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Full-Body Awareness from Partial Observations [article]

Chris Rockwell, David F. Fouhey
2020 arXiv   pre-print
There has been great progress in human 3D mesh recovery and great interest in learning about the world from consumer video data. Unfortunately current methods for 3D human mesh recovery work rather poorly on consumer video data, since on the Internet, unusual camera viewpoints and aggressive truncations are the norm rather than a rarity. We study this problem and make a number of contributions to address it: (i) we propose a simple but highly effective self-training framework that adapts human
more » ... D mesh recovery systems to consumer videos and demonstrate its application to two recent systems; (ii) we introduce evaluation protocols and keypoint annotations for 13K frames across four consumer video datasets for studying this task, including evaluations on out-of-image keypoints; and (iii) we show that our method substantially improves PCK and human-subject judgments compared to baselines, both on test videos from the dataset it was trained on, as well as on three other datasets without further adaptation. Project website:
arXiv:2008.06046v1 fatcat:egeul5e37fhgxgxjmjtyf6iqyq

Understanding 3D Object Articulation in Internet Videos [article]

Shengyi Qian, Linyi Jin, Chris Rockwell, Siyi Chen, David F. Fouhey
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We propose to investigate detecting and characterizing the 3D planar articulation of objects from ordinary videos. While seemingly easy for humans, this problem poses many challenges for computers. We propose to approach this problem by combining a top-down detection system that finds planes that can be articulated along with an optimization approach that solves for a 3D plane that can explain a sequence of observed articulations. We show that this system can be trained on a combination of
more » ... s and 3D scan datasets. When tested on a dataset of challenging Internet videos and the Charades dataset, our approach obtains strong performance. Project site:
arXiv:2203.16531v1 fatcat:anofngksxveljcxeaud5vkrzne

PixelSynth: Generating a 3D-Consistent Experience from a Single Image [article]

Chris Rockwell, David F. Fouhey, Justin Johnson
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Recent advancements in differentiable rendering and 3D reasoning have driven exciting results in novel view synthesis from a single image. Despite realistic results, methods are limited to relatively small view change. In order to synthesize immersive scenes, models must also be able to extrapolate. We present an approach that fuses 3D reasoning with autoregressive modeling to outpaint large view changes in a 3D-consistent manner, enabling scene synthesis. We demonstrate considerable
more » ... in single image large-angle view synthesis results compared to a variety of methods and possible variants across simulated and real datasets. In addition, we show increased 3D consistency compared to alternative accumulation methods. Project website:
arXiv:2108.05892v1 fatcat:rieqpmrkp5gupibymp2evecif4

Viewpoint: In search of a language that connects*

John Stone, Richard Rockwell, Chris Rapley
1997 Weather  
Environment Canada , Canada John Stone Downsview, Canada ICPSR, University of Richard Rockwell Michigan, USA IGBP Secretariat, Chris Rapley Stockholm, SwedenHow accurate are weather forecasts?  ... 
doi:10.1002/j.1477-8696.1997.tb06301.x fatcat:biqgvphyznbuxhkqr2grkvydte

Customer connection creates a winning product: building success with contextual techniques

Chris Rockwell
1999 Interactions  
doi:10.1145/291224.291231 fatcat:5oovu3qlerdotau6zuughrws5q

Palaeoseismology of the Vilariça Segment of the Manteigas-Bragança Fault in northeastern Portugal

Thomas Rockwell, João Fonseca, Chris Madden, Tim Dawson, Lewis A. Owen, Susana Vilanova, Paula Figueiredo
2009 Geological Society Special Publication  
Machette et al. 1992; Crone et al. 1997; Rockwell et al. 2000; Lee et al. 2001; Kent et al. 2005; Wesnousky et al. 2005) and elsewhere in the world (e.g. Owen et al. 1999; Washburn et al. 2001) .  ...  In southern California, which has a similar xeric climate and fluvial deposits with comparable parent material, this soil would be interpreted as having started to form in the late Pleistocene (Rockwell  ... 
doi:10.1144/sp316.15 fatcat:klswwqlsjjfs3hk2zhgl6hpvs4

Body-Size Variation and Fitness Components in Lesser Snow Geese (Chen caerulescens caerulescens)

J. Chris Davies, R. F. Rockwell, Fred Cooke
1988 The AUK: A Quarterly Journal of Ornithology  
Female body size for 8 DAVIES, ROCKWELL, AND COOKE[Auk, Vol. 105 DAviEs, ROCKWELL, AND COOKE[Auk, Vol. 105  ...  Clutch size ranges from 1-7 eggs, averaging approximately 4 (Rockwell et al. 1987 ).  ... 
doi:10.1093/auk/105.4.639 fatcat:yoo43u3tyfb75ciixpphrpbgme

Has habitat degradation affected foraging behaviour and reproductive success of lesser snow geese (Chen caerulescens caerulescens)?

Barbara Pezzanite, Robert F. Rockwell, J. Chris Davies, Maarten J. J. E. Loonen, Randolph J. Seguin
2005 Ecoscience  
; Rockwell, unpublished) .  ...  , 2002; Jefferies, Rockwell & Abraham, 2003) .  ... 
doi:10.2980/i1195-6860-12-4-439.1 fatcat:w2xamtkd3bf2pnsc5zgl42asba

Predators, alternative prey and climate influence annual breeding success of a long-lived sea duck

David T. Iles, Robert F. Rockwell, Paul Matulonis, Gregory J. Robertson, Kenneth F. Abraham, J. Chris Davies, David. N. Koons, Isabel Smallegange
2013 Journal of Animal Ecology  
Rockwell, Gormezano & Koons 2011) .  ...  Post et al. 2009; Rockwell, Gormezano & Koons 2011) .  ... 
doi:10.1111/1365-2656.12038 pmid:23362924 fatcat:wd4mtrcynzfl3dclboes52wmgm

OH PLIF visualization of the UVa supersonic combustion experiment: configuration A

Craig T. Johansen, Colin D. McRae, Paul M. Danehy, Emanuela C. A. Gallo, Luca M. L. Cantu, Gaetano Magnotti, Andrew D. Cutler, Robert D. Rockwell, Chris P. Goyne, James C. McDaniel
2014 Journal of Visualization  
Non-intrusive hydroxyl radical (OH) planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF) measurements were obtained in configuration C of the University of Virginia supersonic combustion experiment. The combustion of hydrogen fuel injected through an unswept compression ramp into a supersonic cross-flow was imaged over a range of streamwise positions. Images were corrected for optical distortion, variations in the laser sheet profile, and different camera views. Results indicate an effect of fuel
more » ... e ratio on combustion zone shape and local turbulence length scale. The streamwise location of the reaction zone relative to the fuel injector was also found to be sensitive to the fuel equivalence ratio. The flow boundary conditions in the combustor section, which are sensitive to the fuel flow rate, are believed to have caused this effect. A combination of laser absorption and radiative trapping effects are proposed to have caused asymmetry observed in the images. The results complement previously published OH PLIF data obtained for configuration A along with other non-intrusive measurements to form a database for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model validation.
doi:10.1007/s12650-014-0197-2 fatcat:qoyi7znievfhfjoklcp7ybrauy

Porcine skin thermal response to near-IR lasers using a fast infrared camera

Clarence Cain, Thomas Milner, Sergey Telenkov, Kurt Schuster, Kevin Stockton, David Stolarski, Chris Condit, Benjamin A. Rockwell, William P. Roach, A. J. Welch, Steven L. Jacques, William P. Roach
2004 Laser Interaction with Tissue and Cells XV  
We have measured the minimum visible lesion (MVL) thresholds for porcine skin and determined the ED 50 for exposures at 1314 nm for 0.35 ms laser pulses. An in-vivo pigmented animal model, Yucatan mini-pig (Sus scrofa domestica), was used in this study. We also have measured the 2-D thermal response using a high-speed (100 frames per second) infrared camera for single-pulse temperature recordings for Gaussian beams of 1 mm diameter. In Vitro samples of the same pig skin were used for
more » ... s of the optical properties (absorption coefficient, ga, and reduced scattering coefficient p") as a function of wavelength around 1315 nm wavelength. A measured surface temperature distribution for one IR laser pulse of 0.37J at a spot size of 1.3 mm diameter gave approximately a 430 C rise at a hot spot. Computed temperature distributions as a function of time and space are presented and compared with the measured surface temperatures.
doi:10.1117/12.529356 fatcat:kjmiviry4vh37bz34ffrf35kai

Page 345 of Guernsey Breeders' Journal Vol. 124, Issue 4 [page]

1969 Guernsey Breeders' Journal  
Awakes Bon Dari Skyliner Chief, shown by Lawrence Ellis and Sons, Rockwell City, won over an older bull, the two-year-old, Woodruff Farm G. Chris, exhibited by David and Linda Heard, Steamboat Rock.  ...  Ellis & Sons, Rockwell City SENIOR AND RESERVE CHAMPION BULL Woodruff Farm G.  ... 

Page 89 of Finishing Today Vol. 51, Issue 3 [page]

1975 Finishing Today  
Chris- tiansen, technical sales representative engineering; (western Michigan). R.O. Hull & Co.  ...  Rockwell Co Paul J rhibodeau, representative for Rockwell industrial furnaces and ovens (Michigan) Rohm and Haas Co Ralph ¢ Smith, market area manager for Korad film, coatings depart ment 3M Co. ...  ... 

Page 494 of The Journal of Animal Ecology Vol. 60, Issue 2 [page]

1991 The Journal of Animal Ecology  
Chris Davies measured virtually all the geese.  ...  Rockwell & F. Cooke, unpublished).  ... 

Page 27 of American Genealogist Vol. 30, Issue 1 [page]

1954 American Genealogist  
Rockwell; possibly Noah Rockwell of Danbury, whose 1769 will named wife Mary, son Eliud.  ...  Although the Newtown church records designate her Widow Chris- tian Botsford when she married Solomon Ferry, the Smith interlude lasted but seven months and she had returned to her Botsford children in  ... 
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