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Suicide as escape from self

Roy F. Baumeister
1990 Psychological review  
Suicide is analyzed in terms of motivations to escape from aversive self-awareness. The causal chain begins with events that fall severely short of standards and expectations.  ...  meaningful self-awareness and emotion.  ...  The steps in this model may be regarded as choice points in a decision tree. The causal process will result in suicide only if each step produces a particular outcome.  ... 
doi:10.1037/0033-295x.97.1.90 pmid:2408091 fatcat:ig4nytuozfgwvcquncjdzoywtu

Policing Farm Animal Welfare in Federated Nations: The Problem of Dual Federalism in Canada and the USA

Terry Whiting
2013 Animals  
With changing societal expectations of agriculture production, each level of government may hesitate to take the lead, due to financial or ideological beliefs and simultaneously, obstruct the other government  ...  In instrumental justice, the "public goods" delivered by criminal law are commonly classified as retribution, incapacitation and general deterrence.  ...  The decisions that are significant and irreversible are called "choice-points".  ... 
doi:10.3390/ani3041086 pmid:26479754 pmcid:PMC4494357 fatcat:smcihb7sovg4dnpdrvi5kd65ry

The Abu Ghraib Convictions: A Miscarriage of Justice

Rob Bejesky
2013 Social Science Research Network  
REV. 327, 386-90, 401-02 (2012) [hereinafter Bejesky, Utilitarian Rational Choice] (pointing out abuse with Operation Phoenix during the Vietnam War, training of Latin American security forces at the School  ...  and Consent: Consensual Forcible Interventions in Internal Armed Conflicts as International Agreements, 29 B.U.  ...  There is both institutional and personal responsibility at higher levels."328 In Getting Away with Torture?  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2257060 fatcat:ohafm2uplfcx5jyoifvqjkb4wu

Treatment of Obsessive Thoughts and Cognitive Rituals Using Exposure and Response Prevention

Jonathan S. Abramowitz
2002 Clinical Case Studies  
In many ways, this case is straightforward, but there are several choice points that warrant discussion.  ...  This included being thrown into a wall resulting in a significant physical injury. Assaults tended to occur in the context of extremely heated family arguments and domestic violence.  ...  In this article, the authors briefly review the theoretical and research basis for the use of DBT with parasuicidal adolescent inpatients, and a case study is presented.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1534650102001001002 fatcat:twv5hown6nezxadax3ojvwufbq

Linnaeus: Nature and Nation. By Lisbet Koerner. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1999. Pp. viii+297. $39.95

R. Andre Wakefield
2001 The Journal of modern history  
One might expect such a family to have their eyes firmly trained on the aristocratic prize, but their choices point to a different set of ideals.  ...  especially Nicholas's intervention in Hungary caused these funding problems.  ... 
doi:10.1086/339107 fatcat:5eke5y5qrzdtjf6vmsclzkfihi

A decision making model of child abuse reporting [article]

Kirk A. Beck
Errors in the model were identified, and suggestions were made to improve its predictive ability. The results are evaluated in light of the decision tree produced.  ...  and (6) Did the reasons to report outweigh the reasons to not report? These six factors were presented in a decision tree to illustrate the relationship between factors and decision outcome.  ...  I divided the risk factors into two categories: perpetrator variables and child variables.Among the perpetrator variables, participants identified cases that involved: domestic violence; substance abuse  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0089769 fatcat:s4yre5pf2fck5demmgwduskyt4

In the best interests of whom? : child protection and systematically distorted communication

Thomas Michael Sinclair
This requires becoming more aware of the consequences that their intervention has for the families and the influence of ideology on their own choices of intervention.  ...  What Habermas attempts to do with his formulation of action is to counter the 'rational choice' point of view that holds that instrumental reason guides all human action: "the conduct of rational choice  ... 
doi:10.4225/03/59d4267b79bf2 fatcat:43nc23sboffullmvdol7zuszwu

Child Maltreatment across the Life-course: Links to Youth Offending

Emily J. Hurren Paterson, University, My, Anna Stewart
The primary aim of this thesis was to examine the links between child maltreatment and youth offending with consideration of the heterogeneous and complex nature of child maltreatment across childhood  ...  and adolescence, within the broader developmental system and historical context.  ...  Similar to choice points regarding self-report and official data, researchers can choose between retrospective and self-report data. Retrospective research has some associated strengths.  ... 
doi:10.25904/1912/3389 fatcat:5sg5kdac7bajbhdissedfznuxy

The International Dimensions of Electoral Frauds and Electoral Malpractices. The South Caucasus

Samuele Dominioni
With the end of the Cold War these standards have been spread and adopted in almost every country in the world. Yet, more than 25 years later elections are still rigged especially in hybrid regimes.  ...  Rather, along with formal improvements in elections management, authorities alter and modify methods of frauds and malpractices as a way to elude Western criticism.  ...  points within a broader temporal framework that takes account of the feedback effects that have defined the conditions with which specific policy and institutional choices are being made.  ... 
doi:10.6092/imtlucca/e-theses/206 fatcat:pjdg7gtrtzaeli7nydvx543nzi

National Seminar on 'Women at Crossroads: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives' ORGANISE BY: DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH PSGR KRISHNAMMAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, PEELAMEDU, COIMBATORE A Comparative Study of the Role of Women in New Generation Malayalam Films and Serials

Jibin Francis
2017 unpublished
The viewpoint of the directors as well as the audience has drastically changed .In this era the directors are courageous enough to make films with women as central characters.  ...  The points of view of the directors and audience are changing in the modern era. In earlier time, women had only a decorative role in the films.  ...  of active intervention in life.  ... 

Every Student Succeeds Act: Building on Success in Tennessee

Essa Plan
Building on real progress and success, we have launched a new chapter where we will continue to build on the strong foundation in each of our schools and Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents  ...  The Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS) is the leading advocate organization for public education in the state of Tennessee.  ...  abuse, domestic violence, and dysfunctional families.  ... 

A Cinema of Survival: Palestinian Minor Transnational Cinema Post-1980

This thesis investigates how we think about the evolution of Palestinian transnational cinema in the post-1980 period, and specifies the ways in which transnational film production engages with the minor  ...  form in the works of Palestinian film directors.  ...  further conflict amongst Palestinians of different denominations.Abu-Assad's stylistic choices point to his involvement and control of the filmmaking process, appropriating the language of the documentary  ... 
doi:10.26180/16557198 fatcat:3bieepcex5ep5ho7tsuutlayae

Stories of Being and Becoming: Experiences of Hope and Identity-Making in the Worklives of Reintegration Counsellors

Keri D Flesaker
Working with marginalized individuals allows counsellors to witness the darkest and most beautiful sides of humanity as they support clients in the process of life change.  ...  choice point in my life as a new path opened up before me.  ...  In the intake program, I learned about family violence, the youth population, and what it means to come from a foster-care background.  ... 
doi:10.7939/r3zc7s555 fatcat:nhcvdaarzreknkb377duiqtode

DeLuca_tc.columbia_0055E_10956.pdf [article]

This practitioner research study uses qualitative data collection and analysis methods to explore student engagement with critical and multimodal literacy curriculum in the context of a writing course  ...  interest and engagement with social issues as a guide for planning learning experiences.  ...  Miru's comment about choice pointed to a major injustice that the students encountered regarding their ability to have a say in their education.  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8-tk0x-r379 fatcat:we6xwjvgk5b55acu2zrb3tf6uq

An Intersectional Perspective on Experiences Inspiring Transition to University Among First Nations Learners

Cynthia Arku
The literature on the university participation of First Nations (First Peoples of Canada) learners pointed to historic K-12 challenges and competing demands that hinder their transition to university.  ...  of men, with primarily domestic roles. . . .  ...  Fosters self-determination 9. Fosters spirituality 10. Fosters self-efficacy 11. Fosters clear and positive identity 12. Fosters belief in the future 13.  ... 
doi:10.7939/r3ns0mb9z fatcat:57kbjzyl6vay3lufwhgu4x7ejy
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