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Cyc: toward programs with common sense

Douglas B. Lenat, R. V. Guha, Karen Pittman, Dexter Pratt, Mary Shepherd
1990 Communications of the ACM  
Several application programs making use of Cyc are currently under development. © COPYRIGHT Association for Computing Machinery 1990 CYC: TOWARD PROGRAMS WITH COMMON SENSE Motivation: The Brittleness Bottleneck  ...  This article begins with a discussion of the nature of that bottleneck, and then describes the Cyc project: a serious attempt, begun in late 1984, to overcome this limitation.  ...  The trouble with having standard expert systems do this task is they tend to ask too many questions, questions which can often be answered by common sense, questions for which Cyc is able to guess answers  ... 
doi:10.1145/79173.79176 fatcat:2qucchqcyrbfdkfzwmmprbkoau

CYC: A Midterm Report

Ramanathan V. Guha, Douglas B. Lenat
1990 The AI Magazine  
A user (human or application program) will usually communicate with Cyc at the epistemological level, and their utterances are translated by the tell-ask (TA) interface into heuristic-level propositions  ...  Acknowledgments We would like to thank Mary Shepherd for her patience and help since the inception of the Cyc project.  ...  We also want to thank Mark Derthick, Karen Pittman, Dexter Pratt, David Wallace, Nick Siegel, Wanda Pratt, John Huffman, and the other members of the Cyc group, past and present, for their help in building  ... 
doi:10.1609/aimag.v11i3.842 dblp:journals/aim/GuhaL90 fatcat:ntx5tuuwkzarrmqzdmk4kzdqny

CYC, WordNet, and EDR: critiques and responses

Doug Lenat, George Miller, Toshio Yokoi
1995 Communications of the ACM  
Surely they are common sense. Here, I address why I have a problem with each of them.  ...  When you and I speak or write to each other, the most we can hope for is a sort of incremental approach toward agreement, toward communication, toward common usage of terms.  ...  Surely they are common sense. Here, I address why I have a problem with each of them.  ... 
doi:10.1145/219717.219757 fatcat:573fnltayfadvepjxutipicq3m

CYC: a large-scale investment in knowledge infrastructure

Douglas B. Lenat
1995 Communications of the ACM  
CYC technology can examine the retrieved data, recognizing inconsistencies, contradictions with specific data from other sources, and violations of common sense.  ...  only context and common sense-or preconceived tinkering-will reveal whether the question involved today's particular airplane (just diverted to O'Hare) or the scheduled daily route for planes with this  ... 
doi:10.1145/219717.219745 fatcat:addjcugearc23jf4suktp6lq2a

Common Sense Reasoning – From Cyc to Intelligent Assistant [chapter]

Kathy Panton, Cynthia Matuszek, Douglas Lenat, Dave Schneider, Michael Witbrock, Nick Siegel, Blake Shepard
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
A system that rests on a large, general-purpose knowledge base can potentially manage tasks that require world knowledge, or "common sense" -the knowledge that every person assumes his neighbors also possess  ...  Program: Are there more spots on the trunk than elsewhere? User: No. Program: The patient has measles.  ...  The Evolution of Cyc Beginnings of the Cyc Project Acknowledgements Research as wide-ranging and ambitious as the Cyc Project and the many components described in this paper would not be possible without  ... 
doi:10.1007/11825890_1 fatcat:eth3tvhdavgm5mbf5wllynwyfa


Kathleen Skott-Myhre, Hans A. Skott-Myhre
2015 International Journal of Child, Youth & Family Studies  
, and direct oppression of the young people with whom we engage.  ...  As we enter the second decade of the 21 st century, the question of what we do and why we do it as CYC workers cannot be ethically separated from the lived suffering, social and cultural marginalization  ...  To counter such a logic, Pignarre and Stengers (2011) suggest that we need to develop a counter-sorcery, an alternative common sense, if you will.  ... 
doi:10.18357/ijcyfs.64201514289 fatcat:ykyawt6p7rhpfpapvxu5pm3awe


Matty Hillman, Kristy Dellebuur O'Connor, Jennifer White
2020 International Journal of Child, Youth & Family Studies  
These meetings have been deeply generative for us in that they have produced a sense of solidary and accountability to each other and our developing pedagogies.  ...  , and pedagogical challenges and opportunities of creating learning spaces that can support concrete actions towards decolonizing praxis, social justice, and collective ethics.  ...  I have an undergraduate and master's degree in CYC and my identity as a CYC practitioner is central to my professional sense of self.  ... 
doi:10.18357/ijcyfs112202019518 fatcat:zqogjzqao5bipghnxwiz2mefze

Building large knowledge-based systems: Representation and inference in the cyc project

John F. Sowa
1993 Artificial Intelligence  
I agree with his complaints about the confusing organization of the book and the lack of precise definitions. Despite our reservations, we both used  ...  A review of that book must distinguish four different things: the book itself, the Cyc project as it was when the book was written, the Cyc project today, and the developments that the designers are planning  ...  Lenat claims that common sense might also be useful as a supplement to an expert's deeper knowledge.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0004-3702(93)90096-t fatcat:hcw226b2ovg77ivgy2axlqlw5i

CYC: Using Common Sense Knowledge to Overcome Brittleness and Knowledge Acquisition Bottlenecks

Douglas B. Lenat, Mayank Prakash, Mary Shepherd
1986 The AI Magazine  
Attractive, elegant answers have included machine learning, automatic programming, and natural language understanding. But decades of work on such systems (  ...  Assumptzon: Once built, the CYC system could form a common language or foundation upon (within) which future AI programs could be written.  ...  The difference in the two dialogues-without CYC and with it -is that CYC doesn't let the expert get away with ambiguity and jargon, or with new terms it doesn't understand.  ... 
dblp:journals/aim/LenatPS86 fatcat:auqv47yn2va2dbb2bxre5t4f5m

Harnessing Cyc to Answer Clinical Researchers' Ad Hoc Queries

Douglas Lenat, Michael Witbrock, David Baxter, Eugene Blackstone, Chris Deaton, Dave Schneider, Jerry Scott, Blake Shepard
2010 The AI Magazine  
But, surprisingly often, after applying various constraints (medical domain knowledge, common sense, discourse pragmatics, syntax), there is only one single way to fit those fragments together, one semantically  ...  The query may be long and complex, hence only partially understood at first, parsed into a set of CycL (higher-order logic) fragments with open variables.  ...  Common sense, discourse pragmatics, context, medical knowledge, syntax, and so on, all come into play.  ... 
doi:10.1609/aimag.v31i3.2299 fatcat:6pugud5urbc2tf4yclu5ctovlm

"All You Can Eat" Ontology-Building: Feeding Wikipedia to Cyc

Samuel Sarjant, Catherine Legg, Michael Robinson, Olena Medelyan
2009 2009 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Joint Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology  
Evaluation with 22 human subjects shows high precision both for the new concepts' categorization, and their assignment as individuals or collections.  ...  We suggest that the long-running Cyc project is able to assist here. We describe methods used to add 35K new concepts mined from Wikipedia to collections in ResearchCyc entirely automatically.  ...  Nicola Starkey, Associate Professor Bernhard Pfahringer, the University of Waikato Summer Research Scholarship Program, and all the human volunteers who took part in the evaluation.  ... 
doi:10.1109/wi-iat.2009.60 dblp:conf/webi/SarjantLRM09 fatcat:5y7cmxgw6bdstdums6aaf2o53a


A. Longoria
2021 International Journal of Child, Youth & Family Studies  
Further, I argue for critical engagement with curricula and field work in our training programs and make a call for training programs to support CYC practitioners in sustaining their queer identities.  ...  in CYC.  ...  our teacher education programs toward professional licensure.  ... 
doi:10.18357/ijcyfs123-4202120343 fatcat:w5yhzmlrbbfsfab34k4hwddp4u

Faith It till You Make It: A CYC Course-Based Qualitative Inquiry

Jessica, Buss, Moriah, Erbacker, Brittany Kryzanowski, Gerard Bellefeuille
2020 Journal of Education and Human Development (New York)  
The purpose of this course-based research study was to explore the perceptions of faith-based child and youth care (CYC) students in completing a third-year expressive arts-based CYC practice self-image  ...  The results of this course-based study indicate that for many CYC students, the artsbased CYC practice self-portrait assignment was a safe place to express their faith and spiritual beliefs.  ...  Spirituality Spirituality is often defined as a uniquely individual journey towards a greater sense of peace, meaning, purpose and connectedness (Lepherd, 2015 : McCarroll, O'Connor, &Meakes, 2005 .  ... 
doi:10.15640/jehd.v9n1a3 fatcat:3trmifo5wradjlo47mfcuz4py4


Mattie Walker
2021 International Journal of Child, Youth & Family Studies  
our field and practice, in order to work towards social change that shifts our field and challenges the cis-heteronormative CYC system.  ...  Through a systematic literature review of articles published between 2010 and early 2020 in six journals with a focus on CYC practice, research, and theory, this article assesses how queer, trans, Two-Spirit  ...  This literature review was born out of a question that I have been asking myself throughout my experiences with CYC pedagogy, both during my education in CYC in undergraduate and graduate programs, and  ... 
doi:10.18357/ijcyfs123-4202120333 fatcat:65todebh6bgt7hhj6ah5i3ma54


Nancy Marshall
2021 International Journal of Child, Youth & Family Studies  
Inspired by findings from interviews with two women, one who supports LGBTQI+ newcomers, refugees, and immigrants to Canada, and one who researches policy affecting all Canadian refugee experiences, I  ...  The emphasis on praxis -applying theory and knowledge to our practice skills -resonates strongly with my renewed sense of CYC responsibility as a White straight cisgender and non-disabled settler with  ...  Throughout my CYC career, I have taken pride in my relational work with young people.  ... 
doi:10.18357/ijcyfs123-4202120344 fatcat:twtiblfzr5eclit76czz5yojpe
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