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IMGT standardized criteria for statistical analysis of immunoglobulin V-REGION amino acid properties

Christelle Pommié, Séverine Levadoux, Robert Sabatier, Gérard Lefranc, Marie-Paule Lefranc
2004 Journal of Molecular Recognition  
POMMIÉ ET AL.  ...  POMMIÉ ET AL. Copyright # 2004 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. J. Mol. Recognit. 2004; 17: 17-32  ... 
doi:10.1002/jmr.647 pmid:14872534 fatcat:xld242p3ung2tj2uq72ksa2wei

IMGT unique numbering for immunoglobulin and T cell receptor constant domains and Ig superfamily C-like domains

Marie-Paule Lefranc, Christelle Pommié, Quentin Kaas, Elodie Duprat, Nathalie Bosc, Delphine Guiraudou, Christelle Jean, Manuel Ruiz, Isabelle Da Piédade, Mathieu Rouard, Elodie Foulquier, Valérie Thouvenin (+1 others)
2005 Developmental and Comparative Immunology  
IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system w ( provides a common access to expertly annotated data on the genome, proteome, genetics and structure of immunoglobulins (IG), T cell receptors (TR), major histocompatibility complex (MHC), and related proteins of the immune system (RPI) of human and other vertebrates. The NUMEROTATION concept of IMGT-ONTOLOGY has allowed to define a unique numbering for the variable domains (V-DOMAINs) and for the V-LIKE-DOMAINs.
more » ... n this paper, this standardized characterization is extended to the constant domains (C-DOMAINs), and to the C-LIKE-DOMAINs, leading, for the first time, to their standardized description of mutations, allelic polymorphisms, two-dimensional (2D) representations and tridimensional (3D) structures. The IMGT unique numbering is, therefore, highly valuable for the comparative, structural or evolutionary studies of the immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF) domains, V-DOMAINs and C-DOMAINs of IG and TR in vertebrates, and V-LIKE-DOMAINs and C-LIKE-DOMAINs of proteins other than IG and TR, in any species. q
doi:10.1016/j.dci.2004.07.003 pmid:15572068 fatcat:yjiotyragzhx5kvr3eip3ntgay

IMGT-ONTOLOGY for immunogenetics and immunoinformatics

Marie-Paule Lefranc, Véronique Giudicelli, Chantal Ginestoux, Nathalie Bosc, Géraldine Folch, Delphine Guiraudou, Joumana Jabado-Michaloud, Séverine Magris, Dominique Scaviner, Valérie Thouvenin, Kora Combres, David Girod (+8 others)
2003 In Silico Biology  
., Belgium, for their scientific contribution to IMGT/PRIMER-DB, Julien Bertrand, Christèle Jean-Martinez, Olivier Elemento and Manuel Ruiz for their previous work at LIGM, our "2003" students Naoufel  ... 
pmid:15089751 fatcat:7dswqqx3vvhtjmd4fbhyh4lfg4

Beliefs and Attitudes of French Family Practitioners toward Depression: The Impact of Training in Mental Health

Joanna L. Norton, Christelle Pommié, Joël Cogneau, Mark Haddad, Karen A. Ritchie, Anthony H. Mann
2011 International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine  
doi:10.2190/pm.41.2.a pmid:21675343 pmcid:PMC3596352 fatcat:6wstre2hqrf4hkdq46irv2qoza

IMGT unique numbering for immunoglobulin and T cell receptor variable domains and Ig superfamily V-like domains

Marie-Paule Lefranc, Christelle Pommié, Manuel Ruiz, Véronique Giudicelli, Elodie Foulquier, Lisa Truong, Valérie Thouvenin-Contet, Gérard Lefranc
2003 Developmental and Comparative Immunology  
Acknowledgements We are grateful to Nathalie Bosc, Géraldine Folch, Chantal Ginestoux, Christèle Jean, Dominique Scaviner and Denys Chaume for helpful discussion.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0145-305x(02)00039-3 pmid:12477501 fatcat:vatx634aynb3xemcwgnk6cxscy

Effectiveness of SB4 transition from originator etanercept in rheumatoid arthritis and axial spondyloarthritis: A subgroup analysis from the BENEFIT study

Nicoletta Luciano, Enrico Fusaro, Maria Chiara Ditto, Aurora Ianniello, Emanuela Bellis, Cosimo Bruni, Ombretta Viapiana, Elisa Gremese, Alberto Migliore, Ester Romoli, Ludovica Conforti, Marcello Govoni (+2 others)
2022 Rheumatology and Immunology Research  
Acknowledgments Statistical support was provided by Cytel (Jessica Schohn, Nolwenn Juhel, Christelle Pommie) and financed by Biogen.  ... 
doi:10.2478/rir-2022-0005 fatcat:ajul3wjch5g5tmicnk3oyc4mvq

Effectiveness of icatibant for treatment of hereditary angioedema attacks is not affected by body weight: findings from the Icatibant Outcome Survey, a cohort observational study

Teresa Caballero, Andrea Zanichelli, Werner Aberer, Marcus Maurer, Hilary J. Longhurst, Laurence Bouillet, Irmgard Andresen
2018 Clinical and Translational Allergy  
Acknowledgements Statistical analyses were conducted by Amandine Perrin, MSc, and additional support was provided by Jaco Botha, MSc, and Christelle Pommie, MSc, of Shire.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13601-018-0195-x pmid:29599966 pmcid:PMC5870812 fatcat:ndsumuuvcrdapiz2zercseaxba

Abstracts from the 10th C1-inhibitor deficiency workshop

Alvin H. Schmaier, Marco Cicardi, Avner Reshef, Dumitru Moldovan, Attila Mócsai, Margarita López-Trascasa, Alberto López Lera, Nancy J. Brown, Anastasios E. Germenis, Rafael Filippelli-Silva, Diego A. Duarte, Renan P. Martin (+329 others)
2017 Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology  
doi:10.1186/s13223-017-0198-5 fatcat:oyesuuwz7vbmtjqajollj4wbtq

Iterative Refinement Graph Neural Network for Antibody Sequence-Structure Co-design [article]

Wengong Jin, Jeremy Wohlwend, Regina Barzilay, Tommi Jaakkola
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Marie-Paule Lefranc, Christelle Pommié, Manuel Ruiz, Véronique Giudicelli, Elodie Foulquier, Lisa Truong, Valérie Thouvenin-Contet, and Gérard Lefranc.  ... 
arXiv:2110.04624v3 fatcat:7lm2oowyvbfnll253oagjsgzky