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Who Verifies the Verifiers? A Computer-Checked Implementation of the DPLL Algorithm in Dafny [article]

Cezar-Constantin Andrici, Ştefan Ciobâcă
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We build a SAT solver implementing the DPLL algorithm in the verification-enabled programming language Dafny. The resulting solver is fully verified (soundness, completeness and termination are computer checked). We benchmark our Dafny solver and we show that it is just as efficient as an equivalent DPLL solver implemented in C# and roughly two times less efficient than an equivalent solver written in C++. We conclude that auto-active verification is a promising approach to increasing trust in
more » ... ncreasing trust in SAT solvers, as it combines a good trade-off between execution speed and degree of trustworthiness of the final product.
arXiv:2007.10842v1 fatcat:3kzdaslqmfg4vmapmliv5mcnby

Verifying the DPLL Algorithm in Dafny

Cezar-Constantin Andrici, Ştefan Ciobâcă
2019 Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science  
Modern high-performance SAT solvers quickly solve large satisfiability instances that occur in practice. If the instance is satisfiable, then the SAT solver can provide a witness which can be checked independently in the form of a satisfying truth assignment. However, if the instance is unsatisfiable, the certificates could be exponentially large or the SAT solver might not be able to output certificates. The implementation of the SAT solver should then be trusted not to contain bugs. However,
more » ... ain bugs. However, the data structures and algorithms implemented by a typical high-performance SAT solver are complex enough to allow for subtle programming errors. To counter this issue, we build a verified SAT solver using the Dafny system. We discuss its implementation in the present article.
doi:10.4204/eptcs.303.1 fatcat:cwjfoxi65jdjtfzn4lrpd36yjy

BANII ȘI POLITICA legăturile dintre achizițiile publice și partidele politice

România Autori, Pârvu Septimius, Grama Cezara, Ioniță Sorin, Dacian Prof, Croația Dragoș, Podumljak Munir, Vladimir Asistenți De Cercetare, Ioana Costache, Victor Ene, Rouă
Constantin Ghiveci se pare că era un apropiat al fostului lider PDL Cezar Preda 160 . 30% dintre contractele societății au provenit de la CNI, iar alte 9% de la Primăria Buzău.  ...  CONSTANTIN Constantin Avram a fost consilier județean, sub-prefect, parlamentar din partea PC în mandatul 2012-2016.  ...