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Enhancing the LOCKSS Digital Preservation Technology

David S. H. Rosenthal, Daniel L. Vargas, Tom A. Lipkis, Claire T. Griffin
2015 D-Lib Magazine  
Lipkis and Claire T. Griffin LOCKSS Program, Stanford University Libraries Point of Contact: David S. H.  ...  Claire Griffin is a Senior Software Engineer of the LOCKSS program at the Stanford University Libraries responsible for design and implementation of extensions to the LOCKSS platform.  ... 
doi:10.1045/september2015-rosenthal fatcat:af3zldlwcbh2pe3fuw6wcff47i

Expanding the Repertoire of Amyloid Polymorphs by Co-polymerization of Related Protein Precursors

Claire J. Sarell, Lucy A. Woods, Yongchao Su, Galia T. Debelouchina, Alison E. Ashcroft, Robert G. Griffin, Peter G. Stockley, Sheena E. Radford
2013 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
␤ 2 -microglobulin; ANS, 8-anilino naphthalene sulfonate; HFIP, hexafluoroisopropanol; RFDR, radio frequency-driven recoupling; ZF TEDOR, Z-filtered transferred-echo double resonance; ThT, thioflavin T;  ...  A final concentration of 10 M thioflavin T (ThT) was added where appropriate. Fibrils were left to assemble for ϳ5 days before analysis.  ...  B, shown is fibril formation of 0.5 mg/ml ⌬N6 (black lines) and h␤ 2 m (gray lines, no growth) at pH 6.2 measured using thioflavin T fluorescence (relative fluorescence units (rfu)).  ... 
doi:10.1074/jbc.m112.447524 pmid:23329840 pmcid:PMC3591641 fatcat:hh3vqgl3vrbyvoz6dmtjng6sya

Fate of Aneurysmal Common Iliac Artery Landing Zones Used for Endovascular Aneurysm Repair

Claire L. Griffin, Salvatore T. Scali, Robert J. Feezor, Catherine K. Chang, Kristina A. Giles, Javairiah Fatima, Thomas S. Huber, Adam W. Beck
2015 Journal of Endovascular Therapy  
Purpose: To determine outcomes of aneurysmal common iliac arteries (aCIA) used for landing zones (LZs) during endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR). Methods: This single-center study retrospectively compared 57 EVAR patients (mean age 72±8 years; 56 men) with 70 aCIAs (diameter ≥20 mm) to 25 control EVAR subjects (mean age 73±7 years; 20 men) with 50 normal (≤15-mm) CIA LZs treated consecutively during the same time interval. The CIA LZ measurements were analyzed using random effects linear mixed
more » ... models to determine diameter change over time. Life tables were used to estimate freedom from endoleak, reintervention, and all-cause mortality. Results: The mean maximum preoperative CIA diameter in the aCIA LZ group was 24.8±4.5 mm (range 20.0-47.3, median 23.9) vs 13.6±1.5 mm (range 9.2-15.0, median 13.9; p<0.001) in the controls. Nineteen aCIA LZs were treated outside the instructions for use of the device. Median follow-up in the aCIAs LZ cohort was 39.2 months [interquartile range (IQR) 15, 61] vs 49.3 months (IQR 36, 61) in the controls (p=0.06). The rate of aCIA LZ change (0.09 mm/mo, 95% CI 0.07 to 0.1) was significantly greater than controls (0.03 mm/mo, 95% CI -0.009 to 0.07; p<0.0001). No type Ib endoleaks developed in either group; however, aCIA LZ patients had 6 (11%) iliac limb-related reinterventions. There were significantly more endograft-related reinterventions in the aCIA LZ patients (n=10, 14%) compared with controls (n=2, 4%; p=0.06). There was no difference in mortality or freedom from any post-hospital discharge endoleak. Conclusion: Aneurysmal CIA LZs used during EVAR experience greater dilatation compared with normal LZs, but no significant difference in outcome was noted in midterm follow-up. However, an increased incidence of graft limb complications or endograft-related reintervention may be encountered. Use of aCIA LZs appears to be safe; however, greater patient numbers and longer follow-up are needed to understand the clinical implications of morphologic changes in these vessels when used during EVAR.
doi:10.1177/1526602815602121 pmid:26290584 pmcid:PMC5624232 fatcat:s6prdk3yhnfphns5rvvhn4rm5i

A Revised Protocol for Culture of Airway Epithelial Cells as a Diagnostic Tool for Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

Janice L. Coles, James Thompson, Katie L. Horton, Robert A. Hirst, Paul Griffin, Gwyneth M. Williams, Patricia Goggin, Regan Doherty, Peter M. Lackie, Amanda Harris, Woolf T. Walker, Christopher O'Callaghan (+4 others)
2020 Journal of Clinical Medicine  
Matched samples were analysed using the parametric paired student's t test or non-parametric Wilcoxon test.  ...  Two sample comparisons were undertaken using the student t-test when normality test passed or Mann-Whitney test when normality tests failed.  ... 
doi:10.3390/jcm9113753 pmid:33233428 fatcat:fufag42a7nb4nagavix2g3y6ja

Megafire affects stream sediment flux and dissolved organic matter reactivity, but land use dominates nutrient dynamics in semiarid watersheds

Trevor Crandall, Erin Jones, Mitchell Greenhalgh, Rebecca J. Frei, Natasha Griffin, Emilee Severe, Jordan Maxwell, Leika Patch, S. Isaac St. Clair, Sam Bratsman, Marina Merritt, Adam J. Norris (+5 others)
2021 PLoS ONE  
To test for differences in BDOC and PDOC (i.e. for the presence of photopriming), we used paired T-tests.  ...  Clair SB, O'Connor R, Gill R, McMillan B. Biotic resistance and disturbance: rodent consumers regulate post-fire plant invasions and increase plant community diversity.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0257733 pmid:34555099 pmcid:PMC8460006 fatcat:jqsnxlv4xnczjmskifn66mi5pu

Secondary Structure in the Core of Amyloid Fibrils Formed from Human β2m and its Truncated Variant ΔN6

Yongchao Su, Claire J. Sarell, Matthew T. Eddy, Galia T. Debelouchina, Loren B. Andreas, Clare L. Pashley, Sheena E. Radford, Robert G. Griffin
2014 Journal of the American Chemical Society  
Peak identification and assignment were performed with Sparky (T. D. Goddard and D. G. Kneller, SPARKY 3, University of California, San Francisco).  ...  The efficiency of magnetization transfer in dipolar-based CP experiments largely depends on the rigidity of the sites, while DP spectra sample regions which exhibit short 13 C T 1 's.  ... 
doi:10.1021/ja4126092 pmid:24679070 pmcid:PMC4017606 fatcat:6eosgm67x5cjvacdred3mn4ggu

Pericyte insulin receptors modulate retinal vascular remodeling and endothelial angiopoietin signaling

Nele Warmke, Fiona Platt, Alexander F Bruns, Claire H Ozber, Natalie J Haywood, Yilizila Abudushalamu, Charles Slater, Victoria Palin, Piruthivi Sukumar, Stephen B Wheatcroft, Nadira Y Yuldasheva, Mark T Kearney (+2 others)
2021 Endocrinology  
Where appropriate, an unpaired or paired t-test has been performed; when distributions were heterogeneous in variability, a Welch-t-test was performed instead.  ...  Washes in 0.02% TBS-T were performed before incubation with a secondary antibody against mouse (30), or rabbit (31), diluted in blocking buffer or 0.02% TBS-T for 2 hours at room temperature.  ... 
doi:10.1210/endocr/bqab182 pmid:34460911 pmcid:PMC8462386 fatcat:k4ka6coltfdofnd5a6hk4o5dj4

Zika viral dynamics and shedding in rhesus and cynomolgus macaques

Christa E Osuna, So-Yon Lim, Claire Deleage, Bryan D Griffin, Derek Stein, Lukas T Schroeder, Robert Omange, Katharine Best, Ma Luo, Peter T Hraber, Hanne Andersen-Elyard, Erwing Fabian Cardozo Ojeda (+8 others)
2016 Nature Medicine  
Most major lymphocyte subsets (B, T and natural killer (NK) cells) exhibited declines during this period (naive and central memory CD4 + T cells, all CD8 + T cell subsets, naive B cells and all NK cell  ...  All six monkeys developed weak anamnestic CD4 + T cell responses and similarly weak CD8 + T cell recall responses after re-challenge (Fig. 5g) .  ... 
doi:10.1038/nm.4206 pmid:27694931 pmcid:PMC5293594 fatcat:lazbid6mo5hqtoelhpbcfcmofq

Diaryl- and triaryl-pyrrole derivatives: inhibitors of the MDM2–p53 and MDMX–p53 protein–protein interactions

Tim J. Blackburn, Shafiq Ahmed, Christopher R. Coxon, Junfeng Liu, Xiaohong Lu, Bernard T. Golding, Roger J. Griffin, Claire Hutton, David R. Newell, Stephen Ojo, Anna F. Watson, Andrey Zaytzev (+3 others)
2013 MedChemComm  
OCH 3 , t-Bu (4o and 4p).  ...  Thus, potency was conferred by chloroor bromo-substituents (4c, 4m, and 4n) or electron-withdrawing groups e.g. nitro or cyano (4q-t).  ... 
doi:10.1039/c3md00161j pmid:24078862 pmcid:PMC3777193 fatcat:yg43jtpwp5hgtmb4guay4iij2u

Simian Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Memory CD4+ T Cells Infiltrate to the Site of Infected Macrophages in the Neuroparenchyma of a Chronic Macaque Model of Neurological Complications of AIDS

Cheri A. Lee, Erin Beasley, Karthikeyan Sundar, Margery Smelkinson, Carol Vinton, Claire Deleage, Kenta Matsuda, Fan Wu, Jake D. Estes, Bernard A. P. Lafont, Jason M. Brenchley, Vanessa M. Hirsch (+2 others)
2020 mBio  
Of these cells, both brain macrophages and brain memory CD4+ T cells harbor replication-competent SIV DNA; however, only brain CD4+ T cells harbored SIV DNA in animals without SIVE.  ...  Immunohistochemistry of brain sections demonstrated infiltration of CD4+ T cells (CD4) and macrophages (MΦs) to the site of MNGCs.  ...  though there were CD4 T cells infiltrating the brain.  ... 
doi:10.1128/mbio.00602-20 fatcat:bps63ia6xnag5jdkcrqymjlhr4

Developing Clinically Relevant Dissolution Specifications (CRDSs) for Oral Drug Products: Virtual Webinar Series

Mark McAllister, Talia Flanagan, Susan Cole, Andreas Abend, Evangelos Kotzagiorgis, Jobst Limberg, Heather Mead, Victor Mangas-Sanjuan, Paul A. Dickinson, Andrea Moir, Xavier Pepin, Diansong Zhou (+9 others)
2022 Pharmaceutics  
Predicting Preclinical Outcomes: An In Vitro-In Silico Approach to Guide Oral Formulation Design (Brendan Griffin) With estimates of >75% of new drugs emerging from drug discovery programmes displaying  ... 
doi:10.3390/pharmaceutics14051010 pmid:35631595 fatcat:dtbvuxdlzrgvpglyy3cyz54dt4

Piperaquine Monotherapy of Drug-SusceptiblePlasmodium falciparumInfection Results in Rapid Clearance of Parasitemia but Is Followed by the Appearance of Gametocytemia

Cielo J. Pasay, Rebecca Rockett, Silvana Sekuloski, Paul Griffin, Louise Marquart, Christopher Peatey, Claire Y. T. Wang, Peter O'Rourke, Suzanne Elliott, Mark Baker, Jörg J. Möhrle, James S. McCarthy
2016 Journal of Infectious Diseases  
T. W. designed and executed the qRT-PCR assays. C. J. P. designed and executed flow cytometry. L. M. and P. O. R. performed statistical analysis. J. M. C., C. J. P., P. O. R., and L.  ...  The CYP2D6 loss-of-function polymorphisms panel included CYP2D6*4 (c.353-1 G > A) rs3892097, CYP2D6*41 (c.832 + 39 G > A) rs28371725, CYP2D6*3 (c755delA) rs35742686, CYP2D6*10 (*4) (c.100C > T) rs1065852  ...  Table 2 . 2 Cohort-Specific Parasite Reduction Ratios (PRRs) and Parasite Clearance Half-lives (t 1/2 ) With Corresponding 95% Confidence Intervals (CIs) Cohort Parasite Clearance, (Piperaquine Dose) No  ... 
doi:10.1093/infdis/jiw128 pmid:27056954 pmcid:PMC4907420 fatcat:oqt4nzrtezg7hdslginolian64

North American deer mice are susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 [article]

Bryan D Griffin, Mable Chan, Nikesh Tailor, Emelissa J Mendoza, Anders Leung, Bryce M Warner, Ana T Duggan, Estella Moffat, Shihua He, Lauren Garnett, Kaylie N Tran, Logan Banadyga (+16 others)
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
D A K Q E E D Y Q L L S Y N Q E N K D 73.7% (14/19) 73.7% (14/19) Fruit bat L T K T E E D Y Q L L T Y D E E K K G E I K T K E D H Q L L N Y N E N N K G 63.2% (12/19) Masked Palm Civet L T T Y E Q E Y Q  ...  V L T Y D Q E N K G S.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.07.25.221291 fatcat:pkdqokwj7rc7jaozozdgyixvdm

Isoindolinone-based inhibitors of the MDM2–p53 protein–protein interaction

Ian R. Hardcastle, Shafiq U. Ahmed, Helen Atkins, A. Hilary Calvert, Nicola J. Curtin, Gillian Farnie, Bernard T. Golding, Roger J. Griffin, Sabrina Guyenne, Claire Hutton, Per Källblad, Stuart J. Kemp (+8 others)
2005 Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters  
The substituents chosen were: Ar = phenyl, 4-(2-trimethylsilylethoxy)methoxyphenyl, and 4-chlorophenyl; R 1 = n-propyl, benzyl, and 2acetamidoethyl; R 2 = 4-t-butylbenzyloxy, 3,5-dimethoxy-4-hydroxybenzyloxy  ...  g), none of the newly synthesised compounds displayed improved potency, with only the syringic alcohol derivative 2k and the 2-(2-pyridyl)ethoxy derivative 2m showing inhibition comparable with the 4-t-butylbenzyloxy  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.bmcl.2004.12.061 pmid:15713419 fatcat:b4jlgechd5hsvgzuc52h2eyzze

SARS-CoV-2 infection and transmission in the North American deer mouse

Bryan D. Griffin, Mable Chan, Nikesh Tailor, Emelissa J. Mendoza, Anders Leung, Bryce M. Warner, Ana T. Duggan, Estella Moffat, Shihua He, Lauren Garnett, Kaylie N. Tran, Logan Banadyga (+16 others)
2021 Nature Communications  
K T E E D Y Q L L T Y D E E K K G 68.4% (13/19) 68.4% (13/19) Chinese rufous horseshoe bat E I K T K E D H Q L L N Y N E N N K G 63.2% (12/19) Masked Palm Civet L T T Y E Q E Y Q V L T Y D Q E N K G  ...  57.9% (11/19) 68.4% (13/19) Ferret L T K Y E E E Y Q L H T Y D E Q N K R 52.6% (10/19) 57.9% (11/19) Mouse N T N Q E E D Y Q L T S F T Q A N H G and IL-6 mRNA expression was elevated in all infected mice  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41467-021-23848-9 pmid:34127676 fatcat:vlgazvi6nbflxk6xor34hgeukm
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