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Feasibility Analysis of Performance Validation for Satellite Altimeters Using Tide Gauge and Deep-ocean Bottom Pressure Recorder

Bin GUAN,Zhongmiao SUN,Xiaogang LIU,Zhenhe ZHAI,Xianping QIN
2020 Journal of Geodesy and Geoinformation Science  
Comparing to the results reported by international calibration sites, the results show that Jason-3 SSH is 3.0cm lower than that of Jason-2, the selected DBPR is appropriate to the calculation of relative  ...  SSH bias between Jason-2 and Jason-3, but it is not suitable for calibration or validation of single satellite, TGSI is appropriate to both.  ...  Introduction The calibration and validation of satellite altimetry system are the key preconditions of satellite altimetry application.  ... 
doi:10.11947/j.jggs.2020.0111 doaj:4d9d55aa48cd48f5a4c8e542316f4b00 fatcat:u2dp2d2imrhy5pcsoouy4vvwbq

Fifteen Years of Cal/Val Service to Reference Altimetry Missions: Calibration of Satellite Altimetry at the Permanent Facilities in Gavdos and Crete, Greece

Stelios Mertikas, Craig Donlon, Pierre Féménias, Constantin Mavrocordatos, Demitris Galanakis, Achilles Tripolitsiotis, Xenophon Frantzis, Ilias Tziavos, George Vergos, Thierry Guinle
2018 Remote Sensing  
Calibration results are presented for the reference missions of Jason-1, Jason-2, and Jason-3.  ...  Finally, the paper presents procedures for estimating uncertainties for altimeter calibration to meet the Fiducial Reference Measurement standards.  ...  Acknowledgments: Part of this work has been supported and funded by the European Union, the European Space Agency, and the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, France.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs10101557 fatcat:mqamyypi2jb37jvlmk6ptuzmru

European radar altimeter calibration and sea-level monitoring site for Jason-1 and Envisat at the island of Gavdos, Crete, Greece

Stelios P. Mertikas, Erricos C. Pavlis, Panos Drakopoulos, Kirill Palamartchouk, Charles R. Bostater, Jr., Rosalia Santoleri
2003 Remote Sensing of the Ocean and Sea Ice 2002  
A European radar altimeter calibration and sea-level monitoring site for Jason-1 and ENVISAT at the island of Gavdos, Crete, Greece Mertikas, Stelios, Pavlis, Erricos, Drakopoulos, Panos, Palamartchouk  ...  Pavlis, Panos Drakopoulos, Kirill Palamartchouk, "A European radar altimeter calibration and sea-level monitoring site for Jason-1 and ENVISAT at the island of Gavdos, Crete, Greece," Proc.  ...  The location of Gavdos island and the Jason-1 ground tracks. Table 1 . 1 Jason-1 Error Budget.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.462517 fatcat:kv6wuk46ijegbn5huu7op4c2em

An alternative procedure for the estimation of the altimeter bias for the Jason-1 satellite using the dedicated calibration site at Gavdos

Stelios P. Mertikas, Ath. Papadopoulos, Erricos C. Pavlis
2008 Remote Sensing of the Ocean, Sea Ice, and Large Water Regions 2008  
The absolute altimeter bias has thus been previously estimated to be +121 mm ±10 mm for Jason-1 satellite.  ...  In this work, the absolute altimeter bias of Jason-1 has been determined using (1) approximately one year of sea-surface height observations; (2) the GDR-B altimeter record and the seasonal effects of  ...  Bruce Haines at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, USA and Dr.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.799495 fatcat:wmr2nienrfdhzhdwu355roshwq


2017 Geodesy and Cartography  
The numerical results have indicated that the mean absolute biases of Topex/Poseidon, Jason-1 and Jason-2 are about –26.23, 120.21 and 205.17 mm, respectively.  ...  measure the sea surface heights synchronously in the same geocentric reference frame as the corresponding altimetry records.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to express their sincere gratitude to two anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments that really helped to improve the quality of the manuscript significantly  ... 
doi:10.3846/20296991.2017.1376441 fatcat:algwrey3t5az7jbhtdolrmhpfy

Completion of the AMR-C Instrument for Sentinel-6

Frank Maiwald, Shannon Brown, Timothey Koch, Lance Milligan, Erich Schlecht, Pekka Kangaslahti, Anders Skalare, Matthew Bloom, Violet Torossian, John Kanis, Shannon Statham, Shawn Kang (+1 others)
2020 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing  
Compared to its predecessor, Jason-3, the two AMR-C radiometer instruments have an external calibration system which enables higher radiometric stability accomplished by moving the secondary mirror between  ...  This article presents a brief description of the instrument and the measured performance of the completed AMR-C-A and AMR-C-B instruments.  ...  They would also like to thank the contract partners Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (former Orbital-ATK), Honeybee Robotics Spacecraft Mechanisms Corporation, and ZAX Millimeter Wave Corporation.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jstars.2020.2991175 fatcat:o6cve3ivmfeenhmxgivvnlbyyi

The ESA Permanent Facility for Altimetry Calibration: Monitoring Performance of Radar Altimeters for Sentinel-3A, Sentinel-3B and Jason-3 Using Transponder and Sea-Surface Calibrations with FRM Standards

Stelios Mertikas, Achilleas Tripolitsiotis, Craig Donlon, Constantin Mavrocordatos, Pierre Féménias, Franck Borde, Xenophon Frantzis, Costas Kokolakis, Thierry Guinle, George Vergos, Ilias N. Tziavos, Robert Cullen
2020 Remote Sensing  
This work presents the latest calibration results for the Copernicus Sentinel-3A and -3B and the Jason-3 radar altimeters as determined by the Permanent Facility for Altimetry Calibration (PFAC) in west  ...  External and independent calibration and validation facilities provide an objective assessment of the altimeter's performance by comparing satellite observations with ground-truth and in-situ measurements  ...  Antonio Martellucci of the European Space Research and Technology Center of ESA in the Netherlands for all his help and support with the ESA radiometer.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs12162642 fatcat:sv5uytkopvfmzh6fvtonjcrgzu

Estimating Mean Sea Level Change from the TOPEX and Jason Altimeter Missions

R. S. Nerem, D. P. Chambers, C. Choe, G. T. Mitchum
2010 Marine Geodesy  
the launch of Jason-1 in December 2001.  ...  The Jason-2 satellite altimeter mission was launched in June 2008, extending the record of precision sea level measurements that was initiated with the launch of TOPEX/Poseidon in 1992 and continued with  ...  It is also important to understand the differences in measurement corrections and other parameters that affect the measurements between the different altimeter systems.  ... 
doi:10.1080/01490419.2010.491031 fatcat:adjwuda5ynhs5k2h6wcbj2uizu

Global Calibration of SARAL/AltiKa Using Multi-Mission Sea Surface Height Crossovers

Denise Dettmering, Christian Schwatke, Wolfgang Bosch
2014 Marine Geodesy  
With 1.3 cm the scatter of radial errors is in the same order of magnitude as for Cryosat-2 and Jason-1 GM and will probably further improve using an enhanced sea state bias (SSB) model.  ...  Within this approach, SARAL sea surface heights are compared with data from other current missions, mainly Jason-2 and Cryosat-2, to reveal its accuracy and consistency with the other altimeter systems  ...  Moreover, we gratefully acknowledge ESA and AVISO for providing the other mission data used for cross-calibration and the DAC corrections.  ... 
doi:10.1080/01490419.2014.988832 fatcat:ebx3njjjobgmrlanjkgkiizt6i

33 years of globally calibrated wave height and wind speed data based on altimeter observations

Agustinus Ribal, Ian R. Young
2019 Scientific Data  
This dataset consists of 33 years (1985 to 2018), of global significant wave height and wind speed obtained from 13 altimeters, namely: GEOSAT, ERS-1, TOPEX, ERS-2, GFO, JASON-1, ENVISAT, JASON-2, CRYOSAT  ...  The data were binned into 1° by 1° bins globally, to provide convenient access for users to download only the regions of interest. All data are quality controlled.  ...  Any use of the present data must also be acknowledged using the following statement: "Data were sourced from the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) -IMOS is a national collaborative research infrastructure  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41597-019-0083-9 pmid:31142742 pmcid:PMC6541622 fatcat:rltsq52sdfgn3gzx4t2wc427ca

Absolute Calibration of TOPEX/Poseidon and Jason-1 Using GPS Buoys in Bass Strait, Australia Special Issue: Jason-1 Calibration/Validation

Christopher Watson, Richard Coleman, Neil White, John Church, Ramesh Govind
2003 Marine Geodesy  
An absolute calibration of the TOPEX/Poseidon (T/P) and Jason-1 altimeters has been undertaken during the dedicated calibration phase of the Jason-1 mission, in Bass Strait, Australia.  ...  Estimates of the absolute bias derived from the GPS buoys is −10 ± 19 mm for T/P and +147 ± 21 mm for Jason-1 (MOE orbit) and +131 ± 21 mm for Jason-1 (GPS orbit).  ...  T/P and now Jason-1 underpin the global ocean observing system and hence the determination of the satellite system performance and absolute bias is crucial to the successful implementation of the global  ... 
doi:10.1080/714044522 fatcat:znvejwqljnc7vecua7vc3jhtzy

A new assessment of global mean sea level from altimeters highlights a reduction of global trend from 2005 to 2008

M. Ablain, A. Cazenave, G. Valladeau, S. Guinehut
2009 Ocean Science Discussions  
Since November 2005, MSL is accurately 10 measured by a single satellite, Jason-1. However the error analysis performed here indicates that the recent reduction in MSL rate is real.  ...  A new error budget assessment of the global Mean Sea Level (MSL) determined by TOPEX/Poseidon and Jason-1 altimeter satellites between January 1993 and June 2008 is presented.  ...  In the second part, we check if the reduced rate of rise as reported since 2005 from Jason-1 data is real or results from anomalies of the Jason-1 altimeter system.  ... 
doi:10.5194/osd-6-31-2009 fatcat:34dgbvy37be2nhnkcl3sv7eo7m

Cross-Calibrations of the HY-2B Altimeter Using Jason-3 Satellite During the Period of April 2019–September 2020

Jianbo Wang, Huan Xu, Lei Yang, Qingjun Song, Chaofei Ma
2021 Frontiers in Earth Science  
The performance of the HY-2B system over the global oceans is considered to be critical. However, its performance is not fully known at the present time.  ...  The spatial distributions of the SLA differences showed no significant errors in the geographic characteristics. The SLA measurements were assessed using a wavenumber spectra method.  ...  The GDR data of HY-2B now is freely available to the public through the Ocean Satellite Data Distribution System (  ... 
doi:10.3389/feart.2021.647583 fatcat:xy4dspxgw5hr7l3zfpudf22y2a

TOPEX/Poseidon and Jason-1: Absolute Calibration in Bass Strait, Australia

2004 Marine Geodesy  
This Thesis provides an absolute calibration of the TOPEX/Poseidon (T/P) and Jason-1 satellite altimeters, undertaken in Bass Strait, Australia.  ...  The research provides a contribution to the international calibration effort, with the Bass Strait site situated as the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. v  ...  Schematic view of the altimeter measurement system. ............................................. 8 TOPEX range correction determined from the combined dual frequency range calibration. . .............  ... 
doi:10.1080/01490410490465373 fatcat:d2vs352fkfhynpiny4e65e5zha

Multi-Mission Cross-Calibration of Satellite Altimeters: Constructing a Long-Term Data Record for Global and Regional Sea Level Change Studies

Wolfgang Bosch, Denise Dettmering, Christian Schwatke
2014 Remote Sensing  
Such formation flight configurations were also realized for the transition from ERS-2 to ENVISAT (30 min ahead of ERS-2), from TOPEX to Jason-1 and from Jason-1 to Jason-2 (with a delay of only 60 s) lasting  ...  GPS equipped buoys provide another tool to directly measure the instantaneous sea surface height in the geocentric terrestrial reference system.  ...  and auxilary data, members of ESAs SLCCI team for providing new orbits for TOPEX and ERS-1/2, the Goddard Space Flight Centre for reprocessed GFO orbits and AVISO/CLS for the provision of the DAC correction  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs6032255 fatcat:sswup5z6enbohoo7m5rucuqtc4
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