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Improving Stress Management and Sleep Hygiene in Intelligent Homes

Asterios Leonidis, Maria Korozi, Eirini Sykianaki, Eleni Tsolakou, Vasilios Kouroumalis, Danai Ioannidi, Andreas Stavridakis, Margherita Antona, Constantine Stephanidis
2021 Sensors  
This work presents two systems that have been designed and developed in the context of an Intelligent Home, namely CaLmi and HypnOS, which aim to assist users that struggle with stress and poor sleep quality  ...  To this end, nowadays more than ever, it is crucial to deliver solutions that can help people to manage and control their stress, as well as to reduce sleep disturbances, so as to improve their health  ...  Acknowledgments: This work has been supported by the FORTH-ICS internal RTD Programme 'Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments'.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s21072398 pmid:33808468 fatcat:dxw3gtuvvbfkjmpvrhdawkratq

Intelligent environments for all: a path towards technology-enhanced human well-being

Laura Burzagli, Pier Luigi Emiliani, Margherita Antona, Constantine Stephanidis
2021 Universal Access in the Information Society  
their everyday life mainly (but not exclusively) in the home environment.  ...  The proposed approach is exemplified and illustrated through the experience acquired in the development of four applications, addressing vital aspects of human life, namely nutrition, stress management  ...  , stress management, sleep managements and addressing loneliness.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10209-021-00797-0 pmid:33746688 pmcid:PMC7956403 fatcat:iyw27cxtw5bd7poyahxraclxei

Ambient Intelligence in the Living Room

Leonidis, Korozi, Kouroumalis, Poutouris, Stefanidi, Arampatzis, Sykianaki, Anyfantis, Kalligiannakis, Nicodemou, Stefanidi, Adamakis (+3 others)
2019 Sensors  
This paper (i) describes how the "Intelligent Living Room" realizes these newly emerged roles, (ii) presents the process that was followed in order to design the living room environment, (iii) introduces  ...  social and individual space where many activities take place, but also as a smart ecosystem that (a) enhances leisure activities by providing a rich suite of entertainment applications, (b) implements a home  ...  The authors would like to thank Stavroula Ntoa for her contribution in  ... 
doi:10.3390/s19225011 pmid:31744159 pmcid:PMC6891285 fatcat:ugbufsncirc3labryi4d7owrg4

Supporting the Wellness at Work and Productivity of Ageing Employees in Industrial Environments: The sustAGE Project

Maria Pateraki, Manolis Lourakis, Leonidas Kallipolitis, Frank Werner, Petros Patias, Christos Pikridas
2019 Zenodo  
Supporting the Wellness at Work and Productivity of Ageing Employees in Industrial Environments: The sustAGE Project  ...  Figure 1 : 1 A photorealistic 3D rendering of the "Intelligent Livingroom". Figure 2 : 2 The CaLmi system in action. Figure 1 : 1 Architecture measurement setup.  ...  Last but not least are the smart applications we might have in the home in the future. The article "Transforming Everyday Life through Ambient Intelligence" gives insights into our future home life.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4294256 fatcat:ovybcpqny5eppniw7hb5vcsevy

"Look at What They've Turned Us Into": Reading the Story of Lot's Daughters with Trauma Theory and The Handmaid's Tale

Kirsi Cobb
2021 Open Theology  
Studying the characters in the final form of the text, the women undergo traumatic experiences as their father offers their bodies to be raped (Gen. 19:7–8) and they witness the destruction of their home  ...  Read in conjunction with the fates of Emily and Moira, the daughters' experience could be summarized in Emily's observation, "Look at what they've turned us into."  ...  a handmaid, passed from one Commander's family to another in the hopes of producing a child.⁷³ She manages to keep some sense of her agency intact by participating in the efforts of Mayday, a secret resistance  ... 
doi:10.1515/opth-2020-0156 fatcat:lbx5tpe7bbhdpampldbggt7m24

Învățând prin joacă. Recuperarea spațiilor exterioare anexate unităților de învățământ [chapter]

Diana Popa
2020 Spații uitate / Spații pierdute / Spații recuperate  
din ce în ce mai educative.  ...  Această lucrare pune sub lupă spațiile exterioare din jurul unităților de învățământ studiate prin prisma spectrului istoric, făcând referire la modul în care evoluează în funcție de factorii determinanți  ...  Another way to attract children and teenagers in the natural environment is tightly connected to the feeling of property and "home".  ... 
doi:10.54508/9786066382151.04 fatcat:wpzscrak7bdelm3ipkwoonzq3q

A Sound Family Makes a Sound State: Ideology and Upbringing in a German Village

Marianne Gullestad, Karin Norman
1992 Man  
There is an ongoing discourse in Linden, as the village is called here, about how the individual relates, and should relate, to the social world as this is manifested in its various forms.  ...  ABSTRACT This study concentrates on the ideas and values involved in the formation of children into 'good persons' as this is expressed and realized in a small German community through certain of their  ...  Not even the most intelligent can manage this without durchgefiihrte gedauemmässige Ordnung ('thorough and lasting order')'.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2804218 fatcat:oxgzbixvr5dg7e55uu7mcbrsle

Appendix 1: EUA Case Study Database WHO Case Study Database

This Appendix 1 presents the clinical trials against COVID-19 registered in WHO and by United States of America database.  ...  the Management of Hyposmia in COVID-19 Patients Without Signs of Severity NCT04313946 Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Discriminating Between COVID-19 and Influenza Pneumonitis Using Chest X-Rays  ...  ACTRN12620000438954 Utilizing lung ultrasound in COVID-19 patients in ICU -comparison of management strategies on survival and time on ventilation.  ... 
doi:10.34178/jbth.v3ia1.127 fatcat:pbah6wyptndorc7desxfbojxma

Assessment of Knowledge Management Practice: the Case of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of National Defense

Kebede Michael
Knowledge management (KM) has evolved as a significant process for managing and exploiting organizational knowledge. However, the literature relating to KM in Army context is limited.  ...  Key Words: Knowledge, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Sharing, Leadership, Organizational Change, Organizational Learning  ...  Since 2000, Army has used the Centre for Army Lessons Management Information System (CALMIS) to manage its lessons.  ... 
doi:10.20372/nadre/16181 fatcat:k27vvubp5bhclhwxxtdzo4gdju

Gender equality in Physical Education from the perspective of Achievement Goal Theory

J Sport Health Res Mata-Ordóñez, F Chulvi-Medrano, I Heredia-Elvar, J Moral-González, S Marcos-Becerro, J Da Silva-Grigogolleto, M Castillo-Andrés, Campos-Mesa, M Ries, F Juan-Llamas, C Viuda-Serrano
2013 J Sport Health ResEuropean Working Group on Sarcopenia in Older Journal of Sport and Health Research   unpublished
It is necessary to have proper knowledge and management of the different training variables (intensity, frequency, volume, recovery time, and exercise choice) in order to optimize the results of such training  ...  Home advantage: Comparison between professional and amateur Greek football leagues. 105 Suarez-Arrones, L.; Gálvez, J.; Díaz Rodríguez I.; Arriaza Gil, C. (2013).  ...  Considering aspects such as: "Spatial Intelligence", "Kinesthetic Intelligence", "Movement", "Gestual draw", "Kinetic art" "Embodiment" and "Social Link".  ... 

The application of artificial intelligence to the development of a design support system for externally pressurised journal bearings

C Kai
engineering design environment -IlyperCAD and a prototype fiý'iýerinedi; t teased computer assisted learning system I lypeirCAL for education in mechanical engineering.  ...  (I: " To interface and manage other design support packages. " To produce mttltiºttetlia style design infomtatitm docum eats. " To provide intelligent design support by integrating with a knowledge hawd  ...  In summary, Figure 4 .1 illustrates the design process by a flow diagram. It must he stressed that the phases of the design process cannot always be clearly separated.  ... 
doi:10.24377/ljmu.t.00004938 fatcat:2d42ce44snamlih5bsj7k44fom

Health Information Behavior of HIV Positive Adults in the Dominican Republic

Samantha Brown Stonbraker
This may be particularly challenging in limited resource settings where numerous barriers may prevent people from finding, understanding, and applying the information that could lead to better health management  ...  The ability of individuals living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) to effectively manage their health is dependent on the successful acquisition and use  ...  materials are provided in a culturally appropriate, intelligible, and useful ways.  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8765fh8 fatcat:tys6x6gkinhu5pu5stryfzacnq

harrimanreview_v19_no1:4.pdf [article]

illegally printed at home on a typewriter.  ...  any collective approach to managing international affairs.  ...  But Churchill's motives in international affairs were held in suspicion by Washington, which saw in them largely a cover for defense of British imperial interests.  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8-dy69-kw86 fatcat:mravrzhzcjfphhncdlyxwsj3ri

Vulnerable Agents: Ugandan Children's Experiences with HIV Rehabilitation and Reintegration

Colleen Walsh Lang
Despite his young age and minimal schooling, Martin was extremely intelligent and verbose, and loved telling storiesmost especially about home.  ...  a room next to the main office; however, during my research she began suffering from a variety of health problems which she attributed to stress and high blood pressure, and so returned to her home most  ...  Also, called a "drip." murram laterite (clayey material) used for road surfaces and in brick making NG-tube Nasogastric tube.  ... 
doi:10.7936/cnvg-4796 fatcat:j7aukffrsfeslj5zfurdeglpde

Are cognitive and social factors sufficient to explain the acceptance of decision aiding processes within organisations?

R. C. Cook
Decision aiding in organisations was linked with approaches to organisational planning, whether or not this included significant use of IT.  ...  This research extends the limited existing research into the acceptance of decision aids by considering this in an organisational, rather than personal, context.  ...  identities and intelligibilities are given.  ... 
doi:10.21954/ fatcat:jxas5qs6e5asfjm6rqflpsc3ja
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