs/2112211-12586 fatcat:vv62lyk5oncmrfoabscr4fmfgi

Preliminary material

Editors IAWA Journal
1990 IAWA Journal  
The wood of Q. crenata appears intermediate in its wood anatomy between Q. cerris and Q. suber.  ...  -Abrupt growth changes in Dendroecology: a comparison of two different methods.  ...  Perhaps this will be useful for the study of tree phylogeny and other aspects.  ... 
doi:10.1163/22941932-90000510 fatcat:fr4khyerjfggrogcuk7lborq2y

Quantifying size-dependent developmental trajectories of commercial-relevant fibre attributes within maturing black spruce plantations employing hierarchical linear models

P.F. Newton
2016 Forest Ecology and Management  
The cumulative annual ring-area-weighted moving average proceeding from the pith to the ith cambial age was calculated for density, microfibril angle, modulus of elasticity, fibre coarseness, tracheid  ...  Statistical measures of model performance and associated graphical analysis of the final specifications indicated that the models performed well in terms of accounting for a relatively large proportion  ...  disk samples, (2) Mike Laporte of the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre -Ontario, Canadian Forest Service for exacting the radial samples during the laboratory preparation phase, (3) FPInnovations staff for  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.foreco.2016.08.028 fatcat:gpfx4re35zcmpajmv7kxauocki

Radial variation in selected wood properties of three cypress taxa

Christine L. Todoroki, Charlie B. Low, Heather M. McKenzie, Luis D. Gea
2015 New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science  
Overall, forecasted ages for production of strength-grade timber were least for the cupressus hybrid.  ...  Methods: Radial trends in wood density, microfibril angle (MFA) and modulus of elasticity (MOE) were examined for 55 trees of three taxa (Cupressus lusitanica Mill, C. macrocarpa Gordon and Chamaecyparis  ...  Background Cypress timber is known for its stability, attractive grain and natural durability. In comparison with other species, it has a relatively steady wood-density gradient (Brailsford 1999) .  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40490-015-0049-4 fatcat:hf4dlojmknhzbju4eym2jd5yla

Comparative axial widening of phloem and xylem conduits in small woody plants

Giai Petit, Alan Crivellaro
2014 Trees  
Instead, information on phloem anatomy and allometry is extremely scarce, although potentially relevant for the efficiency of sugar transportation.  ...  Dh increased from the stem apex to base in both xylem and phloem, with a higher scaling exponent (b) of sieve elements than that of tracheids in the conifer (0.19 vs. 0.14) and lower than that of vessels  ...  Alan Crivellaro received financial support from the University of Padova (''Assegno di Ricerca Junior'' CPDr124554/12).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00468-014-1006-1 fatcat:5d7i3uowvjd2dkhlb4r4lfz2yu

Multiscale Mechanical Performance of Wood: From Nano- to Macro-Scale across Structure Hierarchy and Size Effects

Yuri I. Golovin, Alexander A. Gusev, Dmitry Yu. Golovin, Sergey M. Matveev, Inna A. Vasyukova
2022 Nanomaterials  
Several examples are used to demonstrate the possibility to forecast the macromechanical properties of wood by means of contactless thermographic express methods based on measuring temperature diffusivity  ...  This review describes methods and results of studying the mechanical properties of wood at all scales: from nano- to macro-scale.  ...  , but also due to a great influence of nano-/micro-porosity of the material that should be attributed to the number of pores, capillaries, and larger tracheides with a high aspect ratio, ubiquitous in  ... 
doi:10.3390/nano12071139 pmid:35407258 pmcid:PMC9000298 fatcat:owbqrrfmfvej3idal62fhrpfk4

To die or not to die: early warnings of tree dieback in response to a severe drought

J. Julio Camarero, Antonio Gazol, Gabriel Sangüesa-Barreda, Jonàs Oliva, Sergio M. Vicente-Serrano, David Gibson
2015 Journal of Ecology  
C isotopic discrimination, presence of wood-inhabiting fungi).  ...  Highly correlated declining growth patterns during drought can serve as a signal in silver fir, whereas changes in the content of sapwood soluble sugars are suitable vigour proxies for Scots and Aleppo  ...  The three types of tracheids were counted along five radial lines of the 167 2012 ring and mean values for each vigour class were obtained for the three species. 168 169 Carbohydrate concentrations in  ... 
doi:10.1111/1365-2745.12295 fatcat:ytfytgfacfgnjb2nhherr3msji

The effects of transformation of even-aged stands to continuous cover forestry on conifer log quality and wood properties in the UK

E. Macdonald, B. Gardiner, W. Mason
2009 Forestry (London)  
Users are entitled to use, reproduce, disseminate, or display the open access version of this article for non-commercial purposes provided that: the original authorship is properly and fully attributed  ...  For commercial re-use, please contact FORESTRY 2  ...  Acknowledgements Thanks are due to Gary Kerr for helpful comments on drafts of this paper and to Forest Research Library staff for their assistance with sourcing publications.  ... 
doi:10.1093/forestry/cpp023 fatcat:j2azfsfxb5cxrorepoj6nlze7e

Assessing wood properties in standing timber with laser scanning

Jiri Pyörälä
2020 Dissertationes Forestales  
For this purpose, methods for characterizing select wood quality indicators in standing timber, using airborne and terrestrial laser scanning (ALS and TLS, respectively) were developed and evaluated in  ...  Information on wood properties plays a key role; i.e. the wood properties can impact the carbon stocks in forests and the suitability of wood for structural timber.  ...  These aspects require further development, especially for enabling application of the methods examined to more heterogeneous forests.  ... 
doi:10.14214/df.295 fatcat:6dfbd2kuc5fdfpa2i5g5k2g5de

Simulating wood quality in forest management models

Annikki Mäkelä, Jennifer Grace, Gabrielle Deckmyn, Anu Kantola, V. Kint
2011 Forest Systems  
In forestry, understanding the development and variation of wood quality is important for different management and planning problems which can be broadly classif ied under (1) management for harvest operations  ...  It is desirable in growth and yield models intended for the economic assessment of management practices to include some indication of wood quality and how it is affected by genetics, environmental factors  ...  The authors are grateful to Andrew Gordon for his help with the BLOSSIM simulations, and toVincent Kint and Dries Vansteenkiste for their contribution to the measurements in the ANAFORE case study.  ... 
doi:10.5424/fs/201019s-9314 fatcat:6ryqymcsmzbhdpp3hypoumpkua

Linking functional traits and climate-growth relationships in Mediterranean species through wood density

J. Julio Camarero
2018 IAWA Journal  
Here, I test if five major traits of the leaf- and wood-economics spectra (height, leaf area, specific leaf area –SLA, wood density –WD and hydraulic diameter) explain climate-growth relationships in 14  ...  WD explained 45% of the variation of the association observed between RWI and April precipitation, one of the main climatic variables driving radial growth.  ...  After obtaining the fresh volume, wood samples were oven dried for 48 h at 75 ºC and weighted to a precision of 0.001 g. WD was calculated as the ratio of dry weight to fresh wood volume.  ... 
doi:10.1163/22941932-40190225 fatcat:lg6i6olv2bdibeimqmdjze4nau

Disentangling Mechanisms of Drought-Induced Dieback in Pinus nigra Arn. from Growth and Wood Isotope Patterns

Ester González de Andrés, Jesús Julio Camarero
2020 Forests  
responses to drought events differed between non-declining (ND) and declining (D) trees showing low and high canopy defoliation, respectively, in combination with carbon (δ13C) and oxygen (δ18O) isotope ratios  ...  The radial growth of P. nigra was constrained by water availability during the growing season and the previous autumn. The radial growth of D trees showed higher sensitivity to drought than ND trees.  ...  We acknowledge the reviewers and the editor for improving a previous version of the manuscript. Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest. Forests 2020, 11, 1339  ... 
doi:10.3390/f11121339 fatcat:i3orpipbaza7lm3hygnply3bmq

Know your limits? Climate extremes impact the range of Scots pine in unexpected places

J. Julio Camarero, Antonio Gazol, Santiago Sancho-Benages, Gabriel Sangüesa-Barreda
2015 Annals of Botany  
Methods A combination of dendrochronology and field observation was used to quantify how an extreme cold event in 2001 in eastern Spain affected growth, needle loss and mortality of Scots pine.  ...  The SDM predicted European Scots pine distribution mainly on the basis of responses to maximum and minimum monthly temperatures, but in comparison with this the observed effects of the 2001 cold event  ...  We thank the reviewers, the Handling Editor (Dr Mick Hanley) and the Chief Editor (Professor Heslop-Harrison) for their comments on previous versions of the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1093/aob/mcv124 pmid:26292992 pmcid:PMC4640128 fatcat:asfsqcmmmvfudpzjaq6kbdm6n4

Influencing Factors in Acoustic Emission Detection: A Literature Review Focusing on Grain Angle and High/Low Tree Ring Density of Scots Pine

Giulia Boccacci, Francesca Frasca, Chiara Bertolin, Anna Maria Siani
2022 Applied Sciences  
wood.  ...  The literature review was performed in a three-step process defined by the PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses) flow diagram, leading to the selection of 31 documents  ...  The density parameter as a focus of this work was defined as the ratio between the dry weight of wood divided by the green volume of the same wood (expressed in g/cm 3 ) [4] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/app12020859 fatcat:wevywcjgrnaexixeahhas2ou3m

High-Resolution X-Ray Computed Tomography: A New Workflow for the Analysis of Xylogenesis and Intra-Seasonal Wood Biomass Production

Romain Lehnebach, Romain Lehnebach, Matteo Campioli, Jozica Gričar, Peter Prislan, Bertold Mariën, Hans Beeckman, Jan Van den Bulcke
2021 Frontiers in Plant Science  
Understanding tree growth and carbon sequestration are of crucial interest to forecast the feedback of forests to climate change.  ...  HRXCT showed to be an efficient avenue to investigate tree xylogenesis for a wide range of wood anatomies, structures, and species.  ...  FUNDING This research was funded by the BOF Special Research Fund for RL (BOF Starting Grant JVdB, BOFSTG2018000701), the UGCT Center of Expertise (BOF.EXP.2017.0007), the Research Foundation Flanders  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpls.2021.698640 doaj:bc6f48c67f4744a382a9cb438d2d386e fatcat:lj3itu7p5rf7bezem42xh534h4
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