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Compact Recognizers of Episode Sequences

Alberto Apostolico, Mikhail J. Atallah
2002 Information and Computation  
F or every minimal substring Y , the automaton recognizes the occurrence of P having lexicographically smallest sequence of symbol positions in Y .  ...  Index Terms | Algorithms, pattern matching, subsequence and episode searching, DAWG, su x automaton, compact subsequence automaton, skip-edge DAWG, forward failure function, skip-link.  ...  Algorithms for the so-called episode matching problem, which consists of nding the earliest occurrences of P in all minimal realizations of P in T have been given previously in 5 ].  ... 
doi:10.1006/inco.2002.3143 fatcat:kido2ngxsjae3fkk46ghed4scq

Page 1093 of Journal of Sedimentary Research Vol. 66, Issue 6 [page]

1996 Journal of Sedimentary Research  
From Figure 2, we recognized that in the short sequences of Groups A and B the vertical facies changes are more grada- tional; in the short sequences of Groups C and D there is usually a sharp facies change  ...  The power of grammar as a descriptor of a language or a class of patterns lies in the fact that a very compact grammar can characterize formally a class of very complex patterns and can easily produce  ... 

Page 756 of Journal of Sedimentary Research Vol. 74, Issue 6 [page]

2004 Journal of Sedimentary Research  
Their deposition occurred during a period of important lateral variation of the fifth-order sequence thickness (Figs. 10, 12).  ...  Thus we believe that compaction played a limited role in the creation of the accommodation needed for the rhythmite sedimentation.  ... 

Succession of rudistid lithosomes along the western coastal margin of the Iberian Basin (Coniacian, Castrojimeno Section, central Spain)

Javier Gil, Jose Maria Pons, Manuel Segura
2009 Facies  
and succession, and about their relationship with the Coniacian sequence stratigraphy framework of the Iberian Basin.  ...  Rudistid lithosomes developed on the coastal margin during the superposition of the highstand sea-level stage of third-and fourth-order depositional sequences.  ...  Acknowledgments This research has been Wnanced under projects BTE2003-03606 and CGL2007-60054/BTE of the Spanish Dirección General de Investigación, and PAI08-0204-1312 of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10347-009-0186-4 fatcat:qo7jospml5fehkcyeoawet6b3m

The Pathobiology of Traumatically Induced Axonal Injury in Animals and Humans: A Review of Current Thoughts

1995 Journal of Neurotrauma  
This manuscript provides a review of those factors involved in the pathogenesis of traumatically induced axonal injury in both animals and man.  ...  This review links the process of secondary axotomy to an impairment of axoplasmic transport which is initiated, depending upon the severity of the injury, by either focal cytoskeletal misalignment or axolemmal  ...  remarkably similar sequence of neurofilament sidearm loss and compaction occurred in the first 12 h posttransection (Hall and Lee, 1995) .  ... 
doi:10.1089/neu.1995.12.555 pmid:8683606 fatcat:5aek2vq275ax5pbqntx2ibz5ba

Recognizing behaviors and the internal state of the participants

Wesley Kerr, Paul Cohen
2010 2010 IEEE 9th International Conference on Development and Learning  
We present representations and algorithms that enable an artificial agent to correctly recognize other agents' activities by observing their behavior.  ...  ., it can then infer the unobservable internal state of other agents. IEEE 9TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING 33 978-1-4244-6902-4/10/$26.00 ©2010 IEEE  ...  Allen Relations Our episode representation, which we call a qualitative sequence, is a sequence of Allen relations between intervals in the episode.  ... 
doi:10.1109/devlrn.2010.5578868 dblp:conf/icdl/KerrC10 fatcat:rpskd3ae6jfwbngfr5ntmv5dw4

Automated Recognition of Low-Level Process: A Pilot Validation Study of Zorro for Test-Driven Development [chapter]

Hongbing Kou, Philip M. Johnson
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This paper presents the Zorro system and the results of a pilot validation study, which shows that Zorro was able to recognize test-driven design episodes correctly 89% of the time.  ...  Automated recognition of TDD could benefit the software engineering community in a variety of ways, from pedagogical aids to support the learning of test-driven design, to support for more rigorous empirical  ...  sequences, the test pass tokenizer uses passing test invocations, and the buffer transition tokenizer uses sequences of buffer transitions.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11754305_35 fatcat:6xmbgjxsqndi5eweuo44xrabla

Page 331 of Journal of Sedimentary Research Vol. 68, Issue 2 [page]

1998 Journal of Sedimentary Research  
In contrast, Saller (1996) recognized up to 10° of postdepositional tilt, which he attributed to differential compaction of slope and basinal carbonate muds.  ...  tectonic or compactional overprint.  ... 

A self-organizing approach to episodic memory modeling

Wenwen Wang, Budhitama Subagdja, Ah-Hwee Tan, Janusz A. Starzyk
2010 The 2010 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN)  
The model further incorporates a novel memory search procedure, which performs parallel search of stored episodic traces continuously.  ...  This paper presents a neural model that learns episodic traces in response to a continual stream of sensory input and feedback received from the environment.  ...  An additional encoding scheme is also introduced that allows complex sequences of events to be grouped and recognized.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ijcnn.2010.5596734 dblp:conf/ijcnn/WangSTS10 fatcat:37tkeagw5zb5vbzcggaajl5d3m

Page 10 of Geoscience Canada Vol. 5, Issue 2 [page]

1978 Geoscience Canada  
When precipitated gypsum persists in the bottom sediment, the overlying sabkha sequence forms the uppermost member of a largely sub- aqueous evaporite sequence.  ...  Criteria for distinguishing cycles that form from progradational events from those that reflect episodes of evaporative down- draw do not appear to have been sought.  ... 

Ammonoid taphonomy, palaeoenvironments and sequence stratigraphy at the Bajocian/Bathonian boundary on the Bas Auran area (Subalpine Basin, south-eastern France)

2007 Lethaia: an international journal of palaeontology and stratigraphy  
Marco Pavia (Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, University of Torino) found the specimen of Figure 6 .  ...  Brett (Department of Geology, University of Cincinnati), Charles Mangold (UFR des Sciences de la Terre et CNRS, Université Claude Bernard, Lyon) and Svend Stouge (editor-in-chief of Lethaia, Geological  ...  gravitational compaction.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1502-3931.2007.00036.x fatcat:erp33znmqvct5bzatt5ektelxe

Deltaic Facies Recognition on Seismic Data: ABSTRACT

R. Reynaud, P. R. Louis, J. Lacaze
1979 American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin  
The cumulative vertical separation recorded during episodes of reverse faulting was 20% of that recorded during episodes of normal faulting. Events occurred at different times along the same fault.  ...  The events appear to be caused primarily by differential compaction and expansion of the Chicot aquifer in response to changes of its piezometric surface.  ... 
doi:10.1306/2f917ea1-16ce-11d7-8645000102c1865d fatcat:fjfxrbap6jbtrhrr4dn6hax67q

The sedimentological and stratigraphical analysis of the Paleocene to Early Eocene Dungan Formation, Kirthar Fold and Thrust Belt, Pakistan: implications for reservoir potential

Sajjad Ahmad, Bilal Wadood, Suleman Khan, Abd Ullah, Ghazi Mustafa, Muhammad Hanif, Hasbee Ullah
2020 Journal of Sedimentary Environments  
The processes of cementation, micritization, neomorphism, and compaction occluded the effective porosity while dissolution and fracturing have enhanced the porosity and permeability of the rock unit.  ...  The utilization of outcrop data for faunal identification and microfacies techniques helped in interpreting the paleo-environments and sequence stratigraphic framework.  ...  Compaction The compaction has been recognized only in the Milliolid-Alveolina-Red algal packstone microfacies (MF-2) (Fig. 6g) .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s43217-020-00027-2 fatcat:iev5iosqx5gr5nnbdpzbbhvwfy

Petroleum Prospects of Australian Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

Maurice A. Condon
1969 American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin  
In vertical sequence predictable progradational and transgressive sequences can be recognized and related to cyclic growth and deterioration of the delta system.  ...  Several episodes of delta outbuilding separated by periods of marine transgression can be delineated.  ... 
doi:10.1306/5d25c6eb-16c1-11d7-8645000102c1865d fatcat:zh6o6in5sndcljqnpde4oxogoi

A Study of Compact Object Mergers as Short Gamma‐Ray Burst Progenitors

Krzysztof Belczynski, Rosalba Perna, Tomasz Bulik, Vassiliki Kalogera, Natalia Ivanova, Donald Q. Lamb
2006 Astrophysical Journal  
We present a theoretical study of double compact objects as potential short/hard gamma-ray burst (GRB) progenitors.  ...  We also discuss the possible constraints these observations put on the evolutionary models of double compact object formation.  ...  Later on, the secondary evolves off the main sequence and fills its Roche lobe while on the red giant branch, initiating a second MT episode.  ... 
doi:10.1086/505169 fatcat:fgpfrfvdqrdslmor7bihofegi4
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