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Caught in the Maze of Security Standards [chapter]

Jan Meier, Dieter Gollmann
2010 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We analyze the interactions between several national and international standards relevant for eCard applications, noting deficiencies in those standards, or at least deficiencies in the documentation of  ...  We argue that the entities responsible for accrediting smart card based applications thus require security expertise beyond the knowledge encoded in security standards and that a purely compliance based  ...  We thank the anonymous reviewers for valuable comments and suggestions.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-15497-3_27 fatcat:clazpzikung5vmnxqdv3gvr33a

Page 898 of New Outlook Vol. 82, Issue 16 [page]

1906 New Outlook  
The billionaire put up his stock books, but the title of another book caught my eye, “Castles in Spain.” “ Ah,” he said, laughingly, “ you jour- nalists have reduced curiosity to a fine art.”  ...  A man who becomes a doctrinaire in this comparatively unex- plored field is soon lost in a maze of crude technicalities, and may become a Philistine before he gets through.  ... 

Page 167 of American Journal of Sociology Vol. 33, Issue 1 [page]

1927 American Journal of Sociology  
In college the student is for the first time caught up in the whirl of ideas, with all their cross-currents, eddies, and undertows.  ...  While he is embroiled in the apparently meaningless maze of conflicting ideas, the student may be troubled by some personal problem, some question more immedi- ately concerning the conduct of his own life  ... 

Uninformative Exaggeration of Male Sexual Ornaments in Barn Swallows

Jakob Bro-Jørgensen, Rufus A. Johnstone, Matthew R. Evans
2007 Current Biology  
Acknowledgments We thank the Leverhulme Trust for funding this project and the farmers and landowners around Stirling for their patience and permitting us to work on their premises.  ...  The fieldwork benefited from discussions with David Bryant, Kate Buchanan, and Kirsty Park.  ...  The new feather was butted against the stump and held in place by insertion of a 0.35-mm-diameter fishing line into the hollow of the central rachis of both the stump and the new feather, which was secured  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cub.2007.03.042 pmid:17412591 fatcat:7pgtudzhzfd2hedcmmxp2v3ewa

Towards streamlined bank vole odor preference evaluation using Y-mazes

Mattias Engman, Fredrik Schlyter, Paweł Koteja, Göran Birgersson, Gert Olsson, Johanna Witzell, Magnus Löf
2019 Mammal Research  
We used bank voles to measure attraction to acorn odors in a Y-maze.  ...  Acorns were as preferred as the familiar, standard food (rodent chow) while an acorn aeration extract did not produce any response.  ...  The cost of the animals was covered from grants of the Polish National Science Centre and the Jagiellonian University to P.K. (2014/13/B/NZ8/04683 and DS/WBINOZ/INOS/757).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13364-019-00445-2 fatcat:6gtlfwe2rzfqpieixdx75glncy

Three-dimensional space: locomotory style explains memory differences in rats and hummingbirds

I. N. Flores-Abreu, T. A. Hurly, J. A. Ainge, S. D. Healy
2014 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences  
In the cubic mazes in which we trained and tested rats and hummingbirds, rats moved more vertically than horizontally, whereas hummingbirds moved equally in the three dimensions.  ...  Hummingbirds, however, were more accurate in the vertical dimension than they were in the horizontal, a result that cannot be explained by their use of space.  ...  Figure 1 . 1 Pictures and representations of both cubic mazes: a photograph of (a) a territory of one bird with a circle showing the maze secured to the ground and two video cameras to film the experiment  ... 
doi:10.1098/rspb.2014.0301 pmid:24741019 pmcid:PMC4043095 fatcat:j2xie4acivajjpnkvnwz2c2jsa

Diving experience and the aerobic dive capacity of muskrats: does training produce a better diver?

R. A. MacArthur
2003 Journal of Experimental Biology  
In both studies, significant gains were observed in the mass-specific blood volume, Hct, Hb and skeletal muscle Mb of winter-caught animals.  ...  An opening in the cage floor provided access, via a ramp, to the swimming maze.  ... 
doi:10.1242/jeb.00221 pmid:12604575 fatcat:nakdiigraberxazxxqvhhnhjge

Page 37 of Collier's: The National Weekly Vol. 48, Issue 3 [page]

1911 Collier's: The National Weekly  
He now held her note so that a cor- ner of the paper rested in the candle flame. It caught.  ...  If caught, he might be accused of a kill- ing, and vet he knew just what course of action would avoid this. He would have to jump out the front door of the house and wait in some shadow.  ... 

Page 875 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 87, Issue 3 [page]

2000 Psychological Abstracts  
The enriched housing improved the motor coordination of Lurcher mutants and decreased the number of trials before reaching criterion in the landmark water maze.  ...  to the nature of the dominan individual, SDB can be used to assess relation- ship security (i.e., the perceived predictability of relationship for one partner).  ... 

Page 31 of APCJ Faxnews Vol. 79, Issue 8 [page]

1994 APCJ Faxnews  
Reform is certainly needed and over- due, but securing it has proven to be a maze of detours, blind alleys and dead ends traveled by ourselves and virtually every other major interest group in the country  ...  Passed into law in 1979, the statute is an acknowledged disaster even by the low standards we have come to apply to most federal regulatory programs.  ... 

Heat in evolution's kitchen: evolutionary perspectives on the functions and origin of the facial pit of pitvipers (Viperidae: Crotalinae)

A. R. Krochmal
2004 Journal of Experimental Biology  
We attached the carrier and goals to the maze by inserting the open-ended tube into the coupling and securing it with a cap screw.  ...  and embedded in the maze substrate.  ... 
doi:10.1242/jeb.01278 pmid:15531644 fatcat:ybqoraaj7bdm3hymq7r4vwlph4

The Effect of Scalp Point Cluster-Needling on Learning and Memory Function and Neurotransmitter Levels in Rats with Vascular Dementia

Junli Yang, Gerhard Litscher, Haitao Li, Wenhai Guo, Zhang Liang, Ting Zhang, Weihua Wang, Xiaoyan Li, Yao Zhou, Bing Zhao, Qi Rong, Zemin Sheng (+3 others)
2014 Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine  
A Morris water maze was used to measure the rats' learning and memory function, and the changes in neurotransmitter levels in the rats' hippocampus were analyzed.  ...  We observed the effect of scalp point cluster-needling treatment on learning and memory function and neurotransmitter levels in rats with vascular dementia (VD).  ...  The rat was laid in a supine position and secured.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2014/294103 pmid:25024727 pmcid:PMC4082888 fatcat:v6svg4dewfgetjnm4y2jezl6om

Kin recognition by phenotype matching is family- rather than self-referential in juvenile cichlid fish

Saskia Hesse, Theo C.M. Bakker, Sebastian A. Baldauf, Timo Thünken
2012 Animal Behaviour  
The ability to differentiate between kin and nonkin is of importance in nepotistic as well as in mate choice contexts.  ...  In the experiments, test fish had to choose between olfactory cues obtained from two stimulus shoals differing in relatedness to the test fish.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Joachim Frommen for stimulating discussion about the experimental design and the members of the Bakker research group for general support and discussion.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.anbehav.2012.05.021 fatcat:ousydczyqbgqhm6oikjhtswbjq

Social context alters spatial memory performance in free-living male prairie voles

Marissa A. Rice, Gloria Sanín, Alexander G. Ophir
2019 Royal Society Open Science  
We manipulated the intensity of intraspecific competition in two distinct contexts by altering the operational sex ratio of prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster) living in outdoor enclosures by creating  ...  Notably, these data show that in spite of experiencing equally complex spatial contexts (i.e. natural outdoor enclosures), it was the social context that influenced spatial cognition, and it did so in  ...  We thank Adam Dyess for his assistance in maintaining the field enclosures in Oklahoma.  ... 
doi:10.1098/rsos.190743 pmid:31827827 pmcid:PMC6894606 fatcat:jh7vstyvqff25iunha6pk6rm5u

Corneal sensitivity is required for orientation in free-flying migratory bats

Oliver Lindecke, Richard A Holland, Gunārs Pētersons, Christian C Voigt
2021 Communications Biology  
Therefore our results suggest the cornea as a possible site of magnetoreception in bats, although other conceivable effects of the anaesthetic are also explored.  ...  Furthermore, we demonstrate that the corneal based sense is of bilateral nature but can function in a single eye if necessary.  ...  Oskars Keišs, Donāts Spalis (both University of Latvia), and the voluntary station crews supported our work at PBRS. Jörg Lindecke furnished us with a Y-maze.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s42003-021-02053-w pmid:33953327 fatcat:pjm4ib2wcrgphjei2kophb4qdu
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