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Choice probabilities and correlations in closed-form route choice models: specifications and drawbacks [article]

Fiore Tinessa, Vittorio Marzano, Andrea Papola
2021 arXiv   pre-print
This paper investigates the performance, in terms of choice probabilities and correlations, of existing and new specifications of closed-form route choice models with flexible correlation patterns, namely  ...  Laboratory experiments on small/medium-size networks are illustrated, also leveraging a procedure for practical calculation of correlations of any GEV models, proposed by (Marzano 2014).  ...  Finally, the paper suggests a straightforward research prospect, which is replicating the study by estimating the same tested route choice models on a real-world dataset of trajectories (i.e. observed  ... 
arXiv:2110.07224v1 fatcat:7se7fyqohvbpnc6t7dq2akwgee

Mitigating the Climate Impact from Aviation: Achievements and Results of the DLR WeCare Project

Volker Grewe, Katrin Dahlmann, Jan Flink, Christine Frömming, Robin Ghosh, Klaus Gierens, Romy Heller, Johannes Hendricks, Patrick Jöckel, Stefan Kaufmann, Katrin Kölker, Florian Linke (+19 others)
2017 Aerospace (Basel)  
These results, in combination with results on the effects of aerosol emissions on low cloud properties, give a revised view on the total radiative forcing of aviation.  ...  Raumfahrt, DLR), aimed at finding solutions for reducing the climate impact of aviation based on an improved understanding of the atmospheric impact from aviation by making use of measurements and modeling  ...  It has often been stressed in literature that results, obviously, depend on the choice of the climate metric, which is a political rather than a scientific choice [131] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/aerospace4030034 fatcat:hcbutwcdjjchtnaebxqavfogoy

A tiered framework for mapping and assessing ecosystem services from semi-natural grasslands: expert-based assessments, proxy indicators and uav surveys

Miguel Villoslada Peciña, Kalev Sepp, Robert Gerald Henry Bunce, Raymond D. Ward
Beyond assessing the supply of ecosystem services, this thesis also explores the effects of abandonment on grassland species diversity and the effects of different management regimes on sward structure  ...  However, a substantial proportion of these valuable wooded meadows are not eligible for the agri-environmental measures under Pillar 2 of the CAP, as they lay outside of Natura 2000 areas.  ...  Acknowledgements This work was supported by institutional research funding IUT21-1 at the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. We especially thank Dr.  ... 
doi:10.15159/emu.55 fatcat:zsocm6lfjbhbbbowj6hodqsmvy

Socio-ecological drivers of fish biomass on coral reefs: the importance of accessibility, protection and key species

Eva Maire
The choice of 4 km was informed by a 3-year study of the spatial movement patterns of artisanal coral reef fishers, corresponding to the highest density of fishing activities on reefs based on GPS-derived  ...  I used the global dataset on coral reefs (see Annexes, 'Global dataset on coral reefs used during the thesis' section) and modelled fish biomass using socio-economic and environmental covariates expected  ... 
doi:10.25903/5da69f82c6ce7 fatcat:lgaikftmcffjveicid3v7veime

Beautiful wastelands: teachers talk texts in 'Bog Standard' schools

Kelly Maree Cheung
is always greener at the one next door.  ...  This thesis analyses teacher text choices in Grades 9 and 10 English: the pivotal teenage years of identity, struggle, belonging and resistance.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This thesis has been a heart struggle, a dream, wish fulfilment, and the shock of reality over an intense sequence of years.  ... 
doi:10.25949/19430876 fatcat:dhr64iuddzcmhmdrm3ixg4vy3m

Playing the Changes: An Expanded View of Higher Music Education through the Use of Collaborative Learning and Teaching

Melissa Therese Forbes, University, My, Don Lebler, Gemma Carey
Within higher music education, collaborative learning has been identified as one way to address these types of challenges.  ...  of Southern Queensland, a regional Australian university.  ...  The narrative approach can be used as both a method of inquiry and as a tool for professional development (Conle, 2000; Conle, 2001 ).  ... 
doi:10.25904/1912/3231 fatcat:72jl36r2ivdxtlwy56gsspzgoa

The DiStoMusInq framework: Digital storytelling for students' inquiry-based museum learning

Zoi Tsiviltidou
The methodology was exploratory, having a series of three trials designed with previsit, on-visit and post-visit activities that involved 70 middle school and high school students of an international school  ...  The findings fed into a refined version of the DiStoMusInq framework and the identification of benefits of its integration with school museum trip planning.  ...  ' choices of types of questions.  ... 
doi:10.25392/ fatcat:oq4k6the7ffutoyjjyqbo4eqnu

11° Congresso della Società Botanica Italiana III international Plant Science Conference Scientific Committee Local Committee Sponsors 111° Congresso della Società Botanica Italiana onlus III INTERNATIONAL PLANT SCIENCE CONFERENCE (IPSC)

Consolata Siniscalco, Torino, Maria Altamura, Roma, Stefania Biondi, Bologna, Alessandro Chiarucci, Bologna, Salvatore Cozzolino, Napoli, Lorenzo Peruzzi, Ferruccio Poli (+50 others)
2016 unpublished
a deposition model and a stomatal flux model (6) .  ...  Long-term observational studies show that successional trajectories can be influenced by one extraordinary season.  ...  An attempt to explain distribution dynamics has been performed in this analysis, by developing a soil hydro-thermodynamical model based on a soil parametrization deriving from two years plot observation  ... 

Yeast as a platform for synthetic biology and investigation of evolutionary hypotheses [article]

Azat Akhmetov, 0000-0002-7973-9371, Austin, The University Of Texas At, Austin, The University Of Texas At, Edward M. Marcotte
Yeast has long been the sine qua non of model organisms due to its experimental tractability.  ...  along with cutting edge developments to solve 21-st century problems and (iii) a blueprint for transforming yeast into a vessel for storage of digital information.  ...  LZMA is a compression algorithm based on constructing a Markov model of the data that captures recurring patterns within it, and then encoding the overall data in terms of this Markov model.  ... 
doi:10.26153/tsw/2162 fatcat:iteldje52fcmvm6jouvmj3f22u