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FOLIA LINGUISTICA ET LITTERARIA: ČASOPIS ZA NAUKU O JEZIKU I KNJIŽEVNOSTI (19) Institut za jezik i književnost Filološki fakultet, Nikšić Univerzitet Crne Gore FOLIA LINGUISTICA ET LITTERARIA: Časopis za nauku o jeziku i književnosti FOLIA LINGUISTICA ET LITTERARIA: Journal of Language and Literary Studies

Rossella Abbaticchio, Vesna Jankovid, Ginette Katz-Roy, La Défense, Bernhard Kettemann
Like with the scientific method, each opinion becomes a temporary basis for the construction of a new one and so on, ad infinitum.  ...  into a meaningful search for the human past.  ...  Hence, along with history, he practices genealogy which, instead of "'origins' or patterns of evolution" searches for "hidden structures of regulation and association" by way of "tracing etymological,  ... 

Challenging the Sense of Belonging Edited by

Maura Di, Mauro, Bettina Gehrke
James Pilgrimage: towards a European Identity?  ...  Katharina Maak 141 PART TWO -Cultural Identity in the Face of Stereotypes, Prejudices and Radicalization Adozione internazionale: multiculturalità nell'identità?  ...  Culture and identity for this millennium are a non-linear dynamic, complex and ever evolving open process of integrated living systems of cognition and consciousness in the development of quality human  ... 

BioLaw Journal-Rivista di BioDiritto Editor in chief: BioLaw Journal-Rivista di BioDiritto n. 3/2017 Table of contents CALL FOR PAPERS NEUROSCIENCE AND LAW: IMPLICATIONS AND PERSPECTIVES-NEUROSCIENZE E DIRITTO: IMPLICAZIONI E PROSPETTIVE

Carlo Casonato, Steering Committee, Rooerto Bi, Aatoio D'aloia, Roberto Andorno, Vittorio Angiolini, Charles Baron, Alberto Bondolfi, Paolo Benciolini, Patrizia Borsellino, Roger Brownsword, Massimiano Bucchi (+61 others)
A serious sociocultural investigation could form the basis for a balanced legal framework concerning HE and consequently MB.  ...  However, the search for rapid and easy economic gain cannot be a valid reason for a surreptitious ass e pe i e tatio of the e ioe ha i g te h i ues e o d a ethical-legal control.  ...  In many communities, for example, it was the custom of the chiefs to listen to the opinion of all of the members and to seek the building of a consensus.  ... 

Landscape Co-Evaluation Approcci valutativi adattivi per la co-creatività territoriale e l'innovazione locale [article]

Simona Panaro
(Leone D., 2005) The research tests a methodology, that can increase the active role of stakeholders in defining new shared images for a new image of city, based on interethnic value.  ...  The graph (Fig.2 ) submitted aims to summarize the process through the social network and its continuing evolution, allowing to enrich the database of new and more and more articulated information.  ...  ALLEGATO A This article is © Emerald Group Publishing and permission has been granted for this version to appear here ( 11-2013-0034 Abstract.  ... 
doi:10.6093/unina/fedoa/10430 fatcat:gcupsu4rbbatvfhpqurgkjatvi