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Aerogel Fabrics in Advanced Space Suit Applications

Cameron Crowell, Cameron Reynolds, Andrew Stutts, Hunter Taylor
2015 Journal of Undergraduate Materials Research  
Hunter Taylor is an athlete who played on the USA Ultimate Frisbee team while in his senior year in college. He now works for Matsys Inc. working in powder metallurgy.  ...  Authors Cameron Crowell received his bachelor's in materials science and engineering in the spring of 2015 at Virginia tech.  ... 
doi:10.21061/jumr.v5i0.1531 fatcat:utalxv42dnbjdoanf7pcwfbjgy


John Lentaigne, RobertH. Woods, CharlesA. Cameron, William Taylor
1910 The Lancet  
CAMERON, Secretary, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. WILLIAM TAYLOR, Honorary Treasurer of the Fund.  ...  Cameron Mr. P. W. Maxwell ... To the Editor of THE LANCET. I SIR,-Mr. Moullin still leaves my question unanswered.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(00)51284-7 fatcat:7wj4h5ciefhqdlve3gwyywlm4q

An Atlas of Cat Anatomy.Hazel E. Field , Mary E. Taylor

John A. Cameron
1951 The Quarterly review of biology  
CAMERON ve An Attias oF Cat ANATOMY. By Hasel E. Field and Mary E. Taylor. University of Chicago Press, Chicago. $3.75. 75 pp. + 57 plates. 1950.  ...  CAMERON Tue Dissection oF THE SHark. (The Dogfish, Squalus acanthias.) A Laboratory Manual. Revised Edition. By Bruce M. Harrison.  ... 
doi:10.1086/397980 fatcat:jtrbz6jmofbkthpnrxk66dgth4

Chest X-rays in COPD screening: Are they worthwhile?

G.M.F. Wallace, J.H. Winter, J.E. Winter, A. Taylor, T.W. Taylor, R.C. Cameron
2009 Respiratory Medicine  
Cameron, T.W. Taylor and J.E. Winter developed the standardised chest X-ray reporting tool and organised its implementation throughout the Dundee primary care COPD service. A.  ...  Taylor developed the program for data collection. G. Wallace, J.H. Winter, and A. Taylor analysed the data. All authors contributed to the writing of the paper.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.rmed.2009.07.001 pmid:19631518 fatcat:e7mt7sxexfeixpv5lkrarfmcte

The American Railroad Network, 1861-1890. George Rogers Taylor , Irene D. Neu

Rondo E. Cameron
1957 Journal of Political Economy  
CAMERON University of Wisconsin Henry Varnum Poor: Business Editor, Analyst, and Reformer. By A.trrep D. CHANDLER, Jr. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1956. Pp. 362. $6.50.  ... 
doi:10.1086/257974 fatcat:2rwxgnk2gfhnfgzn77qv2yyg34

Interventions to improve adherence to cardiovascular disease guidelines: a systematic review

Rebecca A. Jeffery, Matthew J. To, Gabrielle Hayduk-Costa, Adam Cameron, Cameron Taylor, Colin Van Zoost, Jill A. Hayden
2015 BMC Family Practice  
Successful management of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is impaired by poor adherence to clinical practice guidelines. The objective of our review was to synthesize evidence about the effectiveness of interventions that target healthcare providers to improve adherence to CVD guidelines and patient outcomes. Methods: We searched PubMed, EMBASE, Cochrane Library, PsycINFO, Web of Science and CINAHL databases from inception to June 2014, using search terms related to adherence and clinical practice
more » ... uidelines. Studies were limited to randomized controlled trials testing an intervention to improve adherence to guidelines that measured both a patient and adherence outcome. Descriptive summary tables were created from data extractions. Meta-analyses were conducted on clinically homogeneous comparisons, and sensitivity analyses and subgroup analyses were carried out where possible. GRADE summary of findings tables were created for each comparison and outcome. Results and Discussion: We included 38 RCTs in our review. Interventions included guideline dissemination, education, audit and feedback, and academic detailing. Meta-analyses were conducted for several outcomes by intervention type. Many comparisons favoured the intervention, though only the adherence outcome for the education intervention showed statistically significant improvement compared to usual care (standardized mean difference = 0.58 [95 % confidence interval 0.35 to 0.8]). Conclusions: Many interventions show promise to improve practitioner adherence to CVD guidelines. The quality of evidence and number of trials limited our ability to draw conclusions.
doi:10.1186/s12875-015-0341-7 pmid:26494597 pmcid:PMC4619086 fatcat:sjzrtnuh7fdc3n2mfhyr33b7b4

Balanced Hodge Laplacians Optimize Consensus Dynamics over Simplicial Complexes [article]

Cameron Ziegler, Per Sebastian Skardal, Haimonti Dutta, Dane Taylor
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Despite the vast literature on network dynamics, we still lack basic insights into dynamics on higher-order structures (e.g., edges, triangles, and more generally, k-dimensional "simplices") and how they are influenced through higher-order interactions. A prime example lies in neuroscience where groups of neurons (not individual ones) may provide the building blocks for neurocomputation. Here, we study consensus dynamics on edges in simplicial complexes using a type of Laplacian matrix called a
more » ... Hodge Laplacian, which we generalize to allow higher- and lower-order interactions to have different strengths. Using techniques from algebraic topology, we study how collective dynamics converge to a low-dimensional subspace that corresponds to the homology space of the simplicial complex. We use the Hodge decomposition to show that higher- and lower-order interactions can be optimally balanced to maximally accelerate convergence, and that this optimum coincides with a balancing of dynamics on the curl and gradient subspaces. We additionally explore the effects of network topology, finding that consensus over edges is accelerated when 2-simplices are well dispersed, as opposed to clustered together.
arXiv:2112.01070v1 fatcat:pkp4yurp3rcunkpdyj4yyit4ym

First-Order Patterns for Information Integration [chapter]

Mark A. Cameron, Kerry Taylor
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Acknowledgement Thank you to Laurent Lefort for help with the thesaurus development and to the SSA research team, especially Mark Cameron, David Ratcliffe, Geoffrey Squire and Bella Robinson.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11531371_25 fatcat:s6hbgs2cjzgdrfiiyknevlnfwm

The Perils of Learning Before Optimizing [article]

Chris Cameron, Jason Hartford, Taylor Lundy, Kevin Leyton-Brown
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Formulating real-world optimization problems often begins with making predictions from historical data (e.g., an optimizer that aims to recommend fast routes relies upon travel-time predictions). Typically, learning the prediction model used to generate the optimization problem and solving that problem are performed in two separate stages. Recent work has showed how such prediction models can be learned end-to-end by differentiating through the optimization task. Such methods often yield
more » ... al improvements, which are typically attributed to end-to-end making better error tradeoffs than the standard loss function used in a two-stage solution. We refine this explanation and more precisely characterize when end-to-end can improve performance. When prediction targets are stochastic, a two-stage solution must make an a priori choice about which statistics of the target distribution to model-we consider expectations over prediction targets-while an end-to-end solution can make this choice adaptively. We show that the performance gap between a two-stage and end-to-end approach is closely related to the price of correlation concept in stochastic optimization and show the implications of some existing POC results for the predict-then-optimize problem. We then consider a novel and particularly practical setting, where multiple prediction targets are combined to obtain each of the objective function's coefficients. We give explicit constructions where (1) two-stage performs unboundedly worse than end-to-end; and (2) two-stage is optimal. We use simulations to experimentally quantify performance gaps and identify a wide range of real-world applications from the literature whose objective functions rely on multiple prediction targets, suggesting that end-to-end learning could yield significant improvements.
arXiv:2106.10349v2 fatcat:dwxg3r623bcxvmiqaq3iethh5y

MAPPA and mental health — 10 years of controversy

Jessica Yakeley, Richard Taylor, Angus Cameron
2012 The Psychiatrist  
EDITORIAL MAPPA and mental health -10 years of controversy Jessica Yakeley, 1 Richard Taylor, 2 Angus Cameron 3 and prison services, supplemented by representatives of other involved agencies where needed  ...  Angus Cameron is a Senior Probation Officer and Mental Health Advisor to London Probation Service Headquarters, and is a member of the London Strategic Management Board for MAPPA and chair of the MAPPA  ... 
doi:10.1192/pb.bp.111.037960 fatcat:5ly6byuuqveubb5xqzu2a3b2yq

Recurrent overdose: patient characteristics, habits, and outcomes

D M Taylor, P A Cameron, D Eddey
1998 Emergency Medicine Journal  
David Taylor, A-2, 5237 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, USA (e-mail:  ...  Emergency Medicine, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville, Victoria, Australia P A Cameron Emergency Medicine, Geelong Hospital, Geelong, Victoria, Australia D Eddey Correspondence to: Dr  ... 
doi:10.1136/emj.15.4.257 pmid:9681311 pmcid:PMC1343140 fatcat:djl4bxup2zdvdnw3jupj5ys2au

Generating Multidimensional Schemata from Relational Aggregation Queries [chapter]

Chaoyi Pang, Kerry Taylor, Xiuzhen Zhang, Mark Cameron
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Queries on operational databases can be viewed as a form of business rules on data warehouse schema design. We propose to use such queries to automatically generate measures, dimensions and dimension hierarchies and their representation in a star schema. The schema produced with our approach has good properties such as non-redundant dimensional attributes and orthogonality among dimensions and can answer many more queries than just those it was generated from.
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-30480-7_60 fatcat:gnexbuf5onhi7kdvhrrfqef6ua

Reptilia, Squamata, Scincidae, Brachymeles elerae (Taylor, 1917): rediscovery in Old Balbalan, Cordillera Mountain Range, Luzon Island, Philippines, and natural history

Cameron D. Siler
2010 Check List  
Taylor. All subsequent reviews of the genus have been based on this material.  ...  Brachymeles elerae (Taylor 1917) is one of 18 recognized lizard species of Brachymeles, and is one of only two species known to possess four digits on the fore- and hind limbs.  ... 
doi:10.15560/6.4.616 fatcat:7bhjttyplrdidfvjlwy3vp2bvm

Exploring How Homophily and Accessibility Can Facilitate Polarization in Social Networks

Cameron Taylor, Alexander Mantzaris, Ivan Garibay
2018 Information  
Polarization in online social networks has gathered a significant amount of attention in the research community and in the public sphere due to stark disagreements with millions of participants on topics surrounding politics, climate, the economy and other areas where an agreement is required. This work investigates into greater depth a type of model that can produce ideological segregation as a result of polarization depending on the strength of homophily and the ability of users to access
more » ... lar minded individuals. Whether increased access can induce larger amounts of societal separation is important to investigate, and this work sheds further insight into the phenomenon. Center to the hypothesis of homophilic alignments in friendship generation is that of a discussion group or community. These are modeled and the investigation into their effect on the dynamics of polarization is presented. The social implications demonstrate that initial phases of an ideological exchange can result in increased polarization, although a consensus in the long run is expected and that the separation between groups is amplified when groups are constructed with ideological homophilic preferences.
doi:10.3390/info9120325 fatcat:hn4aph7tbvcehjugsd7xjsfbai

Obesity And Obstetric Anesthesia: Current Insights

Cameron R Taylor, Jennifer E Dominguez, Ashraf S Habib
2019 Local and Regional Anesthesia  
4.18) Shoulder dystocia 104 2.9 (1.4, 5.8) Prematurity 100 1.2 (1.1, 1.4) Still birth 105 2.1 (1.5, 2.7) Obstructive Sleep Apnea 22 24 (21.9, 26.3) Neonatal death 106 2.6 (1.2, 5.8) Taylor  ...  Dovepress Taylor et al Dovepress submit your manuscript | Local and Regional Anesthesia 2019:12 Local and Regional Anesthesia downloaded from by  ... 
doi:10.2147/lra.s186530 pmid:31819609 pmcid:PMC6873959 fatcat:ayxvfslzjzfd5jxg3gz5bkzt4a
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