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Deep Learning for Digitizing, Analysing and Modelling Choreographic 3D Signal Sequences of Intangible Cultural Heritage [article]

(:Unkn) Unknown, National Technological University Of Athens
The conducted experiments indicate that if significant levels of precision are ensured during initial data collection, design, development and fine-tuning of the system, then low-cost and widely popular  ...  Chapter 8 focuses on the enhancement of the learning experience of folklore dances by introducing machine learning tools with the capability of providing a scalable quantifiable assessment of a choreography  ...  A method for classifying 3D dance motions especially selected from Korean POP (K-POP) dance performance is proposed in [72] .  ... 
doi:10.26240/heal.ntua.22018 fatcat:h336uc75t5ebbmabqmktylk5sm

Amateurism and the Aesthetics of Lego Stop-Motion on YouTube

Shannon Brownlee
2016 Film Criticism  
retrieval processes within the database.  ...  "Dancing with Myself": Ranking and Competition While techniques of competition and ranking serve as the dramaturgical foundation of entire television shows like Pop Stars and Pop Idols, the logic of competition  ...  Instead of a political strategy, we are presented with a series of extremely similar, striking videos of incoherent fragments of fights with a new enemy, distracting the audience not only from real politics  ... 
doi:10.3998/fc.13761232.0040.204 fatcat:2zepfcqf4fgltb4il3cuh2pudi

Fragments in Connection and Algorithmic Rule: Encoding the Urban Image in Motion

Christiane Wagner
2022 Zenodo  
Art, architecture, cinematography, and media as urban images in motion concerning digitalization are discussed based on the images of a result, success, conquest, and projection that search for the spectacular  ...  Media, information, and communication technologies offering experiences to individuals in their urban reality construction choices are discussed, faced with the image's paradoxes in its figurative and  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS With kind thanks to Dr Dionisio González and Noémie Goudal for allowing copyright permission to reproduce the images within this paper.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6503017 fatcat:iwebxttjgbcc5joe7bsmcmbcfe

Computational Shifts in Theatrical Space

Andrew James Sempere
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS For all the feral voices hidden in the shadows of monuments and memorials. Special thanks to my amazing family and crew Anindita and Max Shiva.  ...  with the dance.  ...  indexing and retrieving.  ... 
doi:10.5075/epfl-thesis-6555 fatcat:q56fqmegrrdarbgowslmqx5caq

Dark Euphoria: The Neo-Gothic Narrative of Millennial Technoculture

Mitchell John Goodwin, University, My, Stephen Stockwell
The text presented here is the major component.  ...  contextualised by the broader theoretical narrative.  ...  , the train station, the the seductively blurred background, the extremely narrow depth of field, and the slow precise shifts in focus coupled with motion-controlled camera movements across surfaces and  ... 
doi:10.25904/1912/3134 fatcat:a55zu4mcmvchfakyvrgb6cxnwu

Soulful bodies and superflat temporalities: a nomadology of the otaku database of world history at the ends of history

David John Boyd
low theories articulate anxieties and fascinations with the global theoretical discourses on 'the ends of History' and the imminent demise of industrial modernity.  ...  This thesis is a philosophical engagement with the popular, low, and vernacular theories of History performed and expressed within contemporary Japanese manga ('comics') and anime ('limited animation')  ...  camera passes from the close-up to the medium or the full shot as close-upsby the absence of depth or the suppression of perspective'. 366 Here, even without the camera, shots are reconstituted as affectively  ... 
doi:10.5525/gla.thesis.74403 fatcat:lihegqhj7jdcjkwcgom7rjj65m

(In)habiting film sound: cinesomatic narratives and sonic embodiments

Alison Claire Walker
Analysis is drawn from interviews with industry practitioners working in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States and Brazil, as well as a survey administered anonymously through the Australian  ...  This study valorises lived experience as the grounds of research and philosophies of film sound, and firmly places the body of the practitioner in film sound theory.  ...  To be unobtrusive, the boom must not appear in the framed shot on camera, nor distract the actors from their performance, yet be close enough to adequately capture the sound.  ... 
doi:10.25949/19431212.v1 fatcat:mrsdy3vaqrfnpnlmfax7e6lsdm

Discobolul-Physical Education

Acad Platonov, Viorel Cojocaru, Dan Amin, Dana Bădău, Romania Braşov, Liliana Becea, Romania Bucharest, Bernard Massiera, France, Vivienne Boutin, France Artois, Gabriel Ghiţescu (+11 others)
2015 Discobolul-Physical Education, Sport and Kinetotherapy Journal   unpublished
Our special thanks to the Romanian Water Polo Federation and the coaches for the support granted during the conduct of the research studies. Acknowledgements  ...  Acknowledgements This paper is made and published under the aegis of the Research Institute for Quality of Life, Romanian Academy as a part of programme co-funded by the European Union within the Operational  ...  a high level choreographic composition implies to understand in depth the topics of the sport science and to know the aspects concerning the dance peculiarities, as well, as an educational experience with  ... 

Recommended Citation Sohval, Daniel

Daniel Sohval
2013 unpublished
Because the whole human family, folk and adjunct professors of neurolinguistics alike came from the same crop of hominids in the Savannah, right? Zfdel approaches the barbell racks.  ...  A few have those new inkings, based on the epidermis of deep-sea cephalopods, which change shape with movement.  ...  But retinal interfaces give me the crawls." Tak popped the flash drive from the tablet, and with a diagonal swipe powered the desk down.  ... 

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace

Evgeny Kuzmin, Adama Samassekou, Daniel Prado, Evgenia Mikhailova, Sergey Bakeykin, Anastasia Parshakova, Tatiana Murovana, Nadezhda Zaikova, Liudmila Zaikova
2011 The book includes communications by the participants of the 2 nd International Conference Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace   unpublished
The authors are responsible for the choice and presentation of facts and for the opinions expressed, which are not necessarily those of the compilers  ...  The authors present linguistic situation in different countries, share international best practice in the policies, standards and instruments for the preservation and development of linguistic and cultural  ...  The Yukaghir section is the curtain-opener for this new Web portal, which will soon expand to include information on all other indigenous communities of North-Eastern Russia.  ... 

Fridge space : journeys of the domestic refrigerator

Helen Watkins
My dissertation emerges from a curiosity about the mundane objects and machines with which we live and it pauses in Britain's kitchens to ask what we might learn from looking in the fridge.  ...  I consider the process of normalisation through which refrigerators shifted category from novel products to essential appliances and argue that in many ways the refrigerator has now become integral to  ...  Navigating with the help of the caller's descriptions, Mike can 'see' the machine as he scans his mental database for similarities with any cases he has dealt with before.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0066461 fatcat:aub7p2jqrrbijgqvwr36mzyrha