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Checking and Distributing Statistical Model Checking [chapter]

Peter Bulychev, Alexandre David, Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Axel Legay, Marius Mikučionis, Danny Bøgsted Poulsen
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
K>2 and B>20: number of simulations scale linearly to the number of cores used.  ...  Property used: E[time<=1000; 1000] (max: usage) Conclusions: K=1 has huge effect and should be avoided. K=2 has effect if B<20. K>2 are indistinguishable on homogeneous cluster.  ...  NFM'12 15 Distributing SMC • Distributing hypothesis testing.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-28891-3_39 fatcat:lrrffm37tjcjzez245aqiekzka

Distributed Parametric and Statistical Model Checking

Peter Bulychev, Alexandre David, Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Marius Mikučionis, Axel Legay
2011 Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science  
Statistical Model Checking (SMC) is a trade-off between testing and formal verification.  ...  Our approach has been implemented in the UPPAAL SMC toolset and applied on non-trivial case studies.  ...  Statistical Model Checking for NPTAs The problem of checking Pr A [3 c≤C ϕ] ≥ p (A being a PTA and p ∈ [0, 1]) is unfortunately undecidable in general 1 .  ... 
doi:10.4204/eptcs.72.4 fatcat:bt6wtg5bpnewhjvna4vfig3jim

Rejoinder: Bayesian Checking of the Second Levels of Hierarchical Models

M. J. Bayarri, M. E. Castellanos
2007 Statistical Science  
Rejoinder: Bayesian Checking of the Second Levels of Hierarchical Models [arXiv:0802.0743]  ...  If we use a statistic T to measure departure and use U for conditioning, the relevant distribution for model checking is then m(t | u).  ...  Model checking is a quick-and-dirty shortcut to bypass model choice, and "pure" Bayesian reasoning indicates that all relevant information lies in the (prior) predictive distribution m(x) for the entertained  ... 
doi:10.1214/07-sts235rej fatcat:cbrlelo57bcdhehhft225rqopu


Farhat Iqbal
2013 Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research  
The correct asymptotic standard errors for the absolute residual autocorrelations are also obtained and based on these results, a diagnostic test for checking the adequacy of GARCH-type models are developed  ...  Our results do not depend on the existence of higher moments and is therefore robust under heavy-tailed distributions.  ...  They formulate a portmanteau statistic for model checking and showed that this statistic follows a chi-square distribution.  ... 
doi:10.18187/pjsor.v9i2.612 fatcat:ehckiqyhifeldopwein6i2wnje

Comment: Bayesian Checking of the Second Levels of Hierarchical Models

M. Evans
2007 Statistical Science  
We discuss the methods of Evans and Moshonov [Bayesian Analysis 1 (2006) 893--914, Bayesian Statistics and Its Applications (2007) 145--159] concerning checking for prior-data conflict and their relevance  ...  For us checking the sampling model and the prior are important parts of a statistical analysis.  ...  Checking for prior-data conflict seems to sit between model checking and inference.  ... 
doi:10.1214/07-sts235c fatcat:dlhl2xucofb2hmha3h3bpuebnq

Non-Gaussian Statistical Timing models of die-to-die and within-die parameter variations for full chip analysis

Katsumi Homma, Izumi Nitta, Toshiyuki Shibuya
2008 2008 Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference  
In this paper, we model that WID parameter variations are independent for each cell and line in a chip and D2D variations are governed by one variation on a chip.  ...  We propose a new method of computing a full chip delay distribution considering both D2D and WID parameter variations.  ...  In case of our D2D model, CDF of statistical MAX of two check path delays F1 and F2 (Smax(F1,F2)) is calculated as follows. (6) .  ... 
doi:10.1109/aspdac.2008.4483961 dblp:conf/aspdac/HommaNS08 fatcat:m6ud35fpyrbjzcv6fhslvjxs3i

Minimum Acceptance Criteria for Geostatistical Realizations

Oy Leuangthong, Jason A. McLennan, Clayton V. Deutsch
2004 Natural Resources Research  
acceptable" statistical fluctuations.  ...  This paper identifies (1) the minimum criteria that should be met by all geostatistical simulation models, and (2) the checks required to verify that these minimum criteria are indeed satisfied.  ...  Mohan Srivastava for sharing his many ideas and suggestions on this topic.  ... 
doi:10.1023/ fatcat:s44eerpdkrhbfiayaikznm2ybm

Comment: Bayesian Checking of the Second Levels of Hierarchical Models

Andrew Gelman
2007 Statistical Science  
Comment: Bayesian Checking of the Second Levels of Hierarchical Models [arXiv:0802.0743]  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank Hal Stern for helpful comments and the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health for financial support.  ...  THE STEPS OF BAYESIAN MODEL CHECKING BC begin their paper with a useful characterization of any checking method as having a diagnostic statistic, a distribution for the statistic, and a way to measure  ... 
doi:10.1214/07-sts235a fatcat:ztiinrsz3jaehc3vmtsvqvjmsu

A new equivalence based metric for predictive check to qualify mixed-effects models

Pravin R. Jadhav, Jogarao V. S. Gobburu
2005 AAPS Journal  
The aim of the current simulation experiment was to evaluate the properties of predictive check as a covariate model qualification technique and, more importantly, to introduce and evaluate alternative  ...  criteria to qualify models.  ...  and (2) what are the consequences of applying the predictive check based on a test statistic to reject a false model?  ... 
doi:10.1208/aapsj070353 pmid:16353930 pmcid:PMC2751255 fatcat:jr73xzb3ubdwnm44nbvlab2wg4

A note on posterior predictive checks to assess model fit for incomplete data

Dandan Xu, Arkendu Chatterjee, Michael Daniels
2016 Statistics in Medicine  
We examine two posterior predictive distribution based approaches to assess model fit for incomplete longitudinal data.  ...  Incomplete Data Model Fit Notation and Review-To introduce posterior predictive checks for incomplete longitudinal data, we need to first introduce some notation and concepts.  ...  Acknowledgments The last author was partially funded by NIH grants CA85295 and CA183854.  ... 
doi:10.1002/sim.7040 pmid:27426216 pmcid:PMC5096987 fatcat:ajxz6yb635fddccqnks7jxa2tq

Comment: Bayesian Checking of the Second Level of Hierarchical Models: Cross-Validated Posterior Predictive Checks Using Discrepancy Measures

Michael D. Larsen, Lu Lu
2007 Statistical Science  
Comment: Bayesian Checking of the Second Level of Hierarchical Models [arXiv:0802.0743]  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors wish to thank the editor Ed George for the opportunity to discuss this article and Bayarri and Castellanos for helpful comments on the discussion.  ...  This work was supported in part by Iowa's State Board of Education and a dissertation award from the American Education Research Association.  ... 
doi:10.1214/07-sts235b fatcat:tyqa2pv35rfbrnvcrewgf4ypcq

A Bayesian method to measure predictive performance of a model in a different population from that used to develop the model in clinical development for pediatric or rare diseases

Naoki Isogawa, Satoshi Shoji, Nobushige Matsuoka, Yuko Mori
2014 Proceedings of the Symposium of Japanese Society of Computational Statistics  
The paJrameters which compose the model are treated as prior distributions and we calculate a predictive distribution from the prior distributions.  ...  a model is evaluated by comparing the predictive distributions of future observations to the data that have actually occurred and calculating the predictive checking probability.  ... 
doi:10.20551/jscssymo.28.0_141 fatcat:rlwv5dorcjc7voj7sych47lrkm

A Bayesian Approach to Model Checking Biological Systems [chapter]

Sumit K. Jha, Edmund M. Clarke, Christopher J. Langmead, Axel Legay, André Platzer, Paolo Zuliani
2009 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
For these models, a statistical approach to Model Checking has been shown to be an effective alternative.  ...  We show that our Bayesian approach outperforms current statistical Model Checking techniques, which rely on tests from Classical (aka Frequentist) statistics, by requiring fewer system simulations.  ...  Bayesian Statistical Model Checking In this section, we first review some important concepts from statistical Model Checking, and then introduce theory and terminology from Bayesian statistics.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-03845-7_15 fatcat:6vyvf4uwhnhq5bxjvbk4gxy2oq

Revisiting the generality of the rank-based human mobility model

Darshan Santani, Daniel Gatica-Perez
2013 Proceedings of the 2013 ACM conference on Pervasive and ubiquitous computing adjunct publication - UbiComp '13 Adjunct  
and national boundaries, does not follow a power-law distribution as originally claimed.  ...  model.  ...  We estimate the goodness-of-fit of power-law distribution using the KS statistic, to measure the similarity (or differences) between our dataset and hypothesized power-law model.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2494091.2497351 dblp:conf/huc/SantaniG13 fatcat:7f7nguamcfee7lsj3ry6oluy2e

Should we test the model assumptions before running a model-based test? [article]

M. Iqbal Shamsudheen, Christian Hennig
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Statistical methods are based on model assumptions, and it is statistical folklore that a method's model assumptions should be checked before applying it.  ...  For this, we review results regarding such "combined procedures" in the literature, we review and discuss controversial views on the role of model checking in statistics, and we present a general setup  ...  Introduction Statistical methods are based on model assumptions, and it is statistical folklore that a method's model assumptions should be checked before applying it.  ... 
arXiv:1908.02218v4 fatcat:iznufbfb5vg5zeyramymnycgoa
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