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Dendrochronological Provenance Patterns. Network Analysis of Tree-Ring Material Reveals Spatial and Economic Relations of Roman Timber in the Continental North-Western Provinces

Ronald M. Visser
2021 Journal of Computer Applications in Archaeology  
Most dendrochronological provenance studies rely on simple comparisons between tree-ring series based on a single similarity measure.  ...  This paper focusses on networks with site chronologies as nodes, although networks can also be constructed using individual tree-ring series or a combination with site chronologies.  ...  I am much obliged to my employer, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, who granted me time to work on this research, and to the Saxion Research Services for their grant to publish this paper in Open  ... 
doi:10.5334/jcaa.79 fatcat:wcgwaq2nabdm3ctfwoledyso5m

Radiocarbon-Based Chronology for Dynastic Egypt

C. B. Ramsey, M. W. Dee, J. M. Rowland, T. F. G. Higham, S. A. Harris, F. Brock, A. Quiles, E. M. Wild, E. S. Marcus, A. J. Shortland
2010 Science  
This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. . clicking here colleagues, clients, or customers by , you can order high-quality copies for your If you wish to distribute this article to others  ...  The order of the reigns was defined but no prior information was included on the absolute dating of the chronology.  ...  The historical chronologies for dynastic Egypt are based on reign lengths inferred from written and archaeological evidence.  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.1189395 pmid:20558717 fatcat:fj7dlc2m7jetdacoelafg2ejwm

EUBAR: A Database of 14C Measurements for the European Bronze Age. A Bayesian Analysis of 14C-Dated Archaeological Contexts from Northern Italy and Southern France

Giacomo Capuzzo, Elisabetta Boaretto, Juan A Barceló
2014 Radiocarbon: An International Journal of Cosmogenic Isotope Research  
In order to build an accurate and precise chronology, quality selection rules have been applied to the 14C dates based on both archaeological context and analytical quality.  ...  The chronological framework of European protohistory is mostly a relative chronology based on typology and stratigraphic data.  ...  The recent 853 EUBAR: 14 C Database for European Bronze Age works of A J Nijboer based on the analysis of 14 C dates from Latial contexts agree with this high chronology .  ... 
doi:10.2458/56.17453 fatcat:oozdjojv2rglziclggidmrmclq

Using Context Inference to Improve Sentence Ordering for Multi-document Summarization

Peifeng Li, Guangxi Deng, Qiaoming Zhu
2011 International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing  
In this paper, we propose a novel context inference-based approach for sentences ordering in mult i-document summarization application.  ...  Our method first detects whether or not two summarizat ion sentences should be adjacent according to the similarity between one summarizat ion sentence and the context of the other one, and then it co  ...  Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their comments on this paper. This research was supported by the National Natural Science  ... 
dblp:conf/ijcnlp/LiDZ11 fatcat:7xwgiqfu6rdtbpkm6265rzf7yu

Desenredando patrones en el arte rupestre de Oukaïmeden

Jorge De Torres, Marisa Ruiz-Gálvez
2015 Complutum  
Statistical analysis was applied to the study of Oukaïmeden rock art as a way to obtain chronological information.  ...  Subsequently we analyzed recurrent associations and overlappings, which led us to the last scale of analysis: the dating of rock art stations. key wOrds: Correspondence Analysis, dating, rock art. resumen  ...  Based on a different statistical technique (the Multiple Factor Analysis), he detected six different groups (I-VI), and proposed a chronological evolution from the most complex and elaborated anthropomorphs  ... 
doi:10.5209/rev_cmpl.2014.v25.47346 fatcat:vohxm5sspbc3vjf6wmcctdaqha

CMUQA: Multiple-Choice Question Answering at NTCIR-12 QA Lab-2 Task

Dheeru Dua, Bhawna Juneja, Sanchit Agarwal, Kotaro Sakamoto, Di Wang, Teruko Mitamura
2016 NTCIR Conference on Evaluation of Information Access Technologies  
The first version of the UIMA-based modular automatic question answering (QA) system was developed for NTCIR-11 QA Lab task [5] .  ...  The system answers multiple-choice English questions for the Japanese university entrance examinations on the subject of world history.  ...  We tried a lot of different evidencers to understand which dimension we should focus on in making the system better.  ... 
dblp:conf/ntcir/DuaJASWM16 fatcat:quisdhlsird4jbkqarb7jmpvfu

Automatic Story Construction from News Articles in an Online Fashion [article]

Özgür Can, Selma Tekir
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The proposed system uses a novel sliding window solution, named Inching Window, allowing the processing of each new data element on-the-fly.  ...  To assign a new data element into a community in a fast and memory-efficient manner, we apply the modularity maximization idea of Louvain method on-the-fly.  ...  After feeding a news stream in the chronological order to an inching window set up, we propose an online story detection system that is composed of three main steps: Topic creation, on-the-fly document  ... 
arXiv:2007.10399v1 fatcat:n3etew6jobc2dilctr4sl37bq4

Towards an Absolute Chronology for the Aegean Iron Age: New Radiocarbon Dates from Lefkandi, Kalapodi and Corinth

Michael B. Toffolo, Alexander Fantalkin, Irene S. Lemos, Rainer C. S. Felsch, Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier, Guy D. R. Sanders, Israel Finkelstein, Elisabetta Boaretto, Roberto Macchiarelli
2013 PLoS ONE  
The relative chronology of the Aegean Iron Age is robust. It is based on minute stylistic changes in the Submycenaean, Protogeometric and Geometric styles and their sub-phases.  ...  We focus on the crucial transition from the Submycenaean to the Protogeometric periods.  ...  and the Aegean High Chronology based on the traditional High (biblical-based) Palestinian Chronology [17] .  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0083117 pmid:24386150 pmcid:PMC3873300 fatcat:kv6ownskqbepbh5i6pdynp7e3m

A framework for allocating personalized appliance-level disaggregated electricity consumption to daily activities

Simin Ahmadi-Karvigh, Burcin Becerik-Gerber, Lucio Soibelman
2016 Energy and Buildings  
In our framework, using ontology based approach, the input 17 appliance usage data is first separated into categories of non-overlapping activity events.  ...  The separated data 18 sets are then segmented to detect activity segments, which are next mapped into activity classes using a 19 trained classification model.  ...  In order to separate overlapping activities, we introduced an ontology-based approach, based on 650 which the input data are separated into categories with regards to the context information.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.enbuild.2015.11.029 fatcat:ko65wucsiva4jjtlst27loheve

Refining the statistical parameters for constructing tree-ring chronologies using short-lived species: Alder (Alnus glutinosa Gaertn)

Marie-Therese Barrett
2019 Dendrochronologia  
We show that in order to construct the best possible alder chronology, multiple ring patterns need to be examined from each context.  ...  Where there has been a level of success with short sequenced assemblages, the focus has been on visual comparisons, based on the occurrence of signature rings.  ...  Of the 73 alder samples initially examined, 43 proved suitable for chronology construction based on visual matches.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.dendro.2019.03.004 fatcat:uqcgc76wijh5dbgwbattigs6ka

Taking into account Inter-sentence Similarity for Update Summarization

Maali Mnasri, Gaël de Chalendar, Olivier Ferret
2017 International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing  
In this context, the notion of redundancy is only implicitly taken into account.  ...  We show more precisely the impact of this strategy through evaluations performed on DUC 2007 and TAC 2008 and 2009 datasets.  ...  The additional constraint is to detect information novelty in the new documents in order to avoid repeating what has already been read.  ... 
dblp:conf/ijcnlp/MnasriCF17 fatcat:2tg2ockao5enrg4xydpfim57wq

Discrepancies between archaeological and 14C-based chronologies: problems and possible solutions

Hans-Christoph Strien
2018 Documenta Praehistorica  
probably caused by diagenetic influences, especially on collagen.  ...  In contrast, a comparison of three newly published local or regional chronolo­gical models as well as a comparison of several series of dates from bone collagen, charcoal and cereals highlights problems  ...  Fig. 2 . 2 Chronological table 5500-4500 cal BC, based on 14 C.  ... 
doi:10.4312/dp.44.16 fatcat:vzwgra5tq5abld22ko7xmayq24

DNA Methylation Profiling of Human Prefrontal Cortex Neurons in Heroin Users Shows Significant Difference between Genomic Contexts of Hyper- and Hypomethylation and a Younger Epigenetic Age

Alexey Kozlenkov, Andrew Jaffe, Alisa Timashpolsky, Pasha Apontes, Sergei Rudchenko, Mihaela Barbu, William Byne, Yasmin Hurd, Steve Horvath, Stella Dracheva
2017 Genes  
DMSs and corresponding genes (DMGs) in heroin users showed significant differences in the preferential context of hyper and hypo DM.  ...  Finally, we found that the DNAm-based "epigenetic age" of neurons from heroin users was younger than that in controls. Suicide-related results were more difficult to interpret.  ...  expected based on chronological age.  ... 
doi:10.3390/genes8060152 pmid:28556790 pmcid:PMC5485516 fatcat:5xdxfl5qzzhdpe55j264rg5kpq

The Matrix: Connecting Time and Space in archaeological stratigraphic records and archives

Keith May
2020 Internet Archaeology  
relationships based on the laws of stratigraphic superposition and the Harris matrix conventions (Harris 1979).  ...  It will also consider where further work is needed both to deal with analysis of spatial or temporal records and to enhance Bayesian chronological modelling and associated temporal reasoning, and how this  ...  Thanks also to Steve Roskams and James Taylor at University of York for numerous useful discussions and especially the collaboration on a joint presentation given at CAA2019 conference in Krakow that helped  ... 
doi:10.11141/ia.55.8 fatcat:4pbgarnu7bdr7hvld7ffhi4jqy

Sub-event detection from Twitter streams as a sequence labeling problem [article]

Giannis Bekoulis, Johannes Deleu, Thomas Demeester, Chris Develder
2019 arXiv   pre-print
order of posts.  ...  This paper introduces improved methods for sub-event detection in social media streams, by applying neural sequence models not only on the level of individual posts, but also directly on the stream level  ...  Moreover, we would like to thank Christos Xypolopoulos and Giannis Nikolentzos for providing (i) the Twitter dataset (tweet ids) and (ii) instructions to reproduce the results of their graph-based approach  ... 
arXiv:1903.05396v1 fatcat:pxblit6lfjdkhlyf66u3aayzjq
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