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Charles E. Johnson [article]

1913 American Art News  
E. E. Olcott, a striking head of a young girl, loaned by Mrs. Carl Boker, a "she is at work upon a series of mural paintings. Alethea H.  ...  Charles Dunn, of Philadelphia. Sophie Brannan has several of her broadly painted and strong landscapes at her Van Dyck Studio, which she painted at Pawlings, N.  ... 

The Clock of History. Alvin Johnson

Charles E. Merriam
1947 Social Service Review  
CHARLES E. MERRIAM University of Chicago Human Dignity and the Great Victorians. By BERNARD N. ScHILLING. New York: Pub- lished for Grinnell College by Columbia University Press, 1946.  ...  HAZEL E. Foster Randolph-Macon Woman’s College Lynchburg, Virginia The Clock of History. By Atvin JoHNSON. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., Inc., 1946. Pp. 253. $3.00.  ... 
doi:10.1086/636209 fatcat:lhjzu3k35ratrkp3shtruw2bae

Dr. Robert E. Park 1864–1944

Charles S. Johnson
1944 Psychiatry  
CHARLES S. JOHNSON  ...  ROBERT E. PARK and most valuable sources at first hand.  ... 
doi:10.1080/00332747.1944.11022492 fatcat:xaqknns4qffang7e73zecekkzu

General Notes

Thos. E. Winecoff, J. Kenneth Doutt, Edward W. Nelson, M. F. Landwer, Seth B. Benson, J. M. Edson, Maynard S. Johnson, E. E. Brown, Charles E. Johnson, W. M. Rush, Paul Hickie
1935 Journal of Mammalogy  
E. Winz- corr, Board of Game Commissioners, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Pa. AN ARIZONA COUGAR During the summer of 1933 I spent five months collecting mammals in Utah and Arizona.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1374534 fatcat:fayz376uafa4bedyprc554ld5y

Race Relations: Adjustment of Negroes and Whites in the United States.Willis O. Weatherford , Charles S. Johnson

E. B. Reuter
1935 American Journal of Sociology  
WEATHERFORD and CHARLES S. JOHNSON. New York: D. C. Heath & Co., 1934. Pp. x+590. $3.20.  ...  E. B. REUTER STtaTE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA  ... 
doi:10.1086/216913 fatcat:2i5wjaif2zdeddqm457t3h7rrm

Boughs, Butts and Beaver Dams

Charles E. Johnson
1932 Science  
Cuarues E. Jonnson ROOSEVELT WILD Lire STATION N. Y. STATE COLLEGE OF ForESTRY, SYRACUSE TWISTED TREES A BRIEF note, under the above caption, by Dr. A. 8.  ...  Charles Macnamara writes of certain beaver dams he had ob- served in which “at least 90 per cent.” of the boughs had been placed with butt ends downstream, instead of upstream, as generally stated in published  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.75.1935.132.a fatcat:3bvmvmaq2zavtnx5pd344zsdfm

Management and Accounting Principles

Charles E. Johnson
1965 Law & Contemporary Problems  
E. Internal Accounting Needs A fifth pressure on, accounting principles is the internal uses of accounting information.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1190776 fatcat:aaqlzns5jzftpej3dmzzuovtlq

Memorandum for Davis from Charles E. Johnson [article]

Charles E. Johnson
Charles E. Johnson Yce: Mr. Smith  ...  The Government will then be expected to react and it will be very difficult to continue to avoid taking a definitive position. 3. e may be pressed hard on the matter of arms control in the oceans, and  ... 
doi:10.15781/t2xg21 fatcat:6moueswbqbemxf6lawcv6g42cq

Grouping Children for Arithmetic Instruction

Charles E. Johnson
1954 The Arithmetic Teacher  
Grouping Children for Arithmetic Instruction CuHARLES E.  ...  JOHNSON School of Education, University of Kansas FEW DECADES AGO a public school teacher could be reasonably certain that the majority of the children in his room were capable of attaining the mini- mum  ... 
doi:10.5951/at.1.1.0016 fatcat:njfwtddclfhcve6microcc34iu

Charles G. Finney and a Theology of Revivalism

James E. Johnson
1969 Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture  
See also Sydney E.  ...  Charles G. Finney, Sermons on Gospel Themes (Oberlin, 1876), pp. 335-336. 77. Ibid, p. 97. 78. Charles G.  ...  There was equally no difficulty for Calvin Colton to name his villain-Charles Finney.101 Finney's theology at Oberlin eventually took the fork of the road that led towards perfectionism.  ... 
doi:10.2307/3163157 fatcat:hvwnxztt25h6hecb2gwns45fwi


Charles W. Johnson, Thomas E. Shockley, Thomas W. Johnson
1957 Journal of Bacteriology  
coli.611 55 25 I131 was used at a concentration of 6.9,uc per ml. 1957] 315 on May 9, 2020 by guest Downloaded from JOHNSON, SHOCKLEY, AND JOHNSON TABLE 4 4 reus  ...  coli M. pyogenes var. aureus E. coli M. pyogenes var. aureus E. coli M. pyogenes var. aureus E. coli M. pyogenes var. aureus E. coli Before Decolor- ization cprn 1,191 1,004  ... 
doi:10.1128/jb.73.3.314-317.1957 fatcat:peyftudyurezbpdr5khmfpfzzm

The Carnegie Institution

S. E. Mezes, Charles H. Sternberg, Roswell H. Johnson, W. A. Noyes
1902 Science  
E. MEZES. ITNVERSITY OF TEXAS.  ...  JOHNSON. ONE respect in which German chemists have an important advantage over most Americans is that many of them work with the aid of private assistants.  ... 

Ranks of permutative matrices

Xiaonan Hu, Charles R. Johnson, Caroline E. Davis, Yimeng Zhang
2016 Special Matrices  
Example 6.1 The 8-by-8 matrix A =               a e d f c b g h a e f d b c g h b d c g f e a h d b g c e f h a d b c g e f h a e d f g c b a h e d g f c b h a a b c d e f g h       ...  d + f c + b g + h e f b h b + d c + g f + e a + h d g e h e + d f + g c + b a + h d g b h a + b c + d e + f g + h b d f h d − f c − b b − d c − g f − e a − h e − d f − g c − b f − g a − h         ... 
doi:10.1515/spma-2016-0022 fatcat:fctdw7tkx5bibbvjpkhmrho6au

Large-deviation statistics of vorticity stretching in isotropic turbulence

Perry L. Johnson, Charles Meneveau
2016 Physical review. E  
E. Results Using a Parabolic Cramér Function Following Ref. [41] , an approximation can be obtained by representing the Cramér function as a parabola, i.e. Gaussian statistics, Eq. (23) .  ...  [63] and for the entire FTLE spectrum (including for joint-statistics) by Johnson and Meneveau [35] for the case of isotropic turbulence. D.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreve.93.033118 pmid:27078458 fatcat:7w7yzhzsxbfytaxzpmp2harezi

A Preface to Racial Understanding

George E. Simpson, Charles S. Johnson
1937 American Sociological Review  
doi:10.2307/2084787 fatcat:2j2leycbuvftbpubt3fkk5ws3e
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