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1949 The Biological Bulletin  
No significant differences in re- sponse to any concentration of the thiourea by the blocked and active cells are noted.  ...  MATERIALS AND METHODS Eggs of the grasshopper, Melanoplus differentialis, were obtained and dis- section of embryos carried out as previously noted (Bodine and Boell, 1934).  ... 
doi:10.2307/1537995 pmid:18108891 fatcat:kjintbdtqbbitkew5ofyvhdepa

Notes and News [article]

1906 The Journal of Philosophy Psychology and Scientific Methods  
NOTES AND NEWS HENRY HOLT AND COMPANY announce the publication of 'Analysis of Racial Descent in Animals,' by Professor T. H. Montgomery.  ...  succinctly and, on the whole, clearly presented.  ... 

Gabriel Naudé's library thought and early modern views into history and veins within political theory

Vesa Suominen
2021 Informaatiotutkimus  
Naudé's ideal of the publicly open library, on the other hand, could relate to a different view to history that could be constitutive of morality too.  ...  The early modern vein of Tacitist historiography pursuing a realist and source-based description of the past could relate to Naudé's ideal of the censorship-free library and his technocratic and moral  ...  According to Bodin, on the other hand, "The sovereign, like the subject, is bound by the law of God and of nature, but his obligation in this respect is to God, by whom it will be enforced" (Dunning 1896  ... 
doi:10.23978/inf.107577 fatcat:3wpt24tbdzhvxoztuk7wirfeae

Page 145 of Judicature Vol. 32, Issue 5 [page]

1949 Judicature  
For prej- udice has been called the thirteenth juror, and it has been noted that “Mr.  ...  Small wonder that Thayer commented that jury trials are “a potent cause of demoral- ization to the bar,” or that Morgan, well versed in trial tactics, in reviewing a book on jury trial techniques, recently  ... 

Concepts Of Sovereignty: Historical Reflections on State, Economy and Culture

Douglas Moggach
1999 Studies in Political Economy  
Bodin, Six livres, p. 12. The artisanal model here implies that the work proceeds by known technical rules, similar to classical ideas of poiesis. 3 I.  ...  See Franklin, Bodin, p. 89. The imposition of new taxes requires the assent of an assembly. 28. Note, for example, Tully's polemics against C.B.  ...  In Hegel's usage, moreover, the external sense is linked to his distinctive concept of recognition, by which is confirmed the ethical individuality of the state, the fact that it represents specific values  ... 
doi:10.1080/19187033.1999.11675271 fatcat:pf5kxhamafcerikqmbkpcdvwcy

Prosthodontic essentials and an evaluation of the mandibular subperiosteal implant denture

Roy L. Bodine
1955 The Journal of the American Dental Association (1939)  
Considerable improvement in his appear- ance was noted immediately, and a sub- sequent improvement in his personality was frequently remarked on by his as- sociates.  ...  Because of the number of enthusiastic comments such as these, there will be a steady increase in the demand made by patients for implant dentures.  ... 
doi:10.14219/jada.archive.1955.0260 pmid:13271007 fatcat:jcoiq4ooozanpgjpdrkehuzsam

Weighing Experience: Experimental Histories and Francis Bacon's Quantitative Program

Cesare Pastorino
2011 Early Science and Medicine  
I suggest that Bacon's ideas on this issue can be tied to experiments for the determination of specific gravities born in a monetary context: Bacon's investigation was very likely a generalization of Jean  ...  I also aknowledge the generous support of the Chemical Heritage Foundation. 1) "Atque hactenùs tamen potiores Meditationis partes, quàm Scriptionis in inveniendo fuerunt; neque adhùc Experientia literata  ...  Wilson; introduction by D.P. O'Brien; notes by J.C. M. Starkey (Bristol, 1997), 121.  ... 
doi:10.1163/157338211x607781 fatcat:fgwv7h43zjb6rl3l7jusyd44w4

Counteracting Counterfeiting? Bodin, Mariana, and Locke on False Money as a Multidimensional Issue

L. Desmedt, J. Blanc
2010 History of Political Economy  
Bodin, Mariana and Locke on false money as a multidimensional issue 1  ...  Stabilizations, through a monetary revolution close to what had been proposed by Bodin, Mariana and Locke, occurred between the end of the 17 th and the beginning of the 18 th century. 2 Counteracting  ...  One of its weaknesses lied in the idea of a fixed ratio between gold and silver (1:12), as noted by O'Brien (2000) : it is enough to destroy all the system.  ... 
doi:10.1215/00182702-2010-005 fatcat:fu6ept44wbennl5p77zj2ukr74

Finding the "Sovereign" in "Sovereign Immunity": Lessons from Bodin, Hobbes, and Rousseau

David Schraub
2017 Critical Review  
The sources of this understanding of sovereignty-Hobbes, Bodin, and others-are, in turn, condemned by opponents of sovereign immunity as absolutists whose doctrines are incompatible with limited, constitutional  ...  "Sovereign" immunity, then, is an imposter doctrine that protects government officials by falsely draping them in the sovereign's cloak.  ...  The role of "consent" in the assertion of sovereign immunity is more apparent when one considers the example provided by the English monarchy-the primary point of comparison for early American legal commentators  ... 
doi:10.1080/08913811.2017.1403730 fatcat:xhjbplnhmna4vh5ztr3bvmd6gi

Page 137 of Journal of Education Vol. 72, Issue 5 [page]

1910 Journal of Education  
figures for the year 1909-10 will be somewhat higher’than for the previous year, for which the figures are given, President Urion, in commenting on the report, says:— “We are rather proud of the show-  ...  In the city there are 47,985 pu- pils in the high and _ technical schools.  ... 

Sovereign Subjects, Feudal Law, and the Writing of History

K. Davis
2006 Journal of medieval and early modern studies  
Kelley suggested that medievalists take an interest in "de origine feudorum," the philological and historiographical pursuit of the origin of feudal law by sixteenth-century legal scholars.  ...  and later philological nationalisms, and for their role in shaping historical knowledge, on which he cites Herbert Butterfield's maxim: "Our knowledge of the past is seriously affected if we learn how  ...  collection of notes on the first twenty-four books of the Digest. 37 As a humanist dedicated to the task of recovering the text of Roman law distorted by centuries of "barbarous" editing and commentary  ... 
doi:10.1215/10829636-2005-001 fatcat:pp2xbqwzhbao5mvzl3imvh2xmm

Page 260 of Photo-Era Magazine : The American Journal of Photography Vol. 19, Issue 5 [page]

1907 Photo-Era Magazine : The American Journal of Photography  
It is pleasant to be able to comment favorably on the general excellence of the pictures submitted, some of the displays being worthy of an hon- ored place in exhibitions of greater pretensions.  ...  Indeed, the process here employed goes one step farther; for, in addition to technical accuracy of form, color and texture, it imparts to the facsimile a touch of that atmosphere which distinguishes it  ... 

Deconstructing the Leviathan: Derrida's The Beast and the Sovereign

Jacques de Ville
2012 Societies  
In session two of the Seminar, the main focus of this essay, Derrida explores the 'origin' of this contradictory logic inter alia with reference to animal fables which he contends draw on unconscious forces  ...  The self, and ultimately sovereignty, it can be said in view of Derrida's analysis, is never purely present to itself but instead arrives at itself by way of the 'binding' of unconscious forces.  ...  Acknowledgements I wish to express my gratitude to Porchia Adonis, Yonatan Fessha, Wessel Le Roux, Bernice Lottering and Sandra van Reenen for their participation in a discussion group in 2012 on The Beast  ... 
doi:10.3390/soc2040357 fatcat:luoqtxibbvagvlbwflilhstbcm

Page 12 of None Vol. 51, Issue 1 [page]

2002 None  
The authors thank Drs. J. Hanrahan, A. Guyot, Y. Berthiaume, A. Dagenais, and A. Kubalski for comments on this manuscript.  ...  Although Gd** and other lanthanides were often found to have biphasic stimulator/inhibitory effects on exocytotic re- lease of various neurotransmitters (1, 14), it should be noted that small stimulation  ... 

Global networks and global change-induced tipping points

Victor Galaz, Henrik Österblom, Örjan Bodin, Beatrice Crona
2014 International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics  
We conclude by proposing a simple framework for the analysis of the interplay between perceived global change-induced "tipping points," global networks, and international institutions.  ...  Despite an increased scholarly and policy interest in the dynamics of these perceived "tipping points," institutional and governance scholars have yet to make progress on how to analyze in which ways state  ...  Moynihan (2008) also notes that trust based on perceived legitimacy plays a key role in the coordination of multiple networks by reducing strategic uncertainty (pp. 357).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10784-014-9253-6 pmid:32288692 pmcid:PMC7104618 fatcat:fyhnz4jpnrbxhor7r35z5z6sw4
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