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Challenges in Modelling Social Conflicts: Grappling with Polysemy

Martin Neumann, Andreas Braun, Eva-Maria Heinke, Mehdi Saqalli, Armano Srbljinovic
2011 Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation  
The workshop especially focused on the need to identify and examine challenges to modeling social conflicts.  ...  In order to deal with this complexity, various dimensions have to be taken into consideration, beginning with the question of how to identify a conflict in the first place.  ...  Challenges for modelling social conflicts Based on these presentations, several challenges to modelling conflicts have been identified. These will be examined in this section.  ... 
doi:10.18564/jasss.1818 fatcat:ac44ccpi7fgbvd33fsu7tt2uwa

Researching with 'Local' Associates: Power, Trust and Data in an Interpretive Project on Communities' Conflict Knowledge in Myanmar

Berit Bliesemann de Guevara, Ellen Furnari, Rachel Julian
2020 Civil Wars  
This article discusses benefits and challenges of qualitative-interpretive research conducted in teams of outside (Northern) researchers and national (Southern) associates, in which the latter have considerable  ...  Reflecting on our collaboration with Burmese associates on arts-based workshops with violence-affected communities in Myanmar, we discuss how structures and dynamics of power and trustbuilding shaped the  ...  Dr Rachel Julian is a Reader in Peace Studies at Leeds Beckett University's School of Social Sciences.  ... 
doi:10.1080/13698249.2020.1755161 fatcat:2fzuqcoqbffa7lncsegkxmtqsi

Recognising The Language of Calypso as "Symbolic Action" in Resolving Conflict in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

E. M. Phillips
2006 Caribbean Quarterly  
in an Indigenous, Non-Formal, Community Conflict Management Mechanism.  ...  Recognising the Language of Calypso as "Symbolic Action" in Resolving Conflict in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago The Calypso, which forms an integral part o f the carnival celebrations o f the Republic  ...  fought their wars Kaiso and its sweet minor cords Was the poor blackm an's house of Lords So Kaiso is our big, big insurance policy Against dictators and the parasitic oligarchy Kaiso is the atomic bomb in  ... 
doi:10.1080/00086495.2006.11672287 fatcat:rradtrggzzdgzlz4okkrzglp7m

Design Function in Innovation Processes

Anna Estany, Rosa M. Herrera
2021 Debats. Revista de cultura, poder i societat  
In fact, design's introduction into the academic world has gone hand-in-hand with Art and its impact on our daily lives.  ...  We focus on Design Epistemology and methodological innovation, specifically in connectionwith design simulations and methodological models.  ...  In an effort to model social conflicts, accurate historical data is being compared with data provided by Brownian Motion experts, and certain patterns of behaviour in human movements are being found in  ... 
doi:10.28939//iam.debats-en.2021-10 fatcat:2xch6zrlvjbmdmejbrqwq5674i

'Leaving the Fold': Apostasy from Fundamentalism and the Direction of Religious Development

Raoul J. Adam
2009 Australian Religion Studies Review  
This paper re-examines the direction of religious development implicit in Piagetian-based theories in light of a recent study of apostasy from fundamentalism.  ...  The theory-led and inductive thematic analysis of apostate narratives reveals evidence of a 'sociocognitive conflict' that complicates the implicit teleology of traditional theories of religious development  ...  The attributes reveal the affective power of social connection that may conflict with cognition that is potentially disruptive to the social unit, that is, cognition that challenges group-identifying beliefs  ... 
doi:10.1558/arsr.v22i1.42 fatcat:xdsrzrxgz5cgtjjgpbozwuj2da


Érico Luciano Pagotto, Sylmara Lopes Francelino Gonçalves-Dias
2020 Ambiente & Sociedade  
This article analyzes the process of construction of public policies of sustainable production and consumption in Brazil after the country joined the Marrakesh Process in 2003.  ...  Evidence shows that a series of obstacles have been delaying further advances of the politics of sustainable production and consumption due to disputes between incumbents and challengers.  ...  Mastella; Uchôa (2018) highlight that this process differs from neopositivist models, which begin with analysis and culminate in interpretation.  ... 
doi:10.1590/1809-4422asoc20190027r1vu2020l4ao fatcat:seuxnksbzzasjghb2hw4mr4lli

On the Conceptual Confusions of Jurisprudence

Aaron J. Rappaport
2013 Social Science Research Network  
GEORGE LAKOFF, WOMEN, [VOL. 7:77 found that this simple "definitional" view conflicted with the actual ways in which concepts were used.  ...  Nonetheless, this is the only approach that treats citizens as thinking beings, showing respect for their ability to grapple with the thorny issues of law's normativity. B.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2317570 fatcat:xlagear2effrvc7fwf2kodwcnu

Artificial Intelligence, Social Media and Supply Chain Management: The Way Forward

Apalak Khatua, Aparup Khatua, Xu Chi, Erik Cambria
2021 Electronics  
We argue that the context-specific application of AI, compared to generic approaches, is more efficient in retrieving meaningful insights from social media data for SCM.  ...  These stakeholders frequently use social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, to voice their opinions and concerns.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/electronics10192348 fatcat:vreqwfljebcudgl3drik7fn57a

Resolve, Time, and Risk

Joshua D. Kertzer
2017 International Organization  
Why do some actors in international politics display remarkable persistence in wartime, while others "cut and run" at the first sign of trouble?  ...  I test the theory experimentally in the context of public opinion about military interventions.  ...  play important roles in rationalist models of conflict.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0020818316000424 fatcat:ipmr4powtfawnidvqa4cwqrstq


2017 Modern Intellectual History  
under modern conditions, human lives are actually lived—the material circumstances that make them possible, the relationships people enter into, the purposes they choose to pursue, and the significance with  ...  which they endow their efforts—is one from which contemporary scholarship has tended to shy away, as if such matters were best left in the hands of artists and novelists.  ...  Most of Seigel's books explore how intellectuals and artists grappled with paradoxes that resemble the conflict he found in James between art and history, such as the tension between rhetoric and philosophy  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1479244317000208 fatcat:6sdriy3fufemjlg2a5eunrmene

New approaches to understanding the role of the news media in the formation of public attitudes and behaviours on climate change

Catherine Happer, Greg Philo
2015 European Journal of Communication  
response to existing beliefs, perceptions and behavioural patterns -both in the short and long term.  ...  The findings suggest that media accounts are likely to have a shaping role in relation to behaviours under a range of specific and coinciding conditions.  ...  with conflicting information.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0267323115612213 fatcat:hvsuejqcd5cund62e2nzhwb2zm

Introduction. Gift and Tribute in Early Modern Diplomacy: Afro-Eurasian Perspectives

Birgit Tremml-Werner, Lisa Hellman, Guido van Meersbergen
2020 Diplomatica  
This introduction situates the contributions in the special issue on "Gifts and Tribute in Early Modern Diplomacy: Afro-Eurasian Perspectives" within a survey of recent literature.  ...  Gifts and tribute have become a mainstay of scholarship on early modern diplomacy, particularly in studies of intercultural contacts.  ...  As a material practice, a custom laden with symbolic meaning, and an actor-driven means for configuring social and political relations, gift-exchange sits at the heart of the cluster of developments that  ... 
doi:10.1163/25891774-02020001 fatcat:c4hqlrkmtvdzjj7hvajwmv3p6m

Paradox and Paradise: Conflicting Perspectives on Race, Gender, and Nature in Aminata Sow Fall' s Douceurs du bercail Paradox and Paradise: Conflicting Perspectives on Race, Gender, and Nature in Aminata Sow Fall's Douceurs du bercail

Catherine Gardner, Guyon Van Uitert, Catherine Guyon Van Uitert, Catherine Guyon Van Uitert
2010 unpublished
Sow Fall's use of language in all three areas signals an underlying fascination with the paradoxes inherent in each.  ...  Throughout the chapters, I interpret Naatangué as the ultimate paradoxical space which is at once wrought with complicated language and conflicting ideals yet acts as a quasi-paradise where Asta and her  ...  so much time discussing school and life with me.  ... 

Postmodern American sociology: a response to the aesthetic challenge

2005 ChoiceReviews  
It can be seen in the halt to the fall in real social wage costs that occurred simultaneously with the outbreak o f sporadic conflicts and endemic confrontations challenging work disciplines o f the kind  ...  Harvey argued that the acceleration of compression o f time-space in the postmodern era challenged human capacity to grapple with the realities because traditional notion of realities was based on the  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.42-4327 fatcat:zsdwlxlt2be4dmzt2ff4o3ipom

The Changing Culture of Rhetorical Studies

Winifred Bryan Horner, Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, Celeste Michelle Condit, John Hammerback, Marouf Hasian, Richard J. Jensen, Andrew King, John Louis Lucaites, Robert Hariman, Mark Lawrence McPhail, John M. Murphy, Thomas Rosteck (+2 others)
2001 Rhetoric Review  
Events in the last few months provide a new challenge for those interested in the study of social movements.  ...  Despite cries of Eurocenteredness, Burke's insights are still being grappled with.  ...  Because they concentrate on the shape of rhetoric that emerges from collective patterns of selection among practicing rhetorical critics, agency-in Kenneth Burke's sense-rests almost entirely with the  ... 
doi:10.1080/07350198.2001.9683374 fatcat:myvmortrq5ggfkg3f2jfpcip2a
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