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Checking UML and OCL Model Consistency: An Experience Report on a Middle-Sized Case Study [chapter]

Martin Gogolla, Lars Hamann, Frank Hilken, Matthias Sedlmeier
2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This contribution reports on a middle-sized case study in which the consistency of a UML and OCL class model is checked.  ...  The class model restrictions are expressed by UML multiplicity constraints and explicit, non-trivial OCL invariants.  ...  Here, we discuss a middle-sized case study with complex OCL constraints. We show that it is feasible to automatically check consistency for middle-sized UML and OCL models.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-21215-9_8 fatcat:3bsmdpwxfzaglpulaptdfuudfy

Metamodel-based model conformance and multiview consistency checking

Richard F. Paige, Phillip J. Brooke, Jonathan S. Ostroff
2007 ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology  
Two formal specifications of the metamodel for an object-oriented modeling language are presented, and it is shown how to use these specifications for model conformance and multiview consistency checking  ...  A metamodel provides a unifying framework in which to ensure and check consistency, while at the same time providing the means to distinguish between valid and invalid models, that is, conformance.  ...  Other examples and case studies that we have carried out suggest to us that a general strategy for using PVS to carry out view consistency checking is possible, but, in the most nontrivial cases, it will  ... 
doi:10.1145/1243987.1243989 fatcat:y6itbzr4c5dyjpmp3wlncrcq3q

Modeling and Testing Legacy Data Consistency Requirements [chapter]

Jan Pettersen Nytun, Christian S. Jensen
2003 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Acknowledgements I would like to express my gratitude to the University of Agder for funding my PhD study and the University of Oslo for accepting me as a PhD student.  ...  A special thanks goes to co-authors Terje  ...  A.5.3 Interpretation of OCL Expressions The checking and evaluation of OCL expressions is done by an OCL interpreter.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-45221-8_29 fatcat:4kbxt72bmfc2xmndywxopmarjq

Consistency-preserving edit scripts in model versioning

Timo Kehrer, Udo Kelter, Gabriele Taentzer
2013 2013 28th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE)  
The controlled experiments reported even higher compression factors, mainly due to the large amount of redundancies defined by the UML meta-model.  ...  In fact, experience shows that model editors do not typically enforce all OCL constraints in a standard, they actually use a simplified meta-model.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ase.2013.6693079 dblp:conf/kbse/KehrerKT13 fatcat:2add53sy5rhxjdsikocevgj2ue

Assembling Scenario Patterns for Checking Model Behavior

Nisha Desai, Martin Gogolla
2020 Journal of Object Technology  
We explain the catalogue applicability through a collection of exemplary models and validate our proposal through a study conducted with UML and OCL experts.  ...  Dependent on the model under consideration, many different dynamic scenarios must be taken into account for comprehensive model testing, and it is a challenging task to identify them.  ...  Acknowledgments Reviewers and ECMFA program chairs kept us running. They provided critical, very fruitful contributions that helped a lot to improve the work.  ... 
doi:10.5381/jot.2020.19.2.a19 fatcat:zkojxqektzcrhhmjpowzvqetwu

On challenges of model transformation from UML to Alloy

Kyriakos Anastasakis, Behzad Bordbar, Geri Georg, Indrakshi Ray
2008 Journal of Software and Systems Modeling  
The transformation rules from UML and OCL to Alloy are presented in more details and the case study presented here is explained in more depth.  ...  The proposed approach relies on MDA techniques to transform UML models to Alloy. This paper reports on the challenges of the model transformation from UML class diagrams and OCL to Alloy.  ...  On Challenges of Model Transformation from UML to Alloy 3 Our research utilises Alloy for the analysis of UML models consisting of class diagrams and OCL.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10270-008-0110-3 fatcat:mad5dtauxzgt5f5gjvbjezgkgi

On Integrating Structure and Behavior Modeling with OCL [chapter]

Lars Hamann, Oliver Hofrichter, Martin Gogolla
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The paper reports on the chosen UML language features and their implementation in a UML and OCL validation and verification tool.  ...  Precise modeling with UML and OCL traditionally focuses on structural model features like class invariants.  ...  In [29] , the authors report on the experiences with the development of a tool for dynamic enforcement of OCL constraints.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-33666-9_16 fatcat:bxxjr54ggbf7lbzzadoug2tqca

Efficient analysis of pattern-based constraint specifications

Michael Wahler, David Basin, Achim D. Brucker, Jana Koehler
2009 Journal of Software and Systems Modeling  
We introduce a consistency checker implementing these ideas and we report on case studies in applying our approach to analyze industrial-scale models.  ...  This analysis is based on precise notions of consistency for constrained class models and exploits the semantic properties of constraint patterns, thereby enabling syntax-based consistency checking in  ...  We have implemented a consistency checker based on these ideas and used it to carry out case studies on industrial-scale models.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10270-009-0123-6 fatcat:gqxqglmkabavvbounolhssdmiu

Overview of Slicing and Feedback Techniques for Efficient Verification of UML/OCL Class Diagrams

Asadullah Shaikh, Uffe Kock Wiil
2018 IEEE Access  
This approach is also able to detect faults in UML and OCL models. The authors have used the USE model validator to show their experiments.  ...  The execution time for the verification of UML/OCL class diagrams for each formalism depends on the number of classes, instances, associations, and OCL constraints, i.e. the size of the model.  ...  His current research topics are UML model verification, UML class diagrams verification with OCL constraints for complex models, formal verification, and feedback technique for unsatisfiable UML/OCL class  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2018.2797695 fatcat:ysfymg2q7ja6nanwxlg4gndmam

VPML: an approach to detect design patterns of MOF-based modeling languages

Maged Elaasar, Lionel C. Briand, Yvan Labiche
2013 Journal of Software and Systems Modeling  
The approach is prototyped on Eclipse and validated in two large case studies that involve detecting design patterns-specifically a subset of GoF patterns in a UML model and a subset of Control Flow patterns  ...  Such a transformation runs over an input model where pattern occurrences are to be detected and reports those occurrences in a result model.  ...  The first case study involves the specification of eleven GoF design patterns for UML (a general purpose modeling language) and detecting their occurrences in a large UML design model of an open-source  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10270-013-0325-9 fatcat:vxukkxbuzbewlfo43pdzdhd4zu

Tool Support for OCL and Related Formalisms – Needs and Trends [chapter]

Thomas Baar, Dan Chiorean, Alexandre Correa, Martin Gogolla, Heinrich Hußmann, Octavian Patrascoiu, Peter H. Schmitt, Jos Warmer
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Concerning the Dresden OCL2 Toolkit, Stefan Ocke created a solid basis for the new toolkit version by his Dresden OCL2 Repository that manages models and metamodels and has been an important prerequisite  ...  In the following years many students accounted both with research ideas and implementations to the Dresden OCL Toolkit and made their modules available to the open source community.  ...  Preliminary Case Study The case study is based on the system presented in [17] : The "Royal and Loyal" system example.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11663430_1 fatcat:wq7bq35vpbckrfk6yioenoj7zy

Experiences of using the Dagstuhl Middle Metamodel for defining software metrics

Jacqueline A. McQuillan, James F. Power
2006 Proceedings of the 4th international symposium on Principles and practice of programming in Java - PPPJ '06  
In this paper we report on our experiences of using the Dagstuhl Middle Metamodel as a basis for defining a set of software metrics.  ...  We provide details of a system for specifying Javabased software metrics through a tool that instantiates the metamodel from Java class files and a tool that automatically generates a program to calculate  ...  We intend to continue our work by developing a full set of coupling and cohesion metrics, applied to both a Java and the UML metamodel, and to investigate the full potential of modularity and re-usability  ... 
doi:10.1145/1168054.1168082 dblp:conf/pppj/McQuillanP06 fatcat:okkudpps4vdgldghsxmtt77pki

Constraints Specification Via Tool Support: A Controlled Experiment

Azzam Maraee, Eliran Nachmani, Arnon Sturm
2020 Journal of Object Technology  
In this work we conducted a controlled experiment using USE and a Java framework we developed for that purpose, and compare the effectiveness of developing model-based constraints with respect to quality  ...  To address this need, in the context of object-oriented modeling, the Object Constraint Language (OCL) was devised.  ...  Burgueño et al. discussed some of the issues we also faced when teaching modeling to software engineers, presenting a case study modeled with UML and OCL/USE that has been used successfully to teach modeling  ... 
doi:10.5381/jot.2020.19.3.a16 fatcat:wophf4jfxzcs3h5upaishetev4

Design notations for secure software: a systematic literature review

Alexander van den Berghe, Riccardo Scandariato, Koen Yskout, Wouter Joosen
2015 Journal of Software and Systems Modeling  
This paper presents a systematic literature review that inventorizes the existing notations and provides an indepth, comparative analysis for each.  ...  These notations are aimed at documenting and analyzing security in a software design model. The fragmentation of the research space, however, has resulted in a complex tangle of different techniques.  ...  In an illustration, a notation is applied to a small example as a demonstration of how the notation works. In a case study, a notation is applied to an industrial-size project.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10270-015-0486-9 fatcat:hom7vhzkmnextkoulukb736gyq

Verification and Trade-Off Analysis of Security Properties in UML System Models

Geri Georg, Kyriakos Anastasakis, Behzad Bordbar, Siv Hilde Houmb, Indrakshi Ray, Manachai Toahchoodee
2010 IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering  
In this paper, we focus on the AORDD analysis, which consists of: 1) a formal security evaluation and 2) a trade-off analysis that enables system designers to position alternative security solutions against  ...  The formal security evaluation uses the Alloy Analyzer to provide assurance that an incorporated security mechanism performs as expected and makes the system resilient to previously identified attacks.  ...  We abstracted this misuse model into a class diagram and OCL specification. The model specifies an active man-in-the-middle attack on a system that uses minimal certificate checking.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tse.2010.36 fatcat:dfgulm5sofbdtgo36y2xo2nyd4
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