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A verifiable protection system

Gerald J. Popek, Charles S. Kline
1975 SIGPLAN notices  
The CPU scheduler queues these requests using an arbitrary memory management strategy and causes the actual swaps using the s~p-i,/swap-otut calls.  ...  Crea;te-d65tAoy objec2.s: These calls, used to create or destroy security objects, must handle space reservation and naming issues. Examples of specific calls are cAexuteproaess and cAeate-segmcnt.  ... 
doi:10.1145/390016.808451 fatcat:xhfw36ctjbgdppmzzycxrfdzqm

Encryption and Secure Computer Networks

Gerald J. Popek, Charles S. Kline
1979 ACM Computing Surveys  
S. Kline MESSAGE 1. R~UTHORITY~GE 4?EQUEST, +TIME, KEY DISTRIBUTION J J ~-MESSAGE2 [Ph+REQUEST+TIME] ....  ...  S. Kline basis of that block only and the given key. It is easier to construct strong stream ciphers than strong block ciphers.  ... 
doi:10.1145/356789.356794 fatcat:oiwwzsa4zve4rbwihptjduer2u

A verifiable protection system

Gerald J. Popek, Charles S. Kline
1975 Proceedings of the international conference on Reliable software -  
The CPU scheduler queues these requests using an arbitrary memory management strategy and causes the actual swaps using the s~p-i,/swap-otut calls.  ...  Crea;te-d65tAoy objec2.s: These calls, used to create or destroy security objects, must handle space reservation and naming issues. Examples of specific calls are cAexuteproaess and cAeate-segmcnt.  ... 
doi:10.1145/800027.808451 fatcat:fkkwftefr5gkviazjbeppynxlq

Asthma Guidelines

1999 American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine  
Doerschug KC, Peterson MW, Dayton CS, Kline JN. Asthma guidelines: an assessment of physician understanding and practice. AM J RESPIR CRIT CARE MED 1999;159:1735-1741.  ... 
doi:10.1164/ajrccm.159.6.9809051 pmid:10351911 fatcat:7n4fsppmrzb2bgytwfsox3cvxu

Wave Propagation in a Composite with Wavy Reinforcing Fibers [chapter]

Joseph S. McIntyre, Charles W. Bert, Ronald A. Kline
1995 Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation  
(Figures S-7) .  ...  Figure S .Figure 6 .Figure 7 . S67 Variation in the amplitude of the propagating wave with distance, due to fiber waviness for ro=1.2SxIQ6 Hz and B=0.02Sm.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4615-1987-4_167 fatcat:qmvjiso6pjfj7h6rcalxfdlnyq

Perturbation and Finite Difference Solutions for Wave Propagation in Composites with Periodic Stiffness Variations [chapter]

Joseph S. McIntyre, Maurice L. Rasmussen, Ronald A. Kline, Charles W. Bert
1996 Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation  
The nondimensional variables 't and X were defined as (3) X= kx s (4) Equation (1) becomes nondimensional by introducing the variables 't and X and changing to differentiation with respect to 't and X,  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4613-0383-1_34 fatcat:oc5khffykngf7drunx2mgn6q7u

Tourism development in the Dominican Republic: An examination of the economic impact to coastal households

Lauren N Duffy, Garrett Stone, H Charles Chancellor, Carol S Kline, Arianne C Reis
2015 Tourism and Hospitality Research  
Carol S Kline is an Associate Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Appalachian State University in the Department of Management.  ...  H Charles Chancellor is an Associate Professor in the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management at Clemson University.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1467358415613118 fatcat:pmg4mjvtvfc4xlbq7gia7ea6lq

Epidemiology of autosomal dominant polycystic liver disease in Olmsted county

Tatsuya Suwabe, Alanna M. Chamberlain, Jill M. Killian, Bernard F. King, Adriana V. Gregory, Charles D. Madsen, Xiaofang Wang, Timothy L. Kline, Fouad T. Chebib, Marie C. Hogan, Patrick S. Kamath, Peter C. Harris (+1 others)
2020 JHEP Reports  
Isolated autosomal-dominant polycystic liver disease (ADPLD) is generally considered a rare disease. However, the frequency of truncating mutations to ADPLD genes in large, population sequencing databases is 1:496. With the increasing use of abdominal imaging, incidental detection of hepatic cysts and ADPLD has become more frequent. The present study was performed to ascertain the incidence and point prevalence of ADPLD in Olmsted County, MN, USA, and how these are impacted by the increasing
more » ... lisation of abdominal imaging. The Rochester Epidemiology Project and radiology databases of Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center were searched to identify all subjects meeting diagnostic criteria for definite, likely, or possible ADPLD. Annual incidence rates were calculated using incident cases during 1980-2016 as numerator, and age- and sex-specific estimates of the population of Olmsted County as denominator. Point prevalence was calculated using prevalence cases as numerator, and age- and sex-specific estimates of the population of Olmsted County on 1 January 2010 as denominator. The incidence rate and point prevalence of combined definite and likely ADPLD were 1.01 per 100,000 person-years and 9.5 per 100,000 population, respectively. Only 15 of 35 definite and likely incident ADPLD cases had received a diagnostic code, and only 8 had clinically significant hepatomegaly. The incidence rates were much higher when adding possible cases, mainly identified through radiology databases, particularly in recent years and in older patients because of the increased utilisation of imaging studies. Clinically significant isolated ADPLD is a rare disease with a prevalence <1:10,000 population. The overall prevalence of ADPLD, however, to a large extent not clinically significant, is likely much higher and closer to the reported genetic prevalence. Isolated autosomal-dominant polycystic liver disease (ADPLD) is generally considered a rare disease. However, we demonstrate that it is a relatively common disease, which is rarely (<1:10,000 population) clinically significant.
doi:10.1016/j.jhepr.2020.100166 pmid:33145487 pmcid:PMC7593615 fatcat:vtdpxpbdkvbodnr67jhhsqbv6a

Indicators to support environmental sustainability of bioenergy systems

Allen C. McBride, Virginia H. Dale, Latha M. Baskaran, Mark E. Downing, Laurence M. Eaton, Rebecca A. Efroymson, Charles T. Garten, Keith L. Kline, Henriette I. Jager, Patrick J. Mulholland, Esther S. Parish, Peter E. Schweizer (+1 others)
2011 Ecological Indicators  
., 2008; Scharlemann and Laurance, 2008; Kline et al., 2009 ).  ...  Peak storm flow L/s Crop choice, % of residue harvested, tillage Erosion, sediment loading, infiltration Buchanan and Somers (1969) 10.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecolind.2011.01.010 fatcat:47hfydmj7bhdtkkg6kc4y6dfde

Prospective study of clinician-entered research data in the Emergency Department using an Internet-based system after the HIPAA Privacy Rule

Jeffrey A Kline, Charles L Johnson, William B Webb, Michael S Runyon
2004 BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making  
Design and test the reliability of a web-based system for multicenter, real-time collection of data in the emergency department (ED), under waiver of authorization, in compliance with HIPAA. Methods: This was a phase I, two-hospital study of patients undergoing evaluation for possible pulmonary embolism. Data were collected by on-duty clinicians on an HTML data collection form (prospective e-form), populated using either a personal digital assistant (PDA) or personal computer (PC). Data forms
more » ... re uploaded to a central, offsite server using secure socket protocol transfer. Each form was assigned a unique identifier, and all PHI data were encrypted, but were password-accessible by authorized research personnel to complete a follow-up e-form. Results: From April 15, 2003-April 15 2004, 1022 prospective e-forms and 605 follow-up e-forms were uploaded. Complexities of PDA use compelled clinicians to use PCs in the ED for data entry for most forms. No data were lost and server log query revealed no unauthorized entry. Prospectively obtained PHI data, encrypted upon server upload, were successfully decrypted using password-protected access to allow follow-up without difficulty in 605 cases. Non-PHI data from prospective and follow-up forms were available to the study investigators via standard file transfer protocol. Conclusions: Data can be accurately collected from on-duty clinicians in the ED using real-time, PC-Internet data entry in compliance with the Privacy Rule. Deidentification-reidentification of PHI was successfully accomplished by a password-protected encryption-deencryption mechanism to permit follow-up by approved research personnel.
doi:10.1186/1472-6947-4-17 pmid:15479471 pmcid:PMC526297 fatcat:4f64gctvy5gqrg5zqwsi3inpju

Dose intensification of TRAIL-inducing ONC201 inhibits metastasis and promotes intratumoral NK cell recruitment

Jessica Wagner, C. Leah Kline, Lanlan Zhou, Kerry S. Campbell, Alexander W. MacFarlane, Anthony J. Olszanski, Kathy Q. Cai, Harvey H. Hensley, Eric A. Ross, Marie D. Ralff, Andrew Zloza, Charles B. Chesson (+5 others)
2018 Journal of Clinical Investigation  
However, CD8a inhibition did not attenuate ONC201's efficacy, suggesting that the T cells play less of a role in ONC201's pro-immune effect.  ...  ONC201's efficacy derives from direct tumor cell death and NK cell-related tumor cell death.  ... 
doi:10.1172/jci96711 pmid:29533922 fatcat:kekcpakzkvb3nejddy2i5x6cqe

Percutaneous occlusion of a pseudoaneurysm evolving after homograft aortic valve and root replacement with the Amplatzer muscular ventricular septal defect occluder

Eric M. Graham, Varsha M. Bandisode, Andrew M. Atz, Charles H. Kline, Marian H. Taylor, John S. Ikonomidis
2006 Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery  
Atz, MD, a Charles H. Kline, RDMS, a Marian H. Taylor, MD, b and John S.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jtcvs.2005.11.016 pmid:16580455 fatcat:sjtb6ikuxnboxhr5paxsrvxeke

Sarcolemma [chapter]

Gordon S. Lynch, David G. Harrison, Hanjoong Jo, Charles Searles, Philippe Connes, Christopher E. Kline, C. Castagna, Carsten Juel, David J. Bishop, Fin Biering-Sørensen, Wilhelm Bloch, Klara Brixius (+11 others)
2012 Encyclopedia of Exercise Medicine in Health and Disease  
Systems Theory S 841 Sarcopenia GORDON S.  ...  HARRISON, HANJOONG JO, CHARLES SEARLES Cardiology Division, Department of Medicine and Biomechanical Engineering, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta Veterans Administration Hospital, Atlanta,  ...  The stroma in Stroma S 827 Sweat Chloride Test The gold standard for making a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-29807-6_2992 fatcat:beeir3wm3vcgjb4xxk3udrnvmq

Status and prospects for renewable energy using wood pellets from the southeastern United States

Virginia H. Dale, Keith L. Kline, Esther S. Parish, Annette L. Cowie, Robert Emory, Robert W. Malmsheimer, Raphael Slade, Charles Tattersall Tat SMITH, Thomas Bently BEN Wigley, Niclas S. Bentsen, Göran Berndes, Pierre Bernier (+23 others)
2017 GCB Bioenergy  
Photograph credits: Keith Kline. © 2017 The Authors. Global Change Biology Bioenergy Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 9, 1296-1305  ... 
doi:10.1111/gcbb.12445 fatcat:wgwf3p3q35g43a4lrrnu2kz6ra

Pharmacometabolomics identifies candidate predictor metabolites of an L‐carnitine treatment mortality benefit in septic shock

Michael A. Puskarich, Theodore S. Jennaro, Christopher E. Gillies, Charles R. Evans, Alla Karnovsky, Cora E. McHugh, Thomas L. Flott, Alan E. Jones, Kathleen A. Stringer, Nathan I Shapiro, Faheem W Guirgis, Michael Runyon (+14 others)
2021 Clinical and Translational Science  
Sepsis-induced metabolic dysfunction contributes to organ failure and death. L-carnitine has shown promise for septic shock, but a recent phase II study of patients with vasopressor-dependent septic shock demonstrated a non-significant reduction in mortality. We undertook a pharmacometabolomics study of these patients (n = 250) to identify metabolic profiles predictive of a 90-day mortality benefit from L-carnitine. The independent predictive value of each pretreatment metabolite concentration,
more » ... adjusted for L-carnitine dose, on 90-day mortality was determined by logistic regression. A grid-search analysis maximizing the Z-statistic from a binomial proportion test identified specific metabolite threshold levels that discriminated L-carnitine responsive patients. Threshold concentrations were further assessed by hazard ratio and Kaplan-Meier estimate. Accounting for L-carnitine treatment and dose, 11 1 H-NMR metabolites and 12 acylcarnitines were independent predictors of 90-day mortality. Based on the grid-search analysis numerous acylcarnitines and valine were identified as candidate metabolites of drug response. Acetylcarnitine emerged as highly viable for the prediction of an L-carnitine mortality benefit due to its abundance and biological relevance. Using its most statistically significant threshold concentration, patients with pretreatment acetylcarnitine greater than or equal to 35 µM were less likely to die at 90 days if treated with L-carnitine (18 g) versus placebo (p = 0.01 by log rank test). Metabolomics also identified independent predictors of 90-day sepsis mortality. Our proof-of-concept approach shows how pharmacometabolomics could be useful for tackling the heterogeneity of sepsis and informing clinical trial design. In addition, metabolomics can help understand mechanisms of sepsis heterogeneity and variable drug response, because sepsis induces alterations in numerous metabolite concentrations.
doi:10.1111/cts.13088 pmid:34216108 pmcid:PMC8604225 fatcat:jeiovmtozvaotmkcsi72rfdv3a
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