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"Smart" Educational Technology: A Conversation between sava saheli singh, Jade E. Davis, and Chris Gilliard

Sava saheli Singh, Jade E. Davis, Chris Gilliard
2021 Surveillance & Society  
Chris: We've started seeing more of what might be called "fuck the algorithm" moments.  ...  Chris: If we continue down this dystopian path, yes. For example, suppose we put smart speakers in the classroom.  ... 
doi:10.24908/ss.v19i2.14812 fatcat:moz565sp55foxevdnvywnyedga

Nickie Charles, Charlotte Aull Davies a Chris Harris: Families in transition. Social change, family formation and kin relationships

Juraj Potančok
2016 Social Studies  
Mnohé z nich by zaiste vystačili na samostatnú Nickie Charles, Charlotte Aull Davies, Chris Harris: Families in transition.  ...  Asi takto by mohla znieť základná otázka predkladanej knihy troch autorov Nickie Charles, Charlotte Aull Davies a Chris Harris, pod názvom Families in transition.  ... 
doaj:ad4de3e76ff443e9b401d1be5c4d5824 fatcat:ylpdi5bnhnfbbjaqabittajyli

Davis, Chris. 2019. Hungarian Religion, Romanian Blood: A Minority Struggle for National Belonging, 1920-1945. Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press. 249 pp

Călin Cotoi
2020 Hungarian Cultural Studies  
Cotoi, Călin. " Davis, Chris. 2019.  ...  This is something that Chris Davis programmatically avoids, making, in my view, the right theoretical, historical, and rhetorical decisions.  ...  Here Davis deals in an enlightening way with the problematic concepts of "identity," "nationality," and "ethnicity" by projecting them as material practices and protocols of identification.  ... 
doi:10.5195/ahea.2020.397 fatcat:mfylszcqzvcidmy3xp6scpqai4

The British Psychological Society review

Brian Martindale, Jan Birtle, Teresa Black, Chris Burford, Marco Chiesa, Joy Dalton, Sheilagh Davies, Steffan Davies, Chris Evans, Paola Franciosi, Michael Göpfert, Lorenzo Grespi (+5 others)
2002 Psychiatric bulletin of the Royal College of Psychiatrists  
Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy, Camden and Islington Mental Health NHS Trust, Steffan Davies Honorary Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Rampton Hospital, Chris Evans Consultant Psychiatrist  ...  Consultant Psychiatrist, St Ann's Hospital, Marco Chiesa Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy, Cassel Hospital, Joy Dalton Consultant Psychiatrist, Camden and Islington Mental Health NHS Trust, Sheilagh Davies  ... 
doi:10.1192/pb.26.5.197-c fatcat:oxfujm26sfa3rpdj7vxd5odkku

Those elusive Neanderthals

Chris Stringer, William Davies
2001 Nature  
At the Gibraltar meeting, however, the archaeological presentations Archaeology Those elusive Neanderthals Chris Stringer and William Davies The 'how, where and when' of possible Neanderthal coexistence  ... 
doi:10.1038/35101688 pmid:11677590 fatcat:fsl3fkqnwjgjfek7ziojlt2n6a

Australian sport and the Commonwealth constitution

Chris Davies
2012 Sports law ejournal  
Sports law generally consists of areas of law applied to a sporting context, although now we are seeing the development of a lex sportiva. One area of the law that has rarely been applied to sport is constitutional law. However, recent High Court of Australia cases have examined the application of s 92 of the Constitution of Australia to sports gambling.
doi:10.53300/001c.6402 fatcat:7zk7o4fa4ra5tnjatuv4wwhiva

On the omega-limit sets of tent maps [article]

Andrew Barwell, Gareth Davies, Chris Good
2011 arXiv   pre-print
For a continuous map f on a compact metric space (X,d), a subset D of X is internally chain transitive if for every x and y in D and every delta > 0 there is a sequence of points x=x_0,x_1, ...,x_n=y such that d(f(x_i),x_i+1) < delta for i=0,1, ...,n-1. It is known that every omega-limit set is internally chain transitive; in earlier work it was shown that for X a shift of finite type, a closed subset D of X is internally chain transitive if and only if D is an omega-limit set for some point in
more » ... X, and that the same is also true for the tent map with slope equal to 2. In this paper, we prove that for tent maps whose critical point c=1/2 is periodic, every closed, internally chain transitive set is necessarily an omega-limit set. Furthermore, we show that there are at least countably many tent maps with non-recurrent critical point for which there is a closed, internally chain transitive set which is not an omega-limit set. Together, these results lead us to conjecture that for those tent maps with shadowing (or pseudo-orbit tracing), the omega-limit sets are precisely those sets having internal chain transitivity.
arXiv:1110.3219v1 fatcat:mkkvcpozvjhlvmduztpv7pulxi

Review: The Chinese Lady: Afong Moy in Early America, by Nancy E. Davis

Chris Suh
2020 Pacific Historical Review  
Yet as Davis shows, many Americans considered her a "lady," worthy of respect.  ...  places, Davis convincingly argues for her national significance and challenges us to consider the complexity of the racial landscape in antebellum America.  ... 
doi:10.1525/phr.2020.89.1.135 fatcat:7ijwm4lvnfc7ponqfu6hgwkhta


Jane Alexen Shuyska, Chris Davies
2008 Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Wikis - WikiSym '08  
In order to explore some of the potentially problematic implications of introducing new technologies into school classrooms, this paper focuses on one particular instance of innovation. The study introduces ThinkSpace -a specific educational tool -comprised of concept mapping and a wiki. It is aimed at facilitating the learning of higher order skills and construction of coherent understanding of complex concepts. The paper investigates the processes of conceptualisation and experimentation that
more » ... must be carried out in order to achieve a product that meets both the developer's aspirations for the tool, and also those of the teacher who is to use it.
doi:10.1145/1822258.1822273 dblp:conf/wikis/ShuyskaD08 fatcat:rct4pbzfizbghiy45hci2anmau

Fundamental challenges in designing a collaborative travel app

Janet E. Dickinson, Tom Cherrett, Julia F. Hibbert, Chris Winstanley, Duncan Shingleton, Nigel Davies, Sarah Norgate, Chris Speed
2015 Transport Policy  
The growing capabilities of smartphones have opened up new opportunities for travel coordination and transport is a fertile area for app development. One stream of development is apps that enable collaborative travel, either in the form of lift sharing or collaborative shopping, but despite growing interest from governmental agencies, there is little evidence of the efficacy of such apps. Based on trials of purpose built travel collaboration apps, deployed in tourism, urban and rural
more » ... communities, and logistics, this paper analyses the fundamental challenges facing users adopting such travel apps. The findings suggest that transport practitioners, policy makers and app developers need to better understand the challenges associated with attracting users, the use of incentives and the types of communities most appropriate to implement collaborative travel concepts using such approaches. Also, how the users' sense of time pressure and the issues around reciprocal exchange can impact on their long-term success and wider adoption.
doi:10.1016/j.tranpol.2015.06.013 fatcat:er2wjsqytjc4ximq2lqagpnwaq

Interactive refractions with total internal reflection

Scott T Davis, Chris Wyman
2007 Graphics Interface  
A requirement for rendering realistic images interactively is efficiently simulating material properties. Recent techniques have improved the quality for interactively rendering dielectric materials, but have mostly neglected a phenomenon associated with refraction, namely, total internal reflection. We present an algorithm to approximate total internal reflection on commodity graphics hardware using a ray-depth map intersection technique that is interactive and requires no precomputation. Our
more » ... esults compare favorably with ray traced images and improve upon approaches that avoid total internal reflection.
doi:10.1145/1268517.1268548 dblp:conf/graphicsinterface/DavisW07 fatcat:4hicp4awqfc3nawhrnemhhjswq

Enacting cultural diversity through multicultural radio in Australia

Chris Lawe Davies
2005 Communications  
, 1996; Lawe Davies, 2002a ).  ...  In one form or another, this struggle has still not abated, only now it is in the hands of the communities themselves (Lawe Davies, 1998 ).  ... 
doi:10.1515/comm.2005.30.4.409 fatcat:7ig6d3doezczhbq7dcflyn5jpa

Understanding and responding to COVID-19 in Wales: protocol for a privacy-protecting data platform for enhanced epidemiology and evaluation of interventions

Jane Lyons, Ashley Akbari, Fatemeh Torabi, Gareth I Davies, Laura North, Rowena Griffiths, Rowena Bailey, Joseph Hollinghurst, Richard Fry, Samantha L Turner, Daniel Thompson, James Rafferty (+26 others)
2020 BMJ Open  
Twitter Ashley Akbari @AshleyAkbari, Joseph Hollinghurst @J_Hollinghurst, Richard Fry @richfry, Ann John @ProfAnnJohn, Tamas Szakmany @iamyourgasman and Chris Emmerson @cpemmerson Acknowledgements The  ... 
doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2020-043010 pmid:33087383 pmcid:PMC7580065 fatcat:fi6paxybcbeqnkiabff6hq635u

Copyright and Sport Broadcasting in Australia and England

Chris Davies
2015 Sports law ejournal  
Television rights are an essential component of the revenue generated by professional sporting leagues, and protecting the copyright in the broadcasting of matches is therefore of significant importance to these leagues. A Federal Court decision has held that there had been in breach of copyright when Optus allowed its mobile phone users to access matches on a two minute delay. However, European and English Courts have held that the plaintiff 's copyright only existed in the anthem, graphics and recorded highlights, not in the actual matches.
doi:10.53300/001c.6411 fatcat:eq2w7iijkncupfdmtqmjowj4d4

Free Agency and the Australian Football League

Chris Davies, Justin Cook
2013 Bond Law Review  
Chris Davies, 'The Use of Salary Caps in Professional Team Sports and the Restraint of the plaintiff wanted to join South Melbourne, the club he had supported since the age of five and for which his father  ...  In the 2000s, seven clubs won the premiership and every club made the finals at least once. 61 Davies, above n 55, 101. 62 Ibid. 63 Adamson Appeal (1991) 31 FCR 242. 64 Ibid 267 (Wilcox J).  ... 
doi:10.53300/001c.5593 fatcat:nxrfmmy76fftdd5qawpbejo2lq
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