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Common intervals and sorting by reversals: a marriage of necessity

A. Bergeron, S. Heber, J. Stoye
2002 Bioinformatics  
This paper revisits the problem of sorting by reversals with tools developed in the context of detecting common intervals.  ...  in terms of intervals of the permutation.  ...  Connected components and cycles of this graph play a crucial role in the sorting by reversal problem.  ... 
doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/18.suppl_2.s54 pmid:12385983 fatcat:ts3t7vlkovf4zmjyrrqvngxxre

Perfect Sorting by Reversals [chapter]

Marie-France Sagot, Eric Tannier
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In a recent study, Bérard, Bergeron and Chauve stated as an open question whether it was possible to design a polynomial time algorithm to decide if there exists a minimum scenario of reversals that transforms  ...  A second largely studied problem related to gene order data is to compute a minimum scenario of reversals that transforms a signed permutation into another.  ...  title of a former paper, Common Intervals and Sorting by Reversals: A Marriage of Necessity [3] , it has indeed been noticed several times that in the case of reversals, the two criteria are not always  ... 
doi:10.1007/11533719_7 fatcat:cf6hdwplynbzxeoubxdzaju5gi

Kingdom in Reversion: The Irish Viceroyalty of the Earl of Wharton, 1708-1710

Lewis A. Dralle
1952 The Huntington Library Quarterly  
This was the same House of Commons (barring deaths and replacements in the interval) which only two years ear- lier had been characterized by Doddington, the secretary to Lord Pembroke, as a High Church  ...  ————————— Kingdom in Reversion: The Irish Viceroyalty of the Earl of Wharton, 1708-1710 By Lewis A, DRALLE T HE YEAR 1708, in G, M.  ... 
doi:10.2307/3816494 fatcat:tup7bixkwjfxvm62mkz53en5im

Page 297 of Literary Chronicle Vol. 3, Issue 104 [page]

1821 Literary Chronicle  
in all sorts of coins of gold and silver.  ...  Folkes con- jectured that some five shillings and two and sixpenny pieces were struck by him during the interval between his father’s death and his own restoration.  ... 

Ethical considerations and challenges of sex education for adolescents in Iran: a qualitative study

Kobra Joodaki, Saharnaz Nedjat, Marziyeh Vahid Dastjerdi, Bagher Larijani
2020 Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine  
approaches; 3) the challenges in the interval between sexual maturation and marriage, and the role of religion; and 4) the measures implemented in Iran.  ...  Adolescence is a period in one's lifetime during which sexual maturation occurs. Major changes and increased sexual instinct raise many questions in the minds of adolescents.  ...  The Challenges in the Interval between Sexual Maturation and Marriage, and the Role of Religion One of the challenges proposed by participants pertains to the interval that exists between puberty and marriage  ... 
doi:10.18502/jmehm.v13i2.2664 pmid:33088429 pmcid:PMC7569533 fatcat:lelcqwlwqbecpmpouhrfcgyxsm


Drury Stevenson
Reverse bifurcation is a trial procedure in which the jury determines damages first, before determining liability.  ...  This article explains the history of the procedure and analyzes why it encourages settlements, simplifies jury instructions, and produces better outcomes for the parties.  ...  Jurors rarely understand all the jury instructions, 19 and jury instructions are a common source of reversals by higher courts, most often because of concerns that the 19 (1992) (stating that the  ... 


B. Thistlethwaite
1934 New Blackfriars  
For a further ten years, and often for a further twenty years, she is capable of bearing children at regular intervals.  ...  He lives in the same sort of house, wears the same sort of clothes, and has the same social customs and amusements. 767 BLACKFRIARS But he can only live like his neighbours if he has a smajj family.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1741-2005.1934.tb03807.x fatcat:yftnjdvucnf5zhvv6icxfmzd2y

The Family Cycle and Income Development: Income Maintenance. the Family

A. L. Schorr
1966 Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources  
The girl and quite possibly the boy have not finished school. Even if they cont,emplated marriage, all sorts of practical difficult,ies would deter them.  ...  The method of visualizing flow used here is easily as imperfect as an early kinescope. One projects a series of snatches of life and trusts the imagination to provide the intervals.  ...  The description of the family-income cycle may lead to increased understanding of poor people, but it is offered mainly for a narrower and more utilitarian purpose.  ... 
doi:10.1177/103841116600100612 fatcat:cxa55bpn45dl5bo2fyetp75tt4


George K. Pratt
1930 American Journal of Psychiatry  
The psychiatrist is assuming or having thrust upon him all sorts of duties and obligations, until he is being erected into a sort of godhead who is looking after the welfare of individuals and social relations  ...  , as represented by the necessity of adjusting to an environment colored by parental bickering and friction, with the inevitable parental tendency to project or displace onto the children much of the highly  ... 
doi:10.1176/ajp.86.5.861 fatcat:mtlarmvqbvdgxnlvst5s75jryu

Population change, family structure and the good of counting

R B Outhwaite
1979 The Historical Journal  
As expans.on led to markedly lower ages at marriage than stagnation led to reversals of this trend, the weight was borne in depressed years by marital fertility and family limitation became more pronounced  ...  Family structure was shaped by the institutions of primogeniture, entail and dowries, and marriage became, therefore, a collective decision of family and kin.  ... 
pmid:11614587 fatcat:nadxuwm72ndorkagkmj5ad4sau

Curtesy, a Prolongation of the Wife's Inheritance

Raleigh C. Minor
1913 Virginia law review  
For while, as the learned Chief Justice affirms, conditional limitations are not common law estates and are not necessarily controlled by common law principles, the reverse is true of curtesy and dower  ...  The previous seisin of the wife has not been impaired by the breach of the condition, as it would have been at common law (owing to the common law necessity for the grantor's re-entry for breach of the  ... 
doi:10.2307/1063486 fatcat:fxh4zgpso5gpfk6p6z5c56ypwa

Page 10 of Collier's: The National Weekly Vol. 21, Issue 3 [page]

1898 Collier's: The National Weekly  
We find it in the “‘princess,’’ that captivating woman of the salon, who, notwithstanding the possession of gifts and graces that mark her out for such a sphere, is able in the intervals of a life that  ...  The dramatis persone, however, and the situations in almost all her narra- tives, have a good deal in common.  ... 

Page 154 of The Orchestra Musical Review Vol. 17, Issue 428 [page]

1871 The Orchestra Musical Review  
A question which of necessity involves another—What are these eight sounds ?  ...  this Principle the value of the interval—not a line  ... 

Antenuptial Transfers as Frauds on Marital Rights in Pennsylvania

Philip A. Bregy, Roy Wilkinson
1941 University of Pennsylvania Law Review and American Law Register  
The Supreme Court reversed and ordered a new trial.  ...  with some sort of a property right.  ... 
doi:10.2307/3308874 fatcat:ykxiexs5mfbefcvvpa635d6ju4

Marriage and Fertility in Tianjin, China: Fifty Years of Transition

Burton Pasternak
1987 Studies in family planning  
The cessation and slight reversal of the increase in age at marriage, plus the marriage boom associated with the new marriage law of 1980, produced a phenomenal increase in the total marriage rate and  ...  Table 17 . 17 Mean birth intervals of women in first marriage, by birth cohort: Red Sky, December 1981 Note: Means provided only where number of intervals ^50. a.  ...  of 250, three residence halls for participants, and a conference center with meeting rooms equipped to provide simultaneous translation and a complete range of audiovisual services.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1966429 fatcat:u5cywqhaebhz7dwwd4qvkypm6a
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