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IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Blockchain Technology: Principles and Applications

Wenbing Zhao, Chunming Rong, Jun Wu, Zhixin Sun, Srinivas Sampalli
2021 IEEE Access  
In the article ''Design of secure authentication protocol for cloud-assisted telecare medical information system using blockchain,'' by Son et al., a blockchain-enabled secure authentication protocol was  ...  ., ''Smart contract-based trusted content retrieval mechanism for NDN,'' a trusted content retrieval mechanism was proposed for named data networking, which is a clean-slate architecture meant for the  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3101888 fatcat:bcylo7pfbfbdzmmobr54bfz5sm

Blockchain-empowered Data-driven Networks: A Survey and Outlook [article]

Xi Li, Zehua Wang, Victor C.M. Leung, Hong Ji, Yiming Liu, Heli Zhang
2021 arXiv   pre-print
For future data-driven networks (DDNs), blockchain is considered as a promising solution to enable the secure storage, sharing, and analytics of data, privacy protection for users, robust, trustworthy  ...  We identify application scenarios in which future blockchain-empowered DDNs could improve the efficiency and security, and generally the effectiveness of network services.  ...  In order to improve the security of cloud storage and reduce transmission delay, a blockchain-based security architecture is presented in [93] for distributed peer-to-peer cloud storage.  ... 
arXiv:2101.12375v1 fatcat:7f6udfdxajczxc6bjqdyzb3hyi

Blockchain and IoT Convergence—A Systematic Survey on Technologies, Protocols and Security

Alessandra Pieroni, Noemi Scarpato, Lorenzo Felli
2020 Applied Sciences  
In recent years, Distributed Ledgers have often been referred to as the solution for both privacy and security problems. One form of distributed ledger is the Blockchain system.  ...  The aim of this paper consists of reviewing the most recent Blockchain architectures, comparing the most interesting and popular consensus algorithms, and evaluating the convergence between Blockchain  ...  They use an architecture called PDash in which the data is separated from the transactions using distributed data storage (IPFS) for data, and a Blockchain for the transactions.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app10196749 fatcat:wq2gbxxxunb2hdruyoa6di7mri

Blockchain for AI: Review and Open Research Challenges

Khaled Salah, M. Habib Ur Rehman, Nishara Nizamuddin, Ala Al-Fuqaha
2019 IEEE Access  
Blockchain technology has the ability to automate payment in cryptocurrency and to provide access to a shared ledger of data, transactions, and logs in a decentralized, secure, and trusted manner.  ...  We also identify and discuss open research challenges of utilizing blockchain technologies for AI.  ...  handle large amounts of data streams and require support for centralized big data processing systems.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2018.2890507 fatcat:ikgb5ov7kzecdgehdyychbqz3e

Blockchain for 5G and Beyond Networks: A State of the Art Survey [article]

Dinh C Nguyen, Pubudu N Pathirana, Ming Ding, Aruna Seneviratne
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Our key focus is on the discussions on the potential of blockchain for enabling key 5G technologies, including cloud/edge computing, Software Defined Networks, Network Function Virtualization, Network  ...  Despite all these advantages that 5G will bring about, there are still major challenges to be addressed, including decentralization, transparency, risks of data interoperability, network privacy and security  ...  Recently, some big data models enabled by blockchain are proposed, such as data sharing with smart contracts [318] , access control for big data security [319] , or privacy preservation for big data  ... 
arXiv:1912.05062v1 fatcat:ecitoeu5ijh6flblgm74fpvmz4

A Taxonomy Study on Securing Blockchain-based Industrial Applications: An Overview, Application Perspectives, Requirements, Attacks, Countermeasures, and Open Issues [article]

Khizar Hameed, Mutaz Barika, Saurabh Garg, Muhammad Bilal Amin, Byeong Kang
2021 arXiv   pre-print
data.  ...  application, security and privacy challenges, and requirements of Blockchain-based industrial applications, along with possible security threats and countermeasures.  ...  [22] outlined the different security services covering the numerous Blockchain-based applications such as big data, medical and social networks.  ... 
arXiv:2105.11665v1 fatcat:bsm7w2shjneajp425oddszr6ju

Blockchain for genomics and healthcare: a literature review, current status, classification and open issues

Beyhan Adanur Dedeturk, Ahmet Soran, Burcu Bakir-Gungor
2021 PeerJ  
Thirdly, we elucidate the general blockchain structure based on the Ethereum, which is a more suitable technology for the genomic data sharing platforms.  ...  Blockchain is an immutable transaction ledger, which offers secure and distributed system without a central authority.  ...  Reaching data is the most critical and valuable thing in this field. Due to a single point of failure problem, Data Cloud Architecture has been developed for storing the data secure and safe.  ... 
doi:10.7717/peerj.12130 pmid:34703661 pmcid:PMC8487622 fatcat:cow6hvd4hvbvfgkdwn752xsxim

Security of Healthcare Data Using Blockchains: A Survey [article]

Mayank Pandey, Rachit Agarwal, Sandeep K. Shukla, Nishchal K. Verma
2021 arXiv   pre-print
For this purpose, the use of blockchain-based networks can lead to a considerable reduction in the vulnerabilities of the healthcare systems and secure their data.  ...  The integration of innovative technologies like Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Big Data, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Blockchain with Healthcare services has led to improved performance and efficiency  ...  Acknowledgements This work is partially funded by the National Blockchain Project at IIT Kanpur sponsored by the National Cyber Security Coordinator's office of the Government of India and partially by  ... 
arXiv:2103.12326v1 fatcat:vlyk65u6avcnni35ihl4pwy5ia

2020 Index IEEE Internet of Things Journal Vol. 7

2020 IEEE Internet of Things Journal  
., Rateless-Code-Based Secure Cooperative Transmission Scheme for Industrial IoT; JIoT July 2020 6550-6565 Jamalipour, A., see Murali, S., JIoT Jan. 2020 379-388 James, L.A., see Wanasinghe, T.R.,  ...  ., +, JIoT April 2020 3363-3377 A Scalable Multicloud Storage Architecture for Cloud-Supported Medical Internet of Things.  ...  ., +, JIoT March 2020 1667-1677 Blockchain-Enabled Decentralized Trust Management and Secure Usage Control of IoT Big Data.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jiot.2020.3046055 fatcat:wpyblbhkrbcyxpnajhiz5pj74a

Empowering ISA95 compliant traditional and smart manufacturing systems with the blockchain technology

Erkan Yalcinkaya, Antonio Maffei, Hakan Akillioglu, Mauro Onori
2021 Manufacturing Review  
Blockchain technology (BCT) is a new breed of technology characterized by decentralized verifiability, transparency, data privacy, integrity, high availability, and data protection properties.  ...  Our literature survey pinpoints that systems scalability, interoperability, information security, and data quality domains are among those where many challenges occur.  ...  [12] The authors complemented IoT with BCT to enhance data interoperability, information security, system autonomy, data traceability, and infrastructure reliability.  ... 
doi:10.1051/mfreview/2021013 fatcat:al67kbgbirbenelgz3rxhwoy2a

Security and privacy for 6G: A survey on prospective technologies and challenges [article]

Van-Linh Nguyen, Po-Ching Lin, Bo-Chao Cheng, Ren-Hung Hwang, Ying-Dar Lin
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Second, physical layer protection, deep network slicing, quantum-safe communications, artificial intelligence (AI) security, platform-agnostic security, real-time adaptive security, and novel data protection  ...  the failures of existing security architectures and state-of-the-art defenses.  ...  AI-enabled applications [6] , autonomous driving [241] , big data and cloud [242] .  ... 
arXiv:2108.11861v1 fatcat:o7fgtm4tobfk5knltojut6xpyi

Survey on Blockchain for Internet of Things

Hongwen Hui, Xingshuo An, Haoyu Wang, Weijia Ju, Huixuan Yang, Hongjie Gao, Fuhong Lin
2019 Journal of Internet Services and Information Security  
Blockchain-based intrusion detection technology can effectively identify intrusions in IoT, which is an important security measure in IoT.  ...  Based on the blockchain technology, a distributed peer-to-peer decentralized shared ledger is formed, and the formation of a data structure is connected in chronological order with a series of data blocks  ...  [7] proposed a blockchain-based key management scheme using anti-quantum cryptosystem, which can resist the attacks of quantum adversaries and ensure long-term security. Ma et al.  ... 
doi:10.22667/jisis.2019.05.31.001 dblp:journals/jisis/HuiAWJYGL19 fatcat:7xykl4kwkbe4bgmyiwtopcchvi

Application of Hyperledger in the Hospital Information Systems: A Survey

Zeqi Leng, Zhenjiang Tan, Kunhao Wang
2021 IEEE Access  
Figure 1 shows the architecture of a Hyperledger-based medical information sharing system.  ...  The Medical Devices Hyperledger Blockchain is responsible for collecting IOT data from medical devices carried by patients and storing data on healthcare workers.  ...  Only the data owner can decrypt the PHR stored on the cloud, and the private key is reencrypted and encrypted by the proxy, which enhances the security of the PHR.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3112608 fatcat:2kulp3spevgwvewt3xk25t3uty

SoK of Used Cryptography in Blockchain [article]

Mayank Raikwar, Danilo Gligoroski, Katina Kralevska
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Additionally, we give a list of cryptographic concepts which have not yet been applied but have big potentials to improve the current blockchain solutions.  ...  The underlying fundaments of blockchain are cryptography and cryptographic concepts that provide reliable and secure decentralized solutions.  ...  Post-Quantum cryptography is also used to design Post-Quantum blockchain [109] using one-time signature chains or to create secure crypto-currency based on Post-Quantum blockchain [110] .  ... 
arXiv:1906.08609v3 fatcat:l62esrum3bhmfcdxzpx3h3he4e

The Role of Blockchain to Fight Against COVID-19

Anshuman Kalla, Tharaka Hewa, Raaj Anand Mishra, Mika Ylianttila, Madhusanka Liyanage
2020 IEEE Engineering Management Review  
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This work is partly supported by European Union in RE-SPONSE 5G (Grant No: 789658), Academy of Finland in 6Genesis (grant no. 318927) and Secure Connect projects.  ...  biology, 5G communications, cloud & edge computing and Big Data-can be leveraged to develop intelligent emergency management strategies for the COVID-19 pandemic.  ...  These algorithms must be secure and resilient to futuristic quantum computing-based attacks while remaining computationally inexpensive.  ... 
doi:10.1109/emr.2020.3014052 fatcat:ls2zrbhlhrdinlllu65sbgw3am
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