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Towards An Automatic Translation Of Colored Petri Nets To Maude Language

Noura Boudiaf, Abdelhamid Djebbar
2009 Zenodo  
Colored Petri Nets (CPN) are very known kind of high level Petri nets.  ...  With sound and complete semantics, rewriting logic is one of very powerful logics in description and verification of non-deterministic concurrent systems.  ...  CPN Tools [10] is a tool for editing, simulating and analyzing Colored Petri Nets.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1070646 fatcat:z2iu7rboyvf4ngxrln6z35bssi

Validation of enterprise architecture through colored Petri nets

Somayeh Toghyani, Ali Harounabadi
2015 Management Science Letters  
In this research, official models have been used to propose a solution to transform the products of C4ISR framework to executable Petri nets.  ...  Therefore the preparation of an executable enterprise architecture model and checking it with functional and non-functional requirements can prevent many faults and lead to execution of a perfect model  ...  Petri Nets provide a clear, graphic view of the system with a mathematical technique, which shows communication, control and information trend models.  ... 
doi:10.5267/j.msl.2015.1.007 fatcat:lwshh4zsmbfc5mk4yl3mqo3s2i

Using Colored Petri Nets for Verifying RESTful Service Composition [chapter]

Lara Kallab, Michael Mrissa, Richard Chbeir, Pierre Bourreau
2017 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
However, verifying the correctness of a composition remains a tedious task. In this paper, we present a formal approach based on Colored Petri Nets (CPNs) to verify RESTful service composition.  ...  First, we show how CPNs are utilized for modeling the behavior of resources and their composition.  ...  The authors acknowledge that the development work is carried out in a complementary manner with SIBEX: a French project funded by the Energy Transition Institute INEF 4.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-69462-7_32 fatcat:qc6ekpvh6fgktkce4zwknc4gbu

Verifying web services composition based on hierarchical colored petri nets

YanPing Yang, QingPing Tan, Yong Xiao
2005 Proceedings of the first international workshop on Interoperability of heterogeneous information systems - IHIS '05  
CPnets combine the strengths of Petri nets with the expressive power of high-level programming and have sound mathematical semantics.  ...  Current Web services composition proposals, such as BPML, BPEL, WSCI, and OWL-S, provide notations for describing the control and data flows in Web service collaborations.  ...  CP-nets were formulated by Jensen [1] as a formally founded graphically oriented modeling language. CPnets are useful for specifying, designing, and analyzing concurrent systems.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1096967.1096977 dblp:conf/ihis/YangTX05 fatcat:nhxowpqfqnd37n7mfckluhk6hy

Modeling TCG-Based Secure Systems with Colored Petri Nets [chapter]

Liang Gu, Yao Guo, Yanjiang Yang, Feng Bao, Hong Mei
2011 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We propose a Colored Petri Nets (CPN or CP-nets) based approach to model the trusted computing based secure system.  ...  With the advantages of CPN based modeling and analysis (e.g., graphical representation, well defined semantics and a large number of formal analysis methods), our models can well serve as the foundation  ...  With the features of Petri Nets and the support of advanced programming languages, Colored Petri Nets is a good tool to model, analyze and validate complex systems [12] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-25283-9_5 fatcat:juqsmtnqfnhb5cbb5tfkvi6xhi

Dependency Modeling of a SOA Based System Through Colored Petri Nets

Pawan Kumar, Ratneshwer Gupta
2016 Journal of Computing and Information Technology  
In this paper, we present a Colored Petri Net based dependency analysis of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based system that represents specification of dependency relationships and models the dependencies  ...  A module SOA based system 'Online Bookshop' has been developed and used for the purpose of modeling and example demonstration.  ...  Colored Petri Nets (CPNs) CPN is an established concept for formal modeling of concurrent and distributed system. It is based on functional language standard ML.  ... 
doi:10.20532/cit.2016.1002787 fatcat:7e752bv5evf6pijqwk2ha6fvym

Analysis of Implementation of Distributed Database using Colored Petri Nets (CPN)

Yashaswini J
2018 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
The petri nets model gives discrete event system to any system. The Petri nets besides that provide the validation and evaluation and reliability of the system.  ...  For the complex asynchronous processing system, exacter models given by the colored petri nets are used.  ...  The graphically represented language to design is the colored Petri Net which is also used for the verification and validation of most of the systems [1] .  ... 
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2018.3487 fatcat:a5ksrie5fvbt5fmqvrnfz5uf4a

Evaluation of software architecture using fuzzy colored Petri nets

Vahid Abroshan, Ali Harounabadi, Seyed Javad Mirabedini
2013 Management Science Letters  
Then, these diagrams are mapped into an executable model based on Fuzzy Colored Petri Nets (FCPN) and finally the performance metrics are calculated using the proposed algorithms.  ...  Software Architecture (SA) is one of the most important artifacts for life cycle of a software system because it incorporates some important decisions and principles for the system development.  ...  CPNs is a graphical language for constructing models of concurrent systems and analyzing their properties.  ... 
doi:10.5267/j.msl.2012.12.001 fatcat:toialbrz7rdn5goodvixxkjsbm


G. R. Petrosyan, L. A. Ter-Vardanyan, A. V. Gaboutchian
2015 The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences  
Petri Nets, as a graphical and mathematical tool, provide a uniform environment for modelling, formal analysis, and design of discrete event systems.  ...  In this paper we present a model of biometric identification system transformed into Petri Nets.  ...  Colored Petri Net (CPN) is a graphical oriented language for design, specification, simulation and verification of systems.  ... 
doi:10.5194/isprsarchives-xl-5-w6-37-2015 fatcat:2kc4kmg3pvczfhjgulciklbs3i

A study of railway ERTMS safety with Colored Petri Nets [chapter]

W Schön, P Barger, M Bouali
2009 Reliability, Risk, and Safety  
Section 3 offers a concise presentation of Petri nets and Colored Petri Nets.  ...  The COLORED PETRI NETS The Petri Nets are a powerful method to approach various kinds of discrete event systems.  ...  The chosen modeling approach is Colored Petri Nets as implemented in CPN tools. The model construction has confirmed the expressional power of CPN.  ... 
doi:10.1201/9780203859759.ch179 fatcat:5gwvi3xou5fazn6fozals2543m

Analysis of two authorization protocols using Colored Petri Nets

Younes Seifi, Suriadi Suriadi, Ernest Foo, Colin Boyd
2014 International Journal of Information Security  
Coloured Petri Nets is a graphical language used for design, specification and simulation of variety of systems.  ...  definition and data manipulation required for created Petri Net model [16] .  ...  This makes the analysis of them more important than the other types of protocols. coloured Petri Nets is introduced in [13] [14] [15] as a graphical language to model and analyze concurrent systems.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10207-014-0243-z fatcat:hmygif57jncetcgv2wclabsscy

An introduction to systems modeling and simulation with Colored Petri Nets

Vijay Gehlot, Carmen Nigro
2010 Proceedings of the 2010 Winter Simulation Conference  
Petri Nets provide a graphical notation for modeling systems and performing analysis.  ...  Colored Petri Nets (CPNs) combine the strengths of ordinary Petri Nets with a high level programming language, making them more suitable for modeling large systems.  ...  Colored Petri Net Extension Colored Petri Nets (CPNs) extend the vocabulary of ordinary Petri Nets and add features that make them suitable for modeling large systems.  ... 
doi:10.1109/wsc.2010.5679170 dblp:conf/wsc/GehlotN10 fatcat:ycoqb5uyxzhcxc2vdkmvsmhp2u

Modeling and Verification of ERP Functional Requirements based on Colored Petri Net

Nafisa Osman, Abd-Elkader Sahraoui
2021 Zenodo  
The rise of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems has been a major event in the software industry and it became a solution for most enterprises to manage their data and business processes.  ...  Despite these benefits and the age of ERP existing for several decades still high percentage of implementation failures are documented.  ...  Colored Petri nets are a graphical and mathematical modelling tool applicable to model enterprise information system and the business process they support.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5031279 fatcat:b7fniswxmbdazksdovjr7xqlt4

Discovering colored Petri nets from event logs

A. Rozinat, R. S. Mans, M. Song, W. M. P. van der Aalst
2007 International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT)  
In this paper we describe how the resulting model (including the discovered data dependencies) can be represented as a Colored Petri Net (CPN), and how further perspectives, such as the performance and  ...  We believe that the combination of automatic discovery of process models using ProM and the simulation capabilities of CPN Tools offers an innovative way to improve business processes. The A.  ...  Acknowledgments This research is supported by the Technology Foundation STW, EIT, SUPER, NWO, and the IOP program of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10009-007-0051-0 fatcat:ywwyhy6renbrxoazpvlkwcwf6i

Manufacturing Scheduling Using Colored Petri Nets and Reinforcement Learning

Maria Drakaki, Panagiotis Tzionas
2017 Applied Sciences  
As a graphical-oriented high-level language, it is used for the modeling and validation of systems in which concurrency, communication, and synchronization play a major role.  ...  Petri Nets (PNs) and Colored Petri Nets (CPNs) are a discrete-event graphical and mathematical modeling tool applicable to systems characterized as being concurrent, asynchronous, distributed, parallel  ...  A formal methodology for the modeling and validation of the ADACOR-holonic architecture has been proposed in Leitao et al.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app7020136 fatcat:tuhfgaakojemdnwktx7enozvvq
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