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Communication Abstractions for Distributed Systems [chapter]

Antoine Beugnard, Ludger Fiege, Robert Filman, Eric Jul, Salah Sadou
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Communication is the foundation of many systems.  ...  The workshop was divided in two parts: the first dedicated to the presentation of eight position papers, and the second to the selection and discussion of three critical topics in the communication abstraction  ...  Over the last 15 years, the basic building blocks for distributed object systems have emerged: distributed objects, communicating with Remote Message Send (RMS), also known as Remote Method Invocation  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-25934-3_3 fatcat:htwlewxiavcyrohn373gxhzmmq

Abstract Communication Model for Distributed Systems

U. Glasser, Y. Gurevich, M. Veanes
2004 IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering  
It is implemented in the specification language AsmL and is used for testing distributed systems.  ...  Index Terms-Abstract state machines, communication protocols, computer networks, distributed systems, requirement specification, system modeling, testing of distributed systems. ae INTRODUCTION A couple  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors would like to thank the anonymous referees for valuable critique, comments, and suggestions on an earlier draft of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tse.2004.25 fatcat:qiqzx5rm5za4lfrsu532ovdcwy

Reliability assessment for distributed systems via communication abstraction and refinement

Lin Gui, Jun Sun, Yang Liu, Jin Song Dong
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis - ISSTA 2015  
In this work, we improve the probabilistic model checking through a method of abstraction and reduction, which controls the communications among system components and actively reduces the size of each  ...  Distributed systems like cloud-based services are ever more popular. Assessing the reliability of distributed systems is highly non-trivial.  ...  RELATED WORK AND CONCLUSION We proposed an abstraction and refinement framework to improve the performance of reliability assessment for distributed systems by controlling communication events among distributed  ... 
doi:10.1145/2771783.2771794 dblp:conf/issta/GuiSLD15 fatcat:4otho3lt7ngmro6ujumb4f2xi4

ROCC: A Communication Overlay Abstraction for Wireless Users

Seth Holloway, Christine Julien
2008 2008 The 28th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops  
This paper introduces the ROCC abstraction and demonstrates its potential through analysis.  ...  Such applications are characterized by the fact that information needs to be distributed among all members of a group.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank the Center for Excellence in Distributed Global Environments for providing research facilities and the collaborative environment.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icdcs.workshops.2008.43 dblp:conf/icdcsw/HollowayJ08 fatcat:oeavnmt62vhi5cvkv75afvxyeu

Composition games for distributed systems: The EU grant games (abstract)

Shay Kutten, Ron Lavi, Amitabh Trehan
2012 2012 Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM Workshops  
value for the system formed in the worst equilibrium.  ...  A traditional distributed system is often designed by some central manufacturer and owned by some central owner.  ...  value for the system formed in the worst equilibrium.  ... 
doi:10.1109/infcomw.2012.6193482 dblp:conf/infocom/KuttenLT12 fatcat:zjb3wnkj3beudgilnytvj7x6yu

Multi-tier communication abstractions for distributed multi-agent systems

M. Thome
IEMC '03 Proceedings. Managing Technologically Driven Organizations: The Human Side of Innovation and Change (IEEE Cat. No.03CH37502)  
Most Multi-Agent System (MAS) architectures use a single communication model for sharing of data, propagation of tasking, and negotiation for services.  ...  We describe the Cougaar distributed multi-tiered MAS infrastructure which uses different communication techniques at each tier to gain large-scale parallelization, scalability and asynchronous operation  ...  The result is an infrastructure that supports highperformance data sharing for tightly coupled business logic, distributed communications for loosely coupled large-grain agents, and highly parallel processing  ... 
doi:10.1109/kimas.2003.1245047 fatcat:bngdto4cjrgnlfktq2xm6k2sim

A communication architecture and programming abstractions for real-time embedded sensor networks

T. Abdelzaher, J. Stankovic, S. Son, B. Blum, T. He, A. Wood, C. Lu
23rd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops, 2003. Proceedings.  
In this paper, we review a protocol suite developed by the authors for data communication in embedded sensor networks.  ...  A programming language is described that allows external physical objects to be represented as first class abstractions in the computing system.  ...  programming abstractions for distributed deeply embedded computing.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icdcsw.2003.1203558 dblp:conf/icdcsw/AbdelzaherSSBHWL03 fatcat:bgv6nlvij5f2tn3qitf63cyige

August 2016 VOLUME 5, ISSUE 8, AUGUST 2016 5th Generation Wi-Fi Shatha Ghazal, Raina S Alkhlailah Abstract | PDF with Text | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2016.5801 ECG Arrhythmia Detection Using Choi-Williams Time-Frequency Distribution and Artificial Neural Network Sanjit K. Dash, G. Sasibhushana Rao Abstract | PDF with Text | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2016.5802 Data Security using RSA Algorithm in Cloud Computing Santosh Kumar Singh, Dr. P.K. Manjhi, Dr. R.K. Tiwari Abstract | PDF with Text | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2 ...

Abdullah K K A, Robert A B C, Adeyemo A B
2016 IJARCCE  
This would increase precision and recall for the semantic search when compared to traditional search.  ...  This paper discussed query terms with semantic search for retrieval of web content using different semantic indexing techniques.  ...  This effect can be reduced in the retrieval system by utilising the conceptual indexing methods to improve the performance of a domain specific retrieval system.  ... 
doi:10.17148/ijarcce.2016.5869 fatcat:ihbu5ekllnhqjbuw6yeetnin3q

The optimum received signal-power distribution for CDMA packet communication systems employing successive interference cancellation

Y. Tadokoro, H. Okada, T. Yamazato, M. Katayama
Eighth IEEE International Symposium on Spread Spectrum Techniques and Applications - Programme and Book of Abstracts (IEEE Cat. No.04TH8738)  
In CDMA packet communication systems employing Successive Interference Cancellation(SIC) scheme, the suppression of MAI depends on the received signal-power distribution, in addition to the cross-correlation  ...  However, in packet communication systems, it is dominant to the performance if packets can be transmitted successfully or not.  ...  OPTIMUM RECEIVED SIGNAL-POWER DISTRIBUTION ON THROUGHPUT In this section, we optimize the received signal-power distribution for CDMA packet communication systems employing SIC.  ... 
doi:10.1109/isssta.2004.1371659 fatcat:v7rzb7s7gbdjzj35s63dcbukge

March 2016 VOLUME 3, ISSUE 3, MARCH 2016 Composite Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency Simulation Study; Sensitivity to the Absorption Coefficients and the Thickness of Intrinsic Absorber Layer V. Tudić, M. Marochini, T. Luke Abstract | PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3301 Molecular Phylogeny of Turbinaria Ornata (Turner) J. Agardh E. Neelamathi and R. Kannan Abstract | PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3302 Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance Suhas H Begur, Dr J Ashok Babu Abstract | PDF with T ...

Hamdia Hmmad Alyazeedi
2016 IARJSET  
This will allow the teacher to better prepare for what the students need to be able to accomplish at the end of the unit rather.  ...  gain higher marks from coursework assignments than they do from examinations. success in the classroom there needs to be a breakdown of the standards in a way that will show the teacher the big ideas for  ...  Teachers of courses with a wide range of assessment practices are collecting evidence from their students about, for example, how they distribute their effort in relation to assessment demands, and how  ... 
doi:10.17148/iarjset.2016.3330 fatcat:2mki3yc63jgd3bmmlm7v4f76kq

Quantified Abstractions of Distributed Systems [chapter]

Elvira Albert, Jesús Correas, Germán Puebla, Guillermo Román-Díez
2013 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
information about communication (abstract interactions) which is valid for an unlimited number of elements in the system Resource Analysis (a.k.a.  ...  A Static Analysis for OO programs called Points-to Analysis to abstract distributed systems: good for inferring qualitative information (shapes) to infer information about nodes (abstract nodes) to infer  ...  Distributed Systems it is essential to have information: Our Approach Integrates A Static Analysis for OO programs called Points-to Analysis to abstract distributed systems: good for inferring qualitative  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-38613-8_20 fatcat:bxhief35abgibbwawycg7pszf4

Page 72 of Library & Information Science Abstracts Vol. , Issue 4 [page]

1995 Library & Information Science Abstracts  
For abstracts of individual articles see this issue of LISA. SE 4761 Cooperative management in open distributed systems. V. Tschammer. Computer Communications, 17 (10) Oct 94, p.717-28. il.refs.  ...  Original abstract-amended. 4766 Object-oriented and functional software design for distributed real-time systems. S. S. Yau and D-H. Bae. Computer Communications, 17 ( 10) Oct 94, p.691-8. il.refs.  ... 

The Programmers' Playground: I/O abstraction for heterogeneous distributed systems

Goldman, Anderson, Swaminathan
1994 Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences HICSS-94  
A new high-level approach to interprocess communication in heterogeneous distributed systems in introduced, This approach, called I/O Abstraction, allows one to write each functional component of a distributed  ...  system as an encapsulated program that acts upon a set of local data structures, some of which may be published for external use.  ...  The Programmers' Playground: I/O Abstraction for Heterogeneous Distributed Systems Complete Abstract: A new high-level approach to interprocess communication in heterogeneous distributed systems in introduced  ... 
doi:10.1109/hicss.1994.323247 fatcat:3diaq7pyrzefjeclimk6uzirve

Abstractions for Fault-Tolerant Distributed System Verification [chapter]

Lee Pike, Jeffrey Maddalon, Paul Miner, Alfons Geser
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Four kinds of abstraction for the design and analysis of faulttolerant distributed systems are discussed. These abstractions concern system messages, faults, fault-masking voting, and communication.  ...  The abstractions are formalized in higher-order logic, and are intended to facilitate specifying and verifying such systems in higher-order theoremprovers.  ...  Acknowledgments We would like to thank Victor Carreño and Kristen Rozier as well as our anonymous referees for helpful comments.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-30142-4_19 fatcat:7ogses5ohbdp5fukoxm3nehrue

Mixture models for system-level communication analysis at higher levels of abstraction

Ramon Mercado, Zhongbo Cao, Diane T. Rover
2010 2010 IEEE International Conference on Electro/Information Technology  
The higher abstraction levels, in system-level design, hide non-essential details from the designers, and allow for a coarser design space exploration.  ...  Unlike the previous works, our approach develops higher abstraction models based on the impact that communication architecture components have on the system performance.  ...  After the system architecture is decided, the next step is communication architecture exploration. The communication model is the third abstraction level.  ... 
doi:10.1109/eit.2010.5612101 fatcat:l3lqpbolvbaydievgcz7my4inm
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