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Characterization and Theoretical Comparison of Branch-and-Bound Algorithms for Permutation Problems

Walter H. Kohler, Kenneth Steiglitz
1974 Journal of the ACM  
Branch-and-bound implicit enumeration algorithms for permutation problems (discrete optimization problems where the set of feasible solutions is the permutation group S~) are characterized in terms of  ...  KEY "WORDS AND PHRASES: discrete optimization, branch-and-bound implicit enumeration algorithms, permutation problems, sextuple characterization, computational requirements, theoretical comparison CR CA'rgOOR  ...  The optimum producing branch-and-bound algorithms commonly used to solve the permfftation problem (S,,X,f) [1, 10] can be characterized in terms of the sextuple (Bv,S,E,D,L,U).  ... 
doi:10.1145/321796.321808 fatcat:zgzn3qldi5gj7d35a3nm7x26ua

Page 1583 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 49, Issue 4 [page]

1975 Mathematical Reviews  
.; Steiglitz, Kenneth 8636 Characterization and theoretical comparison of branch- and-bound algorithms for permutation problems. J. Assoc. Comput. Mach. 21 (1974), 140-156.  ...  The authors characterize branch-and-bound algorithms for permutation problems by a sextuple (B,, 8, Z, D, L, U), where B, is the branching rule for permutation problems, S is the next node selection rule  ... 

A Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Minimizing the Energy Consumption in the PFS Problem

Guo-Sheng Liu, Bi-Xi Zhang, Hai-Dong Yang, Xin Chen, George Q. Huang
2013 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
To solve this new problem, a branch-and-bound algorithm is developed. Two lower bounds are proposed, and an initial upper bound by using a variant of NEH heuristic algorithm is applied.  ...  Experimental results also validate the efficiency of the proposed algorithm for problems with job number not larger than 15.  ...  Acknowledgment This work was supported in part by the Humanity and Society Science Program of the Ministry of Education (12YJCZH129) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (70971026 and 71271060  ... 
doi:10.1155/2013/546810 fatcat:wfb4hud2hvgbhhp2egjpi6g2tm

Cumulative subject index volumes 40–43

1979 Information and Control  
channels, 40, 335 group theoretic, and automorphism groups, 41, 147 Tree decision, complexity: for evaluation of Quasi-40, 258 V Vote-taking algorithm in decoding maximum distance separable  ...  control problems with, 41, 119 Measures of information, with branching property over a graph and representations, 41, 214 nonadditive, of average charge: for heterogeneous questionnaires, 41,  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0019-9958(79)90069-x fatcat:prorkxke6ncuzeb52kxef5whba

Lexisearch Approach to Travelling Salesman Problem

G.Vijaya Lakshmi G.Vijaya Lakshmi
2013 IOSR Journal of Mathematics  
In all these problems the lexicographic search was found to be more efficient than the Branch bound algorithms. This algorithm is deterministic and is always guaranteed to find an optimal solution.  ...  The aim of this paper is to introduce Lexisearch the structure of the search algorithm does not require huge dynamic memory during execution.  ...  Branch and bound algorithm. 4. East man"s algorithm. 5. Lexisearch method.  ... 
doi:10.9790/5728-0640108 fatcat:cvjlhchskvc5deljalbn2cduji


1996 Discrete Applied Mathematics  
Although the problem of minimizing the number of primers in NP-complete, a branch-and-bound algorithm, suggested by the authors, works well for biological data.  ...  They characterize the equivalence classes of such permutations, and obtain upper and lower bounds on the diameter of the permutations group under such reversals.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0166-218x(96)90015-3 fatcat:lbf4yoj4bbglpbzgmw2ydmpciq

Efficient bounds for oriented chromosome inversion distance [chapter]

John Kececioglu, David Sankoff
1994 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We show that tight bounds on the minimum number of reversals can be found by simple and efficient algorithms.  ...  Determining the minimum number of inversions is equivalent to finding the minimum of reversals to sort a signed circular permutation, where a reversal takes an arbitrary substring of elements and reverses  ...  Section 4 develops a more parsimonious branch-and-bound algorithm.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-58094-8_26 fatcat:fiayuvcb3rdxfnmfbup65j6tf4

A dual encoding-based meta-heuristic algorithm for solving a constrained hybrid flow shop scheduling problem

Antonio Costa, Fulvio Antonio Cappadonna, Sergio Fichera
2013 Computers & industrial engineering  
Subsequently, since the permutation encoding is not able to investigate the overall space of solutions, a random search algorithm equipped with an m-stage permutation encoding is launched for improving  ...  the algorithm strength in terms of both exploration and exploitation.  ...  Arthanary and Ramaswamy (1971) developed a pioneer research aiming to cope with a two-stage HFS scheduling problem through a Branch and Bound algorithm.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cie.2013.01.004 fatcat:dnwmzxg3qfhwhlramvlx5k7g6m

Page 4275 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 83j [page]

1983 Mathematical Reviews  
The problem is a generalization of the permutation layout problem for which an estimation of bounds and some algorithms have been proposed recently.  ...  A branch and bound algorithm for solving this problem is presented together with an interesting application to a problem in molecular evolution.  ... 

Page 1658 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 82d [page]

1982 Mathematical Reviews  
The general scheme for organization of a branching global extremum search process is given, formulations of the constraint problems are offered, and ways of computing the bounds are described.  ...  The optimum performance of the RDPN elements is determined at the second level of branching.” Nassimi, David; Sahni, Sartaj 82d:68005 A self-routing Benes network and parallel permutation algorithms.  ... 

Solving permutational routing problems by population-based metaheuristics

Wojciech Bożejko, Mieczysław Wodecki
2009 Computers & industrial engineering  
We present an algorithm based on the idea of researching and analyzing local optima.  ...  In this paper we consider two routing problems: traveling salesman problem (TSP, fundamental problem of the combinatorial optimization) and the TSP with times of traveling, times of processing and due  ...  Tan, Narasimban, Rubin, and Ragatz (2000) presented a comparison of four methods of solving the considered problem: branch and bound, genetic search, random-start pair-wise interchange and simulated anneling  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cie.2008.11.022 fatcat:neiwfovtonhczne3fqthbhhmoa

On sorting strings in external memory (extended abstract)

Lars Arge, Paolo Ferragina, Roberto Grossi, Jeffrey Scott Vitter
1997 Proceedings of the twenty-ninth annual ACM symposium on Theory of computing - STOC '97  
We then consider two more general I/O comparison models in which string breaking is allowed. We obtain improved algorithms and in several cases lower bounds that match their I/O bounds.  ...  In this paper we address for the first time the I/O complexity of the problem of sorting strings in external memory, which is a fundamental component of many large-scale text applications.  ...  The first author thanks Dany Breslauer for many string algorithm discussions and Peter Bro Miltersen for many great external-memory lower bound discussions.  ... 
doi:10.1145/258533.258647 dblp:conf/stoc/ArgeFGV97 fatcat:z4bu3vhcxfachoerkrn7s2ijse

Page 1619 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 87c [page]

1987 Mathematical Reviews  
The method generates a monotonic sequence of lower bounds and may be interpreted as a Lagrangian dual ascent procedure. We report on a computational comparison of our bounds with earlier work of A.  ...  A set of permutations is said to be minimal if, for each matrix from Up, it contains a solution of the corresponding as- signment problem and does not contain a proper subset with this property.  ... 

A tradeoff between search and update time for the implicit dictionary problem

Allan Borodin, Faith E. Fich, Friedhelm Meyer Auf Der Heide, Eli Upfal, Avi Wigderson
1988 Theoretical Computer Science  
This lower bound is even true in the average case and for nondeterministic algorithms [ 11.  ...  Specifically, we would like to characterize those sets of permutations for which searching is easy (i.e., O(log n) or (log n)O(') comparisons, in the worst case) and those for which searching is hard.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0304-3975(88)90018-7 fatcat:qwldmwbswjfzrjtvitt4hfnjqa

Lay-up Optimization of Laminated Composites Using a Modified Branch and Bound Method

Giacomo Canale, Paul M. Weaver, Felice Rubino, Angelo Maligno, Roberto Citarella
2018 The Open Mechanical Engineering Journal  
Objective: A modified branch and bound algorithm is proposed here and used to determine the stacking sequence for single and multi-objective optimisation problems.  ...  The algorithm has been also tested, secondly, for a problem of weight minimisation subjected to buckling and strength constraints.  ...  Motivated by the efficiency problems of the standard branch and bound algorithm and the work of Kim and Hwang [10] , a Modified Branch and Bound (MBB) is now proposed.  ... 
doi:10.2174/1874155x01812010138 fatcat:dbve6d2w2jcl7otllytr5yejci
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