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Interoperability And Performance Analysis Of Iec61850 Based Substation Protection System

Ming-Ta Yang, Jyh-Cherng Gu, Po-Chun Lin, Yen-Lin Huang, Chun-Wei Huang, Jin-Lung Guan
2013 Zenodo  
Since IEC61850 substation communication standard represents the trend to develop new generations of Substation Automation System (SAS), many IED manufacturers pursue this technique and apply for KEMA. In order to put on the market to meet customer demand as fast as possible, manufacturers often apply their products only for basic environment standard certification but claim to conform to IEC61850 certification. Since verification institutes generally perform verification tests only on specific
more » ... EDs of the manufacturers, the interoperability between all certified IEDs cannot be guaranteed. Therefore the interoperability between IEDs from different manufacturers needs to be tested. Based upon the above reasons, this study applies the definitions of the information models, communication service, GOOSE functionality and Substation Configuration Language (SCL) of the IEC61850 to build the concept of communication protocols, and build the test environment. The procedures of the test of the data collection and exchange of the P2P communication mode and Client / Server communication mode in IEC61850 are outlined as follows. First, test the IED GOOSE messages communication capability from different manufacturers. Second, collect IED data from each IED with SCADA system and use HMI to display the SCADA platform. Finally, problems generally encountered in the test procedure are summarized.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1086619 fatcat:blvnohbb3rguboopbyw3ix7ara

Simultaneous acute Marchiafava–Bignami disease and central pontine myelinolysis

Chun-Yi Tsai, Po-Kai Huang, Poyin Huang
2018 Medicine  
Rationale: Marchiafava-Bignami disease (MBD) is a rare disease characterized by demyelination of the corpus callosum. It is most commonly seen in patients with chronic alcoholism. The clinical diagnosis of MBD can be difficult due to its nonspecific manifestation. Central pontine myelinolysis (CPM) occurs mostly as a complication of severe and prolonged hyponatremia, especially when corrected too rapidly. However, CPM can be associated with chronic alcoholism and its clinical presentation can
more » ... heterogeneous. Because both MBD and CPM can have fatal outcomes, early recognition and treatment can result in a better prognosis. We present a very rare case of simultaneous acute Marchiafava-Bignami disease and central pontine myelinolysis in a patient with chronic alcoholism who was diagnosed unexpectedly using brain magnetic resonance imaging and improved after proper treatment. Patient concerns: We presented a case of a 39-year-old patient who visited the hospital with general weakness and an altered neurologic condition after a week of vomiting. Diagnosis: The patient was diagnosed with simultaneous acute Marchiafava-Bignami disease and central pontine myelinolysis using brain magnetic resonance imaging. Intervention: Administration of a high dose of thiamine. Outcomes: The neurologic signs improved after a week of thiamine administration. Lessons: This case suggests that Marchiafava-Bignami disease and central pontine myelinolysis might have a common pathogenesis, and brain magnetic resonance imaging is of crucial importance in chronic alcoholic patients presenting with nonspecific neurological deterioration. The appropriate administration of thiamine may prevent poor outcomes. Abbreviations: CPM = central pontine myelinolysis, CT = computed tomography, MBD = Marchiafava-Bignami disease, MRI = magnetic resonance imaging.
doi:10.1097/md.0000000000009878 pmid:29465574 pmcid:PMC5841975 fatcat:zgzj7i3l4zddpazcshhosijqay

A Charge-Equalization Circuit with an Intermediate Resonant Energy Tank

Yao-Ching Hsieh, You-Chun Huang, Po-Chun Chuang
2020 Energies  
In this paper, we propose a novel charge-equalization circuit for series-connected batteries. The circuit is composed of an intermediate resonant energy tank, formed by an inductor and a capacitor, and selection switches connected to each battery. The advantage of the proposed circuit is that an exchange of unbalanced charge can be established between any two batteries via the intermediate energy tank. In addition, more than one adjacent battery can serve as a charge-transference party on
more » ... side through proper activation of the associated selection switches. Moreover, by virtue of the resonant tank, zero-current switching can be achieved to significantly reduce the transference losses. A laboratory circuit with a control unit was designed for eight 2.5 Ah lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries in series. The test results demonstrate that the proposed charge-equalization circuit can realize charge balance effectively. With the charge-equalization circuit, the worst open-circuit voltage difference can be reduced to less than 20 mV under offline conditions, which helps the batteries operate more efficiently.
doi:10.3390/en13246566 fatcat:5yovvlfuw5eplpjt6bof4k7st4

C1GALT1 is associated with poor survival and promotes soluble Ephrin A1-mediated cell migration through activation of EPHA2 in gastric cancer

Po-Chu Lee, Syue-Ting Chen, Ting-Chun Kuo, Tzu-Chi Lin, Mei-Chun Lin, John Huang, Ji-Shiang Hung, Chia-Lang Hsu, Hsueh-Fen Juan, Po-Huang Lee, Min-Chuan Huang
2020 Oncogene  
C1GALT1 controls the crucial step of GalNAc-type O-glycosylation and is associated with both physiologic and pathologic conditions, including cancers. EPH receptors comprise the largest family of receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) and modulate a diverse range of developmental processes and human diseases. However, the role of C1GALT1 in the signaling of EPH receptors remains largely overlooked. Here, we showed that C1GALT1 high expression in gastric adenocarcinomas correlated with adverse
more » ... athologic features and is an independent prognostic factor for poor overall survival. Silencing or loss of C1GALT1 inhibited cell viability, migration, invasion, tumor growth and metastasis, as well as increased apoptosis and cytotoxicity of 5-fluorouracil in AGS and MKN45 cells. Phospho-RTK array and western blot analysis showed that C1GALT1 depletion suppressed tyrosine phosphorylation of EPHA2 induced by soluble Ephrin A1-Fc. O-glycans on EPHA2 were modified by C1GALT1 and both S277A and T429A mutants, which are O-glycosites on EPHA2, dramatically enhanced phosphorylation of Y588, suggesting that not only overall O-glycan structures but also site-specific O-glycosylation can regulate EPHA2 activity. Furthermore, depletion of C1GALT1 decreased Ephrin A1-Fc induced migration and reduced Ephrin A1 binding to cell surfaces. The effects of C1GALT1 knockdown or knockout on cell invasiveness in vitro and in vivo were phenocopied by EPHA2 knockdown in gastric cancer cells. These results suggest that C1GALT1 promotes phosphorylation of EPHA2 and enhances soluble Ephrin A1-mediated migration primarily by modifying EPHA2 O-glycosylation. Our study highlights the importance of GalNAc-type O-glycosylation in EPH receptor-regulated diseases and identifies C1GALT1 as a potential therapeutic target for gastric cancer.
doi:10.1038/s41388-020-1178-7 pmid:32005975 fatcat:2gpczh7lanbqpcbce2rsoqhcve

Cross-Modal Contrastive Learning of Representations for Navigation using Lightweight, Low-Cost Millimeter Wave Radar for Adverse Environmental Conditions [article]

Jui-Te Huang, Chen-Lung Lu, Po-Kai Chang, Ching-I Huang, Chao-Chun Hsu, Zu Lin Ewe, Po-Jui Huang, Hsueh-Cheng Wang
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Deep reinforcement learning (RL), where the agent learns from mistakes, has been successfully applied to a variety of tasks. With the aim of learning collision-free policies for unmanned vehicles, deep RL has been used for training with various types of data, such as colored images, depth images, and LiDAR point clouds, without the use of classic map--localize--plan approaches. However, existing methods are limited by their reliance on cameras and LiDAR devices, which have degraded sensing
more » ... adverse environmental conditions (e.g., smoky environments). In response, we propose the use of single-chip millimeter-wave (mmWave) radar, which is lightweight and inexpensive, for learning-based autonomous navigation. However, because mmWave radar signals are often noisy and sparse, we propose a cross-modal contrastive learning for representation (CM-CLR) method that maximizes the agreement between mmWave radar data and LiDAR data in the training stage. We evaluated our method in real-world robot compared with 1) a method with two separate networks using cross-modal generative reconstruction and an RL policy and 2) a baseline RL policy without cross-modal representation. Our proposed end-to-end deep RL policy with contrastive learning successfully navigated the robot through smoke-filled maze environments and achieved better performance compared with generative reconstruction methods, in which noisy artifact walls or obstacles were produced. All pretrained models and hardware settings are open access for reproducing this study and can be obtained at
arXiv:2101.03525v1 fatcat:4266uwzvvnfqvgtvdprepghqw4

Illusory Motion Reversal in Touch

Yu-Chun Hsu, Chun-I Yeh, Jian-Jia Huang, Chang-Hung Hung, Chou Po Hung, Yu-Cheng Pei
2019 Frontiers in Neuroscience  
Psychophysical visual experiments have shown illusory motion reversal (IMR), in which the perceived direction of motion is the opposite of its actual direction. The tactile form of this illusion has also been reported. However, it remains unclear which stimulus characteristics affect the magnitude of IMR. We closely examined the effect of stimulus characteristics on IMR by presenting moving sinusoid gratings and random-dot patterns to 10 participants' fingerpads at different spatial periods,
more » ... eds, and indentation depths. All participants perceived a motion direction opposite to the veridical direction some of the time. The illusion was more prevalent at spatial periods of 1 and 2 mm and at extreme speeds of 20 and 320 mm/s. We observed stronger IMR for gratings and much weaker IMR for a random-dot pattern, indicating that edge orientation might be a major contributor to this illusion. These results show that the optimal parameters for IMR are consistent with the characteristics of motion-selective neurons in the somatosensory cortex, as most of these neurons are also orientation-selective. We speculate that these neurons could be the neural substrate that accounts for tactile IMR.
doi:10.3389/fnins.2019.00605 pmid:31258463 pmcid:PMC6587367 fatcat:tvbxvcepvjdlzi43rwxlscf4ly

Deep Semantic Matching with Foreground Detection and Cycle-Consistency [article]

Yun-Chun Chen, Po-Hsiang Huang, Li-Yu Yu, Jia-Bin Huang, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Yen-Yu Lin
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Establishing dense semantic correspondences between object instances remains a challenging problem due to background clutter, significant scale and pose differences, and large intra-class variations. In this paper, we address weakly supervised semantic matching based on a deep network where only image pairs without manual keypoint correspondence annotations are provided. To facilitate network training with this weaker form of supervision, we 1) explicitly estimate the foreground regions to
more » ... ess the effect of background clutter and 2) develop cycle-consistent losses to enforce the predicted transformations across multiple images to be geometrically plausible and consistent. We train the proposed model using the PF-PASCAL dataset and evaluate the performance on the PF-PASCAL, PF-WILLOW, and TSS datasets. Extensive experimental results show that the proposed approach performs favorably against the state-of-the-art methods.
arXiv:2004.00144v1 fatcat:6ompuspfmvel5jidmt7acev5ly

Investigation of Photonic-Crystal-Structured p-GaN Nanorods Fabricated by Polystyrene Nanosphere Lithography Method to Improve the Light Extraction Efficiency of InGaN/GaN Green Light-Emitting Diodes

Po-Hsun Lei, Po-Chun Yang, Po-Chun Huang
2021 Materials  
We fabricated the photonic-crystal-structured p-GaN (PC-structured p-GaN) nanorods using the modified polystyrene nanosphere (PS NS) lithography method for InGaN/GaN green light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to enhance the light extraction efficiency (LEE). A modified PS NS lithography method including two-times spin-coating processes and the post-spin-coating heating treatment was used to obtain a self-assembly close-packed PS NS array of monolayer as a mask and then a partially dry etching process
more » ... s applied to PS NS, SiO2, and p-GaN to form PC-structured p-GaN nanorods on the InGaN/GaN green LEDs. The light output intensity and LEE of InGaN/GaN green LEDs with the PC-structured p-GaN nanorods depend on the period, diameter, and height of PC-structured p-GaN nanorods. RSoft FullWAVE software based on the three-dimension finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) algorithm was used to calculate the LEE of InGaN/GaN green LEDs with PC-structured p-GaN nanorods of the varied period, diameter, and height. The optimal period, diameter, and height of PC-structured p-GaN nanorods are 150, 350, and 110 nm. The InGaN/GaN green LEDs with optimal PC-structured p-GaN nanorods exhibit an enhancement of 41% of emission intensity under the driving current of 20 mA as compared to conventional LED.
doi:10.3390/ma14092200 pmid:33922982 fatcat:b5vn7nuhpvewlki5rhgw5bccza

Electrochemical Assessment of Anticancer Compounds on the Human Tongue Squamous Carcinoma Cells

Chun-Chung Huang, Tse-Hua Tung, Chien-Chu Huang, Shao-Yi Lin, Shih-Chi Chao, Sheng-Po Chiu, Shiao-Pieng Lee, Chun-Min Lo
2020 Sensors  
The most common oral cancer is squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and its highest occurrence is in the tongue. Almost 30% of patients with one primary head and neck tumor will have a second primary malignancy. In recent studies, two novel plant extracts, andrographolide and cannabidiol (CBD), have been exploited for their anticancer effects. Here, we investigated the cytotoxic effects of these two compounds on SCC-25 cells, a human tongue squamous carcinoma cell line, and compared the outcomes with
more » ... wo chemotherapeutic drugs, cisplatin and fluorouracil. Electric cell substrate impedance sensing (ECIS) system was applied to measure frequency- and time-dependent impedance of SCC-25 cell-covered electrodes and to further assess subtle changes in cell morphology and micromotion in response to different concentrations (0, 10, 30, 100, and 300 µM) of these compounds. AlamarBlue and Annexin V/7-AAD binding assays were used to measure the concentration dependent changes in viability and apoptosis of SCC-25 cells. Our results demonstrate that 24 hours after exposure to 30 µM CBD can significantly decrease the micromotion rate, damage the integrity of cell morphology, reduce cell viability, and induce higher apoptosis in treated SCC-25 cells, while the other three drugs attain similar effects at the concentration of 100 µM or higher. The apoptosis-induced changes in cell morphology and micromotion monitored by ECIS correlate well with biochemical assays. Thus, both frequency- and time-dependent impedance measurements using ECIS can be used to real-time follow cancer cell activities in response to anticancer drugs with different temporal cytotoxicity profiles.
doi:10.3390/s20092632 pmid:32380706 fatcat:qg5fs44745gmllae4k2sx6ta2i

Bacteremia Caused by Group G Streptococci, Taiwan

Chun-Hsing Liao, Liang-Chun Liu, Yu-Tsung Huang, Lee-Jeng Teng, Po-Ren Hsueh
2008 Emerging Infectious Diseases  
A retrospective observational study in Taiwan, 1998Taiwan, -2004, identifi ed 92 patients with group G streptococcal bacteremia; 86 had Streptococcus dysgalactiae subspecies equisimilis. The most common diagnosis was cellulitis (48 cases), followed by primary bacteremia (34 cases). Infection recurred in 9 patients. Mortality rate was low (3.3%); resistance to quinupristin-dalfopristin was high. G roup G streptococci (GGS) are part of the normal microbial fl ora of the gastrointestinal tract,
more » ... ina, and skin and cause a variety of infections (1). Major underlying illnesses in patients with GGS bacteremia are malignancy, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, bone and joint diseases, and cirrhosis (1,2). Reported mortality rates for patients with GGS bacteremia also vary, ranging from 5% to 30% (1-3). Recent studies of β-hemolytic streptococci isolates carrying Lancefi eld group G antigen showed that they consist of Streptococcus dysgalactiae subspecies equisimilis, S. anginosus, and S. canis (2,4-6). To supplement the limited clinical information about bacteremia caused by GGS strains identifi ed to the species level (2-4), we conducted a retrospective observational study.
doi:10.3201/eid1405.070130 pmid:18439377 pmcid:PMC2600252 fatcat:5btu6egjajd4fahbzaot55e35i

Reliability improvement of InGaZnO thin film transistors encapsulated under nitrogen ambient

Chun-Yu Wu, Huang-Chung Cheng, Chao-Lung Wang, Ta-Chuan Liao, Po-Chun Chiu, Chih-Hung Tsai, Chun-Hsiang Fang, Chung-Chun Lee
2012 Applied Physics Letters  
The pos-sible mechanism of the instability phenomenon is also investigated. Bottom-gate inverted-staggered a-IGZO TFTs were fabricated on the glass substrate in this work.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.3702794 fatcat:5jyxhrxg2vb7vfcwmvuatctp4m

IF-Net: An Illumination-invariant Feature Network [article]

Po-Heng Chen, Zhao-Xu Luo, Zu-Kuan Huang, Chun Yang, Kuan-Wen Chen
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Po-Heng Chen is with the Department of Electronic Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, 300, Taiwan.  ...  However, instead of directly merging AMOS-crop with commonly used datasets, IF-Net: An Illumination-invariant Feature Network Po-Heng Chen, Zhao-Xu Luo, Zu-Kuan Huang, Chun Yang, Kuan-Wen Chen* (a) (  ... 
arXiv:2008.03897v1 fatcat:tl3vd2zfljaajbyyz32uqxnyxq

Delayed surgery after histologic or radiologic-diagnosed clinical stage I lung adenocarcinoma

Chien-Sheng Huang, Po-Kuei Hsu, Chun-Ku Chen, Yi-Chen Yeh, Chun-Che Shih, Biing-Shiun Huang
2020 Journal of Thoracic Disease  
The impact of delayed surgery on clinical outcomes after histologic or radiologic diagnosis of clinical stage I adenocarcinoma remains controversial. We evaluated the effects of delayed surgery on outcomes of patients with early-stage lung cancer. Associations between time intervals of "histologic diagnosis-to-surgery" (HDS), "radiologic diagnosis-to-surgery" (RDS), and overall survival in clinical stage I adenocarcinoma were assessed using multivariable Cox proportional hazard analysis. A
more » ... of 561 consecutive patients with preoperative histologic confirmation of stage I lung cancer between 2006 and 2016 were included. Median time to HDS and RDS were 20 (2-267) and 58 (38-2,983) days. Higher Charlson comorbidity score, receiving brain magnetic resonance imaging screening, and video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery approach were significantly associated with increased risk of late HDS (>21 days). Smaller tumor size and non-radiologic solid-dominant pattern were significantly associated with increased risk of late RDS (>60 days). In the overall cohort, worse 5-year overall survival was associated with late HDS compared to early HDS (75.9% vs. 85.5%, P=0.003). No significant differences were found in later late vs. early RDS (83.7% vs. 83.3%, P=0.570). In 286 propensity-score matched patients, late HDS [adjusted hazard ratio (aHR) =2.031, P=0.038], higher Charlson comorbidity score (aHR=1.610, P=0.023), larger tumor size (aHR=2.164, P=0.031), without brain magnetic resonance imaging screening (aHR=2.051, P=0.045), and tumor with angiolymphatic invasion (aHR=4.638, P=0.001) were significantly associated with lower overall survival. In patients with stage I lung adenocarcinoma, delayed surgery after a histologic diagnosis is an independent predictor of overall survival after adjusting for clinical risk factors, suggesting meaningful differences in clinical outcomes between timely vs. delayed surgeries.
doi:10.21037/jtd.2019.12.123 pmid:32274127 pmcid:PMC7139031 fatcat:ir5oofzr7zaahkbknsmbs4i3w4

Transplantation with GXHPC1 for Liver Cirrhosis: Phase 1 Trial

Ko-Chang Huang, Ming-Hsi Chuang, Zung-Sheng Lin, Yi-Chun Lin, Chun-Hung Chen, Chao-Liang Chang, Pi-Chun Huang, Wan-Sin Syu, Tzyy-Wen Chiou, Zih-Han Hong, Yu-Chen Tsai, Horng-Jyh Harn (+2 others)
2019 Cell Transplantation  
Currently, the only effective therapy for cirrhosis of the liver is liver transplantation. However, finding a compatible liver is difficult due to the low supply of healthy livers and the ever-increasing demand. However, stem-cell therapy may offer a solution for liver cirrhosis; for example, GXHPC1 therapy preparation contains adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (AD-MSCs) and was developed for the treatment of liver cirrhosis. In our previous report, animal studies suggested that treatment
more » ... f a diseased liver via GXHPC1 transplantation can abrogate liver fibrosis and facilitate recovery of liver function. In our current human trial, patients with liver cirrhosis were included. Their adipose tissue was harvested from the subcutaneous fat of the abdominal wall during surgery. AD-MSCs were cultured and suspended at a concentration of 100 million cells in 1 ml of physiological saline (i.e., GXHPC1). This human study passed the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration IND inspection and received Phase I clinical trial permission. The trial was conducted with six patients with liver cirrhosis to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of administering GXHPC1. Intrahepatic injection of GXHPC1 did not cause any safety issues in the analysis of adverse drug reactions and suspected unexpected serious adverse reactions, and showed a tendency for improvement of liver function, METAVIR score, Child–Pugh score, MELD score, and quality of life for patients with liver cirrhosis.
doi:10.1177/0963689719884885 pmid:31722556 pmcid:PMC7016466 fatcat:yckc7kfmp5gjzbzq4gkx4zacte

Oxygen Vacancy Induced Ferromagnetism in V_2O_5-x [article]

Zhi Ren Xiao, Guang Yu Guo, Po Han Lee, Hua Shu Hsu, Jung Chun Andrew Huang
2008 arXiv   pre-print
Ab initio calculations within density functional theory with generalized gradient approximation have been performed to study the effects of oxygen vacancies on the electronic structure and magnetism in undoped V_2O_5-x (0 < x < 0.5). It is found that the introduction of oxygen vacancies would induce ferromagnetism in V_2O_5-x with the magnetization being proportional to the O vacancy concentration x. The calculated electronic structure reveals that the valence electrons released by the
more » ... ion of oxygen vacancies would occupy mainly the neighboring V d_xy-dominant band which then becomes spin-polarized due to intra-atomic exchange interaction, thereby giving rise to the half-metallic ferromagnetism.
arXiv:0802.1313v1 fatcat:4xgo53gujvdeviefn5nem5o4em
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