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(KA)2: building ontologies for the Internet: a mid-term report

1999 International Journal of Human-Computer Studies  
BENJAMINS E¹ A¸. 692 V. R. BENJAMINS E¹ A¸.  ...  In this paper, we present an ontology-based approach through a large-scale initiative involving knowledge management for the knowledge-acquisition research community. 1999 Academic Press E Knowledge gathering  ...  CycL is the language used in the Cyc project, whose goal is to construct a foundation of basic common-sense knowledge.  ... 
doi:10.1006/ijhc.1999.0275 fatcat:3di5g6wzdnborhdxgatn6qkewq

CYC: A Midterm Report

Ramanathan V. Guha, Douglas B. Lenat
1990 The AI Magazine  
A user (human or application program) will usually communicate with Cyc at the epistemological level, and their utterances are translated by the tell-ask (TA) interface into heuristic-level propositions  ...  The heuristic level consists of several modules for generating and comparing arguments for and against a given proposition.  ...  Acknowledgments We would like to thank Mary Shepherd for her patience and help since the inception of the Cyc project.  ... 
doi:10.1609/aimag.v11i3.842 dblp:journals/aim/GuhaL90 fatcat:ntx5tuuwkzarrmqzdmk4kzdqny

Cyc: toward programs with common sense

Douglas B. Lenat, R. V. Guha, Karen Pittman, Dexter Pratt, Mary Shepherd
1990 Communications of the ACM  
Cyc, a massive project to create a knowledge base spanning all human consensus knowledge, is discussed.  ...  Cyc programmers developed CycL, a unique representation language and inference engine.  ...  Collections of collections, however--such as PersonType and SubstanceType and EventType--have proven vital. (6) This is superficially similar to the "histories" framework [17] but is different in a very  ... 
doi:10.1145/79173.79176 fatcat:2qucchqcyrbfdkfzwmmprbkoau

CYC: Using Common Sense Knowledge to Overcome Brittleness and Knowledge Acquisition Bottlenecks

Douglas B. Lenat, Mayank Prakash, Mary Shepherd
1986 The AI Magazine  
Moreover, standard software methodology (e.g., working from a detailed "spec") has proven of little use in AI, a field which by definition tackles ill-structured problems.  ...  T he major limitations in building large software have always been (a) its brittleness when confronted by problems that were not foreseen by its builders, and (b) the amount of manpower required.  ...  It continues to ask about all the various unknown terms and variable names, forcing the expert to describe and explain them, until s/he finally is using only terms that CYC already understands (such as  ... 
dblp:journals/aim/LenatPS86 fatcat:auqv47yn2va2dbb2bxre5t4f5m

A CYC–RAD–DIV–DRIF interaction likely pre-dates the origin of floral monosymmetry in Lamiales

Aniket Sengupta, Lena C. Hileman
2022 EvoDevo  
In addition, we found that a tomato CYCLOIDEA ortholog positively regulates a tomato RADIALIS ortholog.  ...  We tested these hypotheses in the context of a novel phenotype—Lamiales flower monosymmetry—defined by a developmental program that relies on regulatory interaction among CYCLOIDEA, RADIALIS, DIVARICATA  ...  Here we report a CYC-RAD interaction in tomato, where SlTCP26 transcriptionally upregulates SlRADlike4 (Fig. 7b ).  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13227-021-00187-w pmid:35093179 pmcid:PMC8801154 fatcat:yih3uhe3dfff7j4t7dewt4qjby

Strange Bedfellows: Youth Activists, Government Sponsorship, and the Company of Young Canadians (CYC), 1965-1970

Carrie A. Dickenson, William J. Campbell
2008 European Journal of American Studies  
government, SUPA activists provided a full report on a number of community development projects.  ...  In general terms, this meant the creation of a location where students could live and learn according to their own rules.  ... 
doi:10.4000/ejas.2862 fatcat:5xp537soqbbfpeppkbspjbx5km

Generation and classification of transcriptomes in two Croomia species and molecular evolution of CYC/TB1 genes in Stemonaceae

Ruisen Lu, Wuqin Xu, Qixiang Lu, Pan Li, Jocelyn Losh, Faiza Hina, Enxiang Li, Yingxiong Qiu
2018 Plant Diversity  
Phylogenetic and molecular evolution analyses indicated that these CYC/TB1-like genes formed a monophyletic clade (SteTBL1) and were subject to strong purifying selection.  ...  Specifically, we identified seven CYC/TB1-like genes from Stemonaceae.  ...  CYC/TB1-like genes, which are associated with the evolution and maintenance of flower monosymmetry have not been reported in Stemonaceae.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.pld.2018.11.006 pmid:30740572 pmcid:PMC6317509 fatcat:jut7kzd7brgefd4vebyifcdp7e

dCLOCK Is Present in Limiting Amounts and Likely Mediates Daily Interactions between the dCLOCK–CYC Transcription Factor and the PER–TIM Complex

Kiho Bae, Choogon Lee, Paul E. Hardin, Isaac Edery
2000 Journal of Neuroscience  
In Drosophila melanogaster four circadian clock proteins termed PERIOD (PER), TIMELESS (TIM), dCLOCK (dCLK), and CYCLE (CYC/dBMAL1) function in a transcriptional feedback loop that is a core element of  ...  Our results indicate that throughout a daily cycle the majority of the dCLK present in adult heads stably interacts with CYC, indicating that CYC is the primary in vivo partner of dCLK. dCLK-CYC dimers  ...  In this report we biochemically characterized in vivoproduced CYC and determined its ability to interact with dCLK, PER, or TIM as a function of time in a daily cycle.  ... 
doi:10.1523/jneurosci.20-05-01746.2000 pmid:10684876 fatcat:ops6q23lrjho7fg2jgdfc6mcoy

Magnetic activity of six young solar analogues I. Starspot cycles from long-term photometry

S. Messina, E. F. Guinan
2002 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
A long-term photometric monitoring of a selected sample of solar analogues has been carried out since early nineties as part of The Sun in time project, which is aimed at a multiwavelength study of stars  ...  In this paper we present the photometry collected to date and report on cycles search for a selected subsample of five young single G0-G5V stars with ages between 130 Myr and 700 Myr: EK Dra, π 1 UMa,  ...  HN Peg has a CaII chromospheric cycle of P cyc = 6.2 yr and a longer-term trend (Baliunas et al. 1995) .  ... 
doi:10.1051/0004-6361:20021000 fatcat:y2ckh3hf3fffvflnkoldrli4om

Clinical cross-over comparison of mid-dilution hemodiafiltration using a novel dialyzer concept and post-dilution hemodiafiltration

Detlef H. Krieter, Sven Falkenhain, Lotfi Chalabi, Gregory Collins, Horst-Dieter Lemke, Bernard Canaud
2005 Kidney International  
On-line mid-dilution HDF with the Nephros OLpūr TM MD 190 hemodiafilter appears to be a true techno-C 2005 by the International Society of Nephrology logic step ahead in terms of improved middle molecule  ...  This efficient procedure gives hope to play a role in preventing or at least retarding dialysis-related long-term complications, such as b 2 m amyloidosis, in ESRD patients, and may contribute to a more  ...  On the other hand, as presented above, mid-dilution HDF is a more efficient convective therapy in terms of LMW protein removal than post-dilution HDF.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1523-1755.2005.00088.x pmid:15610261 fatcat:qhgcf7qhgbhmziijc4lsh2de2m

The discriminability of remembered magnitudes

Joseph V. Baranski, William M. Petrusic
1992 Memory & Cognition  
First, comparisons with a perceptual or a remembered standard were sensitive to variations of absolute stimulus differences with a common ratio; that is, Weber's law was violated.  ...  Second, relative to discriminative performance with the longest and shortest remembered standards, comparisons involving mid-range remembered standards displayed increased variability in the PSE and inflated  ...  Also evident in Figure 6 is that only the mid-range standard displays a pattern of PSE drift that is consistent with the results reported in Experiment 1.  ... 
doi:10.3758/bf03199662 pmid:1508051 fatcat:u5njtkz37rh4bdrjacm5i4ih3e

The long-term outcomes of systemic vasculitis

K. Westman, O. Flossmann, G. Gregorini
2015 Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation  
CO N C L U S I O N S Patients with a PR3-or MPO-ANCA-associated vasculitis seem to have a more favourable long-term outcome today.  ...  comparable response, may be associated with a higher relapse rate of vasculitis in the long-term perspective [32, 33] .  ... 
doi:10.1093/ndt/gfu392 pmid:25601266 fatcat:nzly42we6fcmpc3bsxwk2wdjmm

Contact transscleral neodymium:yttrium–aluminum–garnet laser cyclophotocoagulationLong-term outcome

2004 Ophthalmology (Rochester, Minn.)  
This study determined the long-term efficacy and risks of contact transscleral Nd:YAG laser CYC.  ...  A second intervention after CYC was required in 30 eyes (44.1%).  ...  Davis Belcher, A. Robert Bellows, Mark Latina, and Bradford Shingleton for their help and cooperation in providing patient data.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ophtha.2004.05.027 pmid:15522383 pmcid:PMC1950289 fatcat:jxhbvypfxjgtjdzqsqjoix4fvy

The Role of Post-treatment FDG-PET/CT Scanning after the First-line Chemotherapy in Predicting Prognosis in Patients with Hodgkin Disease and High-grade Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Comparative Study with Clinical Prognostic Risk Scoring Data

2022 Bezmialem Science  
However, a complete long-term disease control can not be achieved in a substantial portion of patients with these standart chemotherapy regimens due to either resistant disease or early relapse.  ...  In addition, there are reports available based on a SUVmax threshold or SUVmax difference between the initial study and post-therapeutic studies (20) (21) (22) .  ... 
doi:10.14235/bas.galenos.2021.5981 fatcat:64mf3ohgzngfbalx5hq7wnsu3u


Caroline Dubé, Paul Charbonneau
2013 Astrophysical Journal  
The internal differential rotation and kinetic helicity profiles required to calculate source terms in these dynamo models are extracted from a corresponding series of global three-dimensional hydrodynamical  ...  This failure is due to our use of a simple algebraic α-quenching formula as the sole amplitudelimiting nonlinearity.  ...  Baliunas et al. (1996) and Oláh et al. (2009) report a similar positive correlation between the ratio P cyc /P rot and P −1 rot .  ... 
doi:10.1088/0004-637x/775/1/69 fatcat:nol5mye3gnfproua3xbkheoeom
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