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QUILF: A pascal program to assess equilibria among FeMgMnTi oxides, pyroxenes, olivine, and quartz

David J. Andersen, Donald H. Lindsley, Paula M. Davidson
1993 Computers & Geosciences  
Depending on the assemblage, QUILF can provide information on temperature, pressure, oxygen fugacity, and the activities of SiO 2, TiO2, and Fe ° at which the phases were last in equilibrium.  ...  QUIIF equilibria can reduce the uncertainties in temperature and oxygen fugacity as determined from coexisting ilmenite and Ti-magnetite alone.  ...  We will provide QU1LF.EXE, QUILF.RCT, QUILF.SLN, and README; the projection programs OXPROJWT.BAS and PXPROJ.BAS; and some input files (*.TVC) that will generate several of the screens shown in the figures  ... 
doi:10.1016/0098-3004(93)90033-2 fatcat:4alqx7g77veivivttl6ueefxpm

VISUAL MISER: An efficient user-friendly visual program for solving optimal control problems

Leslie Jennings, Changjun Yu, Bin Li, Volker Rehbock, Ryan Loxton, Kok Lay Teo, Feng Yang
2015 Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization  
However, MISER is written in FORTRAN and hence not user-friendly, requiring FORTRAN programming knowledge.  ...  calculation, are described in this paper.  ...  Lei Wang and Dr. Zhaohua Gong who have helped test run the software on various optimal control problems.  ... 
doi:10.3934/jimo.2016.12.781 fatcat:yca7soy2vjbsril3y4oyzz2zgq

Programming in Three Dimensions

Marc A. Najork
1996 Journal of Visual Languages and Computing  
Cube has a static polymorphic type system, and uses the Hindley-Milner algorithm to perform type inference. Well-typed programs are guaranteed to be type-safe.  ...  In particular, they can be passed as arguments to other predicates, which allows us to de ne higher-order predicates.  ...  Simon Kaplan, and Prof. Eric Golin, who introduced me to visual programming. I am deeply grateful to them for their advice and their friendship.  ... 
doi:10.1006/jvlc.1996.0012 fatcat:tztqg5hxsfcdrmq2bpci4s7yle

Grafische Programmentwicklung mit GRAPES® [chapter]

J. Wagner
1986 Informatik-Anwendungen — Trends und Perspektiven  
Thus the high standards of solving adaptively ordinary differential equations and elliptic boundary value problems are combined.  ...  The basic task in the more general case is an efficient combination of modern CAGD techniques (such as triangular Bernstein-Bezier patches and the nine parameter Hermite interpolant) and the rank deficient  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-71388-0_31 dblp:conf/gi/Wagner86 fatcat:snijjy7vb5azzmquu4ivbgxe7m

Freedom of information reform in China: information flow analysis

Weibing Xiao
2013 International Review of Administrative Sciences  
By applying information flow analysis, the thesis asserts that social, political and legal factors should be accorded central roles in understanding the development of FOi in China.  ...  Economic growth and anti-corruption efforts in the process should be allocated important but secondary roles.  ...  The most reliable thing in a question of social science ... is not to forget the underlying historical connection, to examine every question from the standpoint  ... 
doi:10.1177/0020852313500598 fatcat:zd523264vzgnfiwmwwwhl5676i

Temporal and Topological Analysis of Open Source Software Networks

Matthew Van Antwerp
In combination with the natural pattern-recognition capabilities that we all possess, graphics provides, of course, unparalleled power to carry this out.  ...  The reason for the heavy reliance on graphics is that by its very nature the main role of EDA is to open-mindedly explore, and graphics gives the analysts unparalleled power to do so, enticing the data  ... 
doi:10.7274/vh53ws87t0c fatcat:f64zghcnyvfkvltxtdke5d6h2m

A Model Following Inverse Controller with Adaptive Compensation for General Aviation Aircraft

H. Bruner, James Steck
2008 AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference and Exhibit   unpublished
As will be shown later, the final architecture proved to be robust and responsive to all nonlinearities and failures examined. The pre-training process is shown graphically in Figure 32 .  ...  RMS errors on the order Figure 37 (a): Case 1 time history line in Figure 45 graphically indicates the time of the failure.  ...  = 0) return -99; // Load data from code describing an existing network, found in function initialize_by_code fprintf(outputPtr,"\n\t\tLoading network configuration from code."); fprintf(stderr,"\nLoading  ... 
doi:10.2514/6.2008-7140 fatcat:3xfscngo5zaetb3e4z53fhlv5u

Impact Factor 3.025 Aayushi International Interdisciplinary Research Journal (AIIRJ) National Workshop On Research and Innovative Practices in Higher Education

Asore Manisha, Head
2017 National Workshop On Research and Innovative Practices in Higher Education   unpublished
In the past ten years, the drive for quality has been combined with the drive for equality and justice.  ...  Students watch the video by means of freeware or plug-ins (e.g. Windows Media Player, RealPlayer).  ...  cover four dimensions: 1) The individual dimension; 2) The social dimension; 3) The cognitive/reflective dimension; and 4) The instrumental dimension.  ...