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Congenital Zika Infection and the Risk of Neurodevelopmental, Neurological, and Urinary Track Disorders in Early Childhood. A Systematic Review

Evangelia Antoniou, Eirini Orovou, Paraskevi Eva Andronikidi, Christos Orovas, Nikolaos Rigas, Ermioni Palaska, Angeliki Sarella, Georgios Iatrakis, Chrysa Voyiatzaki
2021 Viruses  
It was late 2015 when Northeast Brazil noticed a worrying increase in neonates born with microcephaly and other congenital malformations. These abnormalities, characterized by an abnormally small head and often neurological impairment and later termed Congenital Zika Syndrome, describe the severity of neurodevelopmental and nephrological outcomes in early childhood, and the implication of microcephaly at birth. The purpose of the study was to describe the neurodevelopmental outcomes in children
more » ... exposed to Zika virus during fetal life, with and without microcephaly at birth. The systematic review included research studies about the neurodevelopmental outcomes with and without microcephaly, as well as nephrological outcomes in early childhood. We searched PubMed, Crossref, PsycINFO, Scopus, and Google Scholar publications and selected 19 research articles published from 2018 to 2021. Most studies have linked the severity of microcephaly in childbirth to the neurodevelopmental and urinary outcomes in early childhood. However, most children without microcephaly at birth develop typically, while others may be at risk for language impairment.
doi:10.3390/v13081671 pmid:34452535 pmcid:PMC8402620 fatcat:z5audj6lfvdotfxkectlwgovaq

Imaging genomics in cancer research: limitations and promises

Harrison X Bai, Ashley M Lee, Li Yang, Paul Zhang, Christos Davatzikos, John M Maris, Sharon J Diskin
2016 British Journal of Radiology  
location Aerts et al 9 CT NSCLC Association with mRNA None Jain et al 32 CT GBM Association with mRNA None Osborne et al 36 PET Breast cancer Association with molecular subtypes None Palaskas  ...  texture, wavelet features Jamshidi et al 28 CT CCRCC None Kuo et al 18 CT HCC None Segal et al 20 CT HCC None Carlson et al 30 CT HGG None Osburne et al 36 PET Breast cancer SUV Palaskas  ... 
doi:10.1259/bjr.20151030 pmid:26864054 pmcid:PMC4985482 fatcat:7izhbra4vzhqrdeqgpj3jamc4y

2019 | President's Plenary Session

2019 Reproductive Sciences  
Judith Brands,1,2 Marcia J Gallaher,2 Robert W Allison L Fisher†, Veena Sangkhae†, Nicolaos Palaskas, Powers∗.1,2 1University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine  ...  Floor Spaans†,1 Jude S Morton,1 Raven Kirschenman,1 Yvonne L Clarkson∗, Christos Lamprianidis, Marie Tatsuya Sawamura,2 Dionne S Tannetta,3 Ian L Sargent,4  ... 
doi:10.1177/1933719119834078 fatcat:oco33oitdrhnjkrozhapxcoma4

Peace Journalism and the role of the media in accelerating social progress: Studying the Greek Media's coverage of the refugee crisis

Δέσποινα Μαργαρίτη Βαδουρίδου
This way, they offer a 'window' through which we can see how conflict resolution could be achieved. responsible for technical issues, Christos Kypraios, proposing to offer his know-how, being a monument  ...  The articles are about Sotiris Palaskas, teacher at Kos Evening High School, who together with his pupils produced a short film 19 on refugees reaching the island, the stance of local society but also  ... 
doi:10.26262/ fatcat:mhpgn7w4zzdunm6mek5trtrdxa