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Providing for the casualties of war: the American experience through World War II

2013 ChoiceReviews  
Table 8 .4 describes the chain of evacuation and the appropriate medical protocols for each echelon.  ...  Typically, an infantry platoon would enter combat with three to four medics, and "after time on the line, . . . most units were down to one medic per platoon" (Ambrose, 1997, p. 311) .  ...  While the exact number of neuropsychiatric cases in combat zones throughout the world, or even in the ZI, will never be known, the best estimate is that the number far exceeded admissions for battle wounds  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.51-2704 fatcat:er3oa2uksndqxcgs4evtyeagli

America and guerrilla warfare

2001 ChoiceReviews  
The so-called Bates Agreement recognized the sultan of Sulu as the religious, not the political, leader of the Moros. 46 lmost unanimously, the Moro leaders on Mindanao hated the Filipino nationalist  ...  A signed agreement provided for a cease-fire, amnesty for Sandino's men, and the handing over by them of a certain number of their arms.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.38-4601 fatcat:xhc4q6s4ybhc5fjvtq2d55hk6m

The Welfare State and Moral Sentiments: A Smith-Hayek Critique of the Evolutionary Left

Harrison Searles
2015 Econ Journal Watch Scholarly Comments on Academic Economics   unpublished
The 'Taif Agreement' of 1989 was reached under Saudi mediation and managed to end the civil war using a carrot-and-stick approach.  ...  Unión Editorial also has distribution agreements in major Latin American countries.  ...