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A Cooperative Network Framework for Multi-UAV Guided Ground Ad Hoc Networks

Vishal Sharma, Rajesh Kumar
2014 Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems  
field as compared to other ad hoc networks.  ...  One of the possible collaborations of these vehicles is with ground ad hoc networks.  ...  A new self-healing neural model is developed to handle the uncertain failures over the networked UAVs. Solution for broadcast storm over collaborative flying ad hoc networks is also presented. (vi).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10846-014-0091-0 fatcat:uvcsvijwa5egxl5bwh4adsxugu

Collaborative technologies for distributed science: fusion energy and high-energy physics

D P Schissel, E E Gottschalk, M J Greenwald, D McCune
2006 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Experimental and theory/computational programs will greatly benefit through the provision of a flexible, standards-based collaboration space, which includes advanced tools for ad hoc and structured communications  ...  that joint research into collaborative technologies will increase the benefit to both.  ...  Department of Energy under DE-FC02-01ER25455.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/46/1/015 fatcat:sowr6qj27vg3te5dghns32ix4a

Service-Centric Heterogeneous Vehicular Network Modeling for Connected Traffic Environments

Ahmad M. Khasawneh, Mamoun Abu Helou, Aanchal Khatri, Geetika Aggarwal, Omprakash Kaiwartya, Maryam Altalhi, Waheeb Abu-ulbeh, Rabah AlShboul
2022 Sensors  
It is an evolution of the existing vehicular ad hoc network architecture due to the increasingly heterogeneous nature of the various existing networks in road traffic environments that need to be integrated  ...  In this context, this paper proposes a heterogeneous network model for IoV and service-oriented network optimization.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s22031247 pmid:35161992 pmcid:PMC8840583 fatcat:3egt2hnrcvcfxahkj37aul25fi

Overseer: A Mobile Context-Aware Collaboration and Task Management System for Disaster Response

Faisal Luqman, Martin Griss
2010 2010 Eighth International Conference on Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing  
Efficient collaboration and task management is challenging in distributed, dynamically-formed organizations such as ad hoc disaster response teams.  ...  Ineffective collaboration may result in poor performance and possible loss of life.  ...  Acknowledgements We'd like to thank Patricia Collins, Wendy Fong, Estelle Dodson, Michael Sims, Alec Dara-Abrams and Senaka Buthpitiya for reviewing our paper and providing valuable advice.  ... 
doi:10.1109/c5.2010.10 dblp:conf/c5/LuqmanG10 fatcat:fnp2kkk4brasff62ar65jnsnqm

How Nonemployer Firms Stage-Manage Ad Hoc Collaboration: An Activity Theory Analysis

Clay Spinuzzi
2014 Technical Communication Quarterly  
Using fourth generation activity theory, I examine how these firms stagemanage their ad-hoc collaborations.  ...  I conclude by describing the implications for further developing fourth-generation activity theory to study such instances of knowledge work.  ...  Finally, I thank Gail Bayeta, who collaborated with me on collecting data for Study 1. Works Cited Adler, P. S. (2007)  ... 
doi:10.1080/10572252.2013.797334 fatcat:exv67dwatjbzplmglfzajq3syq

User Revocation Mechanism for Service Oriented Wireless Adhoc Networks

Reddi Prasadu, M. Jeevan Babu, Sk. Mohammed Gouse, Debnath Bhattacharyya, Tai-hoon Kim
2016 International Journal of Security and Its Applications  
And to achieve reliable communication and node authorization: user authentication and key exchange mechanisms for node authorization are needed in mobile ad hoc networks. Copyright ⓒ 2016 SERSC 41 2.  ...  Sharing IDC: A new user wants to join to the existing network. It executes Generation of IDC process initially.  ...  For this purpose we can use the human interactions associated with the activity. Ad hoc networking presents two distinct challenges: 1.  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijsia.2016.10.6.05 fatcat:mfhc4uf4hnbajdvj6e34d3yy6e

An Implementation and Modification of Routing Protocol Against Vehicular Adhoc Network

Meenakshi Prajapati
2021 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
Vehicular advert-hoc networks (VANETs) are taken into consideration to be the unique software of infrastructure-much less wi-fi Mobile advert-hoc community (MANET).  ...  Wireless networks are gaining reputation to its height today, because the customers need wi-fi connectivity regardless of their geographic position.  ...  RELATED WORK Wireless Ad-hoc Network: A wi-fi advert-hoc community is a decentralized kind of wi-fi community.  ... 
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2021.38680 fatcat:qr67emqacbgyhm4jx7qmsdjf6u

Out of Nowhere? Interorganizational Assemblage as the Answer to a Food-Borne Disease Outbreak

Olivier Berthod, Gordon Müller-Seitz, Jörg Sydow
2014 Schmalenbach Business Review  
The ad hoc formation of interorganizational relationships and networks remains a black box for management scholars.  ...  We present a preliminary model of interorganizational assemblage and offer propositions that highlight the conditions under which the development of collaborations across organizations is made possible  ...  Nevertheless, research from a network perspective tends to ignore the ad hoc dimension in the formation of ties.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf03396912 fatcat:nlqohcenkre6hjwoqgjldcxmca


G Chandana Swathi
Internet of Things (IoT) is distinct as a paradigm wherein things armed with sensors, actuators, and embedded processors connect with everyone to help significant determinations.  ...  This paper tries to figure out the performance issues by evaluating routing protocols AODV, LOADng, RPL, and CORPL under collaborative attacks.  ...  AODV intended to self-start in a mobile ad-hoc environment and loop-free while increasing the scale of the network.  ... 
doi:10.26782/jmcms.spl.5/2020.01.00011 fatcat:5ufdbfq6jvf7hnwizguxgqnw5a

Collaboration in Virtual Enterprises through the Smart Vortex Suite [chapter]

M. Biancucci, J. Janeiro, M. Leva, S. Lukosch, M. Mecella
2014 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
generated from users of Elgar participating a collaborative process that exploits the elastic collaboration approach in order to evaluate individual and group performances by analyzing the generated activities  ...  Collaboration is a key issue in modern virtual enterprises adopting service-oriented business models and functional engineering in the offering of their tangible and intangible assets, as in software oriented  ...  The authors would like to thanks Emanuela Bauleo and Serena Carnevale for the realization of the V2QT ECC.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-662-44745-1_42 fatcat:rsvhalph3rg75bozjx7g32s2gu

Analysis on Multicast Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Ma Xiang
2012 Physics Procedia  
This paper summarizes and comparatively analyzes the routing mechanisms of various existing multicast routing protocols according to the characteristics of mobile Ad Hoc network.  ...  On the one hand, the users of mobile Ad Hoc Network usually need to form collaborative working groups; on the other hand, this is also an important means of fully using the broadcast performances of wireless  ...  Acknowledgement This paper is supported by the Project of Scientific Research in Hunan Province: 10c0916.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.phpro.2012.03.312 fatcat:u74q3eydvncdlan7d6fxmrhyna

Uncovering Metagovernance in Government- Third Sector Collaboration in Kano State, Nigeria

Abubakar Ali, Ahmad Martadha Mohamed, Mohd. Khairie Ahmad
2020 Journal of Governance and Development (JGD)  
The paper concludes that for collaboration to be effective in delivering public services and publicly desired outcomes, key features of the dynamic and the stable approach to collaboration must be merged  ...  to co-create an innovative and resilient metagovernance system that will serve all actors involved in co-construction and co-creation activities in the state.  ...  This state of affairs, the participants' assumed, made the ad hoc arrangement and the entire dynamic approach to collaboration to persist.  ... 
doi:10.32890/jgd2020.16.1.2 fatcat:74yrblhf3fgsphuocn44p6bqgu

Multi-Robot Systems: Extending RoboCup Small-Size Architecture with Local Vision and Ad-Hoc Networking

Alfredo Weitzenfeld, Luis Martinez-Gomez, Juan Pablo Francois, Alejandro Levin-Pick, Katia Obraczka, Jay Boice
2006 2006 IEEE 3rd Latin American Robotics Symposium  
To this end, we have been developing a local vision wireless ad-hoc network architecture that will make it possible for robots to cooperate in carrying out tasks such as disaster recovery and emergency  ...  More specifically, our goal is to enable multi-robot collaboration beyond the limits of a soccer field environment.  ...  ad-hoc networking.  ... 
doi:10.1109/lars.2006.334328 fatcat:7hwob6d5x5gqbgx3drsfszf2bi

A Survey: Trust Based Task Assignment in Service Oriented ADHOC Networks with Energy Efficient Optimization

Dr. M. Pushpavalli, G. Janani
2019 Zenodo  
Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is an Infrastructure less network where mobile devices are connected without wires. Each device in MANET can move independently on its own.  ...  Nowadays Energy Efficiency (EE) of the ADHOC nodes and Trust management becomes an essential aspect, as it is not possible to give sufficient power to the mobile devices of the ADHOC networks.  ...  Table 1 : 1 Comparative Analysis METHODOLOGY AND ANALYSIS This paper proposes the establishment of Trust based task assignment with Energy Efficient optimization in service oriented ad hoc networks.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2575419 fatcat:zcsibh4mbncxhifwo7h7nyhezq

MACNET: Mobile Adhoc Collaborative NETworks

Jawwad Shamsi, S. Ali Raza, Hassan Farid, Taha Munir, Abbas Mehdi
2014 Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing  
MACNET (Mobile Ad-hoc Collaborative NETwork) implements a middleware to address the issues of collaboration, trust, and network connectivity.  ...  This paper aims to address this problem by proposing a collaborative adhoc network of smart phones which utilizes trust relationship among peer devices to provide a computationally powerful, resilient,  ...  Motivated by these two observations, this paper proposes MACNET (Mobile Ad-hoc Collaborative Network) -a framework for applications to exploit collaboration in mobile ad-hoc networks of smart phones.  ... 
doi:10.4108/icst.collaboratecom.2014.257322 dblp:conf/colcom/ShamsiRFMM14 fatcat:4gq67ds4zra7bj7344cif3poby
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