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Ontologie der mittelalterlichen Kirchengeschichte

Christian Knüpfer
2020 Zenodo  
Occurrents Lebensereignisse Institutionsereignisse kirchliche Rechtsakte RG Online, RG IV 08350 Christian Knüpfer: Ontologie der mittelalterlichen Kirchengeschichte 21.02.2020 Christian  ...  Pfarrkirche Rudolstadt Rudolstadt Grafschaft Schwarzburg Diözese Mainz hat-inne Einkommen-für ist-zugeordnet ist-untergeordnet liegt-in liegt-in Hauptkirche-von Christian Knüpfer:  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4049796 fatcat:27yt6kmafzb63mnt3x5yl5waem

A Knowledge Base of Charters for Generating Networks

Christian Knüpfer
2020 Zenodo  
Christian Knüpfer: A Knowledge Base of Charters for Generating Networks 02.07.2018 Christian Knüpfer: A Knowledge Base of Charters for Generating Networks 02.07.2018  ...  Christian Knüpfer: A Knowledge Base of Charters for Generating Networks 02.07.2018 Current State of Knowledge Base 990 persons 2068 charters 11335 relations 2030 issuer (98 % of charters) 504 recipient  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3754132 fatcat:6ewne2gcinf47pkaso63e4yafe

A Knowledge Base of Charters for Generating Networks

Christian Knüpfer
2020 Zenodo  
Networks from Charters of the Holy Roman Empire in the Reign of Late Frederick I. and Henry VI. (1163-1198) Christian Knüpfer: A Knowledge Base of Charters for Generating Networks 31.08.2018 4 Hermeneutics  ...  h a r d t o c o m p r e h e n d 2. no computer support Christian Knüpfer: A Knowledge Base of Charters for Generating Networks 31.08.2018 Hermeneutics Synthesis Analysis Interpretation  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3765259 fatcat:2trngmcbujdt3kumo7i42ccltu

Modellng prosopographic knowledge from historical events

Clemens Beck, Clemens Beckstei, Robert Gramsch, Christian Knüpfer
2021 Zenodo  
Modellng prosopographic knowledge from historical events. In: Data for History 2021: Modelling Times, Places, Agents. Berlin 2021.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4899879 fatcat:b6wyg6eeancedinzlvjygw6yie

Metallic Barium: A Versatile and Efficient Hydrogenation Catalyst

Sjoerd Harder, Philipp Stegner, Christian Färber, Ulrich Zenneck, Christian Knüpfer, Jonathan Eyselein, Michael Wiesinger
2020 Angewandte Chemie  
Ba metal was activated by evaporation and cocondensation with heptane.T his black powder is ah ighly active hydrogenation catalyst for the reduction of av ariety of unactivated (non-conjugated) mono-, di-and tri-substituted alkenes,t etraphenylethylene,b enzene,anumber of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,a ldimines,k etimines and various pyridines.T he performance of metallic Ba in hydrogenation catalysis tops that of the hitherto most active molecular group 2 metal catalysts.D epending on the
more » ... ubstrate,t wo different catalytic cycles are proposed. A: aclassical metal hydride cycle and B: the Ba metal cycle.The latter is proposed for substrates that are easily reduced by Ba 0 ,t hat is,c onjugated alkenes, alkynes,a nnulated rings,i mines and pyridines.I na ddition, am echanism in which Ba 0 and BaH 2 are both essential is discussed. DFT calculations on benzene hydrogenation with asimple model system (Ba/BaH 2 )confirm that the presence of metallic Ba has an accelerating effect.
doi:10.1002/ange.202014326 fatcat:fcpe47565fbppbgm4wwdvrwmte

Zur Ontologie der mittelalterlichen Verfassungs- und Sozialgeschichte. Herausforderungen aus Sicht der Wissensrepräsentation

Christian Knüpfer
2020 Zenodo  
Knüpfer: mittelalterliche Ontologie 15.04.2016 Nachvollziehbarkeit Transparenz: explizite Sachverhalte und Regeln, Dokumentation (automatisch) Begründungen A B stmt145: witness(A,X), stmt387  ...  RI V,1,1 n. 1918, in: Regesta Imperii Online Textmining, Kuration formales Regelwerk Urkunden, Stammtafeln, Chroniken Wissensbasis: Ontologie, Sachverhalte Netzwerke Wissen Ergebnisse Christian  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3765322 fatcat:mbj7djmdxzev3hukkj4ntbyatu

Early Main Group Metal Catalysts for Imine Hydrosilylation

Sjoerd Harder, Holger Elsen, Christian Fischer, Christian Knüpfer, Ana Melissa Escalona Bauza
2019 Chemistry - A European Journal  
The efficient catalytic reduction of imines with phenylsilane is achieved by using the potassium, calcium and strontium based catalysts [(DMAT)K (THF)]∞ , (DMAT)2 Ca⋅(THF)2 and (DMAT)2 Sr⋅(THF)2 (DMAT=2-dimethylamino-α-trimethylsilylbenzyl). Eight different aldimines and the ketimine Ph2 C=NPh could be successfully reduced by PhSiH3 at temperatures between 25-60 °C with catalyst loadings down to 2.5 mol %. Also, simple amides like KN(SiMe3 )2 or Ae[N(SiMe3 )2 ]2 (Ae=Ca, Sr, Ba) catalyze this
more » ... ction. Activities increase with metal size. For most substrates the activity increases along the row K<Ca<Sr<Ba. Fastest conversion was found for imines with alkyl substituents at N and aryl rings at C, for example, PhC(H)=NtBu, while tBuC(H)=NtBu or PhC(H)=NPh react much slower. Reasonable functional group tolerance is observed. The proposed metal hydride mechanism is supported by stoichiometric reactions using a catalyst model system, isolation of intermediates and DFT calculations.
doi:10.1002/chem.201904148 pmid:31617621 fatcat:troa22iycbc7limgcsmysxuc4a

Datengetriebene Geschichtswissenschaft: Eine Wissensbasis für die mittelalterliche Verfassungs- und Sozialgeschichte

Clemens Beckstein, Robert Gramsch, Christian Knüpfer, Clemens Beck
2021 Zenodo  
Christian Knüpfer) • Lehrstuhl für die Geschichte des Frühmittelalters, Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Prof. Dr.  ...  Robert Gramsch: Christian Knüpfer: Worms, v. Osnabrück, N. v. Reggio, v. Imola u. v. Brixen, die herz. A. v. Sachsen, O. v. Meran u. B. v.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4587238 fatcat:h6tsevbmwjhg5dcnizixbfqw6e

Aufbereitung und Analyse historischer Daten zur mittelalterlichen Prosopographie und Kirchengeschichte. Herausforderungen aus informatischer Sicht

Christian Knüpfer
2020 Zenodo  
* B E L G A M B E L G A Christian Knüpfer: Wissensrepräsentation historischer Daten 29.06.2017 MEDIÄVISTISCHE ONTOLOGIE DER ADELS-UND KIRCHENGESCHICHTE Christian Knüpfer:  ...  Christian Knüpfer: Wissensrepräsentation historischer Daten 29.06.2017 11 NETZWERK JENA Archb. Magd. Bish. Zeitz Bish.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3765296 fatcat:vhlxzltkrnfgbkpz7qdhqlc36a

Notions of similarity for systems biology models

Ron Henkel, Robert Hoehndorf, Tim Kacprowski, Christian Knüpfer, Wolfram Liebermeister, Dagmar Waltemath
2016 Briefings in Bioinformatics  
Systems biology models are rapidly increasing in complexity, size and numbers. When building large models, researchers rely on software tools for the retrieval, comparison, combination and merging of models, as well as for version control. These tools need to be able to quantify the differences and similarities between computational models. However, depending on the specific application, the notion of 'similarity' may greatly vary. A general notion of model similarity, applicable to various
more » ... s of models, is still missing. Here we survey existing methods for the comparison of models, introduce quantitative measures for model similarity, and discuss potential applications of combined similarity measures. To frame model comparison as a general problem, we describe a theoretical approach to defining and computing similarities based on a combination of different model aspects. The six aspects that we define as potentially relevant for similarity are underlying encoding, references to biological entities, quantitative behaviour, qualitative behaviour, mathematical equations and parameters and network structure. We argue that future similarity measures will benefit from combining these model aspects in flexible, problem-specific ways to mimic users' intuition about model similarity, and to support complex model searches in databases. Jena. His research is focused on knowledge representation and its application to different fields ranging from systems biology to medieval studies. Wolfram Liebermeister is a physicist working in systems biology. In his research on complex biochemical networks, he highlights functional aspects such as variability, information, metabolic control and the economy of cellular resources. Dagmar Waltemath is a junior research group leader at the University of Rostock. Her research focuses on the development of methods and tools for model management in computational biology.
doi:10.1093/bib/bbw090 pmid:27742665 pmcid:PMC5862271 fatcat:2gbguuwz6fagro5ur3zhkp2qmu

Heterometallic Mg–Ba Hydride Clusters in Hydrogenation Catalysis

Sjoerd Harder, Michael Wiesinger, Christian Knüpfer, Holger Elsen, Jonathan C. Mai, Jens Langer
2021 ChemCatChem  
Reaction of a MgN" 2 /BaN" 2 mixture (N" = N(SiMe 3 ) 2 ) with PhSiH 3 gave three unique heterometallic Mg/Ba hydride clusters: Mg 5 Ba 4 H 11 N" 7 • (benzene) 2 (1), Mg 4 Ba 7 H 13 N" 9 • (toluene) 2 (2) and Mg 7 Ba 12 H 26 N" 12 (3). Product formation is controlled by the Mg/ Ba ratio and temperature. Crystal structures are described. While 3 is fully insoluble, clusters 1 and 2 retain their structures in aromatic solvents. DFT calculations and AIM analyses indicate highly ionic bonding with
more » ... gÀ H and BaÀ H bond paths. Also unusual H À •••H À bond paths are observed. Catalytic hydrogenation with MgN" 2 , BaN" 2 and the mixture MgN" 2 /BaN" 2 has been studied. Whereas MgN" 2 is only active in imine hydrogenation, alkene and alkyne hydrogenation needs the presence of Ba. The catalytic activity of the MgN" 2 /BaN" 2 mixture lies in general between that of its individual components and strong cooperative effects are not evident.
doi:10.1002/cctc.202101071 fatcat:yknadkn5brgt3fason6fztdtxy

Notions of similarity for systems biology models

Ron Henkel, Robert Hoehndorf, Tim Kacprowski, Christian Knüpfer, Wolfram Liebermeister, Dagmar Waltemath
2017 Briefings in Bioinformatics  
doi:10.1093/bib/bbw146 pmid:28096074 pmcid:PMC5862340 fatcat:agrqdagw7zbqnipfxtjj3a7ezu

Structure, function, and behaviour of computational models in systems biology

Christian Knüpfer, Clemens Beckstein, Peter Dittrich, Nicolas Novère
2013 BMC Systems Biology  
Systems Biology develops computational models in order to understand biological phenomena. The increasing number and complexity of such "bio-models" necessitate computer support for the overall modelling task. Computer-aided modelling has to be based on a formal semantic description of bio-models. But, even if computational bio-models themselves are represented precisely in terms of mathematical expressions their full meaning is not yet formally specified and only described in natural language.
more » ... Results: We present a conceptual framework -the meaning facets -which can be used to rigorously specify the semantics of bio-models. A bio-model has a dual interpretation: On the one hand it is a mathematical expression which can be used in computational simulations (intrinsic meaning). On the other hand the model is related to the biological reality (extrinsic meaning). We show that in both cases this interpretation should be performed from three perspectives: the meaning of the model's components (structure), the meaning of the model's intended use (function), and the meaning of the model's dynamics (behaviour). In order to demonstrate the strengths of the meaning facets framework we apply it to two semantically related models of the cell cycle. Thereby, we make use of existing approaches for computer representation of bio-models as much as possible and sketch the missing pieces. Conclusions: The meaning facets framework provides a systematic in-depth approach to the semantics of biomodels. It can serve two important purposes: First, it specifies and structures the information which biologists have to take into account if they build, use and exchange models. Secondly, because it can be formalised, the framework is a solid foundation for any sort of computer support in bio-modelling. The proposed conceptual framework establishes a new methodology for modelling in Systems Biology and constitutes a basis for computer-aided collaborative research.
doi:10.1186/1752-0509-7-43 pmid:23721297 pmcid:PMC3716781 fatcat:xkqrltr4hraflix4fvxgofclmu

Life-Threatening QT Prolongation in a Preterm Infant

Roman Gebauer, Matthias Knüpfer, Christian Paech
2014 American Journal of Perinatology Reports  
doi:10.1055/s-0034-1390166 pmid:25452889 pmcid:PMC4239140 fatcat:sj34vcoajrgd3p3qcjl3hrxseq

Digitale Prosopographie [chapter]

Clemens Beckstein, Robert Gramsch-Stehfest, Clemens Beck, Jan Engelhardt, Christian Knüpfer, Georg Zwillling
2022 Digital History  
Knüpfer, G.  ...  Knüpfer, G. Zwillling 1 Zur Person vgl.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110757101-009 fatcat:w4evm4oicngfhca7bykywezpuy
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