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Factors Influencing Ireland's Software Industry [chapter]

Ciara Heavin, Brian Fitzgerald, Eileen M. Trauth
2003 Organizational Information Systems in the Context of Globalization  
In this study, we derive a conceptual framework with which to investigate the emergence and evolution of the Irish software industry.  ...  In this framework endogenous factors -national, enterprise and individual -are examined against a backdrop of exogenous factors to explain Ireland's success in the software industry.  ...  The global recognition of the Irish culture means it is easy to attract well-educated foreign people to Ireland for the 'craic'5 .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35695-2_15 fatcat:2g2mvvcwxfemldn4nydrcfvfvq

The influence of institutional factors on corporate narratives: A thematic content analysis of Guinness

Alonso Moreno, Martin Quinn
2019 Accounting History  
To interpret the results, we draw on an institutional theory–based lens to offer potential explanations of some of the change and also of stability.  ...  This article provides a thematic content analysis of the Chairman's Statement of Arthur Guinness & Son Ltd over time.  ...  We thus utilise periods similar to those given by O'Gráda (1997) with a view that the Guinness company had major brewing operations in Dublin, Ireland, and as a brand is viewed as one of Irish heritage  ... 
doi:10.1177/1032373219881811 fatcat:6ematdahfzbpbmphcjxwqelo7e

Immigrant Incorporation in American Cities: Contextual Determinants of Irish, German, and British Intermarriage in 1880

John R. Logan, Hyoung-jin Shin
2012 International Migration Review  
Census microdata for 66 major cities in 1880 are used to estimate a multilevel model of assortative mating of Irish, German, and British immigrants.  ...  From a contemporary perspective, the key process for both waves was declining endogamy rates through the 20 th Century which is interpreted as evidence of their cultural and social assimilation over the  ...  Nativity is statistically significant but has a smaller effect: compared to a man born in the U.S. to one Irish parent and one parent of another ethnicity, an Irish immigrant had 1.9% lower odds of intermarriage  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1747-7379.2012.00902.x pmid:24259757 pmcid:PMC3832263 fatcat:3rh6xltnfzcjrieycglpp6c2ii

Are Refugees Really Welcome? Understanding Northern Ireland Attitudes Towards Syrian Refugees

Cameron D Lippard, Catherine B McNamee
2021 Journal of Refugee Studies  
We also recognize NI's unique conflictual ethnic history by testing whether cultural marginality and ethnic competition theories further explain attitudes.  ...  However, when considering racism and sectarianism measures, the results require a nuanced understanding of the context of NI people's attitudes.  ...  We argued that by using these theories and the unique contextual history of NI for the basis for our analysis, we could better understand the nuances behind NI people's attitudes towards Syrian resettlement  ... 
doi:10.1093/jrs/feab030 fatcat:npl2issshncivk4fyso7r5m57a

The Culture of Paper, Information and Power: An Irish Example

Lee Komito
2009 Anthropology in Action  
This intertwining of power, politics and information is a feature of Irish society, and the discourse of expertise and power is a theme that permeates many aspects of Irish culture.  ...  This article will suggest that the persistence of paper files in a section of the Irish civil service during the 1990s had much to do with issues of accountability and a cult of expertise, in which papers  ...  Paper files were seen as documents that, layer by layer, had a history, while electronic files had been stripped of their uniqueness.  ... 
doi:10.3167/aia.2009.160105 fatcat:uxikxyxp45billdgy2dup3qjru

Intercultural language learning: cultural mediation within the curriculum of Translation and Interpreting studies

Richard Clouet
2008 Ibérica  
and cultures, a development of an understanding of one's own language and culture in relation to a second one.  ...  a framework for designing a curriculum for intercultural language learning and cultural mediation in Translation Faculties in Spain.  ...  history, and to become used to the characteristic intonation and accent of the Irish people.  ... 
doaj:bb9049a7d7814e98ac9d00ec06a58166 fatcat:gpie6wdb2vhjxhidff3y4hfok4

The SAGE Model of Social Psychological Research

Séamus A. Power, Gabriel Velez, Ahmad Qadafi, Joseph Tennant
2018 Perspectives on Psychological Science  
We propose a SAGE model for social psychological research.  ...  We discuss historical examples and our own research as contemporary examples of how a SAGE model can operate in part or as an integrated whole. The implications of our model are discussed.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Alex Gillespie, David Nussbaum, Richard Shweder, Brady Wagoner, and Martha Van Haitsma for their insightful comments on an earlier draft of the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1745691617734863 pmid:29361241 pmcid:PMC5946666 fatcat:oh6amcypkzh4fiqijnbp76mqka

Understanding agency and developing historical thinking through labour history in elementary school: A local history learning experience

Stéphanie Demers, David Lefrançois, Marc-André Ethier
2015 Historical Encounters: A Journal of Historical Consciousness, Historical Cultures, and History Education  
Local history has been much neglected in many social studies curricula, in spite of its potential for providing students with authentic and proximal objects of study for the development of historical thinking  ...  This paper presents the results of a collaborative research endeavor, conducted with two teachers and their fifth grade students, and centered around a local history learning unit.  ...  Textbooks further reinforce this view of history by presenting a single narrative and few, if any, source documents (Boutonnet, 2009 ).  ... 
doaj:29c725375a17469a81f555cde6d799ac fatcat:kgg2v5qap5dgbnsg4sdc22zu3m

From the Reference Desk-Reviews of Reference Titles

Tom Gilson
2019 Against the Grain  
history, culture, and social development.  ...  knowledge, embarking upon a travessia that will take them to new cultural horizons." 1 added features include a list of related primary documents, a section of maps and a timeline of entries, as well  ... 
doi:10.7771/2380-176x.7759 fatcat:d2k2ldbckzeivearhksya3vgoy

It's All in the Name: Redressive Translation, Passive/Active Redressive Translation

Amanda Leigh Cox
2019 TTR traduction terminologie rédaction  
Tous droits réservés © Amanda Leigh Cox, 2020 Ce document est protégé par la loi sur le droit d'auteur.  ...  L'utilisation des services d'Érudit (y compris la reproduction) est assujettie à sa politique d'utilisation que vous pouvez consulter en ligne.  ...  actively refuted centuries of Imperial "study" that sought to disparage Irish culture, language, and art.  ... 
doi:10.7202/1068020ar fatcat:xgpccbpx4fd75a3jnzzmgtrwwi

'If relevant, yes; if not, no': General practitioner (GP) users and GP perceptions about asking ethnicity questions in Irish general practice: A qualitative analysis using Normalization Process Theory

Maria Roura, Joseph W. LeMaster, Ailish Hannigan, Anna Papyan, Sharon McCarthy, Diane Nurse, Nazmy Villarroel, Anne MacFarlane, Barbara Schouten
2021 PLoS ONE  
Objective This study examines whether and how ethnicity data can be collected in Irish general practices in a meaningful and acceptable way.  ...  This is in line with both our participants' views and the EU GDPR.  ...  Acknowledgments We are grateful to all community gatekeepers and research participants for their time and interest.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0251192 pmid:33979383 fatcat:w3osdetys5dsbpqdhrzxstr5nu

Critical Search: A Procedure for Guided Reading in Large-Scale Textual Corpora

Jo Guldi
2018 Journal of Cultural Analytics  
If digital research is approached responsibly, however, it allows the scholar to choose exemplary texts for reading with a precision and clarity unavailable to previous generations.  ...  Consider the case of searching for change in the language of property in the parliamentary debates.  ...  places where those choices and can be usefully documented and described for other practitioners of history.  ... 
doi:10.22148/16.030 fatcat:5huexof5lnfkzatzv42ygr6jve

Digital history of representations: analysing identity and nationalism in the Capuchin Annual periodical (1930-1977)

Maëlle Le Roux
2021 Journal of Digital History  
This article will argue that a mixed methodology approach drawing from history of representations, as understood in the French historiography, and corpus linguistics combined, is required to conduct a  ...  It will speci cally present a potential methodological pattern for projects aiming to analyse representations of concepts such as power, gender, nationalism and Journal of Digital History The Capuchin  ...  Introduction The digitisation of historical cultural documents is a challenge for historians.  ... 
doi:10.1515/jdh-2021-1002 fatcat:nhxi3qht7naxtnsemd44hgrzem

Care relationships, quality of care and migrant workers caring for older people

2012 Ageing & Society  
Given that the care relationship is closely linked to quality of care, and that the Irish and UK sectors are increasingly restricted by economic austerity measures, this lack of information is a concern  ...  for care practice and policy.  ...  The authors would also like to thank all international project partners, including colleagues at the Centre on Migration Policy and Society (University of Oxford), the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0144686x11001309 fatcat:5tor3pazmvdd7lavl2pjvjumlu

New Directions in Bioarchaeology: Recent Contributions to the Study of Human Social Identities

Kelly J. Knudson, Christopher M. Stojanowski
2008 Journal of Archaeological Research  
As a discipline that bridges the biological and social sciences, bioarchaeology has much to contribute to a contextualized and theoretically sophisticated understanding of social identities.  ...  More specifically, we highlight past and future bioarchaeological work on disability and impairment, gender identity, identities of age and the life course, social identity and body modification, embodiment  ...  and in ''The Bioarchaeology of Identity,'' co-taught by the authors, for their thought-provoking discussions and scholarship.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10814-008-9024-4 fatcat:6lw2otl3lvf5bpdnmzy7hhkqja
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