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1935 The Quarterly review of biology  
The remainder of the volume is made up of news, notes and announcements. THE QUARTERLY REVIEW OF BIOLOGY Mentat Derscr. By Lionel S.  ...  The Fertile and Sterile Periods of Marriage. By Victor C. Pedersen. G. P.  ... 
doi:10.1086/394483 fatcat:xvhacrv4xfgnpkaokex3qjaqxm

Brief Notices

1943 The Quarterly review of biology  
Its aim may be an increase in feelings of security, of self- confidence, of spontaneity, and of self-respect. Its aim may be an increase in maturity.  ...  So efficiently did they perform their work that by the end of 1940 gambiae had been completely eradicated.  ... 
doi:10.1086/394674 fatcat:sqeey2uk2bdrpbfs5h2i4ik66q

Brief Notices

1939 The Quarterly review of biology  
But his arguments have the stability of a spiderweb woven to a swinging barroom door. Talkin first of physical things, Dr.  ...  famous self- determination policy t>‘ .¢ signing of the equally famous Munic!  ... 
doi:10.1086/394591 fatcat:gvrztgcn2zf7pat4kdqfepwgiy

1 / Isaak Babelʹ: A Brief Life [chapter]

2019 Babel' in Context  
To make matters worse, Zhenia did not have a stable income from her painting to support all of them.  ...  This desire for stability and the perennial need for peace of mind in order to write were, without a doubt, motives in his decision to start a new family.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9781618118530-005 fatcat:cbdczq7xr5bgrnabgem364gsje

Effectiveness of a Brief Suicide Intervention Training

Susan E. Becker, Kayla L. Cottingham
2018 Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research  
Statistics self-efficacy.  ...  Participants heard about the study through their Introduction to Psychology course or through weekly campus email announcements.  ... 
doi:10.24839/2325-7342.jn23.5.336 fatcat:fbpfynyvsja6dabmwsnvntcv7a

Effectively Employing Young Adult Peer Providers: A Toolkit

Jonathan Delman, Vanessa Klodnick
2017 Psychiatry Information in Brief  
In 1970, the median age of first marriage for males was 24 and for females was 22; in comparison, in 2010 the median age of first marriage for males was 29 and for females was 27.  ...  Such young adults are more likely to have children outside of marriage before being able to support them.  ...  • Can it be implemented in a reasonable amount of time?  ... 
doi:10.7191/pib.1175 fatcat:vxczrjqzsvdmnax5w7ld424bom

You Had Me at Hello: Examining the Impact of Powerful Introductory Emotional Hooks Set Forth in Appellate Briefs Filed in Recent Hotly Contested U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

Maureen Johnson
2016 Indiana Law Review  
As set forth in the petitioners' brief: 295 Baby Girl's biological parents-"Mother" and "Father"-self-identify respectively as Hispanic and Indian.  ...  the stability and predictability of basic personal relations the State has found it proper to acknowledge and protect.  ...  In fact, 416 all of the prevailing briefs wasted little time before hitting the pathos button. B.  ... 
doi:10.18060/4806.0071 fatcat:hdtav7f5lvgiretn5xx2sesa4a

Automation, digitalization, and changes in occupational structures in the automobile industry in Germany, Japan, and the United States: a brief history from the early 1990s until 2018

Martin Krzywdzinski
2021 Industrial and Corporate Change  
At the same time, they highlight differences between automation and digitalization approaches in Germany, Japan, and the United States as well as different paths of change in employment structures.  ...  The entire chassis assembly (subframe, steering gear, wishbone, stabilizer, engine, front axle), the "marriage", and the installation of the battery, wheels, buffer rod and front end were automated.  ...  With the industrial Ethernet, networks were now cheaper and much more efficient.  ... 
doi:10.1093/icc/dtab019 fatcat:7utpltthdze33lgilbctvbeqsq

A brief catalogue of failures: Framing evaluation and learning in fisheries resource management

Kåre Nolde Nielsen, Petter Holm
2007 Marine Policy  
The stability of this boundary hence depends on the stability of the device -not least the stability of the knowledge production it supports.  ...  We simply ran out of time.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.marpol.2007.03.014 fatcat:ak4jeq4tyrd5pofpv7cvdnwq3a

New Mexico and the Pimería Alta: A Brief Introduction to the Colonial Period in the American Southwest [chapter]

John G. Douglass, William M. Graves
2017 New Mexico and the Pimería Alta: The Colonial Period in the American Southwest  
Frontier violence along with customs of marriage and inheritance that segregated populations limited the stability and longevity of land holdings.  ...  The roots of Columbian Consequences run back to the late 1980s, a time of considerable stress and not a little self-reflection in the Americanist archaeological community.  ... 
doi:10.5876/9781607325741.c001 fatcat:i75pfits25ac7flycif4wy2cda

On the Formation of Networks and Groups [chapter]

Bhaskar Dutta, Matthew O. Jackson
2003 Networks and Groups  
They demonstrate a conflict between this very weak notion of stability and efficiency -for high and low costs the efficient networks are pairwise stable, but not always for middle costs.  ...  Modeling the Formation of Networks Notice that pairwise stability used by Jackson and Wolinsky is a very weak concept of stability -it only considers the addition or deletion of a single link at a time  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-24790-6_1 fatcat:wfvdkmz2uza4hhgonwnhuc3nbe

Rational Decisionmaking about Marriage and Divorce

Elizabeth S. Scott
1990 Virginia law review  
If a person's character changes, memory fades, and intentions and goals shift significantly over time, then the person is a "self" different today from the "self" that existed at an earlier time.  ...  Such rules of thumb or understandings likely exist in most successful marriages. They restrict behavior that may momentarily seem appealing in the interest of the stability of the marriage over time.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1073103 fatcat:fi2zov2sczcvtkjfv6mwattbim

D3.2 - 10 statistical briefings on social impacts to provide an in-depth quantitative assessment of the 4 dimensions determining the social impact of migration at multiple-scales

Jussi Laine, Daniel Ruhut, Birgit Aigner-Walder, Lisa Bauchinger, Rahel M. Schomaker, Evelina Staykova-Mileva, Simo Rautiainen, Daniel Rauhut, Lauri Havukainen, Tobias Weidinger, Stefan Kordel, Lukas Schorner (+10 others)
2021 Zenodo  
10 statistical briefings on social impacts to provide an in-depth quantitative assessment of the 4 dimensions determining the social impact of migration at multiple-scales  ...  Recently Swedish economists established that the average time to achieve self-support is 12-13 years from arrival (Eklund and Larsson 2020) .  ...  According to Mångs (2018) the regional patterns in unemployment in Sweden are stable and due to self-reinforcing mechanisms (unemployment-people move out-less demand-increased unemployment, and so on).  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4726634 fatcat:rjdkrwtchfbjrm7mb2xeqthmsq

Miles That Bind: Commuter Marriage and Family Strengths

Richard Glotzer
2007 Michigan Family Review  
The socio-economic context leading some families to consider commuter marriage is first detailed in this article.  ...  The authors' experiences as commuter spouses and parents are presented as case studies, followed by a brief discussion of family dynamics and social and economic mobility.  ...  "marriage in trouble", lacking conventional stability and negatively effecting job performance.  ... 
doi:10.3998/mfr.4919087.0012.102 fatcat:hk5whkh65jbezl6entjcv5e2ym

Stability, Efficiency, and Contentedness of Social Storage Networks [article]

Pramod Mane, Kapil Ahuja, Nagarajan Krishnamurthy
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Fourth, given the number of agents and other parameters, we discuss which bilaterally stable networks would evolve and also discuss which of these stable networks are efficient --- that is, stable networks  ...  The second aspect involves studying the stability of social storage systems, which would help reduce maintenance costs and further, help build efficient as well as contented networks.  ...  In Section 5, we do further analysis related to stability, efficiency as well as contentment of networks, e.g. efficient networks are always stable in the context we study.  ... 
arXiv:1603.07689v5 fatcat:3pvfki2v25bd7njfj62q2wj3xa
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